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[RELEASE] Digimon Xros Wars 1-79 batch H264

by on June 21, 2012

As mentioned in the previous post, this is a batch torrent of all subs of Digimon Xros Wars from Ryuu-Rogue and Wild Bunch. No changes have been made from the original releases.


BT Index:

Due to bandwidth limitations, I will not be uploading the previous AVI releases. Please refer to the old posts for links to those.

  1. digibeast permalink

    Thanks for all the hard work! And the previous subs are that good, I don’t mind you keep them unchanged. I hope, when a new Digimon season will ever happen, we can count on you. Have a nice day!

  2. thanks guys,i will,no MUST SEED and hope you get more digimon to sub,or finish the other seasons!succes!!

  3. PapXS permalink

    Woah thanks a lot…
    *looks at torrent file size*
    OMG that’s one biiiiiig torrent…
    Nevertheless, it’s worth it =D

  4. can u make some avi for the first season ??

  5. Tomozaurus permalink

    Damn it, I wanted .avi’s

  6. PapXS permalink

    I got a question:

    1. Now that you guys released a full batch of XW and Hunters, will you do Tamers or start another project, say Adventure or a completely new anime?

  7. Melissa permalink

    Well Adventure would be a bit of an odd project, since I think pretty much everyone staffed here also worked on Adventure at Ryuu-Rogue, and they’re already planning a re-release in the eventual future.

    I’m hoping for the continuation of Tamers, but I don’t want to put pressure on the team. So I’ll just be patient with fingers crossed, hehe. =)

  8. meee permalink

    Thank you again. I was hoping for .avis, too, but it isn’t a big deal. I’m hoping your next project would be Digimon movies. There aren’t any decent subs of first 02 movie and Frontier one.

  9. 2gay2play2day permalink

    hort hort hort

  10. sarah permalink

    anyway i plan on getting the manga translated if anyone cares to upload all the raws to the net and or knows a group who wouldnt mind translating (id even pay to commission some of the translations etc) email me at

  11. hate to sound like a broken record, but will you release an avi torrent?

  12. Blade permalink

    Get a file convertor, a free one perferably

  13. Matenshi permalink

    Thank you guys so much for subbing Digimon series! Just wondering, do these still have the TV Asahi logo/time stamp on them? And if so, do you plan on releasing a version without them (DVD or whatever) in the future?

  14. John permalink

    Two things:
    1: I deeply appreciate the work you guys have put into this.
    2: Digimon Fusion Battles (english version of xros wars) has been airing for a while now. But I can’t see it. Why are there no torrents literally anywhere (especially not here of all places) of it? Help? Please?

  15. Zay permalink

    Great subs , terrible format . MP4, AVI, anything but MKV with a show that requires subtitles -_-

  16. Dear wildbunchsubs,
    Did it come across you that there will be a new Digimon anime: Digimon Adventures Tri?
    Do you have any plans on subbing it when it releases in Spring?

    I would really like a reply, even if it is a negative one!

    Thanks in Advance!


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