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[translation notes] movie: the adventurers’ battle

by on June 28, 2010

The Adventurers’ Battle

-Movie setting-
Since this movie takes place in Okinawa, it is, of course, immersed in real Okinawan culture and words. Hopefully the unfamiliar words you spot from time to time will explain themselves as the movie progresses, but there are two words in particular that hadn’t been that developed: “Seisa” and “Kijimuna” (at 8:57).

“Seisa” are the statues of dog-lions that you see being displayed unobtrusively throughout the movie. The word is typically romanized as “shiisaa” [Wikipedia for more info], but here we followed the official romanization given in “Digimon Official Encyclopedia VI” for Seisamon.

More on “Kijimuna” can be read from this website.

“Is someone coming’mon?”
Culumon says “Dareka kurumon?” (誰か来るモン), an obvious gag playing on his own name.

If there are any questions regarding this episode, please comment here only.

  1. Karrior permalink

    After I watched this I decided to go to Digimon Uncensored (back before Gear changed the website) to see how the Dub butchered the movie. This lead me to discover that some of the subtitles matched the Dub’s dialogue (Which to me kind of defeats the purpose of subs). Are there any plans to fix this in the future, or will I just have to deal with it? (either way is fine, I’m not saying it’s terrible because of the few similar lines I noticed, I’m actually quite happy with the subs)

    • wildbunchsubs permalink

      I’m not sure what you’re asking. If the dub lines are the same as the sub, then obviously the dub made an effort to be correct. Shouldn’t that be a happy thing? (In any case, translator hasn’t watched the dubbed movies)

      • Karrior permalink

        That is extremely odd then, because the WPP subs had different conversations.
        When Kai was talking to Minami when she first woke up.

        This version/dub: “Hey, I remember you! Didn’t you win that bodyboard contest?”

        WPP: “I know you! You’re the daughter of the creator of V-Pets!”

        But after watching the first four episodes of Frontier by them I guess I’m doubting them more. Oh well, if it was that big of a deal I’d learn Japanese to check out any scene of any anime I doubt myself -.-

  2. Thanks ❤
    You are the best!

  3. KKoro permalink

    It’s probably too late to fix it, but the Dictionary gives the spelling as “Siesamon”.

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