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Digimon Tamers
Translation – onkeikun
Editing – digiboy123
Timing – onkeikun, nezucho, KibaOokami, Takatofan1986, Splash
Typesetting – Splash
DVD Provider- nezucho
Encoding – nezucho

Digimon Xros Wars II
Translation – onkeikun
Timing – Teryx, Takatofan1986
Typesetting – Snake-Eyes
Encoding – nezucho

@onkeikun: digiboy123 is Dolphin
@onkeikun: Skr was SHIBUMI before he left the group… both of them tend to isolate themselves from the rest of the bunch and do their own thing, don’t they?
@onkeikun: nez is Tao because it’s the closest spelling to his last name
@onkeikun: Takatofan1986 is Babel
@onkeikun: KibaOokami is Johnny, that guy who drops in once in a blue moon, but he’s very helpful nonetheless xD
@onkeikun: leaving either Daisy or Curly to me or Splash, and i don’t care which one
@onkeikun: I guess that’ll leave Umi as a nameless government official who does stuff behind the scenes
@onkeikun: or even be Yamaki, why not?
@onkeikun: Perfect setup!!!

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  1. 2gay2play2day permalink

    I found your secret base, necromancers!

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