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Our releases are available as MKV files (via BitTorrent, Mediafire, Hosted sites) and AVI files (via BitTorrent, IRC, Mediafire, and other Hosted sites). Streaming is also available on Youtube.


How to use BitTorrent
UTorrent is recommended for Windows Users, Transmission for other OS.
● Index of all torrents are available here

IRC :: #wildbunchsubs @

● Available on an XDCC bot. How to download from an XDCC bot.
● The packlist is available here.


Please publicize at your discretion. Download one at a time! The files here are hosted on Onkei’s private account, and she reserves the right to take them down when necessary. If there are problems with the links, please leave a comment here.
MKV downloads folder
AVI downloads folder

Down temporarily.

Other Direct Downloads

Please be sure to obey each uploaders’ rules and leave them comments/support for their generosity.
● Hosted by Anna at her site.
● Megaupload links provided by Hammi and staff of OnlineDigimon Forums.


For those who cannot access our releases for some reason or another, you can visit our youtube channel. Each video comes with a video response that links you to the next part of the episode/series.

  1. Yan Qi permalink

    Hey! Thanks for taking up Tamers. 🙂 When I try to download, why does it say “This file is temporarily unavailable because there are no resources
    available under the owner’s account.”?

  2. Yan Qi permalink

    Oh by the way, it’s the MKV files from Mediafire. xD

    • wildbunchsubs permalink

      Thanks for the notification! I didn’t realize that my account subscription was up. It should be fine now. 😀

  3. Melissa permalink

    Awesome awesome awesome.

    Thanks SO much for taking up Tamers!! I’ve been itching for Tamers subs for ages. D: I hope Wild Bunch will be the group to complete Tamers. <333~

    • onkeikun permalink

      We’re definitely completing the whole series + movies~ Thank you for following our subs! :3

  4. Ozzie permalink

    Thank you for providing MF links for people like me that can’t do torrents! You guys are DEFINITELY doing a top notch job on this series. Very professional! The file size looks great on my 46″ LED TV btw. I’m glad that you guy decided not to use kanji for the karaoke OP/ED. I don’t see the point of subbers using it when 95% of fans can’t read it. (If they did, then there would be no use for fansubs.) Please continue to sub the series and I look forward to your future releases! 😀

  5. Hey guys, I noticed in a torrent batch of all the various Tamer subs, WPP did episode 7. Is that any good? Do you guys plan on doing the first 7? DATS did 1-6, and I have no problem with them, but WPP could be weird at times.

    • wildbunchsubs permalink

      Whoever made that batch obviously didn’t get our initial releases. If you took the time to look around, you’ll see that we’ve done the first 15 episodes as The Wild Bunch. If it has a DATS tag on it, it is not our release.

  6. the_randomizer permalink

    You guys still on planning to update more episodes soon, right?

  7. garuq permalink

    seems like the mkv mediafire folder cant download from it anymore..
    what happen in mediafire?

    • onkeikun permalink

      They’ve been taken down temporarily. You can access at other places.

  8. the_randomizer permalink

    It’s so nice to see my posts being ignored; this website is deader than Zsnes

    • onkeikun permalink

      Unless you see a post that quite obviously states we’re dropping the project, then it’s quite obvious that we’ll be updating with more in the future.

  9. Carrot permalink

    Thanks a bunch! 🙂

  10. Omggg thanks a lot for subbing Tamers *__* <333

  11. NekoNeko permalink

    Hey Hey =D

    Will you be releasing more Tamers soon or in the near future? I am worried lol – u guys are doing a great job hate to see it end =(

  12. zet permalink

    hey what happen? no new release?

  13. Brandon permalink

    What is the status on subbing ep 16+?

  14. ChaosLacky permalink

    Can someone seed the Tamers 1-5 MKV torrent?

  15. Edward permalink

    Dear Onkeikun,
    Can I ask for the permission of my translating the Eng subtitle into my mother language? We don’t have enough Japanese translator. I will certainly give credit to you in my subtitle.

    And by the way ,thanks very much for your work on the DA novels. All of my friends enjoy it very much.

    Best regards,

    • wildbunchsubs permalink

      Hi Edward,
      That’s fine.

      – onkeikun

      • Lochan permalink

        Thanks for your empowerment 🙂 Have a good day~!

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