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The Wild Bunch was created to bring you quality Tamer subs. The Wild Bunch plans on subbing all 51 of Digimon Tamers and the two movies in both hardsub XviD .AVI and softsub H264 .MKV. We use all original terms (including Jianliang not Henry or Jenrya) based on official published sources.

We don’t have karaoke. We will sub the songs (including inserts), with both the romaji and translation appearing on-screen, but they will not have crazy effects. The karaoke serves no functional purpose, so simplifying the karaoke to plain text will cut down on encoding time and allow us to focus our efforts on providing more accurate and robust releases overall in a timely manner.

We are determined to bring the Digimon community high quality subs. We are subbing this out of our own pocket. Nezucho bought the Tamers boxset as well as the two movies himself to optimize the visual quality of the final encode. Encoding directly from the DVD sources allows us to bypass the visual artifacts caused by an additional encoding step, which would have been required if we used the avi format DVD rips currently being circulated on the net. (We are encoding dvd -> h264 rather than dvd -> xvid -> h264.) The translation, by onkeikun, was paid for out of digiboy’s pocket as well as from a few donators.

With regards to the staff members, all of them have experience in subbing Digimon and other series as well. Onkeikun has a level 2 JLPT certification (which is the second highest offered). She has translated Digimon Adventure for Ryuu-Rogue and Digimon Savers for Ryuu-Rogue/DATS as well as numerous other titles. Splash is a seasoned typesetter who has worked in more groups than I can count (Ryuu-Rogue is among them.). Digiboy123, our editor, has done editing work for DATS for a long time. (Unfortunately, he’s not editing this entry.) Our timers (takatofan1986 and kibaookami are the dedicated ones. The rest of us pitch in when we can.) split the burden of timing so that none of us becomes overwhelmed. Nezucho has an exceptionally high electric bill due to the 12+ hrs it takes to encode each episode and run the distro server, but it keeps him warm in the winter.

We do not have a set release schedule, so don’t expect a new episode every week. But be rest assured that we are working as quickly and efficiently as we can within the constraints of our real-life obligations.

  1. Honeygirl1 permalink

    Are you guys still active? It’s been 5 months since your last release! Tamers is my favorite season, and I can’t find Positron Cannon’s old subs anywhere…it seems he/she/they got rid of them. Just 15 episodes is really unsatisfying when I have no idea if you’re even working on others.

    I’m not asking WHEN they will be released, but I just want to know if you’re still going or not, and if I should give up waiting and just watch the dub. =(

    • onkeikun permalink

      Yes, we are still active. Sorry to be keeping you waiting, I’ll see what can be done to run things along.

      • I have no problem with waiting, no matter how long. I do have a problem with being kept in vague suspense. It’s immensely assuring to know that the group is still active, even if circumstances are forcing a slow release schedule.

    • onkeikun permalink

      By the way, there is a torrent of Positron’s subs here:

  2. Sabrblade permalink

    Official (yet mediocre) Toai subs of Tamers 1-51 are on Hulu now. –

    • darkcat1 permalink

      also those are on Crunchyroll too. I still want a version I can own tho.

      Are you guys alive? I don’t care if you’re slow just drop us a line and say “I’m here!”

    • Neo Moonlight permalink

      Whoa hey, it’s Sabrblade! *waves at you from Sailor Moon forums*

      Anyway, too bad that’s US only. I’m Canadian, so I can’t view them. =/

  3. Martin permalink

    Guys, are you still carrying on the good work?

  4. NeoGreymon permalink

    Thanks for bringing us quality subs

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