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[RELEASE] Digimon Xros Wars II – 25 (79) [END] H264 & XViD

by on March 27, 2012

The twenty fifth and last episode of Digimon Xros Wars: The Boy Hunters Who Leap Through Time! The bonus interview mildly hints that Digimon is not over, but for now, this is the final episode.

MKV: Part 1, Part 2

BT Index:

Interview with Takayama (voice of Taiki Kudou) and Sanjou (series composition scriptwriter) about the last episode.

Our next update for Xros Wars will be the revised and final batch release of the series (it will include the first two parts subbed by Ryuu-Rogue). It won’t be for awhile but when it happens, all torrents for individual episodes will be taken down. In the meantime, I’ll take any comments or suggestions you have for us to consider for the final batch. -onkeikun

Just to write my opinion about the final episode somewhere: I liked it a lot actually. For someone who hates Xros Wars through and through, and wouldn’t rewatch a single episode for personal enjoyment if she could help it, I rewatched this episode several times. Since Hunters is an episodic arc, watching this last episode all on its own (key point: without remembering the lack of plot and character development that came before it) made me feel excited about Digimon like I used to. Tagiru and Gumdramon show a close bond in mind and spirit, and although the rival characters (including Hideaki) were highly neglected, they show an immediate determination to set things to rights instead of wallowing which is admirable.
I think it is mostly the expectation that the old characters would have a bigger role than they did that has everyone disappointed. I already knew that they were going to be in the background when they were first announced — this is after all, first and foremost a series about Tagiru and Gumdramon — so while I wasn’t happy about it when I first heard the news, I also wasn’t personally hung up about how they were only used for convenience. Although I have to say I was disappointed too that AiM never spoke! 
I guess what I am trying to say is, Xros Wars is meant to please the new generation of children while only giving a passing nod to its viewers from 13 years ago. Please take it for what it is, as entertainment, without thinking too deeply.
Once again, the boys in the fansubbing team were a lot more excited about this series than I was. Thank you nezucho and teryx for your continued positive influence and interest in the show. You and the other people who gave me supportive comments were the ones who kept me going even though I wanted to abandon it all.
We will continue with Tamers from now on, but will we pick up a new Digimon anime series if it does come out? At the moment, I give a hesitant ‘yes’. Obviously I’ve already shown that I can keep translating for Digimon despite my personal feelings along the way. A final answer would be more dependent on life factors at that time.

The finale put a good spin on the entire series, so don’t write Hunters off as Digimon’s ‘Seed Destiny’! Seeing Guilmon again was a bonus to me n.n I’d like to thank nezucho and onkei for their patience in showing the ropes to this first-time timer, it’s been great working on Digimon together. Thank you all for watching!

For all its many flaws, I enjoyed tuning in to watch the show every week. We got to meet some interesting Digimon and characters. I used to think of Gumdramon as a purple Keroro, but he’s his own character to me now. I think Toei has tried something new with each season. For Xros Wars, there was more emphasis on huge armies and robot-like fusions. For Hunters in particular, they tried bringing in time/dimension travel and using an episodic (monster of the week, if you will) format. It may not have worked for some people, but at least they are willing to take risks and try new things. If there is another Digimon series in the future, I think they will go back to a more continuous narrative format. And like Onkei said, this show is mainly aimed at kids, so don’t overanalyze it like it’s Shakespeare.

As for the final episode, I enjoyed it even though I thought the five heroes could have gotten more screentime. Although, when Taiki says, “A hero needs goggles!” I almost expected Masaru to interject and say “Screw you! No they don’t!” XD

Thanks to Onkei and teryx for all their hard work and persistence, even though some of the more boring episodes. Thanks for watching everyone! Hope to see you around in the future!

  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH for seeing this through! It’s been an interesting ride, and one thing you can say for certain is that the art for the final episode is over all great! ^_^ (And mmm wounded Taiki. >_> I like that.)

    Really, seeing this series through hadn’t been possible for me without you guys~ ♥ ♥ ♥

    Taking the .avi as usual =D

  2. I have to say. Thank you for putting up with this series from start to finish! It was a joyful ride, even if the show had its ups and downs. Thank you much nonetheless!

  3. Black Mage permalink

    Thanks for subbing this episode . . .
    I’ll enjoy it to the fullest . . .

  4. After a few days of calming down. Honestly. I think this series ended the way it started. I t was meh. I guess a part of my hatred it that it wasn’t as good as Savers or other anime that I’ve grown attached to. It’s targeted at kids. It’s not meant to be compared to one series. Sure, I would have liked some characters to be like others I liked. But I should just keep watching those anime if I want that character, right? I wanted silly ties between seiyuu, but that’s better fit for Gintama and Sket Dance. *smirk.*

    I tried giving this series a chance. It just never filled out to my expectations. I’m sure little kids did like this series. As did some of the people on forums and Digimon Chatrooms. I should watch Digimon and just enjoy it.

    It’s not like Digimon will ever be gone anyway. XD With all the fanart, fanfics, rewrites, Original Digimon stories, and merchandise, it can never really be “gone, can it. And, You will always hear their voices again and smile. Remembering your childhood. I don’t know about you, but I’ll always hear Wizarmon, Ken, Ruki, Takuya, Kouji, Kouichi, Masaru, Ikuto, Flawizarmon, Taiki, Tagiru, and Akari.

    Oh, and as for the goggles comment. Taiki got taken out by something that could be an Adult level, and Masaru has taken out Ultimate levels. Taiki really has no ground to call someone a “hero”. =P
    I guess this also means Taichi isn’t a hero since he gave his goggles to DAisuke, and Takato and Takuya loose theirs when they fuse. So they aren’t hero’s either. XD Such a nast throwaway line. heh…

    • I do agree with the part that Xros Wars, as a whole, was aimed more towards the younger population. Most of the subtleties from older seasons seem to be gone, and the characters are flatter than before.

      I haven’t been commenting on this blog, but I’ve been following the episodes (somewhat), and I’ll have to admit that, despite how much I love Digimon, I can’t bring myself to like season 6 (and 7, which is now 6 part 3). Well, I’ll give Xros Wars (parts 1 & 2) another shot, since I really do want to like it and people keep talking about how great it is… Maybe I was just outraged that so many things are different…?

      Masaru has always amused me. The fact that he can punch out Ultimate Digimon always seemed so gamebreaking to me. Kind of like Chuck Norris XD

  5. Thanks alot for fansubbing all of Xros Wars Hunters, grabbing the .avi as usual.

    (wish I could watch the finale in HD though)

  6. And so it ends again. Been here twice before, will likely be here the next time as well. Thanks again all for subbing,

  7. Taiyokun permalink

    Not to brag, but yeah, like I said as well, Oneikei and the others DID say it was a show for kids.

    And to be honest, it COULD have been better but then again, The first time I watched this episode, it was 11PM and my brain is practically dead and tired for some reason.

    And while I’m here, let me just point out how much I HATE moans of suffering.

  8. The ending… was surprising given the rest of the series. Also, I feel they gave Takato more airtime than the rest of the heroes in this episode, which is fine by me. Tamers is probably my favorite season.

    But yeah, it was a good ending to an otherwise mediocre series. I did enjoy it, and they finished it off in a good, albeit kinda creepy way… D:

    also, if Gumdramon is still in the human world, I wonder about the others…

    and the goggles line was funny, for reasons pointed out above. but mainly cuz masaru’s lack of them in any way shape or form. XD

    lastly, bugramon? seriously? hahaha

  9. Melissa permalink

    I’m totally not into Xros Wars at all, but I just wanted to say congrats to Wildbunch for their first completed project! 😀 (I’m saying for the group of ‘Wildbunch.’ I know some staff here have finished projects elsewhere, but I digress) <3~ Cookies to everyone.

    Looking forward to more Tamers~ 🙂

    Congrats again ❤

  10. Although the lack of a real solid story line did make me dislike this series, the main thing that I did not like was the term ‘super evolved’ that they used in the series, (yes, I know Shoutmon was the first one that used it and I blame him for it.) but super evolve for me, watching all other series before this one, means something different for me. In most episodes it didn’t bother me but in the last couple it did. When Tsumemon evolved to Keramon they said it had ‘super evolved’ and when it evolved again it had ‘super evolved.’ You would think that by the time it got to Diaboromon they would have said something else, but no. ‘Super Evolved’ would have been going from Tsumemon to Diaboromon.

    • Tomozaurus permalink

      To be fair, when the Vamdemon evolved Kiriha did just say that they “evolved.” Maybe whoever it was who said Tsumemon and his evolved forms “super-evolved” (I forget who it was) just didn’t know any better, having been only used to chou-shinka.

  11. firestar24250 permalink

    Thank you for all of your hard work in providing these fansubs for all of us. 😀

  12. Jay Navi permalink

    I’m just going to say this at the beginning so everybody doesn’t have to read everything else that I have to say. LOL! Anyway, I really enjoyed Hunters and Xros Wars in general. Go ahead and flame me if you want, but that’s my stance on the season.

    While I do miss the story that Hunters’ predecessors had in them, I felt that it was still a very enjoyable season to watch. I’m not a critic so I don’t have anything else to add to my statement of “I enjoyed this season of Digimon”, other than my statement over and over again (which I’m sure nobody wants to read). Each episode, to me, had something new and exciting and I liked the different Digimon that were in them. Some of the Digimon weren’t highlighted much in previous series, like Dobermon. (Onkeikun mentioned Hideaki and it got me thinking of him and his partner.)

    The ending was all like “WHAT!?” And it actually made me want another episode (or season, even) of Tagiru and Taki and co. finding out more about the “Old Clock Man”. Either that or Tagiru getting pulled into the Digital World by himself in the final battle and Taiki and co. going in to find him. (May be unoriginal, but I don’t really care.)

    All in all, I’m glad we had this series of DIgimon. And I’m extremely grateful to you, Wildbunch, and Ryuu-Rogue for all your work on the Digimon Xros Wars seasons. I can’t wait for a new Digimon season to come.

    • I’ll be honest… if they kept the storyline continuing as in the previous seasons instead of the relatively standalone ones they had for this one… I’d actually want to watch more of this. I mean, who is the “Old Clock Man” really? How did his Clockmon wield so much power for its level?

      Ryouma also would hold potential as a “redeemed foe” character, kinda like Ken in Adventure 02. The way they ended it holds potential for more, if done properly.

      • Saint Walker permalink

        Clockmon has always been described as having the dangerously powerful ability to manipulate and travel through time. (I even remember dreading fighting him in one of the WonderSwan games because his Chrono Breaker attack would literally reset the entire battle.) Anyway, the fact that it took the power of eight hunters to freeze time for just a few minutes suggests to me he wasn’t necessarily that over-powered for an adult-level digimon (not that levels mean anything this season, anyway).

        As for the Old Clock Man, I tend to believe he is who he said he is, though I agree it raises a number of interesting questions.

        I agree there is some potential there. Will they continue it? I doubt it (not directly, anyway). Should they continue it? I don’t know. It was kind of awesome, but maybe it’s one of those things that is better left as an awesome climax than as the basis for another season (or even half-season). Though maybe they could re-visit some of these topics in manga or audio dramas like they’ve done in the past.

  13. Thank you so much on the effort in subbing Xros Wars. It definitely has its own share of both faults and pluses. But nonetheless, it was quite a fun year and 8 months long journey in it along with you great people providing the subbing to the english audience.

    Again, thank you very much. We very much appreciate for what you’ve done, and we wish you luck on both your present and future endeavors be it RL and online. Till we meet again on the next journey that is 8th Season. (If indeed there would be one in the future.)

    Best of luck and Dejimon banzai~!

  14. Digibeast permalink

    Thanks for all the hard work Wild Bunch, I really, really, really, really, really appreciated the effort you put into this.

    About the ep: D-reaper 2.0?

    • Actually that’s pretty much what I thought when I saw that as well. Doesn’t help that I just rewatched all of Tamers last week. XD

  15. Thanks for completing this season. I’ve been lurking from the first episode and have been following WB since then.
    Maybe this season wasn’t that great but for me it’s still entertaining. Would love to see WB next project if there any.
    Anyway, whatever WB gonna do after this, I wish you all the best.

  16. Colin permalink

    Thank you Wildbunch for baring with us!
    This plot is very “neon genisis evangelion”!

  17. meee permalink

    Wild Bunch, I love you guys. Thanks for sticking through and providing us with high quality subs. I certaintly look forward to your future releases, especially movies, if you happen to work on one.

    Must say this was a great year and a half for me, too. I started watching all seasons in Japanese a year and a half ago for the first time. I watched one episode at a day and I finished all seasons just before Hunters were about to start. What a great year and a half, it totally took me back to my beloved childhood 😀

    You are right, we shouldn’t think too hard on this season. After all, it is mented to be about Tagiru and Gumdramon with some fanservice for older fans. I decided to consider this as an extended epilogue to Xros Wars, not a new season. Hunters have been casual all the way, it had great potential to stand alone as a great season, but obviously, it wasn’t ment to go to that direction. Disappointing? Yes. Catastrophe? No. In the end I’m glad they made it, even though I didn’t enjoy it to the fullest. At least we had Digimon and something to look forward to this six months it was running. I hope we’ll get a brand new season soon enough.

  18. Tomozaurus permalink

    Extreme thank you to all of Wild Bunch for bringing us these subs and well, grinding through this horrid disgrace to the Digimon franchise.

    Glad to hear that RyuuRogue’s subs of the first two parts of Xros Wars will be being released all together in the future. I really want the .avi’s for those two seasons.

    I will be sticking through with you guys as you continue to sub Digimon Tamers (personally, my favorite Digimon anime) and plan to re-watch it through with your releases as you go, similarly as we all did with Hunters (though I assume they will not be weekly releases).

    Thanks again! Keep up the excellent work.

  19. meee permalink

    Oh, I ‘d just like to ask you something. Do you plan to release .avi batch for Digimon Adventure in the future? I’ve been searching through Ryuu-Rogue site, but there aren’t any working torrents for Adventure. I have .mkv version, but I really want .avi version. I tried to convert .mkvs myself in many ways, but I had no success.

    • andy permalink

      why dont u check bakabt??

    • wildbunchsubs permalink

      Avi.s are out of style, which is why RyRo doesn’t release them anymore…. I’m revising Adventure batch too and we weren’t planning to release avi but I guess I’ll check with nez and see if he’s willing to do it.

      • meee permalink

        Thanks, I know they are out of style, but .mkvs for Xros Wars tend to freeze on my computer and they are bigger in size. I don’t have the same problem with Adventure .mkvs though, but still .mkv files aren’t fully supported yet. My big ass new TV doesn’t play some .mkv files(Xros Wars), and those it plays don’t have subtitles. I tried converting myself, but after 3 hours of failure, I accepted there is no program which converts .mkvs perfectly yet.

      • 2gay2play2day permalink
        Have you ever herbed so that you have derbed? If your big ass motherer f***er TV can’t play the .avi’s with this, then something have went wrong with the conversion. My PS3 can only play .avi’s and everything has worked just fine with this.

    • PapXS permalink

      Are you a telepath? I was looking around for .avi torrents of Adventure for quite a while cuz I really want to rewatch Adventure. I was thinking of posting here to see if anyone knows where to find them. I will post my thank yous to everyone on the subbing team once I have watched the episode.

      • 2gay2play2day permalink


      • 2gay2play2day permalink

        Put that in to www-search, it should work. Seeds are the only problem that can happen.

  20. blitzente permalink

    Thanks for all your great work! And thanks for posting your different perspectives on the finale, too – it’s nice to read something that isn’t completely negative. Here’s to Digimon, flaws and all 😀

  21. Emilie Rosier permalink

    Honetly, I am disappointed .. decieved … This episod sucks .. Sorry, all that liked it, but I hate it ! too fast, very very very much fast … Things ‘ld slower … As Savers, Tamers or Frontier, it l’d better to have the plot final more develloped … Frankly, this the worst end for me … And the farewell !!! my god ! I thought always that scene was fast in Frontier .. I retire … Finally, it is excellent compared to this one of Hunter …

    So honestly, Hunter is really worst season ! And The first who critizize Savers front of me, I ‘ll kill 😀

    • Blade permalink

      watch out David, she’s after you 🙂

    • 2gay2play2day permalink

      Savers first half was boring, the rest was okay.

  22. 2gay2play2day permalink

    “You can’t shine shit” – no matter what you do.

    Like every Digimon serie, nothing special – it’s just half-assedly made entertainment for kids. I don’t know why I watched all the series just, because I saw the frist two of them when I was a kid. Maybe I wanted to hold on from the past and didn’t want let go……. but that can’t be true.

    Btw Onkeikun, I can’t still post anything from my own IP (the first IP I ever used when posting here), so I had to use proxy again. Thank you.

    • wildbunchsubs permalink

      WordPress takes awhile to “catch up” with authorizations I think, so it might take a few more hours before it recognizes. I have definitely cleared you though, so not to worry.

    • Blade permalink

      Actually, I’m going to call you on that. Have you ever watched MythBusters or seen any episodes of it (USA show)? They actually devoted almost half an show on shining manure. And guess what, you can get a really high quality shine on just about any manure. I’m not joking here.

      The point is not to be rude, the point is that compared to the rest of the episodes, this one was “shining”. I also enjoyed it more than all the other Boy Hunter’s shows, due to the dark exciting climax.

      • 2gay2play2day permalink

        I’ve watched every MythBusters’ episode, so I know that. If you put cream on a cake made of shit, does it taste good? What I mean is that these 3 last episodes won’t change the “taste” of this serie.

      • Blade permalink

        I can’t argue with you there, but it’s nice to see you haven’t changed.

      • 2gay2play2day permalink

        Blade, I’m coming to your place next weekend, so remeber to recharge your Game Boy Advanced – if you know what I mean…

      • 2gay2play2day permalink

        Blade, I’m coming to your place next weekend, so remember to recharge your Game Boy Advanced – if you know what I mean…

      • Blade permalink

        My GBA is currupted and doesn’t work. 🙂

        Also you can’t charge a GBA, but you can a GBA SP. My BLG works well with the SP.

      • 2gay2play2day permalink

        >you can’t charge a GBA
        Then we play with GBC.

      • 2gay2play2day permalink

        Looks like my replies can duplicate

      • Blade permalink

        Apparently, and yeah, anyone that cares, I don’t actually know this guy. Been meaning to clarify that.

      • 2gay2play2day permalink

        You do know me, but looks like your trying hide it, am I right?

      • Blade permalink

        I know lots of strange people, you aren’t one of them.

        What’s there to hide?

      • 2gay2play2day permalink

        Oh Blade, you so silly ;D

  23. Vartio permalink

    I felt a need to comment, after first visiting this site during episode 75 I believe, having grown impatient with a certain site.

    I personally love this ending. Sure, Tagiru got all the spotlight in the finale, but can we blame them? The old heros took out an ARMY of Vamdemon variants. Digimon that, in S1, required the birth of Wargreymon and Metalgarurumon, and in S2 the power of every Digidestined in 01 and 02 together to beat (even if they’re scaled down or whatever, which we have no proof of, they are still the menacing digimon we remember).

    Considering what they did last episode, they got their light. They showed off that they haven’t faltered one bit. Hell, Damon took out 3 BelialVamdemon/MaloMyotismon in one punch.

    This episode was about Tagiru growing up, and becoming a Hero, the 7th gogglehead officially. He hasn’t truly surpassed Taiki in power (seriously, Taiki has X7, which only appeared once this season thankfully). Nor in ability, what he did was surpass Taiki in potential.

    Now that aside, let me get to the point:

    Quartzmon had so little exposition (although I love that Astamon = Quartzmon, mostly because Astamon always came off to me as a Digimon that was pure evil, and hence would be hiding secrets), yet he pulled a Kefka (yes, from Final Fantasy 6).

    The guy literally took his plan and suceeded, He absorbed the whole Earth, the whole Digiworld, the whole Digiquartz. He missed only one guy, who existed outside of his reach thanks to the Brave Snatcher (acceptable, being Bugramon’s Arm, and we know that thing messes up Data badly, would be able to counteract/destroy Quartzmon’s wave). He had all the defense he needed to prevent Tagiru destroying him, had everyone and thing Tagiru cared about.

    To that end, he even suceeded in devouring Tagiru, he had no opposition left externally. He however, underestimated things where it mattered: the place closest to himself, inside himself. And by underestimating the humans he disliked so much, he found his own downfall.

    While he didn’t have much story to himself, Quartzmon came off to me as the greatest Villain in Digimon history. Not for some flashy backstory, but because the bastard WON. Yes, he lost it in the end, but hey, externally put, Earth, every human, and every Digimon was one with him.

    You got to give him props, for at least that much.

    • Yeah, Quartzmon did succeed, for a time. As someone mentioned earlier, he was kinda like D-Reaper 2.0; wanted to erase everything. Unlike that, though, Quartzmon was victorious, albeit temporarily. In fact, if he had just erased everything instead of just absorbing it into himself, I don’t think Tagiru would have had a chance; it was the combined forces of all his friends that did allow him to reach Quartzmon’s core.

      So yeah, I think the Kefka comparison was apt; he did succeed in destroying the world, but in the end brave heroes defeated him (though only one struck the final blow, the others aided in getting him there to do that). And anything that can be compared to FF6 in such a way isn’t bad in my book. :3

      By comparison, that would make D-Reaper Sephiroth, since it had the same idea but failed before it could, though it was close to victory. 😛

      • Vartio permalink

        REAPEROTH failed hard haha.

        I will note that some people don’t like Ryouma having been brainwashed. I would say this only occured a few times, when Quartzmon NEEDED to make a move (Releasing GrandlifeKuwagamon for example). He destroyed his Diaboromon or helped to to ensure that the Hunters wouldn’t figure him out. Ryouma was out of his control then. He helped hunt Grandlife to reacquire him.

        To this end this was hinted.

        And the clockman… my god thinking about it, how many times DID we see that RED FREAKING EYE of Bugramon’s on him!?

  24. megas88 permalink

    First off Thank you Wild Bunch. It couldn’t have been easy but thank you for holding out with us.

    That being said and no insult to anyone but the writers of this show. This thing was an insult. Plain and simple. Back when it was announced it sounded like we were going to see everyone again. What did we get? Cameos from silhouettes and Mimi and Rika. What did we get in the end. A bunch of epic heroes who did NOTHING! AGHHHHGHGHGHG!!!!! Goggles! TAIKI!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! GIVE THEM BACK TO HIM NOW YOU GOOD FOR S**T FILLER CHARACTER!!!!!!!!!!

    *Deep Breath*

    Ok, I’ve said my peace and now I will say what I was expecting. I thought that someone CHALLENGING was going to appear that required the previous characters to show up at the BEGINNING! They would team up, have battles, CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT WAS THERE! So no need to rebuild it. The interactions and possibilities were endless! I will take this for what it is and say yes this show was specificaly designed for stupid american children. No one in Japan could be that stupid. They actually watch tv there while we have *name a reality show*.

    BUT DO NOT! DO NOT say that this was a tribute, farewell or anything that supported digimon! I refuse to accept that. YES, it was great seeing the main heroes again. I cried a little when I saw Tai and Agumon again. But that doesn’t excuse the complete lack of effort, talent and over all, I can’t even say plot of the show. This will go down in history as Japan’s equivalent of Last Airbender but with about 10 minutes of legitimate redeeming factors.

    I commend the tremendous work of the fansubbers here for sticking it out with us and look forward to your effort on the Tamers subs I’ve been hearing about. Truly I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    Hear’s to hoping we get a follow up series where Tagiru becomes a time paradox and gets deleted from history, Taiki gets his F***ING GOGGLES BACK!!!!!, and we get the series we were hoping for.

  25. Thank you for the series! I may not have liked Xros Wars as a whole very much, but I appreciate how hard it is to keep up something like this for even one season! Kudos to wildbunchsubs =)

  26. Slaix223 permalink

    Ah… Much like everyone else is saying, thanks for the excellent work on subbing Xros Wars. It certainly has been a ride watching it. A bumpy, and somewhat aggravating one, but still a ride nonetheless.

    Honestly, when I watched this season, there were two things about it I didn’t like. First off, it took the flaws that Xros Wars had and amplified them. Those two flaws being its formulaic structure, strengthened to an episodic format, and its somewhat shallower characters, which was strengthened to having multiple flat characters, or characters that don’t even really develop in the smallest of ways. It’s really a bit of a shame, since Digimon series as a whole always focused around a strong continuity-based story, and this is the first time it didn’t do that.

    The second bit that disappointed me about this season was the poor execution of what it had. I really enjoyed the ideas behind DigiQuartz, Digimon Hunting, bringing back the past heroes, and so on. It was one of the more unique concepts, since it didn’t rely on a Digital World. And yet, it all felt so wasted, really. There were a lot of neat little subtle ideas going on: DigiQuartz being the future of the world, Digimon Hunting as a means of stopping Quartzmon as it prevents him from stealing data, and so on. So it’s kinda sad that they chose now to go with the more episodic nature of the series, because a more unified story could’ve really shot this series into some pretty cool stuff.

    Anyway, I can’t help but place this series under one of my least favorite Digimon series, despite the interesting ideas behind it. It was very poorly executed, and the fact that it was for kids pretty much meant that it lost all the usual depth that Digimon series have. Even Xros Wars managed to have some depth with its characters. I’d certainly hesitate to say it was a bad show, but it was just rather… Bland and boring.

    That’s my two cents on the matter.

    • brazillian-anon permalink

      /\ This. If I could write in english fluently i’d say this.

      Well. Its over.
      thank you, wb.

      I think this episode was 6/10. The surprise of clockwork man didn’t make me forget about all predicable moments. Everything’s rushed. Btw, entertaining kids is not thaat easy at all. This season’s author(s) showed no effort and not even kids loved to watch this[or am i wrong?]. They seems to take some plot lines that worked for kids in past and throw it here together with the worse of the previous Xros Wars. And, with the worse of jpn anime/games too: inferiority complex and friendship complex driven story.

      THANKS to those who got me into v-tamers manga. Now i’m into manga, you pests XP
      And, as a developer i’m obligated to develop my own manga reader in my spare time, so I can even organize the doujins I had before too! That’s how it works for developers. I hate you! ^.^

      Hmm… WB’s subbing tamers? I will find time to catch up! 😛

      • Tomozaurus permalink

        “THANKS to those who got me into v-tamers manga. Now i’m into manga, you pests XP”

        No worries! Told ya it was good.

  27. Frøg permalink

    While this series certainly wasn’t as bad as Seed Destiny, I’d say it actually had potential to build up to a 2nd half, like the original Xros Wars did. All that Pokemoning could easily allow Tagiru his own army. I somehow get the feeling that Toei forced the series to end early. And regardless of whatever people think of Tagiru, he sure has one hell of a theme song.

  28. sailorveki permalink

    Seed Destiny is pure awesomeness compared to Young Hunters. This was the worst Digimon season ever, while there are worse Gundam seasons then Seed Destiny. <_< I liked 3/4 of Seed Destiny (disliked 1/4 of it, didn't hate anything, loved about 1/4), while I hated 3/4 of Young Hunters (liked 1/4, and loved nothing). I have to watch everyting that has ''Digimon'' or ''Gundam'' in it, but while I rewatched Seed Destiny and surely will again, I don't plan to rewatch Young Hunters ever again (not even those 7-8 episodes that were actually good and interesting).

    Thank you very much Wild Bunch for finishing this (especially onkeikun <3, since she didn't like it). I hope you guys will continue subbing new Digimon seasons in the future (hope Real Life won't get in the way of onkeikun XD), since I like your subs the most (RyRo and WB).

    It's great you'll be working on Tamers now. Can't wait for the 2nd movie, since there's only crap versions of it.

  29. Emilie Rosier permalink

    sailorveki > You get a point. Personnaly, I don’t fell the feeling of watching again and again Digimon Hunter. But all the season (Adventure to Saver, certanly Xross soon) I watch again one season, sometimes two every year. However Hunter don’t give this feeling. in fact, I don’t want to keep, I think … I think in this moment to delete or not … And before that, no season digimon don’t give this feeling …. At the contrary, watching this previous gives me always a smile no matter the number of times I watched each episode

    • TrippNessa permalink

      I totally understand how you feel. Every year during the first weekend of August I have a Digimon marathon (because in Adventure the kid’s anniversary of going to the Digital World was in August). I go in order by season, and when I reach Xros Wars I’ll most likely not watch all of Hunters at the end, only the actual storyline progressing ones (which was like… 6 episodes or something).

  30. Blade permalink

    Wow, I actually think this episode was pretty good compared to the others. It was like a climax to a movie, the movie was lame, but the climax was good. As for Quartzmon being Astamon the entire time, it seems interesting that he would Double Xros with Arristadramon even though he was copying Astamon’s data. Also it is rather ironic that even though Quartzmon can heal any damage to himself, he let himself (as Astamon) get beat up pretty badly by his digimon clones several times. But then again, that just made the whole “disguise” more effective.

    I refuse to think of this season as a sequel to Xros Wars, it is more like an alternative ending. Also the very last ending was rather rushed, with everyone returning to their words pretty quickly.

    The Clockmaker, oh wow, that all makes sense in a rather disturbing way. Only extremely powerful digimon could make Xros Loaders (Skullkightmon, Bugramon, Omegamon) and guess who made the Xros Loaders, hmm. Strangly enough, it makes sense that Bugramon would change, after all, he got turned into data and absorbed by his very own residual data from his destruction.

    The power that saved earth was, are you ready?!!!! …no idea… …it just happened….

    Ok, let’s think of Quartzmon as the recycle bin in a computer. Everyone is in it except our heros, and they destroy the recycle bin. O_O Then everything is “restored”, and life is wonderful again.

    As for Taiki, this is the only episode he has ever acted pathetically. Tagiru only improved more than Taiki, he did not even come close to Taiki’s power, skill, and ability. Tagiru went from being a just some random guy to saving the world. Taiki went from being an extremely decent guy to saving the digital world, human world, and the Code Crown (all that power, plus everyone that was killed by fighting Bugramon). Taiki wins that arguement.

  31. Kae permalink

    Love you guys *_*

    Thanks for the series

  32. Evan Banks permalink

    Thank you WildBunch for all your hard work in subbing this great series.

  33. Ray permalink

    First of all let me say thank you for all your work and time. I really appreciate every single release.

    Now onto the episode and my thoughts of this season.
    I really liked Xros Wars. It was one of my favorite seasons, but this stupid series… I just can’t accept it as a proper sequel or a followup arc. It’s more like a bad fanfiction made into a show. They made some stupid, annoying, and completely unlikable main hero, shoved Taiki and the rest of the characters aside, made a stupid plot that made no sense, and to top all that they made the past heroes (including Taiki) seem really pathetic. And I didn’t like how it was about hunting Digimon. Well, more like catching them and adding them to their collection. But I wouldn’t really mind it that much if they had a better main character, development for him and the other characters, a good plot, a good villain, and better explanation of things that are going on.
    Well, it could have been worse. I really did enjoy some of the episodes, including this one, but I think that Youg Hunters just falls flat as a whole. I gladly rewatch the past seasons and still enjoy them, but I don’t think I’ll watch this one ever again. I just couldn’t enjoy it as much as the previous season.

  34. Saint Walker permalink

    Wow. I won’t write a full review, since it’s late here. I’ll just say that in the first two minutes (and then also with the old clockmaker at the very end), all the “WTF did I just watch” comments started making sense. But I agree with Blade’s assessment. This was overall pretty interesting, if just slightly rushed. And it really is like a movie where you sit through it going, “Why am I watching this movie,” but then the ending totally surprises you and makes you forget how bad the rest of it seemed.

    Oh, and tons of thanks to all of the WildBunch for all of your hard work! We really appreciate it. ^_^

    P.S. Just a little editing note. At 6:51 (or 17:56 file time) the subtitles say, “The individual data is moving all on their own…!” This should be “data are moving.” “Data” is plural. Just in case you happen to be redoing them. *_^

  35. andy permalink

    i just started today this season and i had watched 10 eps and i say all 10 eps sucked
    cant wait to finish the season to put it on my MAL
    yeah i dont like to watch eps weekly i marathon an anime after finishes

    • Just skip to the last 3. Nothing happens before then.

      • andy permalink

        yeah i would do that but if i do it it will not be a completed anime that i watch right??

      • Sorry, I meant the last 4. Yeah, but I’m just trying to save you some grief. It’s up to you.

  36. Shen permalink

    Thanks for everything, guys. I appreciate your bringing this series to us, we’d be lost without you.

    As for the revised, final release of all the episodes, the big bad evil guy’s name is Bagramon, not Bugramon; the poster that wrote out “Bugra” was mistaken. Official materials have made romanization mistakes before.

  37. Role permalink

    Final Episode, Final Review. This will cover the episode, and then the series as a whole.

    The episode… ehh. I dunno, it’s a personal thing, I guess, but I really don’t like this type of final battle. Then there’s the whole thing of Astamon being Quartzmon, and Ryouma being a good guy all along, just controlled… I did not like that ‘twist’. Then there’s the near non-existance of the cameos. They seemed to be there just to remind everyone that they’re powering the arm thingy. I wish they had a more active role. I had a big issue with Tagiru being a stand in for Taiki – he doesn’t hold a candle to him. There was no character growth to justify this.

    I did like the twist of the old clock man being Baguramon in disguise, but like most things in the series, I just wish it had been touched on earlier. A tease at the end just isn’t enough, really. This episode just seemed to introduce more things that had great potential, but were just wasted. Overall, I just feel that this episode felt “eh” to me.

    Still, the ending beats 02’s ending. That ending can go die in a fire.


    Overall, the series has found its way at the bottom of the list for my list of favorite digimon seasons. By beating 02 for the bottom spot, it managed to go beyond the impossible, but in a bad way. The episodic nature of the series caused it to suffer horribly – at least 02 had plot after all. Each time something was introduced, it just begged the question of “why won’t you expand on this?” It never bothered to explain the one-mon rule until the last two episodes, so fans of Xros Wars were left wondering “why?”. Most of the hunted mons were immediately forgotten. The aspect of mons feeding on emotions was never really touched on, merely used as a gimmick.

    This season, even more than Frontier, is a season of abandoned potential (to explain frontier, starting with the Sepirotmon battle, it just leaked potential – the advanced forms of all the others were blown off, four potential spirit holders were put on a train, and the whole thing was reduced to the Goggleboy, The Lone Wolf, and their cheerleading lackey squad). Every time something had the potential to be great in this season, it just dropped the ball. It never pushed the envelope, instead trying to ‘play safe’ by trying to use the pokemon formula… the problem is, that alienated the fans of the show. I’m really curious as to the ratings this season got in comparison to other seasons… I hope japan felt the same way we did, and that the message came across properly.


    Well, I hope the next season brings us a return to form. 1, 3, and 5 had a good formula – Tamer and their Partner. So… how long are you guys betting for the next season announcement? My money is on 1.5-2 years.

    • I agree. Though, I didn’t think 02 was that bad. And I liked Frontier a lot (more than Tamers and definitely more than Savers and Xros Wars.), but it was playing it too safe in the parts you mentioned. Hunters just had so much potential, but the lack of any sort of development was the most awkward and frustrating thing I’ve ever seen.

      I rate them
      1 Adventure
      2 Frontier
      3 02
      4 Tamers
      5 Xross Wars
      6 Savers
      7 Hunters

    • meee permalink

      Here are Digimon TV ratings. I suggest to read the whole topic. It’s just one page. Xros Wars has the lowest ratings of all seasons. It was somewhat of a flop actually. It looks like Savers also has bad ratings, but read through the comments which explain that and you’ll see Savers’ ratings aren’t bad and that it was a success. Out of the big 5, Frontier has the lowest ratings, still it was a success.

  38. Seymour Butz permalink

    Well guys, thank you very much for subbing this series. Splash hated it, Onkei hated, but you did it anyway, and I’m truly grateful for your sacrifice. Here’s once again hoping that the next series is to your liking.

    • Really? That was why they stopped doing it? I thought it was to focus on Inazuma11.

      I suppose the season is all right if you don’t take anything from the season seriously…

  39. notyoutoo permalink

    Thank you for your work!

  40. Sabrblade permalink

    For the final batch releases, may I suggest using such name spellings as “Bagramon”, “Bagra Army”, “Baalmon”, “-mons” (for collective digimon), “Ohanamon”, and “Zamielmon” instead of “Bugramon”, “Bugra Army”, “Ba’almon”, “-monz”, “Flowerpowermon” (LOLwut?), and “Zamialemon”?

    And “Candmon” instead of “Candlemon”, and “Wheel Grinder” instead of “Oil Grinder” (Locomon’s attack).

    Also, Onkei, I noticed you said you were revising Adventure. In episode 54, Apocalymon’s “Gran Death Big Bang” attack is subbed as “Grand Death Big Bomb” instead. And Lilimon’s “Flow’ Cannon” is instead subbed as “Flower Cannon” throughout her appearances.

    • wildbunchsubs permalink

      Japanese sources for why I should consider these changes, please. Just the Adventure ones, the XW ones I don’t care enough to argue (they’re from the website anyway, aren’t they?) Romanji is a messy thing so I’d like to see some basis.
      I’ll most likely keep “Flowerpowermon” though, since I favor comprehension in the flow over being literal. Or keep it as “Flowermon.” If people who cared are interested, they can just google.

      • meee permalink

        It’s all on Wikimon, which follows the original names of Digimon and their attacks.

        Here’s Apocalymon for example:

      • wildbunchsubs permalink

        I repeat myself politely, give me Japanese sources that specifically show it’s meant to be those words. I see nothing there that persuades me I should change things.
        I also want to comment that romanji is fluid and used mostly for pronunciation so it’s not going to have the same spelling for the same word all the time. I’m not going to be sticking to a word based on how it’s spelled if I don’t think it makes sense that way.

      • Blade permalink

        Hey Onkeikun, if you ever want to reference a digimon or their stats/attacks, you can got to:

        It’s the same site that had the upgrade for the Code Crown Zero. As this is the official Japanese site, you may find it helpful. It also has the digimons’ official Japanese names in English.

      • wildbunchsubs permalink

        Thank you, but this is the same site that uses “Picklemon” for Piccolomon, among a few others. “MarinDevimon” instead of MarineDevimon? I cringe at the people who favor Marin over Marine just because it’s official. Who cares!
        I’ll proceed with caution.

      • Sabrblade permalink

        Hey, sorry it’s taken a while for me to respond, but like Blade said, is the official Japanese digimon site and has the official Japanese names written in English. now, yes, while there are a few names that are obviously erroneous (i.e. – “Picklemon”), the majority of them are not. “Bagramon”, “Baalmon”, and “Zamielmon” all come from this site.

        Though, with “Candlemon vs. Candmon” this was a case of the dub name being used i nthe subs instead of the Japanese name, which is “Candmon”.

        And Locomon’s attack involves his wheel, so “Wheel Grinder” makes plenty more sense than “Oil Grinder”.

        As for “-monz vs. -mons”, shouldn’t the latter be the more logical choice? I mean, the only argument I can see in favor of “-monz” would be “because poor literacy is kewl” (AT4W joke).

        In regards to Lilimon’s and Apocalymon’s attacks, フラウカノン Romanizes out to “Furau Kanon”, hence “Flow’ Cannon” instead of “Flower Cannon”. And the ビッグバン part of グランデスビッグバン makes a more coherent amount of sense when translated as “big bang” than “big bomb”, as his attack is essentially a “big bang” like THE “Big Bang”, the giant explosion that’s supposed to have brought forth the world. Only, Apocalymon’s does the opposite by destroying it.

        Not really gonna argue “Ohanamon”, though, since you seem to have made up your mind on that one. But I will say that “Flowerpowermon” just sounds really silly, and there have been other real digimon whose names were Japanese words not Anglicized 9even i nthe dub), so I don’t see much point in doing so with this name.

  41. HappyDayz permalink

    Thank you for the sub! Like many of us said , the story was rushed. I guess I enjoyed the old digimon leaders coming together but I wished there were more story to it. This last episode also left me wondering why, Baguramon decide to switch sides and help Taiki and Co. save the world.
    I personally liked Xros wars Arc 1 and 2, but this Arc not so much.

    Thank you again Team Wild Bunch Subs!

  42. izkata permalink

    I had much higher expectations for the series and this last episode… I suppose the title “The Young Hunters who Leapt Through Time” was too much?

    I mean, this was only a half series for Digimon. The episode counts for the previous ones were 54, 50, 51, 50, 48, and 54 for both parts of Xros Wars. And there’s only 25 for Hunters?

    I was also expecting the whole “Leapt Through Time” bit to involve more than the “Time Shift” trick. Which wasn’t time travel anyway, unless they originally intended the DigiQuartz to actually be the future, when the two worlds started merging, or something. I was thinking since we were approaching the midpoint of the series, there would be a short break after a major event (like… Quartzmon?), after which there’d be new episodes to finish of the remaining half of the series, perhaps even explaining the title of the series.

    Oh well. At least they appeared, I suppose?

  43. izkata permalink

    I am uncertain if my original comment made it through, but I have something additional to add:

    Of the Royal Knights, Examon made it into Xros Wars as a DigiMemory. But we still seem to be missing Alphamon, according to the Digimon Wikia: – while he was in the X-Evolution short, he has not appeared in any of the main series. Perhaps a hint that more really is to come?

  44. edwinner123 permalink

    thanks for the sub cause i love watching this even though it looks weird from the starting of Xros War. it was weird how bugramon became a human and owns a digimon himself. pretty awkward right? i hope that the next digimon series will be a little better than this season because this season seemed to be rushed hella fast due to the realease of it. but still the season was great and i loved even tagiru was a weird and funny character. I would rate all the digimon season like this.
    1. Tamers
    2. Savers
    3. Xros War
    4. Hunters
    5. 02
    6. Adventure
    7. Frontier
    but i only saw a little of frontier in chinese but it was still great even though it was still interesting. so if ur revising it, does it means that their r going to be new links of reediting (everything that u guys and Ryuu-Rogue is going to do) that we can download? cause it will be taking a lot of time for the releases and we all might need to redownload it so we can watch it again which will be great cause these 2 seasons r seasons that i would like to watch again!!!! =D Including tamers, adventures, 02, savers which is the only season in english but frontier, no because it seems that there r barely any good subs for it and i don’t have other sites to watch them but it will be good if i try using the links u guys have to it. but the sad part is, when the releases r out, we need to redownload them again which might take a while but no complaints about it cause theres nothing else for me to download much. it seems the japanese language of digimon is better because its the main language of the series cause they release the show first in that language but english takes a while even though english is still ok even though they change some words around it in digimon. other language like chinese is still ok even though i might understand.

    • edwinner123 permalink

      also i wonder how would darkknightmon would look like in human form. would he be a old man like bugramon? i’m very curious about it even though u guys should think about it. i wonder, when they meet again, wat r they going to do? take over the world again? they would be a awesome series even if they were able to turn back into digimons again. if u get to see darkknightmon as a human, would he be able to xros open while being in his human form to another human and a pet? that would be great. they should make a movie about them or with the characters from xros war to hunter again cause it would be great to see them again cause it seems that their is a movie to every season their is. wonder wat its going to be about. still curious about that if they make it happen again with a new season or movie. people should think about it.

    • TrippNessa permalink

      You can find really good quality video and subtitles for every season of Digimon, including Frontier actually (“RyuuRogue” has Adventure, Savers and Xros Wars / “PositronCanon” has 02, some of Tamers and Frontier / “WildBunchSubs” has some of Tamers and Hunters). Just google those groups and you’ll find their websites right away, they’re like the very first link. Now as far as movies go, I’ve always had trouble finding good quality video/subs for those. Some of the movies have been subtitled by one or more of these three groups, and the rest are with WolfPackProductions (not the best quality in my opinion). I would love to see WildBunchSubs release the Digimon movies once they’re done with Tamers =D =D =D

      • wildbunchsubs permalink

        I’ve been planning for a long time to translate all series either under RyRo or WildBunch. I haven’t thrown away that idea, but with my real life, it’s gonna take years. :\ Movies definitely though, I love the movies.

  45. if i could make a suggestion for the batch… please do a avi batch too =3

  46. BrightChaos permalink

    It was a great ending. I wish they could have extended it over more episodes and shown more of the old series characters (We saw Tomoki, Mimi, Ruki, Ken, Yamato, and Jyou in past episodes but they were missing here). And the old clock by is Bagramon? Guess he’s lost his powers though but it does explain how he knew about the Brave Snatcher.

    Hope to hear about a new Digimon series\season soon.

  47. meee permalink

    Ok , this doesn’t have anything to do with this episode, but this is really bugging me for a while now. Is Digimon Adventure a TV show in Tamers? Some say Konaka himself said that, some say he didn’t, some say it’s heavily implied it is. Can someone provide a direct source which confirms that Adventure is a TV show in Tamers. I really hope it’s not true, it will put a big stain on Tamers for me…

    • andy permalink

      yes Adventure is a tv show in Tamers
      i remember that to
      very retarded like tamers season it is

      • meee permalink

        Yes, but can you give me a proof? The fact that dub said it isn’t a proof to me. Dub messed with the original too much.

      • Tomozaurus permalink

        Yeah, it’s never said in the original either. Only the card game and fictional video games are ever referenced.

      • TrippNessa permalink

        I’ve looked high and low for proof about that myself, and not once did I ever find anything. The dub said it, which means nothing, and the original only hints at it. If someone is able to find a link that proves it that would be awesome, but I really have my doubts.

  48. Blade permalink

    This is an anime that you need to watch almost all at once. If you do, you don’t get bored due to there being enough action in a few episodes to keep you from getting bored. One at a time is quite boring and leads to madness (okay not really). People will most likely appreciate Hunters more in the future to that reason.

    As for the name, it is just Hunters, as there were girls in it and there was no real time traving done by the hunters.

    • theblackfox permalink

      Wasn’t it said that DigiQuartz was the future of the Real World? Hence “timeshift”s? Or did I misunderstood?

  49. PapXS permalink

    Wow THIS episode was the one where we list the Digimon series in preference order? I did it an episode before.
    Now that I have watched the final episode I can form an opinion. Quartzmon was an awesome villain, even though ugly. I liked how everything was consumed and Tagiru and Arresterdramon were the only things left. And I said it once, I will say it again, Arresterdramon Superior Mode is SO DAMN UGLY. I mean who designed him. More muscles, bigger size, heavier build. He has been pumped full of steroids, end of story. I liked that Bugramon was the Old Clock Store Owner (we have never seen the store so I’ll just call him Old Clock Guy) it made an awesome addition but (Role copy-paste) I just wish it had been touched on earlier (this is literally a copy-paste, I was too lazy to write it). Tagiru could really have been better though, he didn’t even surpass Taiki.
    The ending was rather sudden, everyone got sucked to their own worlds and then we see Team Xros Heart playing basketball, Tagiru running off and meeting Gumdramon and the Old guy explaining who he is. It only took about two minutes.
    Thanks to every single one of the team members for bringing this to us. I’m certain it took a lot of effort but I’m glad I watched this season, and I (at least) couldn’t have done it without subs. Juts a question for onkeikun, where did you learn Japanese (if you want to answer)…

    • PapXS permalink

      PS: I’m glad I watched this season so I could form an opinion, the season itself was mediocre.

    • wildbunchsubs permalink

      I taught myself (my family also knows Japanese) and when I went to university, I took some classes. After that, it was always self-learnt.

      • PapXS permalink

        Okay thanks for the answer, I was just curious…

  50. TrippNessa permalink

    First and most importantly, thank you WildBunchSubs for all of your hard work! Whether I liked Hunters or not, it was still Digimon, and therefore something I would finish watching no matter what. Had you guys not stuck with it and kept on subtitling the episodes I wouldn’t be able to once again say that I’ve seen every season of Digimon. It was a very bumpy ride for me, but a ride nonetheless. One that I wouldn’t go back and not experience even if I could.

    MY THOUGHTS ON THIS EPISODE: I really haven’t decided if I liked this episode yet or not. I liked that Taiki stepped down in the big six and that the six heroes did very little because it meant Tagiru finally got some actual character development that didn’t feel forced. At the same time though, Taiki’s the one who really deserved it and the big six are all I really wanted to see, so it was also quite disappointing. The goggle comments were funny and everything, but they also didn’t make sense when you consider that Masaru doesn’t have goggles and he IS one of the heroes (and a damned good one at that). Quartzmon was a really cool villain and everything, but his potential was wasted in such a rushed episode. The whole Arresterdramon SM + Brave Snatcher Xros was really cool, while at the same time it also didn’t make much sense to me why an object would be able to Xros with a Digimon. The whole Ryouma / Astamon thing was neat because it made Astamon way more of a badass, while at the same time it reduced Ryouma to being the lame Taiki fan-girl that I hated in past episodes. Bagramon turning out to be the old man was a neat and unexpected twist, but at the same time I disliked such a major villain becoming a good guy with NO explanation as to why he’d suddenly changed. The ending of the series ended exactly where it started, which actually fits this series quite a bit. At the same time though, it’s still just as lame as any other series that has done it. I dunno… everything that happened in this episode I disliked just as much as I liked.

    MY THOUGHTS ON THE ENTIRE SERIES: This series was either too drawn out or not drawn out enough, and either one works just as well as the other. Hunters would have worked as a movie to the Xros Wars series if they’d just removed all of the horrible filler and kept nothing but the plot-oriented scenes. It also would have worked just as well as an entire series if they’d, again, removed all of the filler, but actually expanded on the plot and kept going from this point on to even better things. Instead they went with a 25 episode filler series containing as little plot as possible… and I still just find myself wondering “why?”. Maybe I’ll never know. At the very least, If I ever decide to re-watch Xros Wars, when I get to Hunters I will only watch the 7 plot relevant episodes and pretend the other 18 never happened.

  51. zman permalink

    Thank you for all your hard work. I am going to miss Digimon. Hopefully there will be another Digimon series some day. I know there will, Digimon will never die.

    As for the finale, it was a nice ending. Bagruamon being the old man, that is a surprise. The way I see it Quartzmon is his son, between his brother DarkKnightmon and his sone Quartzmon, quite a family he has.

  52. andy permalink

    finished all 25 eps in 3 days
    this season is the worse season made
    they shoulnt have done this season

  53. zman permalink

    If Bagruamon is reborn as a good guy, than all of the villains in the original Xros Wars get a second chance. What kind of digimon do you think Tatctimon, Lilithmon, and Blastamon got reborn as?

    I think DarkKnightmon is probably a Starmon that could grow into Knightmon one day.

  54. Magoo permalink

    First, thanks WildBunch. I enjoyed Hunters even though it was kinda flawed. I must say that after reading everyone’s comments and analysis, there’s greater depth to the series than I thought. However, it should have been explored through all 25 episodes instead of the last 2-3 ones.

    Also, I thought of this at the goggle scene:
    Taiki: Tagiru! Take my goggles! They’re the proof of a hero!
    *Masaru in the background*
    Masaru: Screw the rules, I’m Masaru.

    And I’m gonna imagine a whole better scenario for Hunters.
    You really just need to change 1 character to make it all better.
    Just imagine.
    Zenjirou stumbles into DigiQuartz and meets Gumdramon. HE GETS A RED XROS LOADER.
    Then, replace all instances of Tagiru by Zenjirou.
    Voilà. XD

  55. HowlingLaser permalink

    Wild Bunch, thank you so much for all of your hard work through Digimon Xros Wars. It means more to me than I could ever put into words. This season was enormously fantastic (and they finally brought back characters from previous season, however curtly so) and it just couldn’t have been brought to the English-speaking world in a more professional, organized, and respectable way. You guys are truly the masters at subbing. Thank you so very much!

    I hope another Digimon season comes out some day!

    • Blade permalink

      Finally something in English, not that I don’t like Japanese.

  56. Blade permalink

    Once again, WildBunch, I thank you on behalf of all the random people out there who where able to watch and enjoy Boy Hunters because of your hard efforts, time, and patience. You are my favorite subbing group, so I regret not being able to get your new releases (already watched Tamers, when you batch, I’ll download and watch all 🙂 ). Thank you also random people that commented on these episodes, you made me mad I made you mad and 2gay2play2day made everyone mad 🙂 and I enjoyed meeting everyone (online).

    This is it from me as I will most likely not be coming back, but WildBunch you did an outstanding job and I am proud to have watched your subbage (not like cabbage, it’s a new term I came up with).

    Later, Blade

    Also, if there is a new season, I WILL be back! 🙂

    • Blade permalink

      We never did break 200, only regret (to some extent).

  57. d0uchebag permalink

    Way to NOT seed Xros Wars 1 torrents. Now I can’t fucking get any of them. Not that even fucking matters, since hardly any of them are AVIs, and on a Windows CE netbook, I NEED AVIs, as it refuses MKV files like the plague.

    • wildbunchsubs permalink

      And you thought talking exactly like a douchebag would make me inclined to help you? Pssh, goodbye. You can wait forever, it’s no concern to me.

      • d0uchebag permalink

        Yeah, sorry about that. I’m just a bit sore since imon was so unhelpful after promising help repeatedly when I was polite about the whole thing. And then he points me here, and I’m hearing “in a few months” for the old eps. So, I naturally did what ANYONE in my position woulda done, and that’s bitch about it since STILL no older eps. But it’s not your fault, you’re doing your best here.
        Anyhow, you don’t have to do it if you don’t want, but I really am sorry for being a dick about that.
        *sighs* I always make the worst first impressions. -_-

      • d0uchebag permalink

        Testing if this’ll even let me reply to you since I just typed out a long apology, and it’s not showing.

      • d0uchebag permalink

        Hey, not sure if my apology will reach you THIS way either, but I am sorry about that, imon was absolutely unhelpful, then he points at you and I hear “oh it’ll be a while before we release anything” and meanwhile all the old torrents have NO SEEDS AT ALL, so I did what anyone in my position would have, I bitched about it. But it’s not your fault. And I am sorry.

      • AS I WAS SAYING before I realized you blocked me from replying to you, I’m sorry I acted like such an ass about it, it’s just the following culminated to this:
        1: EVERYONE fucking expects me to be able to handle MKV, I use a windows CE (shitty embedded OS) mini netbook, I can’t get better, this is absolutely IT for me using a computer, and it’ll only handle AVIs.
        2: iMon was ABSOLUTELY UNHELPFUL, I was kind and I was very nice, and I was very patient and asked as nicely as possible with him, he kept saying it’s coming. Then went down and he’s like oh wildbunch will do it. So I came here, which leads me to 3.
        3: When I come here, per iMon’s instructions, it’s not here. So I’m like dude, it’s not there, please help. He says just be patient, they’ll do it right after xros wars 2 ends. And then I see the thing saying it’ll be a while, possibly MONTHS, before I get to see those old xros wars eps.
        4: MEANWHILE, during all of this, all the torrents HAVE ZERO SEEDERS, so I can’t get them that way either.

        So yes, I am very sorry. None of this was your fault, and you’re doing your very best to help and I do appreciate that you’re doing them at all, thank you.

        I had absolutely no right to be a dick about it, but I hope you can at least see WHY I was.

      • wildbunchsubs permalink

        What boggles me is that you take the word of someone who has absolutely no affiliation with us, and then throw a fit thinking I’m supposed to expect this reaction from you. You’ll have to wait until we remake the batch.

      • 2gay2play2day permalink

        You should have downloaded the whole Xros Wars a long time ago like everyone else did. Too bad for you.

      • Saint Walker permalink

        Yeah, I recognise this guy from OD. He’s always been like this, bitching about not having the .avi’s, playing the victim card, and expecting someone to help him because he has a crappy computer and it’s not fair. I think he either doesn’t realise how he comes off to the rest of us, or is too used to getting what he wants right away and doesn’t quite get the work involved in providing all of this stuff for free and why maybe people aren’t willing to bend over backwards to accomodate someone who acts the way he does.

  58. TrippNessa permalink

    You and I could swap 85 cheesy, pointless jokes until we reach 200 =D

    • 2gay2play2day permalink

      My body is ready.

    • Blade permalink

      Why are you still here? Wait, why am I still here after my pathetic farewell? Seems I forgot to change my homepage (I’ll switch to Nyaa as I go there anyway everyday). Now you know what I do in my spare time. Hahaha…

      I’m so bored now that 3 of the animes I was watching have ended. Now I wish Hunters was longer in addition to having more plot related episodes.

      WildBunch, as it has been awhile and I don’t have them, could you do a batch torrent with your previous Tamer releases (if there is not one aready availible) and I’ll just rewatch Tamers as I have that season in rather low quality video format anyway and left something to be desired.

    • meee permalink

      I have a skin.
      Potato has a skin.

      Therefore, I’m a potato.

      • Magoo permalink

        “Oh hi, how are you holding up? BECAUSE I’M A POTATO… clap clap clap… oh good, my slow clap processor made it into this thing, at least we have that.”

    • TrippNessa permalink

      What do you get when you cross an elephant and a rhino? El-if-i-no.

    • meee permalink

      Where did Anne go after explosion?


      • PapXS permalink

        Why did the turkey cross the road?
        Cuz chicken had a day off!

        Seriously, I must have become Betsumon with that cold joke =P

  59. Blade permalink

    I am nobody
    Nobody is perfect
    Therefore I am perfect

    • meee permalink

      Hey, didn’t you say you were not coming back?!

      • Blade permalink

        I am naturally resistant to change, therefore I am human.

        And I am also interested in getting WB subbs of Tamers.

        All this thinking critically of anime has gotten to my head, who was it that first started reviewing this stuff anyway?!! Oh well.

      • PapXS permalink

        Hmm I think Role was the first reviewer but I’m too lazy to look after the 7-day school trip =P
        Now that Hunters has ended no one will post ANYTHING until Tamers are out again. Nice meeting all of you people. Hope you people (Role, meee, Blade etc) will still be here when Tamers are released (whenever that may be, I got no prob with waiting) so I don’t post alone on the pages…

      • Role permalink

        I don’t think I was, but I was probably the first regular reviewer. Most reviews before then were just done at random. I also nearly missed a few after I started my review thing up.

        Funny, I didn’t start doing it until several episodes in, and it was meant to start off as more of a statement of dissatisfaction. But it wound up evolving into a full blown review thing.

        Anywho, I’m about to close down the tab (finally), but if anyone’s interested in me reviewing further releases as they come out (tamers, for instance), shoot me a PM over at the Temple of Kraden. I’ll be sure to head back and give my input for ya.

      • 2gay2play2day permalink

        Even for me?

  60. thank you guys for finishing subbing
    really enjoy with xros wars II

    about ending i come with no comment
    i really love Taiki ending in Xros wars I rather than this ; (
    but the secret of the old man that Taiki always curious about is really surprise me.
    i didn;t realize that before. about why he can make Xros loaders.

  61. Christina permalink

    Do you mind fixing the links for the mediafire? Thanks

  62. I’m disappointed that you can’t reupload these. I can’t download the Torrents because I can’t seem to figure out how to do so on a Macbook Pro. Unless you guys can provide me with a step by step on how to download the Torrents then I will be missing two subbed episodes. If you can do that, I would be grateful.

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