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[RELEASE] Digimon Xros Wars II – 24 (78) H264 & XViD

by on March 20, 2012

The twenty fourth episode of Digimon Xros Wars: The Boy Hunters Who Leap Through Time!

MKV: Part 1, Part 2

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  1. Woooooooooooooooonderful! *_* Can’t wait to watch the subs~ ♥

    *nabbing the .avi, and thank you for your fast, hard work as always*

  2. Thanks for the early release of Episode 24 :D, such a shame the anime will be ending next week :(.

    *grabbing the .avi too*

  3. Cosmos permalink

    Thanks for releasing this week’s episode so fast. Last ep this week!

  4. firestar24250 permalink

    Thank you so much!

  5. Tomozaurus permalink

    hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngg. Oh, wait, I can’t download ’til my downloads go off-peak 😦

  6. Digibeast permalink

    NICE episode!

    Some questions:
    Did the clockmaker retrieve grani and the digimental of kindness in another time?
    Why is Ardhamon surrounded by 4 balls of licht? where’s Koichi?
    Where’s the orange in agumon’s burst mode and evolution?

    And WHY DID GRANI LEAVE AT THE END OF THE EPISODE?!?! it doesn’t make sense…

    Why not positron laser Ryouma? you just stand there with one of your enemies and just do nothing… it doesn’t make sense even more…

    • It’s very likely the clockmaker indeed got Grani and the Digimental of Kindness from other times, since he can travel through time, as evidenced by the fact that Adventure-Taichi and Daisuke are together.
      Susanoomon was created by the original five in Frontier as well, since Koichi was dead. Adding Koichi now would be pointless.
      I have no idea about Agumon. Animation differences and whatnot, I guess.

      • Digibeast permalink

        Thanks for the explanation!

      • crazyone permalink

        If I remember correctly, Koichi is not dead, however, he did give the spirits of darkness to Koji permanently, so they were probably included in Koji’s ball of light.

      • Melissa permalink

        Actually, it would make more sense for Kouichi to be present. While Kouichi himself wasn’t present as Suasnoomon, the spirit of Darkness was inside of it, since Kouji received Kouichi’s spirit right after he was ‘killed.’ Which means all six spirits are required for Susanoomon.

        Not that I expected my fave Digi character to be present though, since once he stopped being a villain he was pretty much shafted for the rest of the series except for right at the end in the hospital. ^^; But that’s a whole other topic.

    • TrippNessa permalink

      Positron Laser is too large of a blast, it would have blown everyone up together, including the good guys. What SHOULD have happened was Masaru falcon punching Ryouma in the face! That would have been the best ending to the episode ever.

      • Role permalink

        Would have been in character, too. I was surprised when none of the big five did anything, and even more surprised when none of them spoke up about Tagiru. If anyone shares traits in common, it’s Ryouma here – it’s Tagiru. I find it odd that none of them spoke up and said something about it.

        Still… That was pretty disappointing. Obviously Evil Guy vs Unlikable Hero Dude… and Tagiru held back, losing because of it. Tagiru! Y U NO MODE CHANGE? I just find it stupid that he conveniently forgot he could power up again for the sake of plot. Honestly…

  7. Emilie Rosier permalink

    GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tsuesday morning … I get up me … PC opens ….. connexion …. Visite of mes favorites sites …. IT IS HERE !!!!!!!!! IT IS SUBBED !!!!!!!


    Then, when I said this terms, I don’t speak about scenario, story or character .. no … It is for THE 5 HEROS LEGENDARIES !!!!!!!!!! TOP COOL !!!!!! BEST DIGIMON AND HEROS DES 5 PREVIOUS SEASONS !!!!!!!! TOO GREAT !!!!!!!

    Yeah …. I am stupid … didn’t I ?

  8. Colin permalink

    Obviously the best ep of the season, I’m overjoyed they didn’t mess up the evolutions, barring golden digimental, grani, motorbike.
    I love watching the hunters watch in shock as they are proven how horrible they are.
    so the only people that didnt make an appearence is touma, yoshiro, the minor tamers.
    I must say voice over of gomamon, tentomon, Ken, joe were spot on, while others were a little off, well its been almost a decade, but takato sounds VERY high pitched.
    I’ve noticed a few things too;
    are those the butterfly of Oikawa when Ken and Matt make their appearence?
    theres appearence of angemon but angewomon, meaning takeru is older while hikari is still young?
    i really hope they dont screw up the follow-up to the biggest episode to the season. I’m just glad there was only ONE “Sugee” moment from tagiru this ep. The light humour from zenjirou didn’t turn me off like tagiru would, maybe i just hate him that much.
    Next episode would be predictable, all heroes fall one by one, then tagiru left, yells out asking others to send him power, “SUGEEE I can feel everyone’s bonds, i feel like a superstar”, followed by a quick battle, with everyone else around the globe claiming they cleaned up in their areas too in two seconds.
    But I do hope im wrong

  9. Eh, OmegaShoutmon teaming up with Masaru to punch the enemies in the face collectively was probably among the best scenes in the episode. Though Zenjirou’s freakout was great, as were all the fights with the old goggleheads. Also lol Joe.

  10. Emilie Rosier permalink


    Ours real heroes are too great !!!!

    Taichi’s Agumon …. This Agumon can fly … Agumon are stupid !!! XD
    the members of Xros Heart ‘s eyes …. Hilarious ! They realize that they suck !!!!
    others characters appared too !!!!!!! (Hikari, Takeru, Mimi, Cyberdramon, Miyako, Sora, Birdramon in the images dark)
    Ken and Yamato come in renfort !!!!
    Best of best evolution !!!!!!


  11. meee permalink

    Really great episode! My shivers started the moment Masaru falcon punched VenomVamdemon and they didn’t stop until the end!! We even got to see their evolutions in real time.

    But, I must admit, this episode is rushed. That little tournament was dull and the battle between Tagiru and Ryouma was very lame and disappointing, I even asked myself am I watching Pokemon or Digimon here. But, what bugs me more is that Guilmon, V-mon and ShineGreymon didn’t talk at all. Stingmon, Yamato and MetalGarurumon, too. I can’t believe they couldn’t get Junko Noda and Masako Nozawa to voice V-mon and Guilmon. They even voiced Magnamon and Dukemon in X-Evolution, but not here? Well, maybe it’s just that they didn’t have any lines in this episode. Also, it was weird for ShineGreymon, too since he talked in episode 22. Couldn’t he just call out Glorious Burst when he attacked or something? I was really disappointed, I wanted to hear Dukemon saying “Kono, Duuuuuuuukemon…” again. The ending was predictable, but whatever we got many silhouetted cameos and 5 leaders busting some ass. Oh, and it seems V-mon can evolve to Magnamon, but the time he can spend in that form is limited. I don’t know what to say about this, I was delighted to see Magnamon, but it doesn’t make much sense…

    Still, this episode doesn’t redeem this season in my opinion. This season can only be redeemed if it had more than 25 episodes, but seeing how things seem rushed very much, I’m afraid that’s not the case.

  12. Ragnarok permalink


  13. meee permalink

    WAIT WHAT? The preview for next episode is 10 seconds shorter than it should be! Also, they didn’t say anything like the final showdown is on, don’t miss the final episode of Hunters or anything implying the next episode is really the end of the end. Perhaps, episode 25 isn’t actually the last episode of this season… Meh, it probably is…

  14. Blade permalink

    Thanks for the early release, gettting the torrent.

  15. David permalink

    This was better than I thought it would be. Although it was clear from the exposition that the crossover was done purely as a gimmick. It was cool to see Magnamon again. And I loved Takato’s line. That made this whole thing worth it XD. And WTH did Grani go? It was another Jokemon moment. And Tentomon’s redundant expostion was priceless. I would also like to thank Masura for reminding me why I hated season 5 so much.

    • Blade permalink

      How can you possibly hate Savers? Masaru punching digimon is infinte times more amazing than hunt fo the week among other things!

      • Role permalink

        Different tastes for different folks. I like 02 less than Frontier, but many people order it the other way around. Best not to try and convince them of your opinion on this – after all, Masaru is the only Digimon main guy who isn’t a Goggleboy – neither in fashion nor in attitude/personality. Some people didn’t like that.

      • megas88 permalink

        Digimon favorite seasons greatly vary from person to person. I gave savers a chance just cause I couldn’t take hunters anymore. It helped and wasn’t as bad as I thought it was. I’ve come to love it actually. Better than frontier anyway. Season 1 is obviously my favorite. Tamers was also awsome.

        But no matter what season is our favorite. No matter what generation of digimon we come from we can all universally agree on one all encompassing great truth:

        Hunters sux.

      • David permalink

        Because it makes absolutely no sense. He jumps to height of buildings, then lands without a scratch and can knock over THREE Venomyotismons/vamdemons who are the size of SKYSCRAPERS with just a punch. Well what the cabbage do we need the Digimon for? Just let Masura take ’em all out. It’s sooo stupid. And just when I thought the show couldn’t get any dumber, the end of Savers proved me wrong: “Let’s all THINK really hard about winning and see if that works. Yay, it worked!” I nearly died laughing.

      • meee permalink

        IT’S MASARU, NOT MASURA!!! The reason he can do all this shit is because he has strong, fighting DigiSoul like his father did. At least I understand it that way.

        I like when humans fight, too. That’s why I welcomed the idea of Chosen Children actually becoming Digimon in Frontier and fight by themselves, while still having strong bounds with the spirits who are actually their partners. Then came Savers and introduced the DigiSoul, which makes the potential of human and his Digimon partner explode and give them great power. Some people hate it, others like it. I admit, I don’t understand why some hate it, but I have to respect their opinion.

      • Role permalink

        @David: Savers operated more on Rule of Cool than the other seasons. It’s like complaining that Gurren Lagann is unrealistic – you’re gonna get a lot of “Are you an idiot?” looks from fans of the show. Not because you’re wrong – but rather, because you’re missing the point.

      • David permalink

        It’s not that I didn’t understand it. It’s that the concept is stupid. Naming it Digisoul doesn’t make it any less stupid. (I loved Frontier, so it’s not the concept of human fighting I don’t like, it’s that it’s not consistent or fully fleshed out in Savers.) And it wasn’t just that. It was the whole story and pacing. It barely even followed its own mythology. Instead of following their own rules, they threw everything out the window in the end with, “All we had to do was think really hard all along!” What the stuff!? So you can be the god of the Digital World just by thinking? How did anyone not hate this!? It just threw in a bunch of anime cliches instead of making the show unique like the other seasons. Masaru (forgive my dyslexia) is a clone of Naruto who is a clone of a million other anime characters. The pacing also took too long like other anime shows where everything is drawn out and overly dramatic.

        I don’t mind shows that are more “Rule of Cool” as long as they don’t take themselves so seriously and as long as they aren’t Digimon shows. There was no reason for this concept to enter the world of Digimon.

      • David permalink

        *supposed to say “beat the god”…

      • meee permalink

        It didn’t follow it’s own mythology? I don’t understand, can you provide a more clearer explanation? “All we had to do was think really hard all along!”? I don’t remember that in Savers… It seems you and I watched different series here… I don’t understand what are you complaining about. Also, name the cliches. Sry, but I can’t follow you here. I don’t think there is a single truth in what you wrote here.

        There were many reasons why Digimon Savers and it’s new concept was needed – CHANGE. Every Digimon season is different, and so is Savers, that’s what keeps series interesting. Also, Savers was the first Digimon series to be produced after 3 years of nothing. It had quite good reception in Japan with more than half episodes scoring into top 10 episodes in Japan. It also contributed to reviving the Digimon franchise along with X-Evolution and Digimon Next. Savers is a respectful season and every single part of it deserved to enter the world of Digimon.

        I don’t mind you hating it, but please, don’t bash it without any plausible arguments to back it up.

      • Role permalink

        …Did you not get the point of this episode, David? The whole point was that each season had its own mythology. Savers was true to the mythology of Savers, just as Frontier to Frontier, and Xros Wars to Xros Wars. Claiming it’s “Not true to the mythology” kind of implies you didn’t get the point… at all.

        Hell the big battle in this episode showed all the clashing mythologies coming together. It should have been blatantly obvious to you… so if you missed it, it was because you were going out of your way to do so.

      • David permalink

        Role, I wasn’t bashing this episode, just Savers.

        “The power of that emotion is unbeatable!”
        “The feelings to protect both worlds!”
        When I watched it I was like, so they beat the digigod with just their feelings? Wow…

      • meee permalink

        David, you don’t Savers because they defeated a God with their feelings(though you clearly missed the point of this whole thing). If that was the case you’d hate Adventure and 02, because:
        Adventure – Apocalymon beaten with Chosen Children’s feelings, which caused the digivices to seal Apocalymon in a cube
        02 – BelialVamdemon beaten with everyone’s feelings, not even a proper fight
        You just hate Savers. You don’t like how it looks, it’s plot, it’s characters, which is perfectly fine cause you are entitled to your opinion. Problem is – you stated your opinion as a fact and that’s very redundant. You can’t say that Savers isn’t worth of being a part of Digimon with insufficient arguments to back that up. Just come flat out, I don’t like it, it’s my opinion. Don’t try to convince us with invalid arguments.

        Masaru and Agumon will now explain what happened here:

        -Agumon: Human emotions…make us Digimon stronger! -Masaru: And the Digimon give us both dreams and courage! -both: There’s no limit to how far we can evolve!

        Human emotions gave Digimon power so that they could prevent the two worlds from colliding. Like in every other season of Digimon, human emotions make Digimon evolve.
        So, they fought Yggdrasil together, they didn’t kill him(?) with feelings. The realization Masaru and Agumon came to when they said what I wrote above, is what made their DigiSoul burst and reach it’s peak, so they gained the ultimate power to defeat Yggdrasil. Yggdrasil wasn’t beaten by sole feelings like BelialVamdemon was in 02.

      • Role permalink

        I see you missed the point of my POST as well, David. This episode went out of its way to show that each season had its own separate mythology. You can’t judge Savers based on Adventure or Tamers. The ONLY seasons you can do this to are 02, which is a direct sequel to Adventure, and Young Hunters, which is a direct sequel to Xros Wars.

        That’s it!

        If you don’t like it, that’s fine, I won’t attack you based on that. But don’t feed me bullshit claiming that it doesn’t follow the mythology, because it does. It follows the mythology of Savers.

      • I’d just like to add that feelings were a big part of Tamers as well, considering that a lot of what happened in that was based on strong feelings and strong beliefs.

        So I guess strong feelings are a large part of the overall Digimon mythos; though each season may have its own mythology (with the exception of 02 and Hunters), strong emotions tie them all together.

      • No, what was introduced in season one with the crests was that morality has a part to play in the Digimon’s evolution. They were making a philosophical point that they are in a world where good and evil take physical forms.That was continued in the rest of the seasons. Savers watered it down, but I didn’t even mind it up until the end when Agumon and Masasru were totally defeated and then out of nowhere pull a plot hole out of the air to win. They’re feelings just became so strong blah, blah, blah. It’s like, well they were never even in any real danger. I mean if you were about to die, you’re feelings would become really strong too. And feeling is such a broad term. It can mean almost anything. Maybe it has different connotations in Japanese. And I did also think the endings of Adventure and 02 were a bit forced, but at least they involved some plot and character development. Savers had little character development and its characters were uninteresting because they were just anime token characters ripped of of Naruto-like shows.

        Role, I wasn’t judging them based on other seasons, just it’s own as I explained ^. Normally I would chalk the problem up to, “Well, I’m an adult watching a kids show.” But Savers was supposed to be aimed at an older audience, which ended up translating to being more juvenile instead of more sophisticated (the fanservice is another example).

      • Blade permalink

        Wow, I think this all started by me asking “how could you possibly hate savers?” and then got out of hand. What I meant was, how can you actually hate savers compared to Hunters? Also, the way digisoul works (supposedly) is that it turns a human/digimon’s inner strength into data in the form of energy. That energy can be used to do a variety of things like increase the user’s strength (Yoshino did this in the last ep too and destroyed an arcade machine 🙂 ). It can also be used to evolve digimon by giving them extra strength causing the evolution. It also can apparently be used as a form of “power guiser” to apply a large amount of force to two objects, that could be worlds.

        Hopefully this is a “scientific” enough explaination to clear up some points mentioned here.

      • You’re absolutely right. You guys win. All gripes against Savers have been nullified by the atrocity that is Hunters… Ugh.

  16. JWong permalink

    Thank you so much for your hard work!!!! my inner digimon fan-boy just exploded!!!

  17. Sabrblade permalink

    Isn’t Aldamon’s Japanese name “Ardhamon”? Why the dub spelling?

    • wildbunchsubs permalink

      Our typesetter puts in the names and I give them a customary look. I didn’t know that was a misspelling. Will be fixed for batch.

      • It should be noted that Wikimon, which uses the Japanese names and whatnot, also spells his name as Aldamon. I have no idea where to find an official romanization of his Japanese name, so I can’t add that, but I guess it’s Aldamon even for Japan?

      • The “r” and “l” in Japanese romanizations are interchangeable, it can technically be spelled either “Aldhamon” or “Ardhamon” and still be correct, both with and without the “h”. Lopmon’s name COULD be romanized as “Ropumon”, etc. It’s a matter of taste I think. I prefer “Ardhamon”, but just because I think it looks better written out.

      • Role permalink

        Nope, Lopmon HAS to be Lopmon, because it’s a reference to the Lop Bunny, and actual animal in real life. Ropmon would be considered blind idiot translation.

        IIRC, the Aldha/Ardha refers to a specific deity as well, so the proper spelling depends entirely on what it’s trying to reference, assuming that the official spelling doesn’t make a typo.

    • aconitebunny permalink

      Because Aldamon IS the Japanese name. Aldernalisuvara is how the Japanese refer to Ardhanarishvara, if Wikipedia and Wikimon is to be trusted.

  18. jiji permalink

    OMG! I was expecting great things from this episode since last week, but this episode has greatly exceed my expectation especially the last 15minutes which was was super epic!! best part will be the continuous of evolution.
    And to reply to some question above, i think the reason why the rest of the people/digimon (yamato, guilmon, metalgarurumon and etc) did not speak is because it has been a very long time since their seiyuu voice them, probably their voice changed or something and bandai want to control the quality. I don’t think Bandai did it on purpose, since they have bottomless budget, they can get anyone back to voice them. But I do agree it’s too rush which could be also one reason why the others didn’t have any line to say so as to reduce time spend on talking.

    And thanks to Wildbunchsub for subbing this great episode!! BANZAI!!!

  19. notyoutoo permalink

    Thanks for your work and the fast up! This was a cool episode . . . but let’s face it – it was fan-service to the extreme. I wonder if this was the plan all along . . . just a season of “fan-service” – every episode so far had submitted hand-drawn digimon brought to life . . . and now the “ultimate” in fan service . . . “resurrecting” main characters from the previous seasons. While I like seeing all of the “old-timers” I really don’t like how they have tried to justify this series by doing this at the end. Ah, well . . . it’s a kid’s show . . . “YAY” – back to eating my Cap’n Crunch and watchin’ Digimon in my feety pjs.

    • jiji permalink

      If i’m not wrong, this is all planned, they are bringing back all the previous protagonist to celebrate the 15th year (if i’m not wrong). So basically, Hunter is just the foundation for bringing back all of them.

      • Role permalink

        That doesn’t excuse the poor storytelling in this season, though. The fact that they tried to rely too heavily on that tease pretty much ruins it. Even though this one battle was awesome, I doubt fans will be too happy if they try to do this again. I’d even expect them to push against crossovers, since this season pretty much gave the impression that they can’t do them well.

      • Tomozaurus permalink

        Yes, this way it ends up being a major let down. They should have made the past heroes coming back the focus of the entire series, and made it a full season in celebration of the 15 years instead of dragging us through 21 episodes of horrible filler for 2-4 episodes of celebration.

        It’s more of an insult to the franchise than a celebration.

  20. archer9234 permalink

    While the episode was full of nerdgasm. It doesn’t save the shows failures. I really wish Daisuke called out Digimental Up! Rather than seeing Magnamon. It was pretty cool to see the real time evolutions. But it would of been nice to see the original sequences redone in HD. But this show probably has no budget to do that.

  21. Digibeast permalink

    I also liked the inner space of dukemon (where takato residers) redone, btw.

  22. Role permalink

    Another Review, another Release… wait, I got that wrong, didn’t I?

    FINALLY! Mervamon actually using her sword! Why couldn’t this happen in the las–“Sexy the Cannon!”–Oooof course you did. I’m sorry I ever gave that simile. I swear, give them an inch…

    So we’ve got some crazy image thing going on between Obviously Evil Dood and the Unlikable Protagonist. Please let them both di– Nooope. And of course, given who won, it’s blatantly obvious what’s going to happen later on. Man, there were so many things I found irritating about that it’s not even funny.

    The best part of the episode… is also the worst part of the show. All six leaders from previous seasons coming in and kicking ass. However… it’s so very disturbing. In order for the Heroes of Young Hunters to have any success, they need the help of the “Big Six”. Sound familiar? That’s because it’s Young Hunters itself. It’s riding off of the previous six seasons. It stops being cool, and starts being scary when you realize this. This season would basically have been reviled had they not used cameos – a failure of a season, to match the failure of heroes without them.

    After the excitement of that one fangirly squee-filled battle, you’re left with a horrible truth – without the previous seasons being there to hold the candle, it’s just another lackluster episode. Come on, tell me – I DARE YOU – that the parts outside of that battle were interesting at all. And even then, I was kinda hoping for a great xros to be thrown in there. Of course, OmegaShoutmon punching out MaloVamedmon with resident badass Masaru was freaking awesome, so I’ll let that slide…

    Except NO. I’m sorry, but if the show has to be held up by past success to win, it’s a failure. If you succeed on the backs of others, you fail in the end. That one battle was the highlight of the whole season, and it was ENTIRELY out of nostalgia. For example, notice how one Adventure era bad guy was simply replaced by ANOTHER adventure era bad guy? I mean… really?

    I know, you guys are probably gonna hate me for saying it, but… This episode, or rather the meat and bones of it… wasn’t that good. Any fanfic writer can pick up a pen and make an awesome crossover battle. Well, okay, not just any fanfic writer, but the point still stands – take out that one thing, and the rest of it falls apart.

    • meee permalink

      “MaloVamdemon” hahahaaha I don’t know if you wrote that on purpose, but it sure had me laughing xD

      BTW, I agree with what you say here. Needless to say, when I heard Mervamon call out “Sexy The Cannon”, I got a sudden urge to punch a damn wall. And yes, she irritated me that much so I actually punched that stupid wall. Shitty Mervamon, ALWAYS RUINING EVERYTHING WITH HER IDIOTIC PERVERT ATTACKS! I hate that fucking Nene too. FFS, did she dump Sparrowmon in favor of that other whore? Cause I don’t see Sparrowmon anywhere! …..shit, I get pissed of just by thinking about it…

      • Blade permalink

        Yeah, Mervamon ruined it again, that part made me cringe pretty painfully. Mervamon wins the “Most Perverted Digimon” award, in addition to some of our hatred.

      • Role permalink

        I don’t like 02, so if I screwed up the pure and dub names on that one, so sue me. After all, that weak THING was taken down by smiles and happy thoughts. He doesn’t get my respect.

  23. Role permalink

    SECOND REVIEW! Also known as “Things Role found amusing about the big battle in the episode, so she’s making a different comment thread about it.” Please ignore the long title.

    So, speaking of Fangirly Squee-filled battles, what are your thoughts on it? Anyone else notice Takuya, doing jack squat to the bad guys, only to be followed by War Greymon who wiped out four? Gee, if that wasn’t a TAKE THAT, I dunno what is!

    Then you have Magnamon, who’s the first to go useless and need a power up. It’s not saying anything about 02 as a whole, though – it’s a shout out to the story of 02! Half way through, it stops being about Armor Evolution, and shifts focus to Jogress Evolution. Clever, eh?

    Did you see their reaction when Masaru went all Chuck Norris on the digimon? And how he, despite being human, holds his own when fighting side by side with OmegaShoutmon?

    Remember how good it felt when Akari punched Zenjirou and told him to shut up?

    GOD, that fight was so much fun!

    • brazillian-anon permalink

      What can I review here?
      i mean, WTF i just watched?
      Was this episode 3/10 ? I’m not sure. xP
      the fights were poor(just bash, bash! music! bash!), the plot was poor… and no Rukia(Ruki in jpn?) and Mimi this time!

      fanfic writers, at least, cares about consistence, drama and climax xP

      • Role permalink

        No no, you want to reply to my FIRST discussion thingy. This one is about gushing and fangirling/boying about the battle.

        Yes, it does matter.

      • brazillian-anon permalink

        Sorry, this season killed my sense of *direction*.
        No fangarsm here. Characters were very passive because of the number… The cross-over chapters in V-Tamers manga, they interact much more with each other. This was just exhibitions. And no character i’m fanboy showed… well, I enjoy zenjiro’s(?) reaction to the evolutions. Wait- sorry, still wrong place XP

      • Role permalink

        Still doesn’t change the fact that if you wanna do an objective review, you need to use the discussion above. This one is purely for people to gush about that one battle.

    • If you’re right about the 02 story thing, it’s a pretty clever thing indeed. I hadn’t noticed, but it does make a lot of sense.

      Talking about clever shout outs to previous seasons, Masaru ends up doing far more than ShineGreymon in the fight. SGreymon BM only hits one of the VenomVamdemon with his fire sword, not even killing it, Masaru easily destroys three Belials with a single punch (not to mention doing far more damage to the Venoms himself). It neatly parallels the second part of Savers, where Masaru really became far more effective a fighter than Agumon: It was him who gave the finishing blow to Craniummon and Yggdrasill, after all.

      There’s another reference, in Masaru teaming up with OmegaShoutmon. While it might feel random, remember that OmegaShoutmon shares his VA with Adventure!Agumon. Masaru is only teaming up with an Agumon, as he has done his whole series!

      • Role permalink

        Oh, that’s clever! I didn’t even notice that about the team up! Good eyes. ^-^

    • meee permalink

      I was disappointed by Takuya here. I felt bad for him, too. WarGreymon was really like “Bitch please, step aside and let daddy take care of it!”. It was funny at the same time though :D. Also, I didn’t like how they animated his Double Spirit Evolution, particularly the DigiCode. It looked nothing like it, it was more like some sort of laser or something -____-

      Of course, muteki no kenka banchou, Daimon Masaru NEVER EVER DISAPPOINTS! His burning manly DigiSoul, fiery fists and unrivaled determination and bravery are too much to take, even for a satanic existence such as VenomVamdemon! Daimon Masaru IS the Super-Ultimate level human. Hope he’s gonna teach that shithead a lesson for taking the wrong side. Or, if Ryouma turns out to be possessed….well either way, there is only one way to make him realize the reality – a punch to the face! I have a hunch it might happen, in that case, it’s probably gonna be Tagiru who’ll bestow enlightment upon Ryouma. It’s the way of the fist. It’s how it works. It’s life. It’s real.

      • Digibeast permalink

        They should at least had Masaru strike his digisoul into his digivice… And then make agumon shine orange, instead of purple…

        Takuya’s digicode was indeed not nicely done. It didn’t even release red sparks…

        They should have taken more time building the reappearance of the leaders up. 1 leader at the time. This was so f*cking rushed… If they had done that, I wouldn’t have mind the rushing in this episode.

      • Role permalink

        Well, the previews have Ryoma with an OH CRAP expression on his face. Something tells me that going up against the big five is gonna screw him.

    • TrippNessa permalink

      I didn’t notice how little Takuya did until you mentioned it and I re-watched the battle. Honestly I don’t feel that he’s less powerful than the other leaders, I think he just got screwed in this episode by the writers for some reason. As for the Jogress evolution bit, I fully expected that would happen before I even watched the episode. As you said, the 02 story pretty much focuses entirely on Jogress evolution halfway through, and it’s even stated that Armor evolution is ancient and primitive. What *I* found strange about the 02-related stuff was how freakin’ huge Imperialdramon FM was compared to the others! Was he really that big? Masaru is so overpowered, ridiculously so, but I still love him anyway. I just can’t help it! I didn’t even really like Savers, but Masaru got me through it.

      The Zenjirou / Akari bit reminded me way too much of Brock and Misty from Pokemon. That was my thought IMMEDIATELY after seeing that scene. It really goes to show, yet again, how this season was way too much of a Pokemon fan’s world.

      • Role permalink

        Yeah, he was. Crazy stupid big. And that’s not even his best form – Paladin Mode is, I think, but that requires further jogressing with Omegamon, IIRC. Or was it some stupid power transfer thing? I don’t remember…. 02 really didn’t leave a mark on me, other than Takeru taking a level in Badass when he went to confront Ken.

      • TrippNessa permalink

        Yeah Paladin mode is the strongest, and of course it was a stupid power transfer thing XD After all, it wouldn’t be a Japanese anime without the overused “give me all of your power!” crap. Especially Digimon… the writers eat it up like candy or something.

  24. Evan Banks permalink

    Thank you for the release, WildBunch.

  25. Blade permalink

    OK, this might as well count as a review: My thoughts on this episode and Boy Hunter’s plot in general.

    Well it seems the episode transition wasn’t accurate which is a first for Digimon. In the last episode, Taiki, Kiriha, Nene, Yuu, Tagiru, etc. were all there in facing the newly revealed Quartzmon when it ended. In this episode, it picked up at that same confrontation about the same time, and only Yuu and Tagiru were there. Everyone else was gone. Possibly several miles away. Without even technically leaving. Period. This is a first for Digimon in general. Horrible ep transition failure.

    The crossovers all looked good, for the little time they had. It is worth pointing out a few things about the crossovers. In 02, it mentions something about “other worlds other than the digital world” that may be a reference or an attempt at one. Voices aside they didn’t talk much in general which is annoying due to lack of “Duuuuuuuuukemon!” among other things. They all reached the peaks of their transformations decently time allowing. All 5 did except for Shoutmon not doing X7 (let alone Superior Mode).

    As for the Clockmaker and Quartzmon, as they seem to be the source of the entire plot, here is the just of it. In Xros Wars, Wisemon mentions that humans’s use of technology and the digital world are connected, but humans only use a VERY small piece of the Digital World’s power. That distortion, combined with Bagramon’s (who uses Code Crown aka Digital World’s power) makes Quartzmon. Enter Clockmaker, who has a black Xros Loader (in Xros Wars, black implied the character was dark or manipulated) and a Clockmon thing of a Digimon. That lame looking digimon has got to be one of the most powerful of all the digimon if he can 1 travel through time, 2 travel though worlds, and 3 manipulate the area around him (he protected the area they were in from Quartzmon). That is worth one of Tagiru’s over used Suggeis (it’s pronounced that way isn’t it?)

    At least with Taiki being one of the Legendary Heros, this series is nicely distanced from Xros Wars. Also, Kiriha is now a member of Xros Heart due to Blue Flare being too cool for Hunters (no pun intended). WHAT?!!! This episode alone made me say that at least 20 times. Beelzebumon will no long “Taiki, I will always be with you” instead going to Nene for due to Mervamon and her perverted attacks. “Death the Cannon” becomes “Sexy the Cannon” due to lack of manliness on Beelzebumon’s part. He should learn a thing with Masaru being around, punching everthing with his usual enthusiasm.

    That’s about it from me, I think I covered some interesting points so congrats if you read all of this

    • Doomon permalink

      i totally agree to that, except one thing – in digimon tamers the digital world is completly different, why is takato able to join them? but even without that i think the whole story is a bit over the top right now^^

      • Doomon permalink

        oh and i missed to say thanks for subbing 😉

      • David permalink

        Nah, Tamers was already a loose crossover because of Ryo.

    • meee permalink

      —-oh look it’s almost midnight, I’d better get to bed since I have to get up early for school…oh look, Blade just posted the biggest post ever, I MUST READ IT AND REPLY—-

      I totally agree with you there. That theory in 02 which included many parallel worlds is really a nice touch. I thought so even before this cross-over because I was always convinced that those parallel worlds Takeru & co. were talking about are actually the worlds of Tamers, Frontier, Savers, Dagomon’s ocean, X-Evolution world, worlds from games, mangas and now Xros Wars world. Really nice touch by 02! Also, I like to think that Quinglongmon from 02 is the same one from Tamers, Omegamon from Tamers the same one from Savers and maybe X-Evolution, Apocalymon from Tamers movie the same one from Adventure(this could very well be true), Royal Knights from Savers the same ones from X-Evolution while LordKnightmon and Dynasmon were somehow revived after Lucemon took their DigiCodes in Frontier and reborn in Savers world and so on 😀

    • TrippNessa permalink

      I’ve always considered the “other worlds” reference in 02 to be the other seasons of Digimon. Not that it’s ever stated clearly either way, but it just makes the most sense for the series overall. I thought it was a really nice touch in 02, and it makes it obvious to me that they were intending to continue Digimon in that fashion from pretty early on.

      Your explanation on Quartzmon works, and I think they could have explained it a lot better by now. Also, Clockmon is probably one of those Digimon who could be one-shot killed by nearly anyone, but he has some VERY powerful abilities (now watch Clockmon have some doom bomb attack in the next episode). Millenniumon can do all of those things, but he’s not a wimpy little clock XD

      • Role permalink

        You say that, but IIRC, one of Clockmon’s Ultimate level forms is Alphamon, which is equal to Omegamon in power. I’d not be surprised if that happens next ep.

      • TrippNessa permalink

        *looks it up* Yeah you’re right, Clockmon > Knightmon > Alphamon is how it goes. That definitely seems likely to happen in the next episode. Could be interesting.

      • Blade permalink

        I soooooo want to see Alphamon again, but not like that.

      • There’s a point to Alphamon and Omegamon, in that they are the first and last, the best of the best. So I’m not surprised that Clockmon has those abilities; if Xros Wars Omegamon was able to both give Shoutmon the ability to evolve and send Taiki back to the digital world (which is pretty powerful), all while in the weakened state of the DigiMemory, then at full power he must have been powerful indeed. And considering that Alphamon is supposed to rival Omegamon in power, then Clockmon being able to do that is not too surprising.

        But eh, I’m rambling again. I’m as bad as Tentomon sometimes. 😛

  26. Taiyokun permalink

    OK, seriously guys? No offese, but I’m getting a little fed up with the cynicism here.

    I know this series must suck in you’re opinions, and I understand why you think that, but I seem to notice that a LOT of you are nitpicking this series to find a reason to hate it. It’s not that hard, watch a show, don’t think too much about the details, and enjoy it. I didn’t even NOTICE the detailed flaws of this episode, or this entire series, until you guys brought it up.

    I’m probably going to get a lot of flak for this but please for the love of god, try not to pick apart something meant for entertainment and ENJOY THE DAMN SHOW

    *Exhales deeply* Whew, glad to get that off my chest….

    • TrippNessa permalink

      No offense but uh… if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen? Don’t read the comments if you can’t handle the inevitable negative ones. Also, most of the people here that had complaints also stated many things that they DID like about the episode at some point too. Heck, I have some complaints myself that I intend to bring up (or already have), but that doesn’t mean I hated the episode. I loved it, actually. As for the few who really have nothing good to say, well, who cares? If you liked it, then like it! I’ve never let the fact that most Digimon fans hated 02 ruin my love for the series.

      • I hated 02. Lmao. Worst series of them all! But I still enjoy it in a way, because it’s Digimon.

      • TrippNessa permalink

        And that’s exactly my point. You hate 02, and it’s my favorite season of Digimon, but I’m not upset that you thought it was crap, just like I’m sure you don’t really care that I loved it. You’re just stating your opinion; the whole purpose to a comment section. Nothing will be liked by everyone, and people who can’t handle the comments by people who didn’t enjoy it shouldn’t even read the comments at all.

    • Role permalink


      I did that. I also did the squee post IMMEDIATELY AFTERWARDS. You yell at me to enjoy it. I tell you – the only thing enjoyable was the one battle! Everything else felt ‘Meh!”. If you have a problem with it, tough shit.

      There is no nitpicking here. I’m not some Capcom fan trying to find anything to hate about the company – I’m legitimately wanting to like this show. I just keep getting let down. Mervamon’s perverse attacks, the lack of plot PERIOD of Young Hunters up until now, Tagiru’s unlikable nature, the fact that the show relies on things POKEMON uses all the time, the episodic rather than story driven nature…

      I CAN GO ON! This isn’t nitpicking when there’s plenty to list. These are just the biggest complaints! After coming off of the high that was Xros Wars, it feels like having cold ice water thrown over my head.

      Maybe you can stop thinking that being a fan means obsessively loving the show without having much of an opinion over it, hmm?

      • Blade permalink

        I’ll say that I’m not a Capcom fan, just a fan of a few of their works. Same applies here, you pick and chose what you like. 02 > Hunters in this case. Rockman is awsome, and I bought a whole game just to use Zero once (out of 20 somethin’ other usable characters), so yeah, everyone has their favorites.

      • Role permalink

        Being a megaman fan who doesn’t think capcom is out to get you makes it really annoying to deal with many other Megaman Fans. Over in Capcom Unity we have to deal with another annoying brat every other week. That’s what I was referring to – I’m not one of those people trying desperately to prove they hate us. Because they don’t.

    • Tomozaurus permalink

      “nitpicking to find a reason to hate it”

      Ah… no. I really want to like it, it’s Digimon! I just can’t because of the innumerable horrible flaws. Just because you didn’t notice them doesn’t mean they aren’t there, nor does it mean that others are specifically searching for them because they did notice them.

    • It’s a relief to find someone posting comments here who is of the same mind I am of this. Yeah, there were flaws, but I still enjoyed it.

      • Role permalink

        That doesn’t give them an excuse for telling us to shut up and share their opinion.

      • Of course not; we are all entitled to our opinions. I was just saying it was a relief to find someone who just watched it to watch it. Notice I’m not really sharing my opinion of the series, but building off what others say. Everything I could say has already been said anyways.

  27. Ninja permalink

    my only problem with this episode is that i would have liked to of seen the digivolutions played out.

  28. zman permalink

    Awesome episode. The old leaders, a funny Jyou cameo, Akari and Zenjirou finally get X Loaders.

    I do agree that the Hunters battle felt like a pokemon battle, especially how Tageru reacted to losing, it was just like pokemon trainers say to their pokemon when they lose (except for Paul obviously).

    I do think the Ryouma reveal would have been better, if they didn’t give us any obvious hints the last couple of episode. More impactful if we didn’t see it coming, and if done the 3rd to last episode. Less impact just before finale, because we know it will all be resolved in the next episode.

  29. TrippNessa permalink

    I have to say, this episode was really good! Zenjirou’s rants, Jyou and Gomamon’s shenanigans and Masaru’s falcon punches made my day already. On top of that I really liked that not only did Ryouma beat Tagiru in the competition for best Hunter, but Tagiru was a really good sport about it. Then of course Ryouma showed his true colors in the end, which was MUCH cooler than the Taiki fan-girl crap in the last episode. I also liked that Taichi and Daisuke did know each other after all, but Taichi just had to get pulled from an earlier time period than Daisuke. It does leave me wondering why though. Unless I spaced out at some point, this was never explained. It was really awesome to see all of the old leaders and comrades kicking ass while the Hunters / Xros Wars characters just stare in awe. Apparently they realized how pathetic they are in comparison to real Chosen Children XD Great voice acting too, especially Masaru, Daisuke, Ken and Gomamon.

    However, I do have some complains though… I ALMOST liked Mervamon for the first time ever in this episode, but of course it didn’t last. She looked so awesome xrossed with Beelzebumon and I was like “wow, that’s badass!”, but then she went and said “Sexy the Cannon!”… I literally facepalmed and then cringed for a while. It was also really disappointing that so few Digimon partners spoke in this episode. I was really looking forward to hearing V-Mon and Guilmon again! I hope more will speak up in the finale. And seriously, where the hell is Sparrowmon?! Why is Nene using Slutmon instead of her main Digimon, who actually DOESN’T irritate me to immeasurable lengths?

    I do agree that a couple really good episodes don’t make up for an entire series being terrible, so I still stand firmly by my idea to just take episodes 1, 13, 14, 22-25 and string them together into a lengthy post-season Xros Wars movie. Call it something like “Digimon Xros Wars: The hunt through time”. I could probably appreciate it a lot more that way.

    • Blade permalink

      Slutmon, hahahahahahaha…. you never know, that may stick as her offical nickname.

  30. crazyone permalink

    I think part of the reason of Hunters was to clear up a slightly big question left from the first xros wars which is the following:
    Scince Tactimon left his sword behind when he was defeated, did Bagramon leave anything behind when he was defeated, and if so what implications does it have, just like how Tactimon’s sword acted as a beacon for Bagramon.

  31. crazyone permalink

    Reposting with spelling error fixed
    I think part of the reason of Hunters was to clear up a slightly big question left from the first xros wars which is the following:
    Since Tactimon left his sword behind when he was defeated, did Bagramon leave anything behind when he was defeated, and if so what implications does it have, just like how Tactimon’s sword acted as a beacon for Bagramon.

  32. Melissa permalink

    So if episode 25 really is the last episode, what’s the plan? Will you guys continue Tamers? Or perhaps do another project? Though I guess you’ve been pretty busy to decide this early, eh?

    • wildbunchsubs permalink

      We’ll continue Tamers. Dunno about picking up another project for this group though, since we formed only for Digimon. It’ll depend on what comes along, I guess.

      • Role permalink

        I can see you guys picking up any movies that come out of Xros Wars, or if we get a next season, that as well.

      • TrippNessa permalink

        After you finish Tamers I hope you guys release some of the movies, because all I can ever find are super low quality versions of them.

  33. BrightChaos permalink

    Cool episode. Nice to see (for the most part) got the old characters right. I wonder if they will have a 3rd season that this could lead into that would involve the other series worlds. Still wondering if there will be two of Takeru and Hikari (if so the young ones will likely super evolve into Holyangemon and Angewomon while the older ones will use Jogress Evolution with Iori and Miyako).

    Anyway I’m hoping there will be more then
    one episode after this.

  34. When Matt and Ken get on the scene a few butterflies are behind them probably Yukio Oikava ;DD
    And great thing is that we finally know for sure that guilmon and others from Tamers returned to human world Yeyy

  35. Dark Master permalink

    What a great episode was that 🙂
    now i am hyped to re watch all of the 5 season
    Masaru was a beast ❤

  36. PapXS permalink

    I remember meee was…expressing her disappointment (to put it mildly) at the writers in the previous episode. Well I wanna express my disappointment at the animator(s).
    1. When Adventure Agumon does a Warp Shinka THE BARS DO NOT APPEAR OUT OF TAICHI’S DIGIVICE. That’s what happens in normal Shinka from Child->Adult. A beam showing Agumon’s evolutions appears in Warp Shinka.
    2. ShineGreymon’s BM flames are all wrong. Wing flames are DARKER than the sword and shield ones.
    3. Takuya doesn’t use lasers to evolve, he uses Digi-Code. That laser thingy in this episode doesn’t even have BARS on it. Also, arm movement for Takuya is all wrong, and the Digi-Code forms a tornado-cylinder around Takuya, NOT a DNA chain.

    Overall, Xros Wars and Hunters don’t have HALF the artistic awesomeness of the previous seasons. If Renamon and Ruki Matrix Evolve in the next episode I hope they don’t try to redo Sakuyamon’s evolution, it will be a blob of FAIL.

    The rest of my opinion about this episode now that we’re clear of the lack of artistic sense.
    First 14 episodes of the episode were…ok I guess. I still can’t get over that Mervamon’s Xros Up attack is “Sexy the Cannon”. Mervamon was already perverted but she used her hands to fire Heartbreak Shot which made me willing to overlook that behind the hands were boobs. Also, lack of clothes isn’t uncommon in Digimon, Angewomon and Fairymon/Shutumon both are barely dressed. But WHY would you put the word “Sexy” in a show that is meant for kids?! Also, I really liked Ballistamon Western-styled, he was funny. After Masaru and the rest of the old gang shows up I was so preocuppied with my sudden realization of the ugliness of the animation that I didn’t really care what happened, it was predictable that they would take care of everything. What I didn’t like was that Takuya was so far underpowered. I mean c’mon Double Spirit Evolution is equal to Ultimate and yet he didn’t do any damage as Ardhamon. I know people disliked Frontier. I respect their opinions, but some of us still like Frontier, don’t do that to our favorite season’s character. And guess what, Ryouma is evil. Awesome but hardly unexpected. I for one would never trust a guy with such a slimy voice, black clothes, green eyes and white hair. It looks like in the next episode Astamon is controlling Ryouma and he may even be Quartzmon’s true body.

    Sorry for caps, I couldn’t help myself…

    • PapXS permalink

      meee are you a girl? I just noticed I said “her” because I was thinking of Role. Sorry if you’re not, that has gotta be one fo the most idiotic mistakes I have ever done (and I have done plenty)

    • PapXS permalink

      Oops another mistake. First 14 MINUTES of the episode. I said “episodes of the episode”…

    • meee permalink

      I was like wtf when I read “her”, but I see Role is guilty for that. I’m a guy aiming to be great as Daimon Masaru and Chuck Norris, but right now I’m dealing with the darkest and toughest challenge of all – school.

      What can I say, those mistakes happened because the episode was rushed like hell. They put all this stuff in 4-5 minutes and it all looks like a big mess. I enjoyed this cross-over battle, but I gotta admit, it was poorly executed. There was just too much stuff going on in such short time. They should have introduced the leaders one by one or in pairs earlier and then it would look more coherent, but this….just a giant mess. It could have been SOOOO much better.

      You can’t compare Mervamon with Angewomon or Fairymon. You can see Mervamon’s vagina through her panties when she DigiXroses with Sparrowmon. You could eventually compare her with Rosemon from Savers. They both have HUGE BOOBS! I mean, I understand they shouldn’t have ultra small boobs, but for God’s sake their boobs are too damn huge. It looks like they had 5 breast implants implanted in those mutated watermelons of theirs. What the hell seriously, why can’t you just give them normal boobs or in Mervamon’s case COVER HER VAGINA! Though, I remember Angewomon having huge boobs in one scene from episode 53 or 54 in Adventure.

      Nice, we are discussing boobs now. That’s more like it.

      The word “boobs” was wrote 6 times in this post not counting this sentence and bellow.


      • PapXS permalink

        Ok then sorry again. I am nearing the end of Savers subbed and in the episode where they climb Yggdrasil’s tree Rosemon’s boobs actually shake when she first appears. And don’t worry, both Chuck Norris and Daimon Masaru went to school and they survived =P Fairymon doesn’t have such big boobs. But she is the least dressed out of all the Digimon. Excluding the wings which are not part of the attire she only wears: a visor, a bra, a belt, gloves, panties and boots. And you’re right even this awesome thing got screwed up. I’m just losing all hope. Next year they better make a Digimon season to compensate or I will grab a knife and cut them into so many tiny pieces that they would look like cheese sprinkled gently over spaghetti >:O

      • PapXS permalink

        By “this awesome thing” I mean the old leaders being reunited, not female Digimon…

      • Role permalink

        To be honest, you’re right to point out that this sexualization of Digimon started with Savers and Rosemon. However, back then I passed it off as just something for the older viewers, since Savers was trying to do a lot to bring in both the new and old fans alike. HOWEVER – what Savers did not do was make the whole digimon be about “sexy”. Attacks were normal for digimon.

        Then comes Mervamon, apparently an evo of one of my favorite mons, Minervamon (I even thought it was Minervamon at first – was totally psyched for it). Everything seems okay at first. While it’s odd that she uses the snake more than the sword, it still kinda makes sense since that’s what you’d expect for a digimon attack.

        But then she xros’d. And it all went downhill. Heartbreak Shot (titty lasers!), Sexy Dynamite, Sexy the Canon… are they trying to piss off the fans? Then again, this is japan we’re talking about… anime over there has gotten so oversexualized that fanservice is starting to turn people off to it overseas. That’s pretty impressive, but not in a good way. I don’t know if it’s a sign of the times or if they’re trying to appeal to older JP anime fans or what, but… compared to the previous seasons, and even Savers, it’s really jarring.

        I mean, I can’t even play devil’s advocate here, because it’ll just turn into generalized anime bashing… :/

      • Blade permalink

        Atta boy meee, care too tell us why you were looking that low? Oh wait, if I remember correctly (and I REALLY don’t want to) that moment took up the whole screen. Like they wanted us to get a really good look at how perverted anime/digimon has gotten lately. I can handle the some of the pervertedness, but if it shows up in the middle of a good fight it really ticks me off. By the way, I think Role is the only fangirl here that has flat out said she was a she. (Besides onkeikun). I could be wrong don’t be offended if I am. By the way, I am a guy, if I was a girl I would have been “Rapier” another type of sword. Guess what I’m referring to here and I’ll be impressed.

      • meee permalink

        TrippNessa is also a girl. But, that doesn’t matter we are talking about boobs here. So, do you like big boobs in an anime like Digimon? -trollface-

      • Blade permalink

        I perfer to ignore them in all animes. I’m not perverted. Sorry, I forgot about TrippNessa, no offence okay? That goes to all the girls I forgot and/or never knew. Awkward indeed.

      • TrippNessa permalink

        Lol it’s fine Blade, don’t worry about it. I actually find it incredibly refreshing to see guys in these comments complaining about the over-sexualization in Digimon/anime lately. I didn’t expect it, I honestly thought all of the fan boys would love Mervamon and only the female fans would complain. It’s nice to be wrong.

      • meee permalink

        Please, we are not that desperate to be drooling over big titted anime…digital…..monsters…with…snake….hands….I guess….?

      • TrippNessa permalink

        I guess I’ve just met a lot of especially desperate guys who totally would XD Sounds like my kind of luck.

      • sailorveki permalink

        I’m a fangirl too. :3 But I don’t really comment because I’m lazy. 😛

  37. Blade permalink

    95 COMMENTS IN ONE DAY!!!!!! Wow was I wrong, WAY wrong. I predicted we wouldn’t comment much on this episode, then go all out on the next. Seems this episode gave us alot to “talk” about! I wonder if we will reach over 150 at this rate. The whole reason I want the comments to go up is because that means we have something worth commenting over. And we do, YES!!!!

    • meee permalink

      We reached 101 comment in episode 23, too! It’s a matter of time before we reach 100 here! Now, 150 is maybe too much. I don’t think we’ll reach it here, especially now that one of the key players had his comments put through moderation before he can post. I think we all know which troll am I refering to… But hey, we can always dream! 😀

  38. Julee permalink

    Blade, you’re referring to to Fred in the Harry Potter franchise? When he wanted to be “Rapier” on Potterwatch? Haha.

    Anyway, is this the final season for Digimon? Different sources are saying different things. I agree with you all that this episode was too rushed… “Hey, I’m Taichi.” “Look, it’s Davis!” “I’m Takuya.” “…Tamer Takato…” It was like punch after punch. I kind of wish they hadn’t brought back the previous leaders. The idea might have worked amazingly if some more organization had been put into it. Maybe the next episode we’ll have a huge screenshot of every character who’s ever been in Digimon, lined up like an army.

    But I do like Hunters, just because it’s Digimon. I wish they had explored more of everyone’s background, especially Ren. We don’t even know much about about Tagiru, come to think of it…

    • Blade permalink

      Ah, no actually Tekkaman Blade. Blade’s sister was Rapier, and that was my favorite anime. It’s now 20 years old. Older than I am.

      This will probably be the last season of digimon for a few years or until Boy Hunters blows over. Who knows, it could be really popular in Japan. But it kinda trys to ruin all the previous seasons protagonist’s reputations.

  39. Timewalker permalink

    I dunno, I like this season. Not as much as others, but it has been a good run for me.

  40. karth permalink

    Arresterdramon didn’t even go Superior Mode on Astamon. – Plot driven.


    • Role permalink

      Holding the idiot ball is not an excuse for driving the plot.

  41. PapXS permalink

    This will be the first Digimon season I will not miss after it’s ended. And my placement of Digimon seasons has gotten a little different since I finished Savers subbed yesterday so I better make a list.
    #1 Savers: Awesome plot, awesome characters and I really like that they made it for older fans as well as young. Now that I was watching it I remembered that my blood was boiling when I was watching the Kurata arc.
    #2 Tamers/Frontier: Both are awesome, that’s why they’re sharing the second place, each one for different reasons. Tamers because of more badass evolution clips, card slashing and generally the Digimon were awesome. Frontier because of plot, the interesting Spirit Evolution feature and Bokomon (I can relate to the guy, I always carry a book).
    #3 Adventure: I like it a lot, it was the first season of Digimon I watched when I was a kid so there’s some nostalgia involved. It’s on 3rd place not because I didn’t think it was awesome, the other seasons were just awesomer than awesome.
    #4 Xros Wars: VERY plot driven which was really nice and I also liked the Xros feature. It almost felt like a second Adventure to me, but it’s on the 4th place because I didn’t like: a. Shiny, b. Mervamon.
    #5 Adventure 02: It was ok at best. Mediocre plot, nice characters. The plot would be good if it didn’t have such huge HOLES at parts. It was enjoyable but hardly as awesome as its predecessor or followers.
    #6 Hunters: Barely any plot. Very loose ties to Xros Wars. Everything was rushed. Annoying new characters, weird new Digimon, ugly new evolutions (Arresterdramon and Cho-Hakkaimon come to mind). Shoutmon gained a few levels in badass and I liked that. The music for this season was also nice as were the evolution clips which reminded me of Tamers a bit cuz their skin was ripping off. But that can’t make up for this season. (this season’s opinion may change if they make 25 episodes and they make up for the wasted potential)

    About this episode I also liked the fight between Duckdramon (Arresterdramon/Sagomon) and DinoDevimon (Astamon/Triceramon)…

    • PapXS permalink

      About Adventure 02 cuz many people might ask how can something be ok and enjoyable at the same time. I enjoyed myself watching it, it just lacked a lot of things which would have made me think it’s good. Solid plot or good ending are two of these. I just wished BelialVamdemon would get beat up by some uber fighting, and not by kids saying what they want…

    • Role permalink

      Now now, don’t go assigning names to Xros Up’d forms like that, or you’ll start something like that whole Apollymon thing we had going on with Lucemon FM mode again.

      • PapXS permalink

        There should be a name change in Xros Up forms like in Xros Wars. Why should they just be called Xros Up, there’s no personality in that. But okay I see your point…

      • Blade permalink

        I entirely agree with PapXS on this point, the title Xros Up, means “lack of creativity in digimon name designing department”. Mervamon (Xros with anything) can be Slutmon and Arrestardramon/Sagomon can be Duckdramon. Amusing and fitting for a fan-made name.

      • PapXS permalink

        Meh Slutmon is a little harsh. How about Pamelamon or Vagimon? (lol)

      • Blade permalink

        TrippNessa came up with that, just so you know. Give credit were it’s due. 🙂

      • TrippNessa permalink

        Thanks Blade =D And pssssssh, getting blinded by her crotch multiple times was far harsher than calling her Slutmon. Though Vagimon is pretty good too, haha!

    • meee permalink

      Couldn’t agree more with your list. But, I’ll really miss watching Digimon again. I don’t think we are getting a new season any time soon judging by the recent news and the fact that the marketing was very poor – no new products. I’d say we’ll have to wait more than a year for a new anime series, maybe even several years… Well, I guess we can look forward to Digimon World: Re-Digitize and hope it doesn’t disappoint.

      • PapXS permalink

        Wow a new Digimon game? I got nowhere to play it unless it’s for PC.

      • meee permalink

        I think it’s for PSP, but I’m sure there are emulators for that. I’m not sure when exactly is the game coming out… Anyway, if you’ve seen some scans of this month’s V-Jump, you’d know that Taichi and Sora will make an appearance in the game. Seems Toei is really cross-over happy, it’s anniversary after all.

      • PapXS permalink

        Wow it’s the 13th anniversary, I forgot. MAN we’re old…

      • meee: would you happen to know where I can find those scans? They would be really helpful for coverage. =P

      • meee permalink

        I saw it on this page:

        But, photobucket blocked them because it exceeded bandwidth or something, so you can’t see them now. I can’t find the scans anywhere else, sorry 😦

    • I’m in the midst of rewatching the dubbed Tamers, and a scene happened that seems relevant. Impmon is watching everyone play with Guilmon, complaining like mad that they shouldn’t do that and pointing out the flaws in doing so. Renamon appears and points out that even though he says he’s not part of them, he kinda is.

      So my question is, if everyone hates this season as much as they claim to and as much as the flaws and problems they repeatedly point out indicate… why are you still watching it? If it was as bad as you claim, you should’ve stopped by now, but for some reason you still watch each episode, still point out the problems and flaws in each thread… but why?

      Just curious, that’s all.

      • meee permalink

        What’s wrong in pointing the flaws? I’ll speak for myself now. I watch it because I’m a fan of Digimon and this season has Digimon in it’s name. Also, I don’t competely hate it. This season has it’s good points, too, but great potential it had is wasted. Characters are underdeveloped, particulary Tagiru, Psychemon, Dracumon, Ren and pretty much everyone should have gotten more focus. Episodes were monotonous, Tagiru get’s up, new Digimon shows up and wants to use a random kid(who is always greedy) to gain power, Tagiru and the rest show up, hunt him, the kids says sorry and the end. No plot, no development, except for the character of the week. Nobody is inquisitive about the hunt, nobody asked why Digimon are acting like that, nothing. There’s more, but this is enough for now.

        If a serie has some problems, why can’t I point them out? Don’t get this wrong, but your logic seems primitive to me. If there are flaws you don’t like, give up, don’t say anything that could possibly stimulate a change. So, if I don’t like for example how the government is treating my city by raising bills, not taking care of the buildings, environment, tons of poor people in the streets and order, I should move out and leave my home?

        Again, I don’t HATE this season. “Hate” is little too rough. I just don’t like how it turned out with such potential it had and that there are many questions this season left behind, and all of them are about to be answered in 20 minutes of the last episode. Personally, I think the reason why this season turned out the way it did is Toei and Bandai not caring about Digimon anymore and the whole purpose of this season is to take some time so that Saint Seiya can be prepared for broadcast. The cross-over….shouldn’t have turned out this way. I’d rather have a strong, good all-around season, than a rushed cross-over squeezed in 3 episodes. Gotta admit though, seeing all leaders battle together was amazing.

      • Okay, that makes sense. I wasn’t aiming for primitive logic or anything; I just wanted to know some reasoning behind it, that’s all. I do see your points though. Thanks for answering in a civil manner as well!

      • meee permalink

        No problem, glad you didn’t get offended 🙂

  42. meee permalink

    Just want to correct myself when I posted that maybe episode 25 isn’t the last episode. Scrap that post. I just watched the short preview in Toei’s Digimon Hunters site. They say “Digimon Xros Wars, last episode”. So yeah, seems it’s over and saying that I’m disappointed doesn’t really say much… Wow, does this suck or what?

    • TrippNessa permalink

      I feel like I’ve been strung along for 20 episodes and then finally given something I cared about, but it was so short lived that now I just feel ripped off.

  43. TrippNessa permalink

    OH GOD you guys… I’ve heard rumors that the dub of Xros Wars is coming soon, and they’re going to name the series “Fusion Battles”, and the characters; Taiki “Gerry”, Akari “Dorothy”, Zenjirou “Edwardo”, Kiriha “Kenny” and Nene “Nancy”… please, someone prove it wrong! I don’t really mind the “Fusion Battles” re-name, but the character names! Nooooooo T_T Maybe I’m the only one who doesn’t like them but… ugh.

    • PapXS permalink

      OMG yet another good Digimon season ruined by dubbing. It will go the way of Adventure, 02, Frontier and Savers. Tamers dub was good at least. Good thing my country stopped dubbing Digimon after Frontier. I can’t imagine a Xros Wars dub in my country with the original names, Akari means Mite (parasite bug) in my language…

    • meee permalink

      You saw it just now? It was put on IMDB over a year ago! I also cringed when I saw GERRY! For real? I haven’t heard nothing about a possible Xros Wars dub ever since I saw that on IMDB. But, whatever, I’m sure that if it happens it won’t be nearly as good as the original, even if they keep the names. I think that the original version of everything is better than various dubbings by the countries from which it doesn’t originate from. I even think Pokemon is way better in Japanese, even though I’ve only ever watched my country’s dub, which is by the way extraordinary good. It’s the best dub of an anime I’ve ever seen.

      • IMDB isn’t really that trustworthy, since it’s nearly as editable as Wikipedia. So yeah, the fact that it’s been there for a year isn’t that good of a sign. And plus, they’ve always stuck pretty close to the original names before. Yeah, Daisuke became Davis, but that’s a general localization for Daisuke (for instance, in Rockman EXE, there’s a guy named Daisuke, but in the US version he’s Dave), so that’s another reason I wouldn’t trust it.

      • PapXS permalink

        Well what do you have to say about Kenny! Can you imagine a guy as cold as Kiriha being called “Kenny”?!

      • TrippNessa permalink

        I try to avoid information on anime dubs as much as possible, so yeah I only just now stumbled upon it on accident lol. I hope that IMDB is full of crap… I really do.

      • Role permalink

        I’m gonna call bullshit on this. Digimon has traditionally at least had close names, if not using the exact same names as the show. I’m guessing this is just to cause the same reaction you’re having. After all, one of the biggest changes was changing Taichi’s family name to Kamiya rather than Yagami. Savers had the biggest changes, Marsaru to Marcus, for example, but other than that, they’ve generally been far truer to the original names than most other TV anime.

    • Blade permalink

      This has been out for a while, and if they call Kiriha “kenny” then that is probably how they will treat the whole series. Awsomeness for lameness. Some more bad news, if they make “toys” of this series, they will be lame ones due to all the safety issues with small parts. I have almost all the Xros Wars figures, and am proud of their design and size. They’re actually quite big, bigger than most of my other anime figures including other digimon ones.

      So expect a lame attempt at a dub, horrible cheap toy figures with NO acticulation what so ever, and the satisfaction of knowing you most likely have saved all of RR/WB’s high quality subbed Xros Wars episodes in the original language on some hard drive somewhere.

      This “Prophesy of Doom” was brought to you by Blade, a guy that perfers quality with lots of quantity.

  44. Digibeast permalink

    Honestly, I’m not sure there even will be an 8th season, what do you guys think?

    • TrippNessa permalink

      I honestly think there will be an 8th season at some point, just not anytime soon. Unless fans get REALLY nostalgic after seeing the old leaders and start pushing really hard for another season, there will most likely be another multiple-year break now.

      • I still think they could make some sort of Adventure 03, taking place after 02’s epilogue. Just set it up as something going wrong with the peace that was maintained, and have the kids of the original characters take charge and save the day…

      • TrippNessa permalink

        I would only watch an Adventure-based show/movie if they disregarded the epilogue. I always watch new Digimon shows, but that is the ONE exception for me; anything based off that horrific epilogue.

      • Well I only mentioned the epilogue out of continuity’s sake.

  45. zman permalink

    I am torn between ZinjirouxMizoru and HideakixMizoru. I want Zinjirou to have someone and not be the only one from Team Xros Heart without being paired with someone. Him and Mizoru would look okay together, but for some reason Hideaki and Mizoru look good together. Though Hideaki always have Tagiru, LOL.

    Anyone else see the simularities with YuuxAiru and ToumaxNanami. In both cases the girl is kind of the enemy (in Airu’s case sort of an enemy it appears, it looks like she and Ren were also decieved and betrayed by Ryouma like everyone else), as far as we know it is one sided with the girl liking the guy or at least attracted to him, we don’t know how the guy feels, but even if it is one sided the guy values the girls life enough to protect her. Yuu has saved Airu countless times, Touma didn’t have to carry Nanami when ElDradimon was transferred to the human world, he could have left her to die, but choise not to. Though there are some differences, there is more playfulnes to Yuu and Airu relationship, Yuu cares for Airu as a friend at least, while Touma was just being a good humaniterum and maybe had some pity for Nanami, they weren’t friends or anything.

    • Blade permalink

      Why is it that people and anime try to match up every single female character with some male character? I’m exagerating here but please. It gets annoying after a while when it doen’t benifit the plot or provide alot of funny scenes. Nothing against you personally zman, I wasn’t mad when I posted this.

    • meee permalink

      Maybe they do it for fun because they like the idea of those characters being in a relationship. Anyways, I don’t really care for human pairings and generally I’m indifferent with the pairings. I only like one pairing in Digimon even though it isn’t official of course – PataTail. Not Angemon and Angewomon, I like Patamon and Tailmon. There I said it! Now, leave me alone!!!! *hides in the corner*

    • TrippNessa permalink

      Eh… romance really isn’t my thing. If a certain couple actually stands out to me, then sure I’ll enjoy it, but I don’t go out of my way to create it. Digimon Tamers for example, I don’t support any pairings for at all.

    • Blade permalink

      I just meant that it was annoying for there to be a “requirement that every male character has to have a female character to be around, regardless of whether or not they have a relationship. Desperate pairing, not ones that happen naturally. Basicly, just forget I posted anything at all. It wasn’t taken the way I meant it to be.

      By the way, this is comment 150. Ironic that I am the one to do it even though it was by accident.

      • zman permalink

        Well I don’t think it shoudl be required, just stating some random thoughts.

    • meee permalink

      Forgot to mention something. About the pairings, it’s all fine, the pairings and all, but there’s one thing. I DESPISE yaoi! That disgusting, pedophile, gay, twisted, donkey shit covered vomit! What the fuck is wrong with people drawing Kouji and Kouichi(fucking BROTHERS) MAKING OUT!! I HATE IT MORE THAN MERVAMON!! And that moronic, incest shit doesn’t stop there! Oh, fuck no! One day I was watching some South Park videos on Youtube and I don’t know how the fuck, but I somehow ended up on the weird part of Youtube and saw a yaoi South Park fucking video! I can’t….I just can’t…..I’m not able to comprehend that shit! I don’t know what’s the meaning of that. It supports and promotes incest? Seriously, I can’t believe how many fucked up people are there in this miserable world… My God…

      • Melissa permalink

        Just thought I’d comment that yaoi doesn’t mean incest. All it implies is that it’s a gay coupling.

        Kind of like how you can make an incest pairing with heterosexual characters. I agree though that I don’t like pedophilia or incest. =/ Kouichi is my favorite Digimon character (along with Yamato <3) and I love the brotherly relationship between him and Kouji, but I learned very quickly to avoid the Frontier fandom because of all the rampant incest. (Well people like to match up Taichi+Hikari and Yamato+Takeru quite often too, but it's not as common as Kouichi+Kouji) ._.

      • Role permalink

        Yaoi’s only good when it’s done for laughs. Otherwise, it’s just like any other smut. Sadly, it’s so rare to see it done for laughs… it’s sad that I prefer yuri to yaoi simply because it makes me laugh more… T_T

      • TrippNessa permalink

        Uhhh… that’s fine that you hate yaoi meee, I won’t tell you what to think, but you’re just plain wrong about it being incest. Yaoi is two males being together in a romantic situation, and that is all. For example Takuya and Kouji is yaoi, or Taichi and Yamato, but it is not incest because they are not related. Incest would be Kouji and Koichi, as well as Taichi and Hikari which is not gay. Now if you hate yaoi (as in male x male) as well as incest, then you’re entitled to your opinion, but I want to make sure you know what the word means. Personally I like all couples. I like lots of straight couples, I like some yaoi (male x male) couples, and I like some yuri couples (female x female couples). I don’t go out of my way to create romance though, it has to really stand out for me to support it.

      • meee permalink

        I know what yaoi means, it’s just that I hate seeing two eleven year old boys or girls in a romantic relationship. It disgusts me. I just can’t stand that stuff. And it annoys how much of it is out there. Whenever I want to read some fanfics or just look at some fanart, 50% of what I see is yaoi or yuri…

  46. TaintedSeraph permalink

    I have so many feelings about this episode. 😀

  47. karth permalink

    Once I had an idea of a Digimon All Stars, briniging back all the previous mains to tackle one very BIG BIG BAD.

  48. 123321 permalink

    *Avoiding all those comments above*
    Stay away from my watching experience!!!!! ^ ^

  49. meee permalink

    I watched the last episode via Keyhole TV. Here’s my reaction……

    dafuq did I just watch?

  50. Kevin permalink

    when’s the sub coming? i wanna say goodbye to hunters!

  51. Tomozaurus permalink

    Wow, we’re over 170 comments. We’ve got 2-3 days to get to 200. Get on it guys.

  52. Karth permalink

    174TH!!! Going to 200!!! Can’t wait for the last EP.

    Tagiru VS Ryouma.

  53. Blade permalink

    We will probably not reach 200 next episode but if I’m wrong I will be not very surprised. WildBunch will probably receive quite a few well earned thank yous. By the way, do you read all the comments, and if so, do they “amuse” you, WB? 🙂

    • 2straight2not2play2morrow permalink

      I’m not amused, cus I missed the parties. WildBunch, I beg you, give me a chance to reply to the final episode. After that, the meaning of my life is fulfilled.

      • 2straight2not2play2morrow permalink

        One 2 too much

      • wildbunchsubs permalink

        I took off the moderation. Don’t abuse it or I will do it again.

  54. andy permalink

    so it will be another Digimon series??
    or it will end with this failed season??
    looks like another hiatus for 2-3 years comming

    • Digibeast permalink

      If you read the newest post of WPP on twitter (, you won’t be gettin’ warm for a new season.
      The interviewer asks for ideas for a new season: “2 humans fusing together to become a digimon…”

      • andy permalink


      • meee permalink

        hahah 2 humans fusing into a Digimon, I don’t really think it’ll happen lol

        After reading this interview, I’m once again confused. Is Hunters a separate season or a third arc of Xros Wars? I’ll be more satisfied if it’s considered as a third arc. I mean, if that’s the case, I’m not disappointed with Hunters that much. I’d just consider it as an extended epilogue, which shouldn’t be considered as anything more than that. So, all those fillers would seem okay, I’m not saying I like them, but in that case I couldn’t blame them for making a filler season.

        Also, if I might add, I’m very fond of all voice actors in Xros Wars, especially Chika Sakamoto. She really made a charater out of Shoutmon. His screams, cry and casual talk are one of the things that made me want more and certaintly kept me through Xros Wars. I think she did better as a voice for Shoutmon than Agumon.

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