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[RELEASE] Digimon Xros Wars II – 23 (77) H264 & XViD

by on March 14, 2012

The twenty third episode of Digimon Xros Wars: The Boy Hunters Who Leap Through Time!

MKV: Part 1, Part 2

BT Index:

Digimon vs. The 🙂 🙂 🙂 army

  1. awesome permalink


  2. Kudo permalink

    So it has come to this.

  3. karth permalink

    Reminds me of the best Digimon Movie ever – Bokura no War Game.Made even more hilarious in the dub.

  4. Thanks for releasing your fansub of Episode 23 so early :)!

  5. HowlingLaser permalink

    すごいですよ!ありがとおございました!今日、ダウンロードをして、それから木曜日に見ます!あなたのたくさんエピソードを見るのがだいすきです。日本語をれんしゅうをじますから。I can’t wait to watch this! 🙂

  6. Next episode = me fangirl time XD

    Snagging this one now~ thanks

  7. Oh my God! Is it just me, or did anyone else see Xros Loaders in Akari and Zenjirou’s hands?! Also – YAY TAKUYA! 😀

  8. Faaaaaaaast!! 😀 😀 😀 Thank you so much! Taking the .avi as usual~ ♥

  9. Evan Banks permalink

    Thank you for the release, WildBunch. We digimon fans appreciate all the hard work.

  10. buster red permalink

    they finally did it! Akari and Zinjirou with xros loaders. I’ve been praying for this since episode 2 of xros wars though more for Zinjirou than Akari. He really wanted it and I think he deserved it with all he did and went through.

  11. buster red permalink

    Almost forgot to say thanks for the release

  12. digibeast permalink

    But what I do not understand is why they didn’t involve Wargreymon in this fight. It would have made sense if you ask me. Or are these previous heroes like “screw you, we will only save you when there’s no other choice” ?! That’s nothing like an Honorable comeback!

  13. Kuroichi permalink

    woww.. quite early for this week.. thanks a lot 🙂

  14. meee permalink


    • Karth permalink

      Masaru already punched the God of the Digital in its face! TWICE!!! So there’s no Digimon in the world Masaru can’t punch.

      VenomVamdemon, aren’t you glad because you evolved? Since you won’t be able to survive that if you’re still a Vamdemon.

  15. crazyone permalink

    When I saw this raw, I was thinking “They look like happy smiley candles … OF DOOM!!!!”

  16. Karth permalink

    Too bad Diablomon didn’t hijack another warhead or two…

  17. Kevin permalink

    Thanks for the release Wildbuncher’s! Taking the .avi!

  18. Colin permalink

    when they say all protagonist would return do they mean ALL? What age would takeru and kari be?

    • Rui Craveiro permalink

      So far, they only mean (altough Mimi from “Digimon Adventure” and Ruki from “Digimon Tamers” also appeared) the main protagonists of all the Digimon series made up to that point:

      – Taichi from “Digimon Adventure” (in Xros, he first appeared officially in episode 22 (66)
      – Daisuke from “Digimon Adventure 02 (Zero-Two)”
      – Takato from “Digimon Tamers”
      – Takuya from “Digimon Frontier”
      – Masaru from “Digimon Savers” (in Xros, he first appeared officially in episode 22 (66)

  19. Ronja permalink

    Thank you! One day later then said, but great ^^

  20. Blade permalink

    We reached 96 comments in 2 days on the last one, seems that when there is a plot we tend to care more.

  21. Thank for released 🙂 – Can;t wait for next episode

  22. 123321 permalink

    There was Susano’omon’s silhouette on the next episode, shouldn’t there be the other Garurumon guy from the Frontier?

    • 123321 permalink

      Should have replied it to Rui Craveiro’s post

      • meee permalink

        Judging by that picture, I think it’s safe to assume that Yamato, Kouji and Ken will appear. But I don’t understand why season 1,2,4 Digimon in the picture are in their strongest forms which require a joint evolution, and Guilmon and Agumon(2006) aren’t even though they can reach them by themselves. I would really like to see Dukemon Crimson Mode and ShineGreymon Burst Mode in action again…

      • TrippNessa permalink

        Well I sure hope they include joint characters, seeing as they’re kind of required. Then again, this series constantly breaks established rules. If I end up seeing Daisuke make an Imperialdramon without Ken next episode I don’t even think I’ll be surprised XD

  23. zman permalink

    I am glad Akair and Zenjirou are getting X Loaders. Too bad they won’t get too enjoy too long, after the battle is over all the digimon will go back home. I am hoping the old clock shop owner or someone can make it that the kids can go to the digital world anytime to visit their digimon friends.

  24. Blade permalink

    HAHAHAHA!!!!!! I fixed Window’s Vista Areo on my computer after dealing with it for a week. I’m really happy now as you can see. Now I can watch the Xros Wars eps properly again!!!! (Computer theme/view fail)

    Why was Belzubumon not in Taiki’s Xros Loader?!!! He turned traitor and went to Kiriha?!!! And gets Xrossed with Mervamon next ep?!!! Nothing surprises me now, all the digimon can break every single “rule” created in the past 6 seasons it seems.

    Rant is over, Xros 7 was amazing, and from what I’ve seen of it, it should be compatible with the other Digimon Xros Wars figures should they make Omegashoutmon and Zeekgreymon figures. The holes on Omegashoutmon’s chest fit the holes on the back of Dorulumon’s head. That’s probably why they are there. Seriously want these figures to exist already.

    • awesome permalink

      If you recall the beginning of Boy Hunters, Shoutmon was not in Taiki’s Xros Loader either. He was the king of Digital World, and only came to Taiki’s Xros Loader after they found out about DigiQuartz and so on.

  25. TrippNessa permalink

    What the hell? Why was Beelzebumon with Kiriha? Did he get tired of gary-stu Taiki? Eh, can’t say I blame him. At least X7 was as awesome as usual. As for Ryouma though… what a huge disappointment. I thought he was going to turn out to be evil and have some awesome, diabolical scheme up his sleeve, but no… they made him into a Taiki fan-girl too. I guess it’s not too late to find out that he was lying through his teeth or something, but I really have my doubts now.

    I still don’t feel like they’ve explained this Digimon Hunt crap. So Quartzmon created the DigiQuartz… why? The old man wanted them to hunt Digimon after that… why? Now the old man wants them to hunt Quartzmon… why? My guess is that Quartzmon created it because it would somehow make him stronger, and this would most likely threaten the Digital/Real worlds in some way. So the old man had them hunt Digimon in the very realm that Quartzmon created in order to fight against him, and now they need to hunt Quartzmon himself. Doing this will destroy the DigiQuartz, and the Digimon will all return to the Digital World and the Humans back to the real world. But I mean, this is all just me theorizing.

    Next episode looks awesome though, especially with Masaru punching villains in the face like usual. Also Akari and Zenjirou having Xros Loaders hardcore makes my day. Even if this episode was a bit disappointing for me, I’m at least excited for the next one!

  26. zman permalink

    Give Ryouma some time, he mentions there could be a traitor in the group, so we will see if he makes a move.

    As for Beezlebumon I always got the idea in the original Xros Wars, he was a free lance Digimon who didn’t belong to anyone and showed up when he felt like it to help Taiki and company. That is what I remember I could be wrong. But I never remember is part of Taiki’s collection.

    Also Beezlebumon and Kiriha they share a comon interest, for both of them bumping into Nene and her digimon is something they would like. LOL

    • TrippNessa permalink

      If *I* were Beelzebumon I know I’d travel with Kiriha before Taiki XD I think you’re probably right though, about him not really being on anyone’s team but just going wherever he wants. I feel like I remember him being in Xros Heart and not Blue Flare though, but it’s been a while.

  27. meee permalink

    I don’t even care about Beelzebumon anymore. I totally forgot he existed until I saw him in the preview for this episode. It’s strange that everyone seems to care about him, and I’m the only one who doesn’t really give the smallest of crap what he’s doing.

    Anyway, this was a fun episode for me although at times disappointing. Like TrippNessa said, Ryouma apparently being nothing more than Taiki’s fan-girl. But, I’m not even sure about all this since many sources say ep. 25 is the last one. If it really is then who cares about him anyway. The name Xros Up Arresterdramon(w/ Astamon) was lame and Shoutmon x7 beating Diablomon in 10 seconds was pretty disappointing, too.

    But, who cares. It’s best to just try and enjoy the next 2 episodes without thinking about it too much. Actually, without thinking about it at all.

    • Role permalink

      You have to remember, Beelzebumon is the Zero of digimon. He’s the resident badass, who keeps dying but coming back, because he’s a fan favorite. You learn to just accept it and move on.

      • Blade permalink

        Assuming we are talking about the same Zero, I totally agree. Also in the Xros Loader toy, he is listed under the rest of Kiriha’s digimon and shares their color scheme, so if he had to leave Taiki (otherwise he would be about as strong as Omegashoutmon and would be used way too often due to his awsomeness) the obvious choice would be Kiriha.

  28. Role permalink

    Another ep, another review, here we go!

    …THAT was the big reveal? Wow, that’s kinda… disappointing. At least we know what “leap through time” meant now, though. Okay, so… apart from that, Ryouma seems to be setting up for the big betrayal. Funny how he didn’t mention he entered a quartz portal, just that he wasn’t affected! It’s rather obvious who the traitor is to the viewer… I really wish they’d have been more subtle about it.

    X7’s return… I felt was kinda tarnished by Tagiru’s interjection. He knows just how to ruin great moments, doesn’t he? I don’t care if that’s “part of his character”, there’s a time an place for that – and it’s not now! Even the most goofy of people would have taken this situation seriously, because you’ve passed the OSHI moment.

    Not only that… I’ve got myself a bit of a theory here. The old man… may actually be Tagiru from the future. Where they FAILED to stop this. Granted, you wouldn’t know that looking at Quartzmon himself… he just looks so… Meh.

    Now, I could be forgetting things, but… didn’t neither Ogremon nor Fuugamon get captured? I thought they kept making noodles… Or was this season so uninteresting that I can’t remember straight?

    As for the rest of the show… It felt too much like a callback to the second digimon movie. It really feels like they’re trying to capitalize on the past, rather than reaching out and touching the future like they should be.

    I know a lot of you are gushing right now, because it’s suddenly starting to get interesting, but… my reaction is too little too late. It’s gotta do a damn good job of impressing me at this point, with two episodes left… and it hasn’t done that. The episode was decent at best, but it really didn’t have anything going for it. The knowledge of quartzmon… why was that withheld for so long? Why not have the struggle to prevent it’s arrival, then for here, when it does arrive, the shock of their failure, and their desperation to overcome it? This series could have taken the FF6 approach and used it to their advantage, but… Apart from Taiki, everyone seemed oblivious. The only reason Taiki seemed to know is because of his role as the Wiseman/Mentor/Brock. Had they had someone else in that role, it’d have been them as well, without the need to feel stu-ish…

    Ugggh… I can’t help but feel kind of let down by all of this, to be honest.

    • David permalink

      I’m gonna try to enjoy the next two eps as best I can, I probably will enjoy them overall. But you’re right. I feel like this season was just the writers running out of ideas and stalling till the end.

    • brazillian-anon permalink

      I come here for the comments xP LOL @ old clockman theory
      this episode was 5/10. They are incapable of having any drama or dramatic moments; climax? pfff. All fights and issues are never taken seriously by the characters and comes to a end in a artificial and uninteresting manner. I would not be surprised if there’s a all fusion in the end powered by friendship; or… Tagiru’s digimon xros up with all others!

    • TrippNessa permalink

      Even though I know it’s pretty likely that Ryouma was just pretending to be a Taiki fan-girl and really isn’t, and is going to betray everyone soon, it was still so hard to watch that scene. I literally cringed. I also totally agree on this being a really lame “reveal!” Especially since I’m still left with a lot of questions when apparently “all was going to be known!” No idea about the Fuugamon/Ogremon thing, apparently it’s so uninteresting to me too that I also can’t remember now. I refuse to go back and check XD

      Oh god brazillian-anon don’t jinx it! If Taiki ends up doing Xros Up with all of the Digimon I’m going to blame you for it lol. Actually I think at this point I’m going to just expect the episodes to suck hardcore. That way if it does turn out to be far less interesting than expected, I won’t be disappointed and will get exactly what I thought I’d get, OR it will turn out to be awesome somehow and I’ll be pleasantly surprised. Win/win for me =D

      • brazillian-anon permalink

        And what do you expect? xP
        Fine, I will try to lower my expectations as well xP
        I wish i’m wrong and Quartzmon will disintegrate Taiki, Tagiru and ryoma. But sadly, I expect tagiru to do something like:
        – Everyone! give me your power! [Friendship Complex]
        – trust me! [Inferiority Complex]
        > xros up with everyone
        sugee!!! [tagiru being tagiru]
        – everyone’s power together is so sugeee! [tagiru being tagiru motivated by friendship complex]
        – he, then, speaks how he have friends and enjoys it [LOL @ jpn anime/games in general =( ]
        – finishes the “worst digimon to ever exist in history” with a single, shine(!) and direct attack.
        – everyone praises Tagiru. [Inferiority Complex]

        Then, I will wait for a day were someone explores a universe such as digimon and pokemon with characters more mature, or at least with the maturity I expected by the informed ages.
        -With drama… development ending in a climax.
        -Does not rely on ordinary themes(Tamers FTW with divorce and depression).
        -Does not rely on itself. Digimon 1 could rely on itself(digimons) since it was the new thing. 01 and Tamers FTW!

      • Colin permalink

        Brazillian-anon That is exactly how it would go
        everyone would yell out tagiru’s name as he strikes the final blow
        i really do hope theyd avoid the whole “hunter partner bond makes us stronger” sensual moments as its just been done 2 eps ago.
        What I would not be able to stand is if the past protagonist basically just clears out the minor digimons like vandemon then sit back and let Tagiru takes all of the spotlight against Quatzmon, then I’d cut somebody

      • TrippNessa permalink

        Oh god… if all the past heroes end up doing in the next episode is clearing the way for Tagiru, I WILL RAGE QUIT.

      • awesome permalink

        @TrippNessa: It won’t be unexpectable though. :-/

  29. David permalink

    Who wants to bet half the next episode will just be various evolution scenes of previous season characters…

    • Naruya permalink

      The other half being Tagiru staring in disbelief or shouting “Suggeee!!!”? Haha… I hope not -_- Although seeing all those evolution scenes again would be cool.

      This episode was okay, I guess. I, too, was disappointed about Ryouma-fangirl but I still hope that that’s gonna change in the next episode.
      And please, dear producers/writers: if you try to reveal a secret, then do it right! “This is the final hunt. Hunt Quartzmon. It created DigiQuartz.” – “Well… judging from the name, I could have thought of that myself. But thanks anyway for that Pokémon-esque explanation of what’s going on. So… what’s his motivation again? Oh… even you don’t know? Great :D”

    • TrippNessa permalink

      I don’t want to lose a bet when it most likely happens, no =P

  30. meee permalink

    Just occured to me. Why does Shoutmon have those scars on his head? Gumdramon had his tail destroyed in the first episode and even the Kinkojin was missing then. When he evolved, his tail grew up. THE WHOLE TAIL! But when Shoutmon evolves, he still has those little scars on his head when he reverts. WHAT A SHITLOAD OF SHIT! THEN WHY DID THEY HAVE GUMDRAMON GETTING HIS TAIL DESTROYED IN THE FIRST PLACE?!?! GOD DAMN IT, THESE WRITERS ARE THE LAZIEST WRITERS EVER!

    • Blade permalink

      Um… Shoutmon 2.0 epic fail…? The scarf was cool though…

    • PapXS permalink

      Will you believe me if I say that Shoutmon’s scars seem more awesome to me than how he used to be? He just seems more badass and battle-hardened with them.

      I’m too lazy to make a second post but here goes my comment for this episode. It was a really lame idea to make Ryouma Taiki’s fan. From what I have watched so far, he should have been like the other “lone wolves” of the seasons: Yamato, Ken, Ruki, Kouji, Tohma and Kiriha. I also noticed for the first time that in the opening he has a zipper where his…behind is. Why is that? But it seems that he’s still hiding something, I’m not buying that they would make the “lone wolf” of this season a fangirl.

      Other than that, this episode was pretty mediocre, the only thing I liked was Tsumemon/Keramon/Chrysallimon/ Infermon/Diablomon and the return of X7 (even though Tagiru ruined it). Wouldn’t it be more appropriate if they introduced Quartzmon at episode 7? (after Ren’s digi had shown it’s evolution) And then use the rest of the series in episodes trying to foil Quartzmon’s plans and get beat up every step of the way (like the final 12 episodes of Frontier) until finally in the last episodes, with the help of the old leaders, they beat Quartzmon? Also, having Ryouma betray the rest at around episode 15 would have been great. At least that’s how I hoped it would have been after I watched this episode.

      Also, doesn’t Quartzmon remind you of Sauron’s Tower from Lord of the Rings? A tall tower filled with evil with an eye on the top?

      • meee permalink

        I like his new look better, too! Definetly more badass and neat. But, WHY did Gumdramon lose his tail, which grew up again after evolution and Shoutmon can’t “heal” a few scars? I mean, Gumdramon lost a part of his body, like wtf? It looks like every character has it’s own rules of… existing, I don’t know, fuck.

        Maybe it doesn’t seem like a big deal, but I hate those shitty little stuff, I just can’t ignore it. This screams LAZY, UNORGANISED, “I DON’T CARE” WRITERS!

      • PapXS permalink

        Maybe Shoutmon himself has realized that the scars make him look more badass so after they’re healed when he evolves, he deliberately scratches himself again when he returns to Shoutmon.

      • meee permalink

        hahaah xD

        That’s acutally a plausible explanation ^^

    • Tomozaurus permalink

      Maybe it isn’t actually just a new look – maybe he’s evolved to adult level and this is just the permanent look for that form?

      • meee permalink

        It could be anything. I don’t want to think about it anymore. My head will explode…

      • Blade permalink

        I think the idea was to give Shoutmon more detail. In the first series, he was rather short, small, and simple, and occasionally imature/childish. This “brat” wanted to be king (don’t get me wrong, I like the guy alot). Of course he got more mature over the series, but still, he was at best a really mature child digimon.

        Give him a year after becoming king, and he is WAY more mature and grown up, and as a result, to distance him from his previous childish look, he was given a design upgrade in addition to acting more calm, collected, and mature.

      • Role permalink

        Aye, it has nothing to do with battle damage, and more to do with artistic direction. Young Hunters screwed up many, many things, but that’s one of the things it actually got right.

      • meee permalink

        Shoutmon’s new look kicks ass, I didn’t say his new look sucked. I don’t understand why Gumdramon HAD to lose his whole tail and regenerate it. I mean, when I saw that, Shoutmon’s look seemed pointless to me. That’s all.

  31. The Blind Monk permalink

    Thank you for the episode!

  32. 'gumi permalink

    I’ve ranted about this elsewhere before, but…

    …this is getting more and more like a badly written fanfiction.

    Furthermore, the producers seem to be just BSing this as they go, with no clear plan of where they are heading. I feel like there have been a lot classic “foreshadow” scenes, but every single last one of them seems to fall short as they get forgotten about. Honestly, there’s a lack of build up. I feel like, we went from the exposition straight to the climax, with no rising action at all. The whole time, it’s just been the usual Digimon capture of the day stuff, with maybe a couple scenes here and there indicating towards a possible plot. Then suddenly, it was like, “Oh yeah, we have, uh, two episodes left. So maybe we should, uh, get the plot going?” It really feels like they totally did not plan this one out at all.

    Also, this show has been a major clusterf**k from the start anyway. Really, X7 is probably the biggest clusterf**k on the block so far. Though the appearance of all the former protags will result in a bigger clusterf**k from the sound of it.

    • Role permalink

      It seems like a cash grab riding off of the success of Xros Wars, doesn’t it?

  33. The Blind Monk permalink

    “Thank you for putting my IP to your banlist. I won’t be bothering you from now on, unless you change your mind.”

    -Best wishes 2gay2play2day

    PS. I won’t be posting from this IP never again, cus using proxies is just pain in the ass.

  34. Tomozaurus permalink

    I was disappointed by the episode too. Sure I like seeing Akari, Kiriha, Nene, X7, etc. but It was just a lazy retelling of Our War Game with all of the regular flaws that have plagued every episode of this show, bar about 2.
    I also felt like the animation seemed worse in this episode than usual for some reason. Like they spent all of their time on X7 (which did look great) and cheeped out on everything else. Keramon and Infermon looked especially bad.

    Hopefully the next two episodes will give me _something_.

    • Role permalink

      Tell me about it – that’s one of the reasons I was so left down. It just felt like Our War Game all over again… That’s NOT how you tap into nostalgia, people!

      • karth permalink

        That’s what I had been telling since the 3rd post.

        And they left out two important parts of War Game.


  35. PapXS permalink

    In the episode with Betsumon (the crazy-costumed cat dude for those that do not remember) it shows that Shoutmon has powerful friends as the king, like that lady that sent that ape to take Gumdramon. Shouldn’t that lady, the place she was in and generally the state of the Digital World be explored more?

    • TrippNessa permalink

      This is a complaint I (and many others) have had since the start of the series. I mean honestly, Hunters isn’t really even a sequel to Xros Wars at this point. A sequel would have picked up where the last season LEFT OFF, not in some random, unrelated place that could have easily had nothing to do with the past season anyway, and doesn’t even attempt to tie up any loose ends from it either.

      • Blade permalink

        02, 2.0 We just had to have a sequel…

        Similar to how the crests were destroyed at the end of Adventure, with the explaination that the power of evolution was really inside the kids all along. They apparently weren’t destroyed in 02, and the “power inside” was nothing more than a nice thought, as they weren’t able to evolve them to perfect, let alone Ultimate without random Quinglongmon. LAME.

        Evolution and Xrosses are now lame like 02, as Xros Wars original Cho-Shinkas required a massive amount of will, strength, and fighting spirit in order to activate and be used. AND they were shiney ALL THE TIME. Now no longer shiney, and can be done without much if any effort (note Oppasumon’s evolution “oh that’s what you look like evolved, ugly cute”).

        Seeing Great Xros with gold shiney color after evolution made me feel rather relieved. Xros 7 is awsome, which is why Diablomon was taken down so quickly with only about 2 minutes left. (note the 2 minutes) Still love X7.

      • Role permalink

        To be fair, though, Xros Wars overdid it with the shiny. X7 is… messy to say the least. It could have, and should have, been done better, especially in the Evo Sequence. In standard battle, it’s at least not as bad looking, but the point remains that not having them just be shiny gold stuff was a GOOD thing.

        Still, Chou Shinka here is far less impressive than it used to be – it looks like a single evolutionary stage, rather than warp evolution like the original intended it to be.

      • TrippNessa permalink

        Coming from someone who’s favorite season was 02, my thoughts probably won’t mean much to you, but I just don’t agree that Hunters is anything like it. I for one liked that 02 didn’t make the crests an obsolete toy that was no longer needed, and it actually became more difficult to reach Ultimate without them. That made it a unique and meaningful moment when someone actually did, which is the opposite of what’s going on in Hunters. It’s now a piece of cake to Chou Shinka, requiring no special moments, and no amount of willpower or strength at all. I also thought that Jogress Shinka created a unique bond between the characters and Digimon that normal evolution in Adventure didn’t. When they thought they couldn’t reach Ultimate anymore, it was a way that they still could. Hunters… there really haven’t been any meaningful bonds between characters OR Digimon at all. Even Tagiru and Gumdramon’s “moments” felt forced.

        As for X7… as awesome as it is, at the same time I have to shake my head at it. It’s more like a glittery mobile suit gundam than a Digimon. Don’t get me wrong, I still love it, but that doesn’t make it less overdone.

      • Role permalink

        Your FAVORITE was 02? …This… isn’t nostalgia talking, is it? Was 02 your first season? Typically, people who started with Adventure very much dislike 02, and the typical favorite season is either Adventure or Tamers…

      • meee permalink

        Come on, give her a break. If 02 is her favorite so what? Even if it is the worst season for most, people can still like it. I like 02 aswell, but not as much as the rest. It failed, yes, but I still don’t hate it. There’s nothing weird here. (TrippNessa is a she, right?)

        Though, I kinda agree with your last statement, there are many annoying Adventure turds out there who hate everything except Adventure and Tamers. Still, I started with Adventure way back when I was 8 and watched Frontier and Savers for the first time JUST A YEAR AGO. Savers became my favorite season at around episode 25, Tamers came second and I still can’t decide whether I prefer Adventure or Frontier more. But, it doesn’t really matter that much ’cause I like all seasons. Well, maybe I don’t like Xros Wars that much, but that’s entirely Mervamon’s fault(why the fuck does she exist, seriously?), and Hunters because of poor character and plot development. Though, last few episodes were really good.

      • Blade permalink

        On the Mervamon note, it is usually safest and best for females in anime to focus entirely on fighting not posing. I though Mervamon was a great new fighting partner for Nene, till she was digixrossed with Sparrowmon. It’s like two odds make an even, xros the two together to ruin ’em. Savers wasn’t rushed as far as I can tell, neither were Tamers, Frontier, or Xros Wars. I though Xros Wars final fight almost took too long to set up once the reached the “Demon’s Nest”. But I see your point, even if they were rushed, at least in those they did a decent job. Boy Hunters fails in that department.

      • Role permalink

        I don’t mind them liking 02, I’m just surprised they called it their favorite. It was one of the weaker seasons.

        @Blade: Endings have always been the weak point with Digimon. Compared to what goes on in the actual stories, the endings have typically (though, with the possible exception of Tamers) been pretty disappointing or “What.” moments.

        Adventure had Apocalymon out of freaking nowhere.
        02 killed the big bad… with happy thoughts. WTF.
        Frontier… was a really bad clusterf*** after Cherubimon was taken down.
        Savers and Xros Wars had lackluster endings compared to what it looked like it was building up to.

      • meee permalink


        I personally think that Frontier has the best ending. I mean, Daimon Masaru and Chuck Norris are my role models, but Frontier’s ending actually brought a tear into my eye. After waiting for so long, a true miracle happened – Kouichi woke up when his brother’s tear(whom he only ever wanted to meet, which is a true innocent feeling) fell on his cheek. And everyone running happily towards them, An Endless Tale playing, Digivices falling down while turning back to phones, just…beautiful… Tamers ending is my second favorite.

      • Role permalink

        Really? So, what are your thoughts on the last Lucemon arc then? You know, where the whole thing kinda went down hill? So while there was a nice little spot at the end, the whole final battle was just kinda…

      • meee permalink

        For me, it wasn’t that bad. It was interesting to see them losing all the time and how they cope with all those defeats while never giving in. Takuya and Kouji took the spotlight, but I didn’t get the feeling that everyone else besides them were completly useless. Also, I liked the final battle and also the moment when they realise that the spirits were living in them the whole time and that they weren’t alone.

        Objectively, the second part of Frontier could have been way better, although it isn’t a disaster with the way it turned out. I really enjoyed Frontier very much, despite the bad points it had.

      • TrippNessa permalink

        I watched the series in order as they were released. Adventure first, then 02, Tamers, Frontier, Savers, Xros Wars and now we have Hunters. So far 02 was my favorite, Adventure being a very close second place. After that probably Tamers and then original Xros Wars. Frontier and Savers… I wouldn’t say I disliked them, but I really didn’t like them either. They were… meh. Hunters… *sigh* so much wasted potential. I’ve never shared popular opinions though. Favorite seasons, favorite characters, you name it. Digimon is a good example of this; my favorite season was 02, and my favorite character is Daisuke. Though I do completely agree on the bad endings in Digimon (the only exception being Tamers), ESPECIALLY 02. It might be my favorite, but oh. my. god… that ending… no, I won’t think about it.

        And yes meee, I am a she XD

  36. archer9234 permalink

    Oh god. Please don’t remind me of the whole crest business in 02. That never made any sense. I got that at the end of Adventure. Their Crests where just physical symbols of the kids own will. That can’t be removed. But 02 totally f-ed that up. First they go and say: “oh, we gave up those powers to the whole planet as a force-field.” I’m like WTF? Aren’t they your will. How can you give that up. Then with all that junk, they bypass this “issue” in the final episodes.

    • Role permalink

      Yeah, that came out of nowhere. I don’t even remember that in the movies.

      • Blade permalink

        Oh yeah, I’d forgotten that was bypassed in the 02 movie when it became convenient to evolve to perfect and ultimate again.

      • Role permalink

        I was speaking of the event where they gave up all their crest power to stop evil from returning to the digital world (which, as we all know, didn’t work). The problem I’ve been having with this? Quite simple, really – where the hell did it come from? The scene they used wasn’t from Adventure, it wasn’t from any of the movies (I’ve seen them – it’s not there!)… Was it from one of the wonderswan games maybe?

        It just seemed like too convenient of an excuse to justify Takeru and Hikari’s power downs. Would have been much better to just have different characters, and have them act as advisers like the elder children did. That way, you wouldn’t have to deal with it – since the new characters don’t have crests to help them learn how to harness their power, it frees you up to explore other means of doing so.

        But, like Young Hunters, what could have been a great premise was… pretty much ruined.

  37. TrippNessa permalink

    The crests made it easier for them to access that willpower and ability inside of them. Once they gave those up, they were now on their own and had to rely completely on their own ability, but they didn’t know how. They’d never had to rely entirely on their own strength before. In the final episode they finally DID access that power in them, and completely on their own, which is why it was meaningful. If you don’t agree then you don’t agree, but this is how I had seen it while I was watching it.

    • Role permalink

      Actually, there was going to be a whole arc dedicated to that. Apocalymon wasn’t supposed to be a Giant Space Flea From Nowhere, but executive meddling caused them to rush the ending. In fact, rushed endings seem to be kinda common with digimon.

      • TrippNessa permalink

        That sucks. I wish they had just stuck with their original ideas, especially with 02 because it easily had the worst ending in all of Digimon so far.

  38. Blade permalink

    It seems that we have more to type about when when we don’t (no plot). I’m bored, so I though I’d point that out. I expect that next ep we’ll have even less, and the last ep we will all say our good byes and thank yous tallying up to about 100. End of our “story”. How’s that for a spoiler, hm?

    • meee permalink

      I just saw the next episode. It was great, though I have questions about certain things that I saw or didin’t see in it. But, I’ll save them for later.

      • Role permalink

        People said this episode was great too. Then it was released and we were let down. Don’t try to get peoples hopes up anymore, this series has one hell of a knack for disappointing people.

      • meee permalink

        Overall, it didn’t let me down It wasn’t really a best episode ever, far from that. It was just a big fan service. But, yeah, I was disappointed by certain things. We’ll discuss it when WildBunchers release it 🙂

  39. Blade permalink

    This annoys me. I am watching several animes right now with most of them ending with no planned, plot allowing sequel. All are making me want to watch more, and wish they had more filler eps (maybe a few) and a sequel. Boy Hunters is like “OK, it’s ending, now what?”. Don’t get me wrong, I like Boy Hunters (to some extent). I just feel bad not caring more, I mean if you think about it, it’s pretty obvious what’s going to happen and how it’s going to end. We already covered that.

    Sorry to dampen the mood there.

    • Role permalink

      You don’t seem to really understand most of the consensus here, do you? A lof of the people feel let down by the season. It was capable of so much, but decided to waste that potential, and is likely now the least liked season in the whole of the digimon anime.

      • Blade permalink

        No, I’m usually very optimistic about things, but am only complaining about how this is going to end in a very predictable unexciting way. That is a new complaint.

        I’m not capable of rage quitting this because I am using it to take away some of my boredom and Boy Hunters is better than being bored.

        At least it will hopefully have a better ending than 02.

  40. Role permalink

    I was actually referring to how you seemed to be defending yourself for your rather understandably negative impression of Young Hunters. No need for that – we were all pretty let down by what could have been an awesome season. Such a great premise, too…

    • Role permalink

      Gah, derp. That was directed at Blade above. Stupid replying to last post throwing me off GRR…

  41. Blade permalink

    Hey, onkei-kun, I have a rather stupid and interesting question for you that is probably going to make me look like an idiot. OK, you’ve been warned, so here it is:

    They have some interesting intructions there as you can see. Is it possible from what you see there, to be able to download Code Crown Zero to a SD Memory card (this is the stupid part) and use it on the Xros Loader? I have a Xros Loader (it’s dead at the moment due to lack of charged batteries) and really want Code Crown Zero. I don’t want you to translate this, just let me know if my hunch is right and it is possible.

    Thanks, -Blade

    • wildbunchsubs permalink

      This is just a special quest that you can download and add onto whatever code crown you have. You wouldn’t be able to play CC Zero unless you already have it.

      • Blade permalink

        Thanks for letting me know, guess my hopes were too high. Those Code Crowns are way to expensive so I won’t be trying this but thanks anyway

  42. Naruya permalink

    Mh… I didn’t really try to understand anything on that site but just looked for a download link or sth. like that and I found one.

    Right above the pictures of Dukemon and what-was-its-name-mon, well… between the two blue bars you can see a box you can check, right? There also is a red-orange-yellow button that’s darker than the one under the second blue bar. When you check the box, it will light up and you will be able to click it. If you do, the download window for “DCCSpecial Quest” will pop up. Hope that’s what you’re looking for ^^

    • Blade permalink

      I know how to do it, not if it will work. I just want to know if that is what the download is for and if you have do do any extra steps to work it. There is no collectible value in this, I’m just bored and want to try it. Needless to say I am excited.

  43. Ronja permalink

    The next episode will be greater as this one. Ah, cant wait to see that, its somehow urgent to see more and would be great to get it fast this time. Hope we dont need to wait long. Rly great Subs, but to the story: i dont like it that Taichi is his young version. Looks somehow silly with Daisuke there, too.

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