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[RELEASE] Digimon Xros Wars II – 22 (76) H264 & XViD

by on March 11, 2012

The twenty second episode of Digimon Xros Wars: The Boy Hunters Who Leap Through Time!

MKV: Part 1, Part 2

BT Index:

  1. Thanks for this, as always! 😀

  2. Finallyyyyy Yeeeyyy Thanx Wildbunchers

  3. Wheeeeeeee~ *taking the .avi* ♥

  4. HowlingLaser permalink


  5. Carol permalink

    Thank you all very much! You are all such wonderful people!

  6. Magoo permalink

    I don’t see no seeds. q_q
    Please seed?

  7. A bit off-topic, but is there anyway you could reseed the Tamers h264 releases or at least upload them to like MediaFire? The torrents are completely dead.

    • yes please do,or i`m very saaaad….just kidding,but i am downloading too,and with no result…

    • wildbunchsubs permalink

      We’re actually redoing our Tamers releases at the moment, so we’ll provide you with a fresh batch when it’s ready.

      • Tomozaurus permalink

        Oh, good to hear. ReallywantTamersin.avi

  8. Colin permalink

    The last ten min better then the whole season

    • beast permalink

      i totally agree! get to some old badasses coming bak to clean up the digiworld!

    • Role permalink

      Sad, isn’t it?

  9. Blade permalink

    OH YEAH!!! We’ve got an ep with a plot!!!

    Let’s see if we can reach 150 comments on this one!

    • Tomozaurus permalink

      Unlikely considering that the next episode will likely be released within the next 3-4 days. I think the last one only got so long because we had a long period of time to talk about it, plus the reveal of all the shit that went down in this episode.

    • wildbunchsubs permalink

      We’re releasing 23 either tomorrow or Tuesday, so your goal will be more realistic for the next post. :p

      • Taiyokun permalink


        I can’t wait!

      • Blade permalink

        You killed the mood…

        But no complaints. 🙂

  10. Thanks! Best episode so far, IMHO . . .

  11. meee permalink

    I love how Japanese kids spend they time on the roof of their school.

    • Jay Navi permalink

      That comment reminds me of YuYu Hakusho: Poltergeist Report Abridged by Lanipator:

      “Damn, school is boring! And I swear I’m the only one who took this damn roof class.”

      That pretty much sums it up. LOL!

  12. TrippNessa permalink

    Hold up, hold up! Right at the start when you see the reporter talking at the camp site (49 seconds in), doesn’t that look just like the summer camp from Adventure? Am I seeing things?

    Anyway, this episode was like a breath of fresh air after months of thick humidity. The plot was pretty interesting, Masaru’s voice was perfect, Taichi’s was pretty good too considering how many years it’s been since that voice actor voiced for him, and I was actually interested in what was going on throughout pretty much all of the episode. I loved the scene when Arresterdramon evolved further. Although I do have to agree with the people who were saying that Arresterdramon didn’t actually evolve, but in fact was mode changing. He even says “Arresterdramon – Superior Mode”, so this is not a full evolution. It was also nice to see Kiriha Nene again, and we even got a guest appearance from Ruki and Mimi! I hope they’ll be in it more, especially Mimi because she was one of my favorite characters in Adventure. A lot of people found her annoying but whatever, I never seem to share the popular opinions lol.

    The only thing I didn’t like about this episode was how little screen time Taichi and Masaru had. I’m sure we’ll see them again, but still… I wanted more damn it -_-

    So Ryouma is clearly up to something nasty, after the expression on his face in that last scene. I wonder if he was the hunter who sacrificed MetallifeKuwagamon? No way to prove anything either way yet, but it seems possible. The preview for the next episode seems pretty good, and apparently we’ll learn more about this stupid Digimon Hunt finally.

    • Tomozaurus permalink

      I think the vast majority of the people who find Mimi annoying are the dub watchers. She was a legitimate pain in the arse in that, it was a dub creation though. In the original she’s fine.

      • TrippNessa permalink

        Yeah that’s a good point, the dub really did destroy her character. Sometimes I think dubs are done very well, like Cowboy Bebop or Code Geass. Digimon however… probably the worst dubbing I’ve ever seen.

      • Role permalink

        Worst dubing? Clearly you haven’t seen Magic Knight Reyearth. That one was downright insulting compared to the original job. End of Episode 19… compare subs to dubs. In subs, the scream chills you to your bone. In dubs…. It’s a weak “nooo…” Considering what just happened… uggh.

        Another horrible job is Negima. It was so bad that the first time I heard it I thought it was a fan-made gag dub. That look of horror on my face when I heard that’s the official “professional” job must have been priceless.

        But yeah, I know there’s some good dub jobs out there, but… well, those are the ones that get on TV. Everything else usually ranges from poor to awful… It’s why I’m a subs kinda gal.

      • TrippNessa permalink

        I have not seen Magic Knight Reyearth or Negima, so Digimon is still the worst dub that *I* have ever seen lol. Well… maybe not… Cardcaptor Sakura’s dub outright changed the order of the episodes, not even Digimon did THAT. The 9th episode was the 1st episode in the English version. I mean, what. the. FUCK.

        Yeah, after crap like that, I’m a subs kinda gal as well.

    • Role permalink

      Ryoma seems to be an actual villain… interesting. It seems to heavily imply it was him (“you’re not usually interested in that kind of thing”, “a hunter captured me before, his name was *pi-chuun!*”, Ryoma overall acting obviously evil). I half hope that it’s a red herring, but… it’s just too late in the show for that, really.

      You know, the previous episode hinted that this one was gonna reveal the truth about the hunt, but then it happened and was like “naw man, we’re just setting you up for that”. I’m… gonna set my standards reeeeeal low for the next episode. I really don’t trust it to be shocking at all…

  13. brazillian-anon permalink

    New episode, another review from Rol- wait. I go first.
    It seems some bits of the plot was planned, 98% patching up.
    That double episode with plot was really made after being informed of cancel or some bad news…
    Too bad wargreymon missed tagiru.
    Uh.. Friendship powerup saving the day again- well, at least no all-fusion yet.
    This poor thing is so broken no one can fix it anymore. Everything seems out of place. Last episode was 2/10; this one is 3/10.
    1 for 2 seconds of Ruki and Mimi, TOGETHER!
    1 for wargreymon almost hitting tagiru with Gaia Force. Let’s be sincere! you crossed the fingers too! xP
    1 for not involving food xP

    Ryouma is to up something; he only wants to know about digimons… to absorve them? Well, thats the thing with this season, i dont care =[

    phew, i feel better now 😛

    • jak92 permalink

      I wanted Quartzmon to absorb Tagiru instead. lol

      • cybeast777 permalink

        Lol if that happened that might have been the end of the season right there unless they brought him back somehow 😛

  14. Magoo permalink

    You guys’ subs are so much better than CrunchyRoll’s~~~!
    Thanks for the episode!

    • Role permalink

      That’s not saying much, you know. It’s like saying “This food tastes better than spinach!” but, you know, EVERYTHING tastes better than spinach.

      Of course, that’s not to say these guys are bad, they do a great job IMO. CR is just terribad.

      • TrippNessa permalink

        … I like spinach *raises hand slowly* Though I do agree with the point you were trying to make, lol.

  15. Saint Walker permalink

    Decided on a whim to check before bed, was pleasantly surprised! ^_^
    Thanks, you guys, I’ll watch it tomorrow. ^____^

  16. Nexxus permalink

    I think I jizzed in my pants a few times this episode.

    • Role permalink

      Eh, calm down. Other than the last ten minutes, the episode was rather ‘meh’. They made it sound like MetalifeKuwagamon was gonna be a bigger deal than he really was in the preview from the previous episode.

  17. Evan Banks permalink

    Thank you WildBunch for the release.

  18. zman permalink

    Thanks for the release. Can’t wait for the next one. It is great to see Kiriha and Nene again, and together no less. That being said, I hope to see Beelzebumon again. I want to see him and Mervamon be reunited. They are one of my favorite couples in Xros Wars. It is great that Taiki and Akari, as well as Kiriha and Nene got to be reunited, don’t leave out Beelzebumon and Mervamon

    • Role permalink

      Looks like the return of X7 as well. Let’s hope it’ll be a good ep.

      …Ohh…. I really hope they don’t do this, but I have a bad feeling they might. Arresterdramon Plotinduced Mode Xros Up’d with Shoutmon X7… I really hope they don’t do it, but I’ve got a horrible feeling they might.

  19. David permalink

    I wonder if they’ll have the season 2 kids. That would be weird ’cause it’d be harder to explain, but if they do they totally need to have Ken and Ryo team up!

    I liked when they were like, “It’s Wargreymon! And who’s that other guy?” Exactly.

    • Interestingly enough, Ryo would probably be the easiest to explain, given his backstory.

      I would laugh if Frontier kids were brought in. Not because I have anything against them, but because I think the cast from season 7 would be so confused about the whole kid / Digimon thing they’d probably lose the battle from shock.

      Mimi, though… Odd choice for a second character from Adventure. Given that Taichi and Mimi appear in their season 1 outfits, though, season 2 characters seem pretty unlikely.

      • BrightChaos permalink

        If you look back in episode 14 you can see Daisuke, V-mon, and Takuya’s silhouette on the boat if you look closely. Will be funny to see the 02 chars meet the 01 chars though.

      • TrippNessa permalink

        They already showed Daisuke and V-Mon in the silhouettes, but you know at this point if they just didn’t end up including them even though they clearly indicated that they were going to… it wouldn’t even surprise me.

      • megas88 permalink

        So, since no one else is gonna say it I will.

        Simply for Tk and Kari lolz.

        The series shall be redeemed for me if Rika and Mimi are actually a team in this hahaha.

        Also, am I the only one who’s excited we get to see Takato and Guilimon again ^^?

        Davis and Veemon are already confirmed as Ken and Matt will show up to make Imperildramon and Omnimon (Omegamon).

  20. Thanks for the sub, i’m so up for the next few episode (especially 23/76!)

  21. digibeast permalink

    I’m afraid of… digixros Wargreymon and Metalgarurumon.
    Or… digixros XV-mon and Stingmon.
    Just… just stick to the original, but that won’t happen I’m afraid….

    Or mabye they only shinka out of sight…

    • meee permalink

      Didn’t you see that Mimi and Ruki have their original Digivices? I was afraid of DigiXros, too, but it’s not gonna happen. Everyone is just like they were in their respective series. They even have their original voice actors voicing them.

      • Rui Craveiro permalink

        Well, almost – Masaru (from Digimon Savers) seems to be the only one that seems quite different to me from, animation wise. The others (and the ones that will come in the before-to-last episode) blended very well into the Xros Wars animation 😉

  22. Rui Craveiro permalink

    (I forgot to delete the “from” in my post)

  23. 2gay2play2day permalink

    love the OP

  24. Sabrblade permalink

    Can someone please upload the full MKV to Mediafire like with previous episodes? Thanks.

    • 2gay2play2day permalink

      use µTorrent fagass

      • Sabrblade permalink

        Excuse me?

        1. Lay off the jerk comments. Don’t act you know everything. It looks moronic.

        2. I cannot use torrents at the moment. If this were the weekend, I could. But right now, I cannot. Direct download is my only option right now, and someone here has already been uploading the full MKVs for each previous episode. So, I’m simply asking for this one to get the same treatment.

        And, if you must know, I’m having to type this post via my Wii.

      • 2gay2play2day permalink

        >can use direct download, but not torrents
        You can download torrents even with a phone these days, so wtf man?

        >I’m having to type this post via my Wii.
        You have a Wii, but not a computer? And seriously, Wii is the worst and the most casual console EVER built, so why do you even have one?

        >I’m simply asking for this one to get the same treatment.
        Wait for your weekend, bitch ass.

      • Blade permalink

        @Sabrblade You seem new around here, 2gay2play2day is normally like this. I’m Blade, so I hope you are something else entirely (the names…).

        Also, you do have access to some form of a computer or you wouldn’t be able to do direct download at all, I’m sure you have your reasons, but as you have already figured out, we don’t understand until you tell us them in detail.

        Also expect comments like 2gay2play2day’s to show up, just put this behind you and keep moving on.

      • 2gay2play2day permalink

        Phones Blade, the phones – not computers.

      • Blade permalink

        Phone was included under “computer”.

    • wildbunchsubs permalink

      Megate normally does that at his (her?) own time, you will have to wait.

      @2gay, knock it off.


      • 2gay2play2day permalink

        but I don’t even…

      • 2gay2play2day permalink

        y u no let my comment be?

      • 2gay2play2day permalink

        my ass fag army is here

      • 2gay2play2day permalink

        >Please Note: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
        Let it go through!

      • wildbunchsubs permalink

        So you are “titsorgtfo” whatever? I’ve put both IPs in comment moderation so whatever you type from now on will go into moderation queue first. Be respectful to other people’s situations and discuss politely. We’re not 4ch.

      • 2gay2play2day permalink

        >So you are “titsorgtfo” whatever?
        No, he’s a “friend” of mine.

      • 2gay2play2day permalink

        >We’re not 4ch.
        Watch out! It’s Captain Obvious!

  25. meee permalink

    Role’s review in 3, 2, 1…

    • Role permalink

      Darn. I wish I saw this post before I made my review. I would have totally made it a reply. :/

  26. Taiyokun permalink

    Thank GOD a good episode, now I won’t have to listen to the complaining of 50 commenters complaining about a show meant for KIDS.

    (PS: No offense)

    • meee permalink

      So, just beacuse it is for kids it’s okay to screw the fans?

    • Blade permalink

      I imagine even kids would get tired of this, however everything is changing now.

    • Role permalink

      Ha ha ha, no, we’re not like that. We don’t excuse bad storytelling with “But it’s for kids”. We will hound the hell out of you if you claim that. Now, pervy things like titty lasers? Yeah, that won’t fly. This is for kids, so we watch it without the expectation or desire for all the perverted crap that’s infested anime in recent years. When Mervamon showed up and suddenly Tittylasers became part of the show, a lot of us were kinda pissed.

      I mean… that’s supposed to be part of the appeal of watching kids shows – not having to worry about the stupid ecchi parts. They’re USUALLY tasteful and stuff, too…

      • Blade permalink

        I dislike that part about Mervamon, and dislike all the perverted stuff in general, that ruins anime. You know how kids are, they like things to go boom and be gripping. Xros Wars had that, Boy Hunters, not until this episode was it in the least way gripping. I actually cared what happened instead of “hunt of the week”.

        Let’s just say you can gauge how gripping an episode is going to be by the preview from the episode before it, the last 2 preview made me want MORE. Big improvement.

    • TrippNessa permalink

      I know you didn’t ask for a debate Taiyokun, but I need to point something out.

      ADVENTURE; Pinocchimon shoots a hand gun at eight year old Takeru and tries to kill him while playing a messed up “game”. ZERO TWO; Hikari, eleven years old, is summoned by the Hangyomon because they want to force her into breeding with them to create more of their offspring. TAMERS; Ten year old Juri is captured, mentally abused and traumatized. FRONTIER; Eleven year old Koichi, who you find out later has actually been dead all along, is brainwashed and manipulated into helping the villains. SAVERS; Genocide occurs when the Digimon can die permanently. XROS WARS; Countless sexual implications and scenes surround our thirteen year old lead characters, most of which were caused by miss titty-laser Mervamon herself.

      My point? You can’t use the excuse that “it’s made for kids” to justify lazy storytelling in a series that was never really suitable for kids in the first place. The more mature story lines in Digimon is exactly what has been putting the series above actual kids shows like Pokémon all these years. Now we have Digimon Hunters, which at least for me, is the first season of Digimon that really does give off the feel of “made for kids”.

      If you disagree then that’s fine, but I just needed to say this after seeing you compare Digimon to kids shows.

  27. karth permalink

    Arresterdramon “Evolution/Mode change” looks familiar. It looks like from 02 where a blue dragon envelops Paildramon to evolve into Imperialdramon.

  28. Next episode want show any characters from the previous seasons :(((

  29. Tomozaurus permalink

    Finally watched it. I can see what people meant with Taichi’s voice being a little off and WarGreymon’s being literally identical to Shoutmon’s. Masaru, ShineGreymon and Ruki sounded spot on though. Props for the latter especially because it has been a long time since she’s done that voice.

    This ep was pretty enjoyable, even the MotW part wasn’t too bad, and Arresterdramon’s evolution was pretty cool. Remaining two eps look interesting.

    • karth permalink

      Correction. Wargreymon’s Voice Actor voices Shoutmon as well.

      • Tomozaurus permalink

        I am aware of this… but she voices them both exactly the same.

    • Role permalink

      Well, to be fair, it’s been a long time since Adventure, so even the original voice actor would have to try an imitate their old voice.

  30. Role permalink

    Another ep, another review, here we go!

    Like a bolt out of the blue, in comes the cameos with a moment of BIG DAMN HEROES! You know, kinda like with how the plot works with the show now. Funny just how interesting the show can be when it’s not filler, eh?

    So the episode seemed to be alright at first, but then Surprise – one of the hunters actually IS evil! Also surprise, digimon can die in this show. Also surprise, the big bad of the week… didn’t seem to be a mon at all, but rather an extension of said mon.

    It looks like not just the old goggleboys are involved, but rather all of the old protags. Likely, though, the goggleboys are focusing on japan, while the others help out elsewhere. It was a shame to see Renamon and Palmon in base forms, though. Would have been nice to see Sakuyamon and Floramon again, though they may have reverted post fight – after all, we didn’t get to see that one.

    Unfortunately, I kind of want to see the Hong Kong fight more than the fight we did get to see. I mean, there was barely a scratch on them afterwards – between Big Damn Heroes and Mode Change as the Plot Demands, they pretty much just sweeped the guy. The fight was kind of disappointing. However, it looks like the Hong Kong fight was one hell of a struggle. Would have been nice to watch, you know?

    To be honest, this episode was kinda disappointing. It acted basically like a tease for the next episode, which looks to be where the truth was revealed… however, the previous episode had teased that THIS episode was supposed to have the big reveal, but… it instead acted as just setup. So while not a bad episode, it was kind of a let down from what I was hoping for. Let’s just hope these last few eps are good.

    And now I leave you with a question… Anyone else thing that the reveal for what the hunt is all about should have happened around, oh, say episode 5? Kinda like how we knew really early on in Xros Wars that Bagramon was gonna be the big bad? Arc driven content would have really saved this show IMO. Too bad it was episodic…

    • meee permalink

      Floramon? You mean Lilimon?

      Yeah, those bonds between Tagiru and Gumdramon… well they didn’t quite “clicked” for me and i too felt that it was rushed. But nevertheless, that evolution or should I say Mode Change looked pretty badass. Actually, it is my favorite evolution sequence in Xros Wars.

      As for me, it’s not necessary to reveal what the hunt is at around episode 5. It’s a good thing to keep stuff mysterious and unrevealed because that will keep viewers interested and they’ll keep watching even if it’s out of mere curiousity. So, I’m not having trouble they didn’t reveal anything big yet. The problem is how they executed last 18-19 episodes. They were all the same and the show got really monotonous. Those episodes should have provided a decent character development for every character. How hard is it for Taiki to make a little assembly with Digimon in his Xros Loader to talk about the recent events and why is everything happening? How hard it is for Shoutmon to ask Gumdramon and Damemon to just hang out and talk? How hard it is for Damemon to at least decently explain what the hell he was doing for a year? Is it hard to throw in some interaction between Ryouma and Psychemon/Ren and Dracmon?

      All in all, this episode was actually the best episode in Hunters for me.


      I saw episode 23 via Keyhole TV and that one isn’t bad, too. Judging by the preview, ep. 24 will be the best episode in Hunters for many. It’s simple – Someone will DESTROY VenomVamdemon’s face!!!

      • Role permalink

        Ah, right, Lillymon. Sorry about that, got my mons mixed up.

        Yeah, the mode change is one of the better sequences to be honest, but I really wish it had been done better than it was.

        Well, the reason I say this is because if they had done the big reveal early on, they’d be forced into a plot driven arc. As for character development, shoot, look at Adventure. Episodes not only took the plot further, but character development was actually done at the same time, and even somewhat of a plot point. I wish more shows followed that, rather than thinking “Plot dev or Character dev”. You can have both!

        In other news, for some reason my old email placeholder isn’t working. Just spent 30 minutes trying to make this post. >_>

    • Taiyokun permalink

      No offense, but I can obviously tell TV Tropes in ruining your vocabulary.

      Not a mean thing or anything, just saying.

  31. Ronja permalink

    You do a great job, but after hearing “Monday or Tuesday”, I rly want to see the next episode. ^^ Thank you for giving us Digimon.

    • Blade permalink

      They didn’t give us Digimon, they gave us the best possible subbs for it.

      • Ronja permalink

        I meant that or like “hey, no one sub it (at first) but you do, thank you” 😉

    • 2gay2play2day permalink

      Ronja are you Finnish? Just asking because of your name…

  32. megas88 permalink

    And now we play the waiting game as the ultimate Greymon team up marches upon us and down on whoever the hell is stupid crazy enough to fight them lol.


    Btw, I’m not the only one who’s disappointed when Wargreymon’s Terraforce was severely powered down right?


    • Role permalink

      Powered Down? He was trying to not kill Daisu–er, I mean, Tagiru (sorry, slip of the tongue). If he could have gone full force, he probably would have.

      • megas88 permalink

        Not the one I was talking about. The second attack where War Greymon and Shine Greymon attacked together after they *Ugh* freed Tagiru. I think that powered down version was why it didn’t Digizolve in one hit.

        Also, perfectly understandable slip up lol.

  33. Link2Hyrule permalink

    Ok, I have to say that I have been unable to torrent the episodes for some time. In fact I have been unable to get anything from Nyaa for a while. I think I heard that they changed some things around a few weeks ago, but I have been unable to get an answer from them as to why that would affect my torrents. Sorry for posting this here but if anyone has any info I would appreciate that.

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