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[RELEASE] Digimon Xros Wars II – 21 (75) H264 & XViD

by on February 29, 2012

The twenty first episode of Digimon Xros Wars: The Boy Hunters Who Leap Through Time!

MKV: Part 1, Part 2

BT Index:

Due to real life circumstances, we will not be releasing the next episode before Friday.

Edit: Lyrics and translations to the “Tagiru Chikara!” single
Tagiru Chikara (Title does not mean Tagiru’s Power, otherwise it would be Tagiru NO Chikara. Katakana does not automatically mean you keep it that way)
Shining Dreamers
Legend Xros Wars

Edit 2: Even more lyrics and translations, this time from Twill’s “Stand Up” single
Stand Up
My Heart

  1. Thank you guys! Hope everything is okay on your ends, we appreciate all you do. 🙂

  2. oesa permalink

    hmm.. wtf with the preview of the next episode o.O??!! no…..

  3. anon permalink


  4. Thank you for another episode!

  5. Sept permalink

    Thank you as always, and of course we understand real-life priorities! See you next week!

  6. Aluhuru permalink

    Anyone know why Jokermon was captured too?
    I didn’t quite get that.

    And see you next week!

  7. Oooooooh thank you! ^_^ Taking the .avi~

  8. Kuroichi permalink

    Thanks 😀

  9. Kelvin permalink

    Thanks for all the good work! Your subs are really really appreciated! =D

  10. Colin permalink

    The preview was better then all the previous 20 eps combined

  11. meee permalink

    This epsiode started good, the battle started good then the box technically…beat Sephirotmon? And I guess Jokermon(really interesting character) decided to commit suicide when he saw how stupid the battle was?


  12. Blade permalink

    I hate being the idiot to ask this, but what do you mean by “before friday”? I am going to assume friday next week, so hey, thanks for letting us know.

    Still looking for that Code Crown Zero…

    • wildbunchsubs permalink

      Our releases are usually made before Crunchyroll’s release on Thursdays. Next episode we won’t be capable of doing that.

      • Role permalink

        So basically, look to saturday or sunday for the next release?

  13. Blade permalink

    Next Episode is going to be amazing, even this one was better than some of the other fillers.

  14. David permalink

    lol. Jokemon randomly dies. Sephirotmon was beat by giant pieces of packing tape. I love anime.

    Next episode preview: almost wet myself.

  15. Role permalink

    Another Release, Another Review.

    *insert random gibberish* TWO?! TAGIRU GOT… Oh, this is some old BULLSHIT! There’s like, 3-4 episodes left, he’s not gonna be able to use all of those! If anyone could have used it, it was Yuu! What the hell! And what’s with Jokermon? He didn’t even get hit! That came out of freaking nowhere!

    *regains composure* Anywho… the episode itself was… okay. Not good, but not bad… just… ‘okay’. Like most of this season. Tagiru got back to being annoying, but not as bad as he has been in the past. There really wasn’t too much to say about this one, save for…

    The next episode will contain PLOT! Praise Byakuren! Still, it’s sad that they have to pull an Author’s Saving Throw to try and save this season. Ha ha, yeah right. Like that’s gonna work. This crossover, while probably awesome, is very easy to see through. This season cannot stand on its own, so they’re being brought in out of desperation. I doubt the original idea even had this planned – Ep14, half way through, they tried to tease us in a desperate attempt to keep people watching. Now we approach the end, so they’re gonna try to at least leave some good memories.

    To whoever makes this, on the off chance you read this sometime in the future… never do this again. Ever. MotW does not work for digimon. It needs to be plot driven, or you can expect a lot of backlash. To put it simple… Digimon is not, and should not be, Pokemon.

    • meee permalink

      I don’t think it’s that simple. There must be something else, maybe lack of budget or something. I can’t believe they purposely made 20 filler episodes for a 25-episode show. There must be more, seriously. They must have planned this through. There are so many answers unanswered and we have been given so little by now, so I don’t think it’s coming to an end soon. I mean, they stalled for 4 months and because of what? 3 episodes of plot? I don’t want to believe that.

      • Role permalink

        Aye, I have a reason. It’s the NORMAL one – cancellation. The show bombed, ratings sucked, and so the studio told them they’re closing shop early, wrap it up.

      • It seemed to me to be nothing but fan service as each of these episodes involved a fan made digimon . . . pointless . . . I imagined a rival hunter battle coming together in a massive battle as a finisher . . . it ALMOST looked like it was going to happen in Episode 14 and I actually had hopes for a plot . . . oh, well . . . such as life . . . bleh.

      • Role permalink

        All of us did, really. “Finally, the filler is… over? Wait, what is this? Oh, COME ON!”

        I half expect episodes 23 and 24 to be filler, too now.

      • Blade permalink

        A lack of budget dowsn’t account for a lack of ideas, the goal of this season was to continue riding the wave left by Xros Wars, but they didn’t see how close the shore was and wiped out big time.

        I have said this quite a few times now, this was their whole plan from the beginning, making an episode takes months of preparation to make and finalize before airing. THIS ISN’T SOME LAST DITCH ATTEMPT. This was bluntly the production team digging a hole and falling in it on their faces.

        Even if the next episodes are all fillers, I think they will at least be interesting fillers.

      • Role permalink

        Dood, if they did that, it was in the worst possible way. It’s like trying to follow up Evangelion with Shin-chan. You’re gonna lose the audience you had for Evangelion. Here, they tried to replace a story driven digimon type story, with a monster of the week, pokemon type story. Fans were not only let down, many were insulted.

        I agree they dug themselves in a hole, but the old goggleboys showing up? That’s nothing but an Author’s Saving Throw.

        Regardless, I have a strong feeling the person behind Young Hunters is different than the person who was behind Xros Wars, and they’re largely the problem here. The only other explanation I can think of besides that is Executive Meddling.

      • Dorugreymon permalink

        I think it is that simple. Look at what happened here: _Xros Wars_ wraps up, and this _Boy Hunters…_ starts up just two weeks later. When has that ever happened before? Previously, every new season started a year or more after the last ended. That’s not enough time to plan a decent season.

        This is simply a decision from Corporate to milk _Xros Wars_ for all it’s worth. It might be a viable business model: capitalize on a profitable franchise while it’s still a hot commodity. It’s the same thing they did with “Zero Two” — look at how derivative that one was — and with the same results: a disaster. “Zero Two” wasn’t quite as bad as this because they at least took the time to plan it out instead of rushing right into it. So far, this season has been nothing but filler episodes, one after another, with no connections between them. What happened with Nene’s acting/singing career? We haven’t seen Ren & Co for a helluvalong time, ditto the old guy with Clockmon: what’s up with them? So far, no one has “leapt through time” here, so what’s up with that title?

        Cardboardboxmon beats Sephirotmon, who was a formidable digivolution of a formidable Legendary Warrior? Gee, if only the Frontier kids had remembered to bring along the duct tape…

        What would a follow-on season have looked like? Well, for one thing, how about following Shoutmon’s career as the Digimon King? That was important to him last season, was it not?

      • Role permalink

        02, as much as every strategic bone in my body hates it, at least had a story to tell. Until the last second, where they shot that to hell. Here… they didn’t have a story to tell. It’s like… you want to milk it? So… why aren’t you?

        I honestly think Executive Meddling was involved here. They told them to make another season, but the story’s been told already. So either the guy said “no”, and they got someone else to do it, or they told him to make it like pokemon, so he did out of spite.

        You know, a digimon-only season like X-Evolution’s movie wouldn’t be that bad. I’d have loved to follow the Digimon King rather than these Young Hunters. That’s a pretty good idea of yours!

      • Saint Walker permalink

        Um, not to be rude, but what are you talking about, Dorugreymon? The first four seasons ran back to back, just like most franchise shows. And it’s not like they waited for the first season to be completely finished and air, and then go, “Hey, let’s make a sequel season.” It takes a long time to produce anime episodes. They knew months ahead of time (possibly from the start of the season) at least roughly what the story was going to be. They’ve had all that time to be thinking of ideas for another season (if they didn’t already have plenty of ideas while working on the first one) and planning story arcs and episodes. Even if you’re right, and the writers weren’t planning on making another season, but the bosses said, “Hey, this season is doing well. Make us a sequel,” I don’t see that as a reason to think they would necessarily be too rushed to come up with a good story.

      • meee permalink


        You are wrong. 02 started a week after Adventure, Tamers a week after 02 and Frontier a week after Tamers. Digimon aired for 4 consecutive years until the first “break”. Then we waited 2-3 years for X-Evolution and Digimon Savers and then 4 years for Xros Wars. Hunters started a week after Xros Wars and as you can see it’s a normal thing and it’s not the reason why it turned out as it has.

        Everyone here pretty much said why it’s bad so…

    • Sorry for being ignorant, but there’s only a few episodes left? Of the show all together, or until they do another “story arc”, like when Xros Wars started the “Seven Death Generals” arc? It seems like the plot is just starting to get going, why would they pull the plug on it?

      • Role permalink

        There are multiple sources now saying that 25 is the final episode for the season, not the arc.

      • And there are no announcements for a follow-up season? Ugh. We may be going into ANOTHER multi-year break between series’?! Or worse… permanent cancellation! Blaaah. Sucks. 😦

      • Role permalink

        Hey, you never know. They might get their act together and knockoff the bullshit like the pokemon style approach and the titty lasers. We might get the Tamers guy back at the helm, too. Let’s hope they take the time to reflect on their mistakes and fix them.

    • cybeast777 permalink

      It was actually announced before the season started that characters from the previous digimon seasons would be making an appearance.

      • Role permalink

        So they knew going in how bad it was going to be, and tried to tease us with it? If that’s true, that’s even worse.

  16. Evan Banks permalink

    Thank you for the release, WildBunch. We understand your really life duties. Take as much time as you need. You are already doing us fans a big favor by subbing these episodes.

  17. digibeast permalink

    Thanx for this new release!!

    Please take all the time you need.

  18. Taiyokun permalink

    Just saw the preview for the next episode

    orgasm orgasm orgasm orgasm orgasm orgasm orgasm orgasm


    • Role permalink

      Don’t get your hopes too high, we know they show up, we don’t know:

      A) How true to character they’ll be, or
      B) If the episode will be any good, or if it’s a crappy episode they just happen to show up at the very end in.

  19. This episode was…bad. No way out of it, it was bad. Jokermon getting hunted out of nowhere was the worst part though.

    Next episode though? Oh god next episode. This week will be a week of suffering as I wait for that episode, the one episode that may redeem this whole series on my eyes (much like the Volcdramon episode did before, but more). The fact that I will have to wait even more for it is as painful as it gets, but I understand that real life comes first and I wish you the best in whatever is distracting you from subbing this not so wonderful but still enjoyable series.

    Also I’m amazed all three songs are already translated yet the CD proper is nowhere to be found on this beautiful thing we call the internet (I realize I should make a joke here, since we’re talking about Digimon, but I can think of none, so feel free to add your own). I can only hope it’ll appear soon, I’m dying to listen to these three songs D:

  20. Kuroichi permalink

    wooww.. I heard a rumor about tagiru join the legendary tamers to hunt quartzmon in the final episode

    • meee permalink

      That is so uninspired, so lame, so lazy, so predictable, so cheap that I was only disappointed when I heard about it. It is all just quazi-fanservice to compensate for their lack of ideas. We got nothing on the rival team, we haven’t even seen anyone from Tagiru’s family, it’s just about him getting up early and going hunting to make this series even more monotonous, they put a little 2-minute story about Gumdramon which I don’t care about since it was just mere 2 minutes, nothing on Digital World, no Digimon interaction, nobody asking themselves why is DigiQuartz even there and what’s the reason for Digimon going berserk and so on and so on and so on to infinity.

      I don’t want to believe episode 25 is the final episode, they owe us a shitload of everything. DAMN IT THEY CAN’T DO THIS TO US!!!

  21. Saint Walker permalink

    Summary for episodes 22-25:
    Upon investigating rumours of a new threat, Tagiru and company come up against the evil hive-minded Producermon. It is revealed that the Producermon created the Digiquartz, and have been tricking children into creating digimon so they can absorb their powers. After absorbing all the super-powerful emotions of the digimon fans, they are finally ready to defeat Team Xros Heart by unleashing their ultimate attack: Supreme Cancellation. However, the old clock shop man, revealed to be another Producermon gone rogue, uses his own power of Past Season Crossover to bring in previous goggleboys who are immune to the cancellation technique. Will the reunited Team Xros Heart and the past leaders be able to save the digital world from complete destruction?

    (OK, maybe not, but it should be.)

    • Role permalink

      Wow… if Executive Meddling really is behind all of this, that would be a freaking brilliant Take That… If only…

    • Blade permalink

      Hilarious, and this would be a MUCH better plot even though it is so ridiculous. You made my week with that Saint Walker. Seriously, that is one of the funniest thing I’ve read in a long time.

      How many of you actually know how long it takes to make a season, much less a single episode anyway? You all seem to have convinced yourselves Boy Hunters sprung up overnight…

      • Role permalink

        I don’t. I think the executives tried to get greedy, and this is the result. Again, my big theory is that it’s this bad BECAUSE of executive meddling, of which likely occurred at the height of Xros Wars’ popularity.

      • Blade permalink

        Then we agree, and yeah, the big shots messed this up for sure. This is even worse than 02, which seemed to pick up for a bit after Kaizer’s defeat then went downhill.

    • brazillian-anon permalink

      The comments here are much more interesting than the episodes. xP

      sir, your comment: 10/10. And I think it would end in a superfusion overpowered by friendship, bonds, friends-etc and some stupid catch-phrase.

      This episode was 5/10 before duct tape; 4/10 after it;
      its 3/10 because seeing that Zero Unit made me remember of tamers. T_T Zero-Unit digimon beat… by…. …duct… tape…. …. .

      • Role permalink

        Knock off another point – remember, Tagiru (who was already overloaded with mons) was the one who received TWO mons here – one of which took ZERO damage in battle.

      • TrippNessa permalink

        The ONLY possible, maybe, not likely but what else is there, reason I could see to Jokermon being defeated without taking any damage was that somehow it was linked to Sephirotmon. If one died, the other died. Not that this was ever stated or anything… Eh, I think I’m just grasping for a reason to make that scene even a LITTLE less stupid XD

      • Role permalink

        The problem with that theory, though, is that nowhere is it mentioned that Jokermon and Sephirotmon are linked. It literally comes out of nowhere, so even if they were linked, the fact that it was never alluded to still merits a point drop.

  22. Examon permalink

    Please take see teaser for the next episode in the end (reduce speed of playback if necessary). You will see Taichi and WarGreymon. 😀

    • Examon permalink

      Masaru and ShineGreymon also shows up. Here is the some screenshots of the last six seconds of the preview.

      I hope that in next episode things will get seriously.

  23. PapXS permalink

    Well I have to say I didn’t like this episode. Only thing about it I liked was Jokermon (really unimaginative but still cool) and the preview for the next episode. I will watch the next episode and if the episode after it (23) turns out to be a filler I will stop watching this and pretend that Digimon stops at season 6. On another note, I would like to share another anime I am watching that’s called Another. It is a really cool anime, with very nice graphics and really interesting plot. However it is not for those that do not like horror. It’s at episode 8 and so far (umm I think it’s a SPOILER here) 5 (I think, I could forget someone) people have died gruesome deaths.

    • Where can one download episodes of this anime?

      • PapXS permalink

        Idk about torrent, but direct is in Anime Access, you can register for free there but you need to wait 15 mins after each download and you can’t download files over 600 MB (the episodes are really smaller than that anyway). There are other anime there too.

  24. Kaeltro permalink

    So here’s my thoughts on what’s going to happen. I’m hoping it won’t turn out this way but it’s about the only way to end a season that’s primarily “MOTW” let-alone MOTW where 90% of it is drawn by the fans. I think that the only reason we’ve seen this format would be because most of these creatures ARE from kids imaginations. Add that to the fact that the entire goggleheads cast is coming back at the finale? I think that Quartzmon (revealed in the next episode as the villain) is Clockmon’s evolved form, and that the only reason he’s there to begin with is to bring back the crew (obvious right?) but here’s something that I noticed in a lot of these episodes. There’s a large chunk of episodes that reference other seasons and it has me worried that what might happen in the end is a very real possibility…as they near the end of the final episode where it looks like no hope is left for any of them : BAM : Tagiru wakes up and it was all. just. a. dream. The entire series, is just a dream. It’s very possible because it’s been established that the events that happen in all the other seasons are (to a lesser degree) related to one another. I’ll be happy to see Taichi back, though, if for only one episode. I’ve been watching for the last 21 episodes and with only a handful of them being plot related it’s the last straw to draw so they can write themselves out of a corner…

    • Wait… what? The events of the previous seasons were related? How so? Adventure and Adventure 02 are the ONLY series, besides Xros Wars and Boy Hunters, who have any continuity with each other. Tamers takes place in another universe/continuity all its own, as does Frontier – AND Savers. Hell, the end of 02 flashed forward and everyone in the world had a Digimon partner, where was ANY of that in subsequent series’? It wasn’t, because they weren’t related, though the Tamers dub did make some lame “References” to Adventure and 02 being a “show”, but those were added in by dubbing, they weren’t in the original script.

      You could theoretically argue Ryou connects 02 and Tamers, but he was only shown once – VERY briefly(and I believe in silhouette) – in a Ken flashback. Was it even made clear in Tamers if they were the same Ryou? Even so, Ryou is known for dimension-hopping, so Tamers and 02 still took place in different continuities.

      • Role permalink

        Ryou’s a reality hopper, so I don’t think that qualifies as a link. He basically should be considered mutual cameos throughout the series – for a character with such a nature, that’s what he’d have to be, really.

    • Actuall Kaeltro, It will be revealed that Ryuoma Mogami is somehow connected to Quartzmon…

    • crazyone permalink

      quartzmon being clockmon’s evolved form as the digimon wikia’s description of it says “a Digimon whose name is derived from quartz clock and quartz.” I don’t think anyone would have thought of the connection to the clock if they had not said that.

  25. David permalink

    I actually like the concept behind Hunters. I think the problem is that they were rushed, and so they put in the filler episodes to kill time and the quota while they’re trying to work out the story. I do think they have a sense of what they story will be, they just chose not to reveal it yet.

    • Role permalink

      Yeah… dood, when 18-19 of the 25 episodes are filler, it’s not being rushed. It’s being ruined. The concept was great, I agree. The execution… someone should be shot for it.

  26. meee permalink

    Damn. When I read part of the lyrics of Tagiru Chikara! that say “The world is waiting for me” I didn’t know what to think. The song is super buster blast burning star crusher awesome and it describes Tagiru as how he SHOULD HAVE BEEN. I wish we could see those emotions and characteristics of him in a way that we actually care more for him and his dreams which are perfectly described by this super victorize brave crusher song.

    I know this is a random post but I had to write this somewhere.

  27. Devil BETTY permalink

    Im seriously hoping all the digimon caught in this filler season are major plot points for the real story, and so rather then keep breaking up the storyline with motw catches that they need for future episodes they decided to show all the hunts first and thenthe story, that way we wont keep bitching that we didnt see a certain hunt or that the story arch wasnt present in the episode, but then again im probably wrong
    but still hopeful

    • Role permalink

      I don’t think it’ll happen. All but two or three of them were hunted by Tagiru, and we’ve got like a few episodes left for them to be used in. Too much with too little to work with. If they had been spread out better, it could be done, but… It just wasn’t to be, it seems.

  28. Crossing my fingers for a follow-up season/series…

  29. 2gay2play2day permalink

    Why can’t I hold all these fillers?

  30. TrippNessa permalink

    Well this episode turned out exactly as I thought it would after watching the preview for it, so I’m not gonna bother making any comments on it.

    As for episode 22, it finally looks like there might be some real plot. If 22-25 turn out good, I think I’ll just consider this series a movie instead. 1, 13, 14, 22, 23, 24 and 25 would make something like 168 minutes. That’s like, 2 hours and 48 minutes (give or take). Long for a movie, but better than having the rest of this series included in it.

    • Tomozaurus permalink

      I’ll second this.

      • meee permalink

        I’ll third this.

      • Role permalink

        I counter with this – that’s not a movie, it’s a mini-series with three 56 minute episodes. Get it right, silly!

      • meee permalink

        I’ll fourth this!!!!

      • TrippNessa permalink

        Lol Mini Series, Movie, call it whatever you like. My point still stands; take all of the filler out and just string the good episodes together and it’s actually worth watching.

        Unless episode 22-25 suck… in that case, I say scrap the whole thing.

  31. digibeast permalink

    Just saw Episode 22 raw.

    FINALLY something worth watching.
    Masaru and Taichi take the stage!!
    Mimi and Ruki had a little cameo at the end.
    Masaru and Shinegreymon sounded exactly right.
    Taichi was a bit off, but what do you expect after 12 years.
    Great episode plot, which could indicate an amazing ending of this season.
    I wished I could say the whole season was fantastic, but I just can’t.

    • PapXS permalink

      (SPOILER COMMENT) @.@ Mimi and Ruki ALONG with Taichi and Masaru? *insert crazy fangirl scream here, even thought I’m a boy* wow you made my day…

      • digibeast permalink

        (SPOILER COMMENT) xD hold your horses, it’s really just a conversation, and they show there old fashioned digivices 😀

      • PapXS permalink

        (SPOILER COMMENT 02) So, how did Mimi and Ruki sound? Same voices? Do they sing? Why am I asking so many questions?

      • digibeast permalink

        (SPOILER COMMENT) Mimi doesn’t speak, Ruki sounded right. and they don’t sing

      • PapXS permalink

        (SPOILER COMMENT 03) Damn, Mimi and Ruki have good voices and I loved watching them sing…

    • Blade permalink

      Desperate are we, but I can see why…

  32. LiLi-san permalink

    Hey Digibeast!
    Don’t forget! They are finally sticking to Digivolving instead of Digi-Xros because I just saw Tagiru’s digimon Digivolve to Ultimate Level. Episode 22(76) FTW!

    • Umm, what the hell are you on about? Super evolving has been part of the series from the get-go, hell, from the original Xros Wars, and in Hunters it’s been far more important than DigiXros, which gets rarely used. Even so DigiXros is still there, so it’s not getting discarded randomly.

      And Arresterdramon didn’t evolve to Ultimate, since:
      1) Levels don’t exist in Xros Wars. I still don’t get how there’s people that don’t get this, but I’ll repeat it once more: Levels do not, have not, and will not exist in Xros Wars.
      2) Arresterdramon didn’t evolve there either. Tagiru strictly points out that it’s not a new super evolution. WHAT it is, I have no idea. Probably a Mode Change, like Imperialdramon to Fighter Mode. It’s hard to know since there’s no call of anything, apart from Arresterdramon saying its new name.

      • I found that out too but how do you explain lillymon,she is ultiamte level but she don’t know what is digivolving, and she couldn’t be born as a lilllymon… Someone fucked up those digivolutions

      • Tomozaurus permalink

        They do evolve, it is just a very gradual process akin to aging. This is seen with the Chocomon/Lopmon in Death Generals. Super-evolution is just a sped up version of this process.

      • sasuke123432 permalink

        it is Arresterdramon Superior mode

      • Blade permalink

        I think they may have “pokemonified” evolving here…

      • meee permalink

        I think it’s just a Mode Change, hence why Arresterdramon said Superior Mode instead of a completely new name.

      • Role permalink

        Yeah, I fail to see what the big deal is, honestly. Evolution has been a big part of Young Hunters, while Digi Xros, the main powerup from the last season, has been but a equipment option. So there’s really nothing to be excited over.

      • 2gay2play2day permalink

        Only ONE evulotion is needed to kick almost any bad digimon’s ass these days, but back in the season 1 you had to evolve to the second level if you wanted to stand a chance.

      • meee permalink

        Yep, these new kids have no respect for the elders. Back in the day, you couldn’t just send one Ikkakumon on one Devimon, or one MetalGreymon on Vamdemon, or one MetalGarurumon on Piemon, or one KaiserGreymon on Dynasmon. But now, you can send a mere OmegaShoutmon on an army of Megadramon and Gigadramon and survive.

      • Role permalink

        Um, to be fair, they don’t win after one evo – they usually have to both team up AND Xros-up, as well as outwit the opponent to win. Even in Xros Wars they did that – it’s part of why it was so good. It wasn’t just power levels, it had a lot of tactics involved.

  33. The sad thing is the plot had so much POTENTIAL in it… however as previos posts have stated, it has been ruined. The ridiculously stupid amount of filler episodes plus the short lifespan they gave the series, has nothing but failure behind it. There’s SO much unexplained stuff in this season, unexplained things that could’ve given span to at least 10 more episodes and WAY less fillers…

    Saddening, at least I can end this season knowing the previous one was great, and pretend NOTHING EVER HAPPENED HERE :/

  34. crazyone permalink

    Hopefully though unlikely, the compony is the one spreading the rumors of cancellation, and they plan to surprise us by continuing, and doing something insanely awesome to make up for the insane amount of bunched together filler.

  35. After all the comments I had to check out episode 22 before the subs . . . FINALLY . . . I almost cried seeing an episode that was decent for a change . . . too bad the whole series so far wasn’t as good.

  36. meee permalink

    Okay, 4 more comments and we’ll reach 100. Just say some random shit like Mister 2gay2play2day and we are good!

    • Blade permalink

      I’ve been waiting for this for soooooooo long now. Make us proud random people!!!

    • 2gay2play2day permalink

      >implying I’d would say something random shit

      • 2gay2play2day permalink

        >2x would

        was I asleep…

  37. Tomozaurus permalink

    I suppose I’ll help the cause.

    Uh… this episode was arse. So glad it is the last one before shit actual starts happening.

  38. Role permalink

    100 comments on a single episode… dang, this one got us talking.

  39. But not talking about the episode itself, just the hope that the next one won’t be terrible.

    Seriously, worst Digimon series ever.

  40. Blade permalink

    WE DID IT!!!!

    Bored people do amazing things.

  41. meee permalink

    On this glorious day, new sunrise brought me hope, and I think there is a bright future for us. The future of plot, many new unexplored characters, new lessons and FREEDOM!!!!

    FOR FREEDOM!!!!!

  42. dougan permalink

    Next stop 200!

    • Blade permalink

      That’s not gonna happen…

      Our best at this rate would be 150

  43. karth permalink


  44. meee permalink

    I bet the WildBunch Team is very proud of us!

    • Blade permalink

      They way you typed that makes me think you had a humorous smug grin on your face when you did it.

      Not in a bad way either. 😉

      • meee permalink

        Yeah, I did xD

        I must say that most of all, I’m happiest because of you. This achievement, these 100 comments was your dream. I’m honored I contributed for making that dream come true. Also, what you said earlier is now my motto and my biggest motivation – “Bored people do amazing things.” Because it’s true – I DID just write an amazingly stupid comment because I was bored, and that’s amazing. Thank you man!

  45. Kevin permalink

    I am so sorry Wildbunchers but i have to whine just a lil bit.. I want the next sub episode! plz hurry up! This ep is pretty important! And you are not usually this late without an explanation!

    • wildbunchsubs permalink

      I don’t make it a secret that I hate XW, so it’s partially a motivation thing. Also I’ve been recovering from a stressful week that ended yesterday, which I’ve been making up for by drinking and being lazy in general since then. Don’t worry, we’ll release 22 tonight or tomorrow and then we’ll be back on schedule with 23.

      • Tomozaurus permalink

        Don’t worry onkeikun, only three more episodes and it’s done for good – and these ones at least look to be okay.
        Then we can put this huge kick in the balls that was Digimon Xros Wars: The Young Hunters Who Leapt Through Time behind us.

      • meee permalink

        Hahahaahaah I totally feel with you onkeikun. A nice cold beer always wipes off the stress. This week was especially stressful for me, so not only did I treat myself and my friends with a good ol’ beer, we ate like 10 sausages each to completely restore our energies and forget about the stressful week and a couple of bad grades.

        So, you can be lazy all you want cause, YOU DESERVED IT!

      • Blade permalink

        Hey, things are looking up, and yeah, it feels good to relax.

        As for Xros Wars, I liked it, especially Death Generals, that all felt like digimon, even though they Xrossed most of the time instead of the ussual evoling. It was like a change of pace.

        Boy Hunters shot digimon and evoling to pieces, but you kept subbing (translating) anyway. We respect that quite a bit, so take a few more days if you need ’em. We’ll wait. We all know the feeling and understand.

  46. When is next ep??????

  47. zman permalink

    Don’t worry, if I know these guys. Now that episode 23 has aired, they will probably give us a double release. Besides most of us can watch epsiode 22 subbed on CR. So take your time guys.

  48. 123321 permalink

    My eyes are itching for new episode, aaaaaaghhhhhh! *calm down* *calm down*

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