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[RELEASE] Digimon Xros Wars II – 20 (74) H264 & XViD

by on February 22, 2012

The twentieth episode of Digimon Xros Wars: The Boy Hunters Who Leap Through Time!

MKV: Part 1, Part 2

BT Index:

Teppei: Boy with purple shirt that looks like a girl.
Shintarou: Boy with black-yellow shirt and baseball cap.
Kazumi: Boy with the red SMB tanktop.
Megane: The boy wearing glasses, obviously.

  1. RexR permalink

    Thank you once again for another release!
    A much earlier release at that, thanks again!

  2. anacoluthia permalink

    Yes, Pertamax!!
    Thx a lot.. 🙂

  3. Wow, I can’t believe I’m the first comment for once xD (not that I care).

    Anyways, thanks for releasing Episode 20, grabbing the AVI as usual!

  4. Aluhuru permalink

    Just watched it and as usual it is a good episode 🙂
    But, it could have had a MUCH BETTER story revolving around KnightChessmon/RookChessmon, then a card game 😐

    • Yes, it could of been a chess game lol

    • Role permalink

      Speaking of evolving… “Super evolve” my ass. That was just normal evolution! One stage up! They’re really dropping the ball with this series, Super Evolution is getting more and more… eh.

  5. Thank you! =D

  6. I took the card game story as a throwback reference to Tamers, since the two series’ have a LOT of similarities anyway. Plus, isn’t one of the lead writers/producers one of the same from Tamers?

    • Thunder permalink

      The card game thing was actually blatant Jintrix advertising since the game played the same way as the Jintrix cards (could be wrong on that) and the cards had the same design.

  7. Also, thank yo Wildbunch! 🙂

  8. Yusei permalink

    Card Games on Motorcycles

    • Role permalink

      Better than it sounds.

      Digimon with Card Games was done far better in Season 3, though. :3

  9. Chessy permalink


  10. 2gay2play2day permalink

    “Your mothers should be proud of you.”

  11. Kuroichi permalink

    thanks as always 😀

  12. Blade permalink

    Made my day there, I just randomly check not expecting anything and BOOM!!! New ep, fast torrent, and life get interesting again. Not that it wasn’t anyway. Thank you!

  13. TrippNessa permalink

    Okay, I’ve already come to accept the anime-fact that anyone wearing a mask, no matter how unrealistically thin it is, is SOMEHOW completely unrecognizable now. But COME ON Taiki/Tagiru… he hadn’t even taken off his clothes from the tournament! *facepalm*

    That being said, I loved the scene where Tagiru tries to catch Gumdramon after being reamed in the face by KnightChessmon’s back legs, but doesn’t quite make it and Gumdramon smashes through a monitor. I dunno, it just looked cool. I also don’t mind how lame that battle with RookChessmon was, because at least Yuu FINALLY got another capture.

    • Role permalink

      True. Only redeeming fact about the episode was that Yuu finally wasn’t just a background guy. Still, this was not one of the better moments for the series. I actually facepalmed during that stupid tournament. I live alone, and that was just plain embarrassing to watch.

  14. Evan Banks permalink

    Thanks for the release, WildBunch.

  15. Blade permalink

    No “reviews” yet, looks like my time to shine right? Kidding.

    I don’t review stuff like that anyway, I’m here to call attention to something Yuu said about “you don’t need strong/rare cards to win” or something like that. I have played a game very similar to the one in this episode that has all the strong game changing cards as “VeryRares” or “SuperRares” and you can’t win unless you have a few decent rare cards, because odds are your opponent isn’t an idiot and has a few himself. You can guess if you want what I’m referring to.

    New moral of this story: if your going to play a card game and you are loosing simply because you lack rare cards, trade, buy, or save up for them, because you will get a few eventually.

    I know if that was the whole greed plot thing the episode was based on that but really…

    • brazillian-anon permalink

      I’d say if you are losing because of lack of cards then stop playing it! 😛 Unfair games are no fun. This also makes me think of many MMO, which is why I never played any in so many(6?) years.

      This show is aimed at children*, so it would be good if they learn to stop supporting these unfair/moneygrab things.
      * its always ’bout child problems. I mean, japanese children problems? Inferiority Complex, friendship complex…

      What can I say about this epi? I almost decided to skip it…
      Well, 5/10.
      Yuu was the only one who were not blind or idiot. I really wish he was the main, and the others(caricatures) were supporters. As usual, the mains don’t digivolve until they no longer can win. They have to wait until enemy got super powerful, haha. I’d love to put this stupid team on the first anime xP

      Won’t this end in 25? next one is a filler too… I guess/hope the last 4 or 3 episodes will have more plot than all other 21 xP

      • Blade permalink

        Of course I stopped playing, I decided it was more fun to collect years ago, now I’m only missing a few cards. I’m just saying don’t fight a battle you can’t win without relying mostly on luck. That’s all.

        By the way, it will either end sometime around 25-26 or be given a new time slot from the info I’ve gathered (which I posted in the comments section for ep 19).

        I personally like Taiki the best, as the only time he really shines is when there is a dark plot, which is what Boy Hunters really needs.

    • Role permalink

      In my defense, I have two things:

      First, in a bit of a gaming binge. Didn’t even realize this was out until an hour ago.
      Second, there’s really nothing to review. I mean… what the hell are we supposed to say? It wasn’t horribad, but… I mean, come on! After 20 episodes of this stuff after the rush that was Xros Wars, it’s kind of… It wears on you, ya know?

      Also what the hell kind of card game was that? The person with the rarest cards win? Uh, dood, I don’t play those things and I can tell you rare cards are nothing without strategy… Even with the rarest of cards, the dood would never have made it to the top like that. This almost seemed to be a mockery of people who make a big fuss over rare cards than of card games in general.

    • meee permalink

      I just want to say that I have Raigeki card from Yu-Gi-Oh! I know that nobody cares, but I like it very much 😀

  16. meee permalink

    Another filler of course, but an okay one. Next is probably filler, too.

    In a month we’ll finally get what we were waiting for – Taichi, Daisuke, Takato, Takuya and Masaru will appear and hopefully, Masaru will land some nice puches to, well, everyone, and make men from Tagiru and others. I was delighted to see that they are voiced by the same seiyuus who voiced them before! Can’t wait!

    • meee permalink

      punches* -_-

    • PurpleWarPicklemon permalink

      Another filler? This whole season is filler! But hey it’s digimon and I’m a loyal fan-idiot . . . so, I’ll watch it! Thanks Wild bunch for the work!

      • We all are fan-idiots, that’s why we are watching it…

      • Role permalink

        Indeed. This episode nearly made me want to ragequit, but my loyalty to the series got in the way. Stupid loyalty. Ah well. I’m starting to wonder if Executive Meddling had something to do with where the series is going? Something like:

        “Hey, pokemon’s always been more popular than your show. Make it more like pokemon.”
        “…You want us to do what? Oh… okay. When I’m done with the show, you’ll beg me never to make it like pokemon ever again.”

        I mean… Something like that had to happen for it to be this… bad-to-meh, right? Right guys? Guys? …Hello?

      • meee permalink

        I feel with you guys. But, to hell with loyalty. If this season ends in episode 25 and if they actually succeed in ruining the awesomeness of previous leaders (for Masaru, I think its impossible due to his manliness), I will deny the existence of this season. You know what, I say screw Xros Wars as a whole if that happens!

        Manga is surprisingly good though…

      • Role permalink

        No, Xros Wars itself was good. I was often on the edge of my seat.
        It’s Boy Hunters that sucks. Boy Hunters is the 02 of Xros Wars, and like 02, it can’t hold a candle to the original.

  17. Taiyokun permalink

    Wow, this episode was actually REALLY GOOD.

    I can’t say much more because I don’t know what else to say.

    • Taiyokun permalink

      oh wait that’s right,


  18. Sinanju permalink

    ;o Sakkakumon in the preview, almost didn’t recognize him. Thanks for the ep!

  19. Role permalink

    *the following post is to be read in an unenthusiastic tone*

    Another release, another review…. here we go…

    Uggh, in the first six minutes I could tell I wouldn’t like this episode. It went from embarrassing to watch, to boring as hell, and Tagiru was being a pest the whole time. Sometimes I wonder… who used to be in charge of the series? And why’d they let these guys take over? Or is this executive meddling, where they said make it like pokemon, so the guys said “okay, we’ll make you regret that” and we got Boy Hunters…

    Why? Why did they make the series so boring? It looks like we’ll go 21 episodes with maybe only 2-3 having anything to do with story, and with the better episodes being lackluster at best… I didn’t think this possible, but it’s pretty much official now. I like this series less than 02… and I hated 02.

    Oi, Bandai or whoever you guys are who make this series…. what the hell happened?

    • meee permalink

      Ya know, I get the exact feeling watching this season sometimes – embarrassment! Although, it certaintly isn’t as bad when I see those disgusting faggot pictures and fanfics that ruin Digimon, but it is embarrassment…

    • Blade permalink

      You know how all the famous writers, poets, and artists were depressed, doing drugs, and/or drunk when they did their form of art? Whoever planned Boy Hunters was probably on a pokemon high after trying for days to come up with a decent plot for a new series and Boy Hunters was born…

      Just to set one thing straight, never watched pokemon, don’t plan to after seeing how often Boy Hunters in compared to it. But still, even if I did watch pokemon, I think I would perfer this over pokemon’s best episode, espicially the one with Zeekgreymon and Volcdramon.

      By the way, no new digimon figures for this series, and as all the other series have had decent ones, I think Bandai has at least acknowledged this is kind of lame…

      • Role permalink

        To be fair, Pokemon is often better. Region 4 was pretty good, though in Region 5 the Main Character, Satoshi, suddenly forgot he had 12 years of character development and got stupid again. The saving grace for the Unova region? Team Rocket took a level in badass. Suddenly, I was more interested in their covert ops than the adventures of Satoshi the Idiot.

    • TrippNessa permalink

      02 was my favorite, but I agree with everything else you said Role. There’s a reason why I’ve never liked Pokemon; it’s boring and has no story other than “gotta catch’em all =D=D=D”, and putting that in my Digimon fandom feels like a huge slap in the face. Why have I been debating for years about why Digimon is not a Pokemon rip off if they were just going to actually make it a Pokemon rip off in the end?

      • Role permalink

        I know, right? Gonna have to disagree with your 02 love, but everything else you said is exactly how I feel. Pokemon I cannot marathon, I just watch every now and then. There’s just not enough story to keep me drawn in… but Digimon always had the ability to draw me in. Hell, even 02, which I didn’t like, had this quality to it.


        Because they told a story. It wasn’t about getting/fighting the new mon of the week, it was about people working to save a world. Hell, even Frontier, another one people tend to not like, had this ability. In fact, the show was pretty good at first, it was only when they dropped the ball near the end that it got stupid.

        Here… Where is the story? I’d rather watch pokemon, to be honest… This is… this is just bad.

    • meee permalink

      One of the problems of this season is the MOTW format. That wouldn’t be a problem if it were just first 4 or 5 episodes, but 20 is way too much.

      And about Pokemon, well it ended with season 5 for me. It certaintly is great anime and MOTW format works with Pokemon very well, while for Digimon not so good – we now know that.

      Both Digimon and Pokemon are great stuff, but the important thing is – Digimon =/= Pokemon

  20. I don’t like this season but ill feel sorry when it comes to an end… It WILL end up in episode 25 😦
    look here

    • Blade permalink

      There goes most of digimon’s self respect, those last episodes had better be super redeeming and have all the action the other episodes in this series lacked.

      Nice job on finally clarifying that.

      • Role permalink

        Wow, they didn’t even last a full run… This means that 02 and Frontier would have run longer. Hopefully the next season will redeem the franchise.

      • meee permalink

        What do you mean “02 and Frontier would have run longer”? Savers was the shortest running season with 48 episodes, wasn’t it?

      • Role permalink

        Uh, I count 25 episodes this run, dood. You can’t count this as part of Xros Wars, just like how you can’t count 02 as part of Adventure. It’s the 7th season right now, not the 6th. This means it’ll be the shortest season.

        My reference to 02 and Frontier are due to them being the bottom two on my tier list before this show. Given how much I hated 02, it surprises me that this season scored lower.

      • meee permalink

        I count this as the seventh season, too. I just said Savers is the shortest for now beacuse we aren’t 100% sure it will end with 25 episodes. I know I’m not. I can’t understand how they’re going to explain all this shit in just 2 or 3 episodes, plus the hypothetical final battle.

        About 02 and Frontier, I hated last ten episodes of 02(very much) but not the whole season. And I don’t hate nothing about Frontier – I love it! It started going a bit downhill in the second half, but last five episodes totally redeemed it in my opinion.

  21. karth permalink

    If they’re setting up the story wth a BIG BANG, I wouldn’t complain about the Pokemon esque storyline,

  22. karth permalink

    Or probably they’re showing these fillers cause the previous Seiyuus for previous Main Characters aren’t free and they’re setting up an appointment with them.

    • wildbunchsubs permalink

      Not all seiyuu are going to be busy at exactly the same time. They are given a day where they official record and they work their schedule around it. There’s also something called “separate recording” where seiyuu voice their parts at a day when they’re free, which doesn’t necessarily coincide with the day of the official recording.
      Whatever the producers have in mind for this series, it was intentionally set up to be this way.

      • Role permalink

        Let’s just hope they never do this again. This season was not a shining moment for Digimon at all. You know what, who made Tamers? The Serial Experiments Lain guy, right? Give him back control. He knew what he was doing.

      • 2gay2play2day permalink

        >implying there’s going to be a new season

  23. PapXS permalink

    The only things I liked about this episode were: 1. Tagiru tried to catch Gumdramon after he got kicked by KnightChessmon, it showed a bond between the two (that was the only scene I liked Tagiru in this entire episode) and 2. Yuu finally got a second capture. Other than that this episode was lame, Tagiru is still a self-centered brat and this season shows no promise at all. It was also fun that Yuu was really enthusiastic at the tournament. For a sec there it seemed like he was gonna have a heart attack.

    • Role permalink

      Fun? I found that tournament embarrassing as hell to watch. And as I said above – I live alone. I’m not watching this in front of people, and it’s still embarrassing.

      • PapXS permalink

        Well I thought it was comical to see Yuu, the otherwise calm character, so passionate about something. It’s usually Tagiru that acts this way…

  24. Kuroichi permalink

    just can’t wait for episode 78 😀

  25. meee permalink


    • We have to wait until March 04, 2012 sadly.

      (or April 03, 2012?)

      • meee permalink

        Don’t worry, it’s March 04. I thought they are gonna appear on March 18! What a surprise this was!

  26. Well how are we sure that there will be anymore seasons, this one was complete failure probably becuase they didn’t even cared how will this look, or they don’t have anymore ideas… I’m not really sure there will be anything more…

    We were waithing 3 years for frontiers, than we were waithing 4 years for xros wars.
    How much will we waith for next season? 5 years???

    P.S. Sorry for grammar,I’m not american

    • meee permalink

      This season isn’t over yet so we don’t know if it’s really going to be a failure or if it’s going to redeem itself somehow. If it does end wiht episode 25 then yes, it’s utter failure and we shouldn’t be expecting another one soon. But we don’t know when it’ll end and how. They said leaders would be appearing in a month and then BAM, they are appearing in the next episode.

      My point is, it’s still too early to make conclusions like it’s all over. We shouldn’t be very optimistic, but we shouldn’t be pesimistic either cause you never know what will happen(this was totally optimistic but okay…xD)

      P.S. It’s wait not waitH 🙂

  27. Ups i wntd to say we were waithing 3 years for data squad …

  28. Tomozaurus permalink

    Honestly, if there isn’t a Xros-Wars-s04/Young-Hunters-part-2 then this series has been a complete waste of time. If there is going to be a fourth/second part then I suppose this could be claimed as an introduction of the characters, mechanics and plot for that. If not, then they could have just thrown all the leaders together into a movie and not bothered with creating all these new characters and mechanics for 21 episodes of filler.

    • Role permalink

      I honestly think they’re using the Crossover goggleboys as a saving throw here. I really don’t think that’ll be enough, though…

      • Blade permalink

        It takes months to make and finalize a single episode, this was the plan from the start, not some last ditch save attempt. Also, why would they risk the reputation of previous digimon seasons if they didn’t have confidance that Boy Hunters would be popular? My guess is this will be hopefully the end of Boy Hunters, and there will be a new darker season picking up where this one left off. That is, if you count the Death Generals/Kingdoms thing as a “sequel” to Xros Wars.

        I that case it would be terrific and we can all forget Boy Hunters (Xros Wars “part 1” was still good though).

        By the way, Code Crown Zero exists for the Xros Loader, anyone know a sure fire way to get one? It continues with Omegashoutmon, Zeekgreymon, Mervamon, and some of the Death Generals. Want this bad, also want Omegashoutmon and Zeekgreymon figures already, seriously Bandai.

  29. Pffff I really hope there will be more seasons but who says they will be better than this one???
    I mean look how digivice has changed, in season one it was only for digivolving and now you can capture digimons with it… We might as well call it Poke Ball

    • Saint Walker permalink

      I have no problem with the digivice evolving through the seasons. It’s part of what keeps it interesting. Besides, you can just think of digimon capturing as a more humane version of defeating them and loading their data like they did in Tamers (among others). Anyway, many of the digivice toys work like that (adding to your collection of digimon, and being able to use them in battle), why not do it in the anime?

      Anyway, I’ll admit Xros Wars (I) definitely built a plot around a marketable digivice, but at least they told a pretty decent story with fairly interesting characters. I usually say plot details are secondary to telling a good story and telling it well.

      The one exception I will make to that for Digimon was Frontier. For me, one of the core defining aspects of the franchise (anime, at least) is the importance of the emotional bond between human and digimon partners. When they eliminated that, it didn’t feel like Digimon anymore to me.

      I’d say there are two basic reasons Boy Hunters doesn’t feel like a traditional Digimon season. First is the lack of levels*. And second is the lack of a driving plot/underlying menace that the characters need to resolve/defeat to save the world. We’ve had hints of one, but no reveals yet, so it feels like the story hasn’t “started” yet. Unfortunately, this second fact is also leading to telling less-than-interesting stories, and no real overall story connecting the episodes, so the season (so far) generally becomes an overall flop that only seems to attract die-hard never-say-quit fans and young kids who just want to see the monsters fight and don’t particularly care about a major plot.

      * Yes, I realise the first season of Xros Wars abandoned levels, too. However, there, even if there weren’t explicit levels, there was at least a semblance of some kind of order to it all. Shoutmon and Ballistamon were child or something like it. x2 and Dorurumon were adult or something like it. x4 and Beelzebumon were ultimate or something like it. Of course, they had to keep adding on as the villains got stronger, but you kind of get the picture. It’s a little like the Digimon World DS games. Just by looking at a digimon and what level it is, you have no way of telling how strong it is. But you still know, if you evolve it or jogress it, it’s gonna get stronger. With Boy Hunters, you have normal form, or chou-shinka, and you can add a digi-xros for a tactical advantage and/or a little more power if you need it. But that’s it. And what’s worse, it often seems like the main characters’ partner digimon are all more or less on the same level for no apparent reason other than “it makes the story better.” Oh, and furthermore, sometimes it seems like there’s not really that much difference between normal form and chou-shinka in terms of power levels. That wouldn’t be so bad if we hadn’t watched the 20- or 30-some episodes it took Shoutmon to become OmegaShoutmon, and how many digixrosses he surpassed in doing so. It’s a little like Goku finally going Super Seiyan on Dragon Ball Z to defeat the unbeatable bad guy, and then the next season they go, “Oh, by the way, now there are dozens of Seiyans on Earth, and they can all go Super Seiyan at the drop of a hat, so… good luck with that.”

      • PapXS permalink

        Well I agree with what you say about Xros Wars 1, it was a great season, even though I expected it not to be. Plot kept me interested, characters were awesome and I like the story of Nene trying to save her little brother and him being evil (well not evil, manipulated would be more like it).
        About Frontier, it was my favorite season, even though I have to admit that at the start I was a bit…unsure about it (because humans turned into Digimon). But the plot was interesting, I liked the characters and it didn’t bother me that much that they didn’t have partners. I also liked that in the final episode it was revealed that the warriors’ spirits were always with the kids.

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