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[RELEASE] Digimon Xros Wars II – 19 (73) H264 & XViD

by on February 16, 2012

The nineteenth episode of Digimon Xros Wars: The Boy Hunters Who Leap Through Time!

MKV: Part 1, Part 2

BT Index:

The Lone Female (?) Team interview
To whoever went around the internet saying “HUNTERS HAS A NEW SERIES” using this link as a source, dishonor to you and your cow. The new series they mentioned is the current Hunters.
The interviews also imply that they took place long before the airing of the current episodes. I would say around or before the recording of episode 10.

  1. Thank you so much! ^^

  2. Thank You!
    Also the only thing I like about this episode is Submarimon. Oh back in the days~

    • Taiyokun permalink

      A lot of people probably had nostailgasms upon seeing him.

  3. PurpleWarPicklemon permalink

    Thank you for all of your time and work spent on bringing us these episodes!

  4. Kuroichi permalink

    Thanks 😀

  5. Evan Banks permalink

    Thank you for the release, WildBunch.

  6. Taiyokun permalink

    Just saw it. It wasn’t that bad if you ask me.

    Oh and if the next episode is anything to go by….


    (god i love ygotas0

    • Gaardus permalink

      Aw… for a moment I thought you meant Takato would be the first of the old Goggleheads to appear. Oh well, that’s what I get for reading the comments first.

  7. toni permalink

    thanks :D:D:D

  8. Role permalink

    Another release, another review. Here we go.

    *sigh* You know, for an episode with Dagomon in it, I was really hoping it would be better than it was. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t bad like last week’s episode, but it wasn’t good either, just… “alright.” To add insult to injury, it was yet again Tagiru who hunted the guy. So… this makes his team larger than Taiki’s, and keep Yuu being more or less ignored.

    It seems as though Airu is either a fan favorite in japan or is the favorite of the guys making the show, since she keeps showing up and the rest of her team continues to be ignored. While I don’t mind Airu, I wish the others got more screentime as well.

    It was nice to see a non-Shoulmon Xwhatever Digicross that looked somewhat decent. usually it’s just shoutmon + weapon or something, I was half expecting Chibikamemon to just turn into a oxygen tank there. I hope they’ll keep being a bit more creative than they had in the past for the non-core Xroses.

    And would you look at that… the next episode seems to be more filler. This time, a Yugioh parody… or was it a dragon quest parody? It looked like both. But still… really? This show is really trying my patience. Had I not been a big digimon fan, I’d have stopped watching long ago. This is really disappointing, to be honest. But hey, it could be worse. Tagiru could still be as annoying as he was in the early series, rather than being tolerable as he is now.

    • brazillian-anon permalink

      I liked this episode, but it could really be just because it could be worse…
      Well… tagiru, at least, used any his digimons I guess…

      These characters like Airu… argrr… They don’t even seem to have the maturity of a real 13yo – i guess that’s why i’m starting to hate most animes. Too much inferiority complex and friendship complex in plot and characters.

      Yuu, this girl, the girl from ghost MotW could probable form a more interesting party, that looks realistic as opposed to these stereotypes and caricatures.
      /rant, I may skip the next episode to not abandon the season ¬¬

      • Role permalink

        Eh, at least Airu is somewhat amusing. Still, totally agree with you… I’d rather have a much different team layout. The one you mentioned sounds very interesting… I kind of wish that Taiki, Kiriha, and Tagiru were on a separate team, and functioned as an additional rival team. Yuu is easily the most interesting one on the team, and he’s the one who can’t seem to catch a break so far. *sighs*

        I mean, he’s smart, but not a fully blown sue like Taiki. He’s also levelheaded, rather than obnoxious like Tagiru (though Tagiru has been much better recently, I’m gonna have to say first impressions really leave a mark). It’d also be nice to have an inverted gender ratio for once, rather than doing the whole smurfette principle thing… I’m not saying girl power or anything stupid like that, just… something new, fresh, you know?

  9. megate permalink and the mkv is ready for ddl and the rest of the eps can be found here

  10. meee permalink

    This episode is the same as others but screw that, who is that bird Digimon in the opening? It seems to me Taiki is riding it. Just, what is that?

    • PapXS permalink

      It’s Ornithmon/Ornismon/Giant Blue Bird From Frontier Movie. I’m 99% sure it’s Ornithmon, the outline looks like it’s him…

      • meee permalink

        YES, that’s definetley Ornismon! I just looked up his picture, it must be! It seems Taiki’s riding it! Wow, so many questions popping up in my head!!!!

  11. 2gay2play2day permalink

    Spiderman is not amused.

  12. Seymour Butz permalink

    Thanks for the episode guys!

  13. Blade permalink

    Digimon absorbing (loading) digimon again? Not to mention Dagomon ( first “appeared” in 02), look like there were hidden (debatable) references to previous Digimon seasons. I for some reason am enjoying these fillers. This one’s my favorite filler so far. Airu knows First Aid?

    Oh yeah, it looks like around ep 25-26 the airing time for all the shows (digimon included) is going to change in Japan. This happened last time with Xros Wars and may have influenced the “end at 25” rumor. It still could happen though.

    Sometimes I wish I could take some boring fillers transfer them from one series to another (not possible in any way shape or form) just to have the boring fillers on something that I like better and want to watch more of. 🙂

    • About that time change in all the shows in Japan, do you have any source?

      • Blade permalink

        I feel bad not having completely solid proof to give of this (at least I can be 100% honest) but based on the airing of new shows, example Saint Seiya Omega, and that the same thing happened around this time last year it seemed probable. This is not a hunch as Saint Seiya airs April 1 (not an April Fool’s Joke I am American in USA). About the time the “end at 25” rumor started someone mentioned Saint Seiya Omega taking Boy Hunter’s time slot. Needless to say this seems to have started here on the comments about episode 17, so backtracking reveals that no one then knew either. I think Boy Hunters will just be given a lower priority time slot because of bad ratings or something like that.

        It is rather difficult to combat something that doesn’t have much substance and is uncertain, but I did my best and hope this clears up some of the confusion.

        Source for Saint Seiya Omega: Wikipedia
        Comments: See episode 17 comments section on WildBunch main web page.

  14. PapXS permalink

    Ok I watched the episode yesterday so I will just write my comments down, too lazy to review.
    1. That is one FAT Sabmarimon. The one from 02 seemed more sleek and agile underwater.
    2. All Xroses in this episode are ridiculous. Sabmarimon+Plesiomon=Submarine with flippers, long neck and tail with propeller, Shoutmon+ChibiKamemon=Shoutmon with shell and helmet, Arresterdramon+GigaBreakdramon= Dragon bulldozer with a dragon’s head with a drill. Only ZeekGreymon+Sabmarimon looked remotely interesting.
    3. Is Tagiru some kind of an idiot? He SAW that GigaBreakdramon was uncontrollable before he caught him and yet he now Xroses him with Arresterdramon.
    4. Airu wants Yuu as her subordinate. Keep hoping Airu, you’re getting nowhere with that attitude. And stop hiding your feelings, you LIKE Yuu.
    5. Narration of the next episode is wrong, that’s not BishopChessmon, it’s KnightChessmon.
    Apart from that this was one of the more enjoyable episodes. Too bad that girl didn’t get Dagomon. Wonder what a Xros between Arresterdramon and Dagomon would look like. Probably something ridiculous…

    • pokemega32 permalink

      The narration says RookChessmon, not BishopChessmon. And a RookChessmon clearly appears in the trailer.

    • Role permalink

      @2: As opposed to Shoutmon’s normal Xroses? Which are basically shoutmon + mon turned into item? Dood, they’re better than some we’ve seen.
      @3: Uhh, yeah? I believe this was established early in the series, dood.
      @4: You’re new to this Tsundere thing, aren’t you? Then again, so is Airu it seems, because he doesn’t do it very well either… But it looks like they’re trying to make her a tsundere character. She’s just… not quite there.

      • PapXS permalink

        @pokemega32 actually Knight Chessmon appears in all the trailer, hooves show+the kid riding it shows. On the very end I think it’s RookChessmon though I’m not sure…

        @Role ok I agree most of Shoutmon’s Xroses are looking weird. But at least Sabmarimon+Plesiomon could be better. Like Sab’s body, Plesio’s head w/o the neck, Plesio’s flippers and Sab’s behind (just propeller, not tail). As for Tagiru, I was hoping that even with his low intelligence he would understand that Xrosing an uncontrollable dragon bulldozer with his partner Digi would be a bad idea >:O

    • Saint Walker permalink

      To be fair regarding GigaBreakdramon: 1. I had personally forgotten he was uncontrollable before, so it’s not that much of a stretch for me for Tagiru to have forgotten it, especially in the heat of battle.
      2. A lot of digimon who seemed to be going kind of berserk seemed to completely change personalities once captured, so it doesn’t seem unreasonable to have expected the same from him.
      3. Usually in a digixros, the main digi gets powers/parts from the second one, but I haven’t really noticed any big personality changes or anything. It seems like the central digi’s mind stays intact. Therefore, I wouldn’t necessarily have expected Arresterdramon to have trouble controlling his body, even if his body were largely an otherwise out-of-control digimon. Unless it’s not GigaBreakdramon’s mind that is out of control, but that his body literally cannot be controlled mentally. I suppose since he was created artificially, this could well be the case, too.

      Anyway, I rather enjoyed this episode. Although, I will have to say (especially if the series does end early), that I have a feeling Hunter Boys is either going to have a lot of cameo appearances at the end, or is going to have more touched-upon and never reused plot points and characters than 02 did.

  15. TrippNessa permalink

    You know, this episode was the first time I actually watched the theme song, and I have to wonder if anyone else noticed what I just did. The scene where everyone is in a huge circle next to their Digimon, holding out their Digivices is clearly copied from Tamers.

    Anyway… wtf? Oh yeah THAT sure makes sense. You’re all underwater with a huge demonic ocean Digimon hiding somewhere nearby, and you let Mizuki swim off on her own to investigate while the rest of the Hunters who actually HAVE Digimon sit back and watch? Airu was as annoying and pointless to have around as always. As for Dagomon, I’m actually pretty disappointed. After 02 I expected him to be a dark, creepy and interesting villain. BUT of course here in Hunters he just wanted treasure… *sigh* and why can’t any of these one episode girls stay around permanently? They’re way cooler than anyone else so far, both Kaoru and this Mizuki girl. I liked Kaoru more though.

    At least Tagiru was pretty smart in this episode. I don’t want to complain too much because this episode was certainly a huge improvement from the previous one. I guess I just made the mistake of expecting something because Dagomon and Submarimon were in it. 02 Dagomon was immeasurably better than this Dagomon, and we saw him for like… 10 seconds lol.

    • Saint Walker permalink

      You know, Mizuki DID have a digimon, plus she was the only experienced diver of the bunch.
      And even if Dagmon “just wanted treasure,” the “treasure” he wanted WAS in fact an extremely powerful digiegg that apparently would have given him the power to rule the ocean. Just saying.

      • TrippNessa permalink

        She did have a Digimon I suppose, but it just seems so stupid to have her go off alone. I mean at least send ONE other person with her. Yeah I know what Dagomon was after, I just mean… how to explain it… I felt like Dagomon was going to be more evil than that. Like he’d have more significance to the story. Probably just me desperate for plot lol.

      • Role permalink

        Okay, you have two choices –

        A – send out a scout to look ahead. If they get in trouble, their allies are right behind them and can protect them


        B – send in all your troops, risking the chance of being ambushed.

        In terms of tactical decisions, they made the right choice, dood. I’d totally ruin you when it comes to warfare if you used your strategy. Often strategy is far better than brute force.

      • Saint Walker permalink

        I know what you mean, Nessa. They could easily have done at least a mini-arc with Dagomon and the mysterious digiegg if they wanted to expand the story some. But no. Dagomon captured; day saved; let’s forget about all this for now. I still think the egg might show up again later, but frankly I’m anticipating more of a — final battle, Xros Heart are about to be wiped out, last second save by a powerful aqua digi, Mizuki “hey guys, this hatched from that digiegg I was protecting,” Xros Heart continues on towards the main bad guy — type moment.

      • TrippNessa permalink

        I didn’t mean send the whole crew in. There were 5 of them, so send two out together who can hold their ground if something goes wrong, and the other 3 hang back. If one other person had been with then maybe they could have helped Mizuki when Dagomon was trying to possess her. You don’t have to like my idea of course, that’s just what I think.

        And yes, I might keep an eye out for that egg again but I really have my doubts. I’m more keeping an eye out for Taichi than anything else, personally.

  16. Thanks alot for releasing Episode 25 :), I’m grabbing the XviD AVI as always :D!

  17. Whoops did I say Episode 25? I meant to say Episode 19, sorry lol *facepalm*

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