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[RELEASE] Digimon Xros Wars II – 18 (72) H264 & XViD

by on February 9, 2012

The eighteenth episode of Digimon Xros Wars: The Boy Hunters Who Leap Through Time!

MKV: Part 1, Part 2

BT Index:

Interviews on Toei’s website translated:
Protagonist team
Rival team

  1. Yet another filler. Not a bad episode, but I need a storyline!

    • Role permalink

      We knew this coming into it… but I agree wholeheartedly. This doesn’t seem like a digimon series at all, since the series is traditionally very plot driven. I’ve not watched this ep yet – just started the torrent, but I’ll be giving my usual review when it’s done.

  2. Thanks for releasing Episode 18, I’m grabbing the AVI.

  3. Kuroichi permalink

    thanks for the torrent ^_^

  4. PurpleWarPicklemon permalink

    Thanks again for your work . . . I heard rumors that this series will end with episode 25 – any truth to that? To be honest, Xros Wars was far superior to Hunters. I just wish they’d develop a storyline! Still, there’s nothing you can do – just keep translating and I’ll keep thanking!

  5. megate permalink

    full mkv ep is ready to go
    and you can find the rest of the eps in mkv form here

  6. Black Mage permalink

    at last . . .
    thank you guys . . .

  7. sorry for asking this, but can you upload 720p to wupload too?
    maybe for future releases too since you don’t need to split it up

  8. Tomozaurus permalink

    Thanks heaps for the interviews as well. That was a nice surprise.

  9. 2gay2play2day permalink

    YES! YES!

  10. meee permalink

    10 minutes into the episode I snapped and turned it off. What the hell… Every Digimon fan was happy to see that there’ll be another Digimon season and what do we get? We get Digimon Porn Wars staring CleavageLillithmon and PamelaMervamon, then Digimon Johto League featuring monsters which are ALMOST as cool as Pepa the Pig(no offence to Pepa)..

    I mean seriously, first we get a Digimon turning into a damn pie, then that ANNOYING COIN Digimon, and now this crap? I don’t care they won some stupid contest which has been pushed into our noses in every episode, the bottom line is – THEY SUCK! I just can’t take this season seriously after this crap. How are we supposed to take the eventual grand battle seriously after watching A GOD DAMN FLOP LIKE THIS!!!

    Just bring this guy back to make this crap just a little bearable.

    • Blade permalink

      I hope you feel better after posting that…

      I just watch this on the side to take away my boredom, isn’t that what we all do in some way or another? I agree, Xros Wars was better, in particular the Death Generals.

      • meee permalink

        After listening to this song in the video, I kinda realised how awesome previous seasons were and how awesome this season could be if it finally starts showing us something interesting.

        Xros Wars was great until Mervamon came. Her design with flashing laser boobs and vagina that can be seen through her black panties is what ruined XW for me. But in the end, I liked XW but, I could have liked it so much more.

        About Hunters, it has an enormous potential. I don’t want it to go to waste with these fillers. It’s best to pretend more than half of these episodes never happened because seeing this Pencilmon thingy really destroys the image of this season as well as it’s credibility. I don’t think it’s hard to understand my disappointment here.

    • Stanley permalink


      Exactly what i am saying!! Even though i liked PamelaMervamon! :B

      But for hunters.. well whats more to say? Just a HUGE FAAAAAIIIIILLL in their faces will make them realize how they are destroying everything in digimon!

      Wild bunchers thank you for the episode!
      Taking the .avi

    • Role permalink

      Let it all out, hun. Let it all out. We feel your pain. The fanservice of Xros Wars was painful, and the mess that is Boy Hunters is just… Go ahead and vent, we’re here for you.

    • Dorugreymon permalink

      Tell me about it. I was afraid something like this would happen when I heard about this _The Boy Hunters Who Leap Through Time!_ *Two weeks* between seasons? That never happened before, and the result is as feared: ill-conceived, rush-rush job. What does that title even mean? When did anyone “leap through time” here?

      *Nothing* about what differences Shoutmon’s leadership made for the Digital World. How is it that Shoutmon seems to be spending an inordinate amount of time just hanging out in Taiki’s X-Loader? How is it that Taiki isn’t getting his fair share of digimon? Even when he and Shoutmon do most of the work, this new kid gets all the digimon.

      Think of all the really cool characters: Impmon, Renamon, Guilmon, Augomon, V-mon, Digmon, Blackwargreymon, Shoutmon, Dekerdramon, amoung others — what do we get? A talking pencil! YUCK!

  11. Blade permalink

    “Strongest Weapon Ever” O_O wow

    Next Filler looks interesting. For a series filled with fillers (pun), these fillers are some of the better ones I’ve seen, but the lack of plot is like just trying to bring back everyone’s favorite digimon again regardless of whether or not there is a reason to. There is no real purpose to this series other than that.

    I’m done here, thanks for the release.

    • Role permalink

      Actually, the “living zanpacto” arc or however it’s spelled from Bleach I find far more interesting than this. Or the main storyline of bleach, for that matter. I typically use that as a good example for what filler arcs should be.

      What is not cool is a filler series, though… You should at least have plot set up before you start with the fillers!

      • Blade permalink

        Actually they did set up small plot that lasted 5 episodes, that would be the return of Tsuwamon turned Damemon. I dislike that, as Damemon was never technically a digimon, just a disguise Tsuwamon used to mess with Lithemon and Blastmon later as Yuu’s “play toy” (used for taunting the enemy, etc).

        Not really contradicting your statement there just pointing out a hint of a plot (but only a hint).

        Seems like everyone openly hates the series now (or the lack of plot thing). Following my previous comment I think it it safe to say we wanted to see Digimon continue, but actually continue not just be there.

        Interviews were interesting, seems that they (voice actors) thought some of the same things we do.

      • pokemega32 permalink

        How was Damemon “never technically a Digimon”? Tuwarmon was able to transform into a different Digimon that he used as a disguise. That doesn’t somehow make him not a Digimon.

        And how is the whole “Digimon disappearing from the Digital World and all heading toward Digimon and the Clockmaker has some plans to use the old leaders for something” not a hint of a plot?

  12. Role permalink

    Another release, another review. Here we go.

    …You guys really, really tried with your translations to spice things up a bit, didn’t ya? I don’t blame you – this episode committed a cardinal sin of entertainment.

    It was boring.

    Hell, even the method used to solve it was rather predictable. I small chuckle when my guess was correct, but I mostly laughed at the “godmoding” translation line. After all, my name is Role, from “to roleplay”. That totally relates.

    Other than that, though…. uggh. This episode was horrible. While Tagiru continues to be decent, a good path from his old self for sure… there was nothing really redeeming about this episode at all. A likable MC is something that should be expected, rather than a pro, after all. This was just… eh. I’m really disappointed. Just what the hell has happened to this season?

    At least the next episode looks like it could be interesting. It’s still filler from the looks of it, but nice to see Dagomon back at least.

    • brazillian-anon permalink

      I was going to thanks WB for that and then you- ok,

      Reading V-tamer is making me feel terrible… …about watching this. This episode is 3/10. 2 for WildBunch’s efforts, and 1 for not being about food.
      How is this doing in japan? that 2 episodes with traces of plot was surely a desesperate move. I hope this is not the last Anime from Digimon Franchise, but again, i did not finish Savers and i’m finishing Xros Wars just to see how bad it can be[it will end with a triple fusion with friendship powerup! then food]. Such a rich universe… always badly explored with uncreative plot and embarassing/inmature dialog. =.=

      Btw, i don’t know if is it just me, but V-Tamer for some reason makes me feel nostalgic about Digimon Word(1, on psx)… I don’t know why … Omg, I can’t wait to play Digimon Re:Digitize now *_*

  13. 2gay2play2day permalink

    Imagination, you say?
    -F*king ripp-off, I say.

  14. Evan Banks permalink

    Thank you for the release, WildBunch.

  15. Thanks for the new episode WB~ ❤

  16. if you don’t wanna watch,than just stop watchin,that’s all

    • Role permalink

      Right now, anyone who isn’t driven by franchise loyalty already has. The only ones left are going to continue to suffer through it, even though it hurts them to do so.

      The sign of a dedicated football fan is the guy who comes in the blizzard. The sign of a dedicated fan of a television series are those who watch even when the show is doing bad.

      • pokemega32 permalink

        Because there couldn’t possibly be anyone watching that LIKES the show, right?

        Yes, some episodes (this one included) aren’t very good, but others are great if you just want to be entertained and don’t mind the lack of major plot progression.

      • Role permalink

        @Pokemega: That’s what pokemon is for. We tend to watch Digimon because it’s plot driven. Or at least, the digimon fans where I live do.

      • pokemega32 permalink

        And again, because you dislike it, that means everyone else has to?

      • Blade permalink

        I agree with both of you, and Role really nailed it. It is interesting how we all suddenly start doing this about this time every week.

      • 2gay2play2day permalink

        Bitch please!

      • meee permalink

        @ pokemega 32

        Episodes 18

        Adventure – The Fairy, Piccolomon: Koushiro and Yamato find their Crests; character development for Taichi and Agumon

        02 – Track Down the Kaiser’s Base: Chosen Children finding the Kaiser’s base; character development for Miyako and Hawkmon

        Tamers – Beautiful Evolution – Dancing in the Moonlight, Taomon!: Renamon evolves to Taomon for the first time; character development for Ruki and Renamon

        Frontier – Choo-Choo! The Fierce Trailmon Race: First filler episode in the series.

        Savers – DATS Team Annihilated!? Clash with Mercurymon: DATS fight Mercurymon at his base; Kamemon evolves to Gawappamon for the first time

        Xros Wars – Stingmon, Hero of the Digital Jungle: Encounter with Kiriha, Nene and Tactimon; Tactimon reveales that his sword will be unsealed by Bugramon

        Hunters – UFOs and a Gathering of Dinosaurs! Ekakimon of Dreams: 15. filler episode of Hunters and 4th in a row; no development; boring as hell

        As 2gay2play2day wrote: Bitch please!

      • pokemega32 permalink

        Did you even read what I said?

        You all seem to be under the impression that if you dislike filler, than everyone else must also dislike it and hate the current series.

        Yes, I am fully aware it is filler. Some of it however, is enjoyable filler, at least to me.

        Are you trying to force me to dislike it or something?

      • Blade permalink

        People interpret things the way they want to. I think that ALL the filler episodes are great fillers, it is just way too much of a good thing for some of us (me included). I dislike the large amount of fillers myself, but it is better than having nothing to watch.

        The way I see it now, there are supposedly 25 episodes in this series. That leaves 7 left. If number 19 is also a filler, that leaves 6 unknown episodes. I think that everyone here can agree we would all like to see all 6 of those episodes turn really plot driven and end the series with a bang.

        Bigger bang the better, no loose story ends too.

        That means YOU Taichi, Masaru, and co.

      • meee permalink

        No, you are forcing us to shut up if we don’t like some aspects you like. That’s why you were suddenly offended by our comments on this episode.

        Look, I’m REALLY glad for you cause you enjoyed this episode and don’t have any problem with it. It would be awesome if I could enjoy this episode and this season as a whole like you do. Unfortunately I can’t, and obviously I’m not the only one(there are quite a few of us)…

        So, if you disagree with something, express your opinion and provide some arguments instead of attacking us for not liking what you do. We don’t attack you for liking it, do we?

      • Role permalink

        Pokemega, please try to understand here – this episodic thing that’s going on is not what traditionally appeals to digimon fans. Even if some of them were good (this one wasn’t – it was boring as hell. But the last one was pretty good, so we’ll use that as a basis), the fact remains that people watch digimon for the story. STORY.

        They come to boy Hunters. Suddenly, ERROR: 404. STORY NOT FOUND. It’s great that you like the show, but in a story driven franchise, an entry with this much filler, with this pokemon-like setup… it’s almost insulting to the fans, whom have had to defend the show against all the detractors calling it a pokemon clone when the only thing it had in common before was “Mons”.

        We can’t do that to Xros Wars. It’s freaking trying to emulate pokemon. It’s almost insulting to us. The dedicated fans will stand by the show, but will let their opinions be known. Those who aren’t? They already left. We’re the vocal minority here, dood.

      • Role permalink

        Correction: We can’t do that to Boy Hunters. We CAN do that with Xros Wars, it’s still hugely story driven.

      • pokemega32 permalink

        …what the hell?

        When did I force anyone to shut up? I never said you weren’t allowed to dislike the episodes. You’re either completely misunderstanding me or just making crap up.

        Role, you said “The only ones left are going to continue to suffer through it, even though it hurts them to do so.”.

        You literally said that the only Digimon fans watching this show still are “suffering” through it. All I did was say that there are people who like it.

        You’re the one who originally claimed that no one enjoys it.

      • Role permalink

        The dedicated fan suffers through the blizzard to watch his favorite football team. Do you really think he’s having a bad time? No, he’s still having a blast. We ARE suffering through a low time. But we still love digimon, dood. Just because you’re suffering a bit doesn’t mean you’re a spiteful little jerk about it, you know.

      • pokemega32 permalink

        You seem to believe that you somehow represent every Digimon fan in existence.

        Newsflash, you don’t. I am a Digimon fan and have been since Adventure. I am in no way “suffering”.

        I am enjoying some episodes and not enjoying others. Yes, I do hope there will be more a plot soon, but claiming that “true fans” are supposed to both dislike anything different AND for some reason defend the stuff they don’t like as if they do is completely insane.

      • Role permalink

        If I had a nickle for every time I heard that silly argument… Dood, if you have to fall back to that, you ain’t wining. That’s a desperation move right there.

        I don’t presume to represent the whole fandom, but don you lie to me. This season, so far, is the weakest season. So you define suffering differently than I. I don’t think suffering is necessarily something you don’t enjoy, It simply put means that you’re going through a tough time, but if you’re really a good fan of whatever you suffering thorugh either elements or a lull in storytelling skill or whatever, you’ll be there to personally see the show shine.

        Stop looking at this so negatively. We criticize the show so far, but not out of hatred. It’s because we care for the show. We like some of the episodes, but the lack of story has us genuinely concerned. And before you claim yet again I’m presuming, why don’t you actually read some of the posts from the last several weeks. I’m not the only one showing concern. And you’re probably one of the few going “I FREAKING LOVE HUNTERS”… only you’re not, are you? You’re exaggerating your own interest in the show to try and prove me wrong, aren’t you? Sure, you may not be as disappointed as some of us, I’ll give you that.

        But you’re trying to make it seem like you love everything this show has done. Dood, I live adventure to hell, but even I can point out its flaws. We all can, so I know that even if you do really like this show, there are times where you think they could have done better.

        Now, if you really can’t understand that many of us are really disappointed by how things are going, then tough. Deal with it. Our favorite team isn’t doing well, and we’re disappointed… but we’re still sticking by them. What about you? Where do you stand on all this? True fans don’t all dislike something – they stick through something even in tough times. When this tough time exists is different for everyone. For all I know, you hated Tamers, and you know what, if that’s the case, I forgive you for that sin. But I bet you still watched it. I hated frontier. But I still watched it. BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT FANS DO. I thought Xros Wars was gonna suck, due to multiple reasons. But I still watched it – and I’m glad I did. It turned out to be pretty good.

        Being a fan means sticking through with your guys even when they’re not doing well in your eyes. I never claimed that true fans must “dislike” something. I think… that was you. By putting words in my mouth, that was your statement, not mine, and it’s something I disagree with.

        Again, the football fan in the blizzard. He’s cold. He’s a bit miserable. But there’s no chance in hell he will miss his team play, even if they lose. He’s there for them. He’s a fan. And he will go through hell if it means to support them. To him, even though it’s a low streak in his opinion, there’s a sense of loyalty he must live by. And that’s us. Many of us see this as a low point in the series. The fact that most of the comments are in agreement doesn’t mean I presume, it means I am merely part of it. Don’t you get all arrogant and presume that it’s all in my head. Why don’t you actually read what people have posted? I’m not the only one. Just the most vocal one.

      • pokemega32 permalink

        I am at a complete loss here as to what you think I am saying.

        Your confused interpretation of what I said: “But you’re trying to make it seem like you love everything this show has done.”

        What I actually said: “I am enjoying some episodes and not enjoying others.”

        Are you illiterate? I never said I loved the series. I am 100% fully aware that it has the weakest plot in the entire franchise.

        “I don’t think suffering is necessarily something you don’t enjoy,”

        Someone needs to buy you a dictionary, because that is exactly what suffering is.

        The word suffering is a bit extreme for describing “my favorite TV show isn’t as good as it used to be”.

        You are not “suffering”. You’re just disappointed. As am I.

        All I’m saying is that I do enjoy this show at times, and some of the episodes are very well written. No, that does not mean I love the series, as it has made as many mistakes at it has made good decisions.

        I just want you to stop telling me what MY opinion is.

      • Role permalink

        And I’m telling you most of us are the same way. And you’re attacking me for it. How does that even make any sense?

        So tell me, boy. Are you illiterate? Because I never said we hated it. I said we’re disappointed by the lack of plot.
        Are you illiterate, boy? Because I’ve told you twice now that it’s clear we define suffering in two totally different ways. You ignored both.
        Are you illiterate, pokemega? Because I have told you from the beginning not what you think – but what the people you’re arguing against think.

        We think exactly the same as you. Read that again. Here, I’ll state it again, this time speaking slowly and in caps so you can understand, after all you seem to love berating me in you post, so I’ll just enjoy this blind world with you.


        Even if you don’t have as many vocal complaints, we both like parts and dislike parts of the show. Last week’s episode was pretty good, imo, this week’s was very week. You like certain episodes and dislike others, do you not? So how are you still arguing against me when we agree on this?

        The only main difference we have here is that Myself and Other voice our dissatisfaction over the absence of plot in this season, while you basically yelled at me for agreeing with someone else. I defended the show and its fans, saying that “We’re at a low point, but we’re still fans”.

        And all this… because we define suffering differently. I’ve told you several times, and you ignore me every time. Stop telling me how “I” feel about this – I feel as though I’m suffering through a low point. I’m a fan, though, and I’ll rough it out. I don’t tell you how you feel, but you sure as hell misrepresent yourself here, buddy.

      • pokemega32 permalink

        “I don’t tell you how you feel,”

        Complete and utter lies.

        You earlier: “And you’re probably one of the few going “I FREAKING LOVE HUNTERS”… only you’re not, are you? You’re exaggerating your own interest in the show”

        But I digress, my argument was never about how I feel. My argument is that there are people with completely different opinions than you out there.

        I am sure there is at least one person who does 100% love Hunters. Would you tell him that his opinion is wrong and that he should be at least a little disappointed?

    • pokemega32 permalink

      But not EVERYONE is suffering. There are Digimon fans who enjoy this show.

      • Role permalink

        As mentioned before, you think suffering means you hate the show. You’re wrong.

  17. wildbunchsubs permalink

    Please keep the poking within a reasonable range; try to enjoy what you’re watching, even if it’s just nonsenscial filler.


    • meee permalink

      Hey, I asked for this earlier but no one would answer me. Did you guys upload .avi versions of Digimon Adventure, Savers and Tamers movie somewhere? I’d really appreciate if you’d give me a reply(or links :D)!

      • Blade permalink

        You might want to try just randomly searching the internet, that is how I found them. Also the ones I found were the ones you were looking for. I don’t remember where they are though, but you would be surprised how often some random site has the torrent you want and it’s still active. I’m sorry I can’t do more for you, I hate it when I can’t find something myself.

        The arguement above really went overboard, but was interesting, did you guys do all that within like an hour or something?

        Big comments seem to be the fad now, so I’m gonna make this short. This truly has become an anime discussion board.

      • Blade permalink

        OK, looks like I remembered. Meee, hope you enjoy these! 😉

      • meee permalink

        Wow thank you Bladeeee!!! 😀

        I usually use google to search for what I want before asking for help. I searched on ryuu.rogue’s site but all the torrents and links were dead. I can’t believe I forgot to look at thepiratebay since I get almost all torrents from there O_O

        About the discussion above, Role and pokemega32 were getting at each other the most but what can you do. It’s best to agree to disagree and leave it at that. And I wouldn’t be surprised if they were arguing the whole night xD

        Anyway, thanks again! All that’s left is Savers movie, Adventure and Tamers movie. Ummm, do you know where to find those? 🙂

      • Blade permalink

        You can trust these guys, they were great until 2 of their key members quit and got married (to each other). -_-

        Looks like most of their torrents are still active, and their translations aren’t too bad. Rockman one is pretty good. Digimon X Evolution is also. These are all the digimon movies, looks like these people had a limited attention span as they never finished many of their projects.

      • meee permalink

        Thanks again. I know Wolfpack translated much stuff from Digimon but I don’t quite like their quality of translation. It would be great if ryuu-rogue or wildbunch would upload .avis somewhere for download cause I think their and Positron’s subs are the finest.

        If you were wondering why I want .avi instead of .mkv which is definetly of higher quality… I got 107 cm wide LG LED LCD TV and I want to watch some episodes there but it can only play .avi with subs. It doesn’t show subs when you play .mkv file. I tried converting .mkv to .avi but no success 😦

      • Blade permalink

        I know the feeling, and am rather bored right now. Here’s 2 options:

        Use your TV as an external monitor you will have to configure some settings on your computer to do this (color/resolution). That way if your computer plays it your TV does too.

        One I haven’t tried yet but want to, use a projector and get some decent speakers. You may also have difficulty getting your TV to take sound unless you have a special cord for that purpose (I don’t 😦 ).

        You may want to try MP4s as they convert with subtitles and work better than MKVs. MKVs occasionally mess up when I play them (screen gets grainy/freezes) but I never have that problem with MP4 files. Needless to say, you won’t find those here, only on new stuff from other groups. Though I have seen some HD MP4s from 6 years ago…

        Anyone know a good place to download old anime without subs (aka raw)? Looking for some stuff but can’t find it. (in the usual places I visit)

        Seriously, MP4 > MKV. No other alternatives there.

      • meee permalink

        I know I can use it as an external monitor but it is much simpler to just plug my external hard hard disk and go.

        Yeah, .mkv tend to mess up occasionally. In Xros Wars particularly. They suddenly freeze during the opening and annoy the hell out of me. But, the problem is in computer specifications or operating system rather than the file. .mkvs run perfectly on my laptop which is running in Windows 7 while they lag on my computer which is running in XP Pro.

        I’m sorry I can’t help you with old anime 😦 I wanted to watch Dragonball and DBZ subbed so I went on an Internet Odyssey to find those. If I’m not mistaken, I was searching at least for a week, until someone replied to me on youtube and gave me the links. I still can’t find Yu-Gi-Oh! subbed, it seems it doesn’t even exist.

        So yeah, we are very lucky with Digimon cause there are so many groups who sub them and I think it’s the easiest subbed anime to find for download. Even easier than Pokemon.

    • 2gay2play2day permalink


      -by love and respect to WildBunch[intomyanus]Subs

  18. meee permalink

    I don’t understand what’s this fuss about. I think we all agree that this season has great potential and it can either go to waste by ending at episode 25 or even turn into a best season of Digimon(yes, I do think that way although unlikely).

    It seems Role and I were most critical on this episode and season and someone somehow felt offended. But reading through these comments it seems it’s just a minor misunderstanding.

    If you’re gonna feel better, I can write some good points of this season. So?

  19. PapXS permalink

    Ok, I just watehc (it means watched in unable-to-use-keyboard-properly-ish) this episode too and I have this to say: this episode,even though a filler, even though boring, it reminded me of how I used to be in elementary and junior high school. I used to draw all sorts of imaginary stuff thinking it might come alive. I would love to have met Ekakimon back then.

    Other than that, this episode was still one of the lamest (does this word exist?) episodes that Hunters have shown. At least the next episode looks interesting enough. I just hope that the producers of Hunters find a way to turn that series around and save it before it’s too late. But, honestly, I have lost almost all hope.

    Hunters was a series with great potential but it has become nothing more than (sorry to say this) a Pokemon ripoff. I can’t imagine I said that, I consider myself a fan to Digimon, as I have watched all seasons in both the american dub and subs (I haven’t watched Tamers and Savers subbed, and I left Frontier subs halfway because *don’t hate me please* I didn’t really like the original voices) as well as read some of V-tamer 01 (I was too lazy to sit on the PC all day reading manga, I prefer reading while I’m lying on my bed) and played some of the games. But I have faced it, Hunters may have been a season I was expecting to be great, something like fighting on those giant floating smiley islands in the opening, but it has become nothing more than: a Digimon posseses a student, Taiki, Tagiru and Yuu find out about it, they go to Digi-Quartz, find the Digimon, Tagiru gives Arresterdramon a Digi-Xros , Xros Up Arresterdramon beats the Digi, Tagiru catches it, rinse and repeat. To me that suggests a flashier version of Pokemon.

    But, whatever the flaws I will still watch this season…

    • meee permalink

      YOU MUST WATCH TAMERS AND SAVERS SUBBED! OK, I admit, I think these two are the best Digimon seasons so that’s the reason I wrote that with CAPS ON but, oh, well…

      Too bad you didn’t like Frontier’s voices… It’s a really touching season with best soundtrack IMHO.

      • PapXS permalink

        I’m torrenting Savers subbed as we speak xD
        After they’re done I will start torrenting Tamers (which should be at least 2 weeks from now, my connection sucks a bit)
        Damn even Adventure 02 seems better than Hunters now. Sorry to all fans of 02 but it was a little bit on the sucky side.
        Summary of the next paragraph for those who don’t wanna read it: I like JP, Zoe and Tommy’s voices in the dub, Kouichi’s in the original and undecided about Takuya and Kouji. But, I like everything but there is a preference in the liking of both.
        One of the reasons I consider Frontier to be my favorite season was because of the plot. But the voices didn’t really appeal to me. A bit too mature in the American Dub, a bit…iffy on the Jap original. Junpei’s, Izumi’s and Tomoki’s voices are all better in the dub I think. Kouichi’s is better in the original, even though I like the dub voice of Kouichi as well. For Takuya and Kouji I haven’t decided yet, I like the more mature version of the Dub for both, but I also like the original. But on Junpei especially, the preference is clear. Blum makes the voice of a 13 yr old really good but on the original, even though good, the voice is a little too rough for me. Izumi’s voice in the original, even though I like it, sounds like she’s always got a cold, and Tomoki…well I have no problem with the original voice but I think the dub one suits him more.
        I like switching between versions of names…

      • meee permalink

        I prefer everything in original. If show is American, I prefer it in English, if German, in German and so on. And I watched a little bit of Frontier dubbed, but I quit because I didn’t like the changes the dub made. And, I think Japanese voice actors are considerably better in doing their roles than others (including English, German, Spanish…). It seems to me they express emotions much better.

        P.S. Takuya’s voice actor voiced Gomamon from Adventure/02, Kouji’s voiced Cranniummon from Savers, Patamon’s voiced Hikari from Adventure/02 and Tomoki’s voices Gumdramon from Hunters 😀

      • PapXS permalink

        I knew about Gomamon and Takuya having Junko Takeuchi voicing them both. I didn’t know about Kouji since I haven’t watched Savers. Patamon’s voice sounded somewhat familiar but I didn’t recognise it as Hikari. Wow Tomoki is voiced by Gumdramon (or vice versa since Tomoki is older), I could never have guessed. I haven’t watched any dubs other than US…

  20. Taiyokun permalink

    Everyone, seriously calm down.

    Yes, it’s filler, but at least it’s GOOD filler.

    When I saw it, it was actually not that bad. The plot flows niceley and chances are, this might all be a buildup from things later to come.

    Besides, wasn’t the first half of Xros Wars a bit of filler too? Really, think about it, they both had character development in their first halves as well so don’t give me any bulls***.

    Now that I have expressed my opinion, you decide whether to hate this or not, but this is just how I see it.

    • meee permalink

      Dude, this is perfectly fine, you enjoyed it – GREAT! No one will hate on your comment.

      What bothers me is this – I don’t know if you’ve heard, but Hunters is said to end at episode 25. So far, 90% fillers and 6 episodes remain. If Hunters really end at episode 25, I think it will undoubtedly become the biggest fail in the history of Digimon. Not because of its short run, but because of the potential wasted on numerous pointless episodes.

      • Taiyokun permalink

        Yeah, I have heard.

        I’m just praying REALLY hard that all these episodes have a purpose. Personally, I think it’s strange they would stop at 25 eps, so I’m probably just speculating this is a first half.

  21. DIGIMON I LOVE YOU permalink

    can i request that any filler episode that are downright rubbish be edited by subbers to make it seem remotely interesting, i.e. make better jokes or point out stupid things to make people more interested in watching this, because I LOVE DIGIMON, every single series, even Frontier was good in my eyes! but im getting tired of NOPLOT.

    • wildbunchsubs permalink

      You’ve got to be kidding me.

  22. Are you guys shure that it’s gonna end with only 25 episodes?
    Cause they still have to bring Tai and the others back and Yuu got only Tuwarmon and Superstarmon I’m not shure about that…

  23. Guys, Areyou sure that this season is going to end at episode 25
    Cuase they still have to bring tai andthe other’s back and Yuu got only Tuwarmon and Superstarmon
    I’m not really sure about this

    • Blade permalink

      I am one of the best internet rats out there (in my own professional opinion) and I have yet to find anything that says Boy Hunters will end at 25, but it is still a possibility. I hope it won’t, but all a series really needs for a decent climax is 3 episodes. (Really, I am pretty good).

      It seems alot of people check here often, so… does anyone know for sure?

      Also if you haven’t already watched Digimon Savers, I put up a link, so watch it so you understand some of what we compare Boy Hunters to. Original language is always better, even with bad subs.

      Random info: for some reason I wanna see 100 comments, don’t know why and don’t care. Might be why I keep posting here. But at least I have good info (no solid proof found of the series ending after about an hour’s worth of searching is good info coming from me). 🙂

  24. Aluhuru permalink

    How’s the progress for the subbing of the underwater adventure episode?
    Not to be rude :), but in when on the day (CET) do usually upload the subbed episodes?
    You are making a great work 🙂 🙂

  25. dougan permalink

    Hey dont forget! That’s a real kid! And thats the digimon he submitted and created! It probably made his day!

    • meee permalink

      Yea, I’m happy for the kid but couldn’t they have made a better episode for Ekakimon to put him in? An episode with plot? Instead they put him in a sucky filler which only made things worse(considering Ekakimon really is a lame Digimon).


    On this site you can see what will happen in next 5 episodes…

    • TrippNessa permalink

      … I think I’m too afraid to look and most likely find nothing but filler ahead XD

  27. TrippNessa permalink

    Wow, lots of anger in this episode’s comments o.O Calm down guys, we’re all allowed to express our opinions; positive or negative. No one should feel attacked for it, because in the end we’re all Digimon fans here. We’re a community, and we shouldn’t be biting each other’s heads off. Especially not over an episode like this… -_-

    Speaking of this episode; I’m not going to say that Ekakimon is stupid, because that was some kid’s creation. I know what being a kid is like, and to have someone say that your drawing sucked is really hurtful. I actually DON’T think that Ekakimon was stupid (or any of the other contest winner Digimon for that matter), it’s the WRITERS that are stupid. Come on… they could have easily created some kind of plot with a Digimon that has abilities like this. But no, instead they just made some stupid gag episode. So much unused potential. I also have to say that hearing Taiki say “so he brings to life the drawings that he licks!” in a serious voice was just… *facepalm*

    At least once again Tagiru was cool. I also found myself laughing at the “raging” lines XD Ragingly cool! Ragingly good! That’s ragingly fun! I ragingly believe in you too! *snort*

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