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[RELEASE] Digimon Xros Wars II – 17 (71) H264 & XViD

by on February 3, 2012

The seventeenth episode of Digimon Xros Wars: The Boy Hunters Who Leap Through Time!

MKV: Part 1, Part 2

BT Index:

Japanese breakdown of the gags in this episode:
(05:19) 江東区が こう遠くだとは…。
koto-ku ga kou tooku da to wa…
(Lit. To think Koto district was so far away…)

(11:21) ネコが寝転びましたわ~。
neko ga nekorobi mashita wa~
(Lit. The cat is sleeping on the ground)

(20:44) バッタリ倒れて バッタの負け!
battari taorete batta no make!
(Lit. The batter loses ’cause he’s flat-out knocked out)
ペンギンって どこにいるの? 北京!
pengin tte doko ni iru no? pekkin!
(Lit. Where do penguins exist? Peking!)
コアラー! ごめんなサーイ。
koala! gomennasai
(“koala” imitating “koraa!” which means an angry “Hey!” and “Sai” means “rhino”.)

(22:14) ベツモンは どっから来たの? 紋別
betsumon wa dokkara kita no? monbetsu.
(Lit. Where did Betsumon come from? Mombetsu. In Hokkaido, Japan)

A bad joke is called a “samui” gag, which also means “cold”.
The “kinkoji” (translated as ‘gold band’ here) on Gumdramon’s tail is a reference to the same kinkoji that Sanzo puts on Goku in Journey to the West, with the purpose of keeping Goku from running away.

  1. megate permalink << the ep will be up there in about an hour

    • Rize permalink

      Why would you post that when there is clearly already a mediafire download link?

      • wildbunchsubs permalink

        Megate provides links to full MKV episodes, for those who don’t want to bother downloading in parts.

    • Thx, I’ll be waiting v(。・ω・。)ィ
      …for the sake of one liner…

    • Thanks for upping the complete mkv to MediaFire!

  2. Taiyokun permalink

    Why are there Child Laborers in Betsumon’s Hideout?

    • Gaylord McFagpants permalink

      They were making his various costumes from the clothes he stole

  3. megate permalink

    sorry for not haveing the ep up already it still has not finished downloading for me as i will get it up there as soon as it finishes
    cause for some reason i am not connecting to any seeders

  4. Magoo permalink

    Oh my… Another contest winning Digimon next episode? D;

  5. HowlingLaser permalink

    Thank you very much, Wild Bunch!!! I can’t wait to watch this episode once it’s done downloading! 🙂 I hope your paper went well, Oneikun!

  6. Kuroichi permalink

    wowww omegamon >.< thanks alot wildbunch 😀

  7. Wheeeee thank you so much!! ^^ Taking the .avi as always~

  8. Thanks again for all of your work!!

  9. Role permalink

    Another release, another review, let’s do this.

    While filler for sure, this is another one of those episodes where Tagiru’s actually quite likable. The fight between him and Gumdramon really helped to expand on his personality a bit. It’s a shame these times are wasted on filler eps, though. Still, the characterization of Tagiru and Gumdramon is really the only thing this episode had going for it. Add on that the next episode looks to be filler as well, and… well…

    Let’s just say I’m getting a bit impatient with this whole lack-of-plot thing.

    • brazillian-anon permalink

      …followed by my review:
      I can’t like Tagiru(and Taiki) no matter how much I try(after all he did in last episodes…), but this episode he did not make me hate him, at least. And let’s not talk about plot holes and inconsistencies(brought by lack of direction+fillers) in this series, i don’t even know where to start. xP

      This episode is: 4/10; last one was 6/10.

      OTH, V-Tamers is kind of cool(even if its old). I just finished vol1 and like the ideia of having to fight perfects using only a adult… In the hands of a good author/director, and outside the hands of managers* and censors at Tv boards(gov as well), it would make a great anime series. Its much better than the uncreative dragonball/bleach plot line: face something strong; get powerup; repeat. Which, btw, i think is still better than friendship powerups in DigiFriends Xros Wars: Black & White xP
      *tv managers loves to dumb things down.

      • Role permalink

        Yeah, Boy Hunters really has way too many pokemon vibes to it. It’s like they’re trying to imitate pokemon this season… That just doesn’t work, though. It alienates the fans and gains ridicule from those who are new to the franchise.

        Glad you like V-Tamer. It keeps getting better, keep reading. ^-^

      • Tomozaurus permalink

        Yeah, good to hear you started V-Tamer. It only gets better from here on out, trust me.

    • meee permalink

      Dude, anime adaptation of V-Tamer would be so awesome, I’d be ready to die after I see it!

  10. Thanks for the super fast release of the AVI!

  11. 2gay2play2day permalink

    Betsumon = Gatomon

  12. ASDFGGGGGGGGGGG permalink

    Thanks for the subs!

  13. Evan Banks permalink

    Thank you for the release, Wild Bunch.

  14. Blade permalink

    Betsumon is probably the stupidest digimon I have ever seen. Other than that, decent filler episode that didn’t really accomplish anything. Harpymon was really pathetic…

    Thanks for the MKV WB.

  15. meee permalink

    Thanks for this release (finally :P).

    I was wondering, could you guys give me links for Digimon Tamers Movie 5 and Digimon Adventure and Savers in .avi format if you uploaded it somewhere. I tried to find them but I can’t… I’d really appreciate if you could help me out here.

  16. Kuroichi permalink

    Is the rumour xros wars season 2 gonna end soon is true? 😦

    • 2gay2play2day permalink

      Bullshit, we will have at least 2 episodes more.

    • Role permalink

      Why do you have a frowny face? If this doesn’t either end or start up a plot soon, I’ll have to start forcing myself to watch it. Besides, Twos is right – there’s at least two more episodes. If you take into account that they usually have to set up for the ending, you can probably account for up to 5.

    • Taiyokun permalink

      They were proabaly looking at the digimon wiki. There is only two episodes not broadcasted yet and I doubt Bandai/Toei is going to be that much of a douche to end it 20-30 episodes earier than usual.

      • Saint Walker permalink

        I think this is more what they were looking at.

        Saint Seiya Omega is set to take Xros Wars’ time slot in April. So, either Xros Wars would be ending (or cancelled) by that time, or they would be shifting it to another day/time slot. Of course, I see no reason the latter couldn’t be true. They already did it between the two halves of the first season, didn’t they?

        Incidentally, would you guys mind letting us know what the delay is for #18. I don’t mind the wait; it’s the not knowing what’s going on or when(/if) it’s gonna come that’s just a little nerve-racking. Thanks. ^_^

  17. Kuroichi permalink

    yeah i know but after that asahi will continue with saint seiya in the end of march

    • 2gay2play2day permalink

      wtfomfgsniperhacksjesusforkchuckinmyassnorrisffsholyfuckingaliensrapedtitsorgtfomykidshitlerhemingtonpeebuttburgerholekinghemorroidsstalinhedgehog.jpg !?
      Does that change something – like we won’t get our furry digimon friends anymore?

    • Blade permalink

      All good things must come to an end, even not so good ones with no set plot. If this is how it ends, Bandai better make a decent movie to make up for it. By the way, first series ever to not actively use the digital world in some way or another, just flash backs and memories. That movie better be good… if it ever exists…

      Most digimon now aren’t very furry for some reason (as in obvious fur)

  18. TrippNessa permalink

    *Tagiru punches Gumdramon in the face* “Seriously Gumdramon, being stupidly honest is the only redeeming trait that you and I have!” *plus 50 points with Tagiru*

    Betsumon has to be the worst Digimon in existence other than possibly Harpymon. Seriously, it was just SO LAME in this episode that it actually cried on the floor XD I mean at least Betsumon didn’t whimper in a pile of fail. Taiki making those lame jokes was priceless.

    I’m not upset that Tagiru caught the Digimon this time when Yuu needs more spotlight, because it makes sense seeing as Gumdramon was friends with Betsumon.

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