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[RELEASE] Digimon Xros Wars II – 16 (70) H264 & XViD

by on January 24, 2012

The sixteenth episode of Digimon Xros Wars: The Boy Hunters Who Leap Through Time!
Due to the number of upload hosts shutting down for the USA, we are currently sticking with Mediafire for our direct downloads. Our MKV download is broken up into 2 parts; you must download both and extract them with WinRAR in order to obtain the entire file.
If someone would like to provide whole mirrors, please do so in the comments!
As for reuploads of our previous episodes, I’ll do so in Mediafire using the same 2-part RAR format. (Currently Multiupload is not working for staff)

MKV: Part 1, Part 2

BT Index:

  1. jak92 permalink

    Thanks for the fast release.

  2. Thanks for the new episode.

  3. Tabris permalink

    Have you heard of Bayfiles? They seem to be one of the few file lockers not in apocalypse-mode right now and currently allow uploads of up to 5gb without even being a member. I’ve never used them, but they might be worth trying.

    Also, thanks for the new episode, as always! I wasn’t sure about Boy Hunters at first, but it’s turned out to be really fun!

  4. Thanks for keeping the faith and continuing the work of bringing us these releases!

  5. Role permalink

    Another Release, another Review, let’s do this.

    *looks at game she was playing*
    *looks back to computer screen*

    Is that a–*PKE meter is mentioned*–Yup. Of all the games to be playing when the release came out… I was playing Ghostbusters. Weird.

    Anywho, about the episode… Filler at its finest. Some funny parts with Airu, and at least Tagiru wasn’t very annoying at all. New character seemed interesting – it’s a shame she wasn’t a hunter, though. Really not that much to say about this one – no story, but they’re apparently hearing all the complaining about Tagiru, and are trying to fix it. Next ep looks to be filler too.

    Honestly, this furthers my suspicion that 13 and 14 weren’t supposed to be 13 and 14 at all, but were thrown in a bit early, likely due to backlash at the lack of story. The teaser at the end of 14 and three straight filler eps afterwards? I miss the pacing of Xros Wars. Boy Hunters just isn’t really paced well at all.

    • brazillian-anon permalink

      my review
      I liked Kaoru too, even tho’ she is not thaat interesting.
      Airu felt a little strange, like, too passive for her… but this is the first episode I actually enjoyed watching.
      Less tagiru and taiki is a great improvement for this series. I think Taiki is boring and Tagiru is VERY annoying.

      The plot still is not original(paranormal episode) and could’ve be taken from a plot-to-use-list, but at least is not just about food or Friend’s friendship with friendship powerups.

      Btw, does any fan out there know some good doujin/manga about digimon? Like, that does not rely only on digimons itself(such as monster of the day) and have some drama.

      • Tomozaurus permalink

        Sounds like an obvious answer, but have you read V-Tamer 01 yet? It starts out a little MotW-ish, but once the story kicks off, a couple of chapters in, then I find it to be one of the best entries into the franchise as a whole.

      • Role permalink

        To put it into perspective, V-Tamer didn’t take long at all to get into the plot, though. Compared to this… if we assume one chapter per episode, that means we’d be 16 chapters in. At this point in V-tamer, we were nearing the end of the first arc.

        I have yet to see where the first arc even starts with Boy Hunters…

        You know, I’d love an anime adaption of V-Tamer. It was really enjoyable – I’m right with you in saying it was one of the best entries in the series, Tomo. I actually liked it better than Adventure.

      • brazillian-anon permalink

        Thanks for the V-Tamer suggestion, I will check it out. For some reason, i didn’t think about the official ones. Maybe it was because I was reading some fanfics(some written by 15yos!).

  6. Scipio permalink

    Woah, thank you guys so much for all the hard work. You guys seem to be the only ones willing to break up the files to put them on mediafire. Here’s hoping the file site apocalypse blows over in a timely fashion.

  7. boson permalink

    Would have been boring without Airu glad she is in the next episode too, thanks for fast release

  8. Thank you so much, as always! ^_^

  9. Thank you so much!!
    I hope that you guy will continue to use Mediafire

  10. toni permalink

    I heard the news that the site to upload and download will be closed due to copyright laws. how to upload, when it closed?
    for example, who reportedly already imprisoned author
    sorry my english not good.

  11. meee permalink

    Well, another filler it seems. But since Patamon was in it (my favourite Digimon :D), I stuck through it somehow…

    Btw, I was thinking. Not all goggleboys are in this season. Imagine if they put Akira and Atsushi in this season too. Do you know who I’m talking about? Those two are main heros from Digimon World 2 and 3 Playstation games and they wear goggles! THAT WOULD BE SO EPIC!!!!! Oh, and if they put Hiro from Digimon World 1!!

    Do you guys want to see their anime incarnations too? I know I want to. Maybe someday they will have their own Digimon seasons. Unfortunatly, I don’t think that will happen any time soon :((

    • Role permalink

      There’s the manga, too. Of course, that’d mean we’d have 2 Taichi’s…

    • meee permalink

      hmmm… Maybe Taichi from V-Tamer is Taichi’s grandfather!

      Ok, probably not, but it would be a nice touch 🙂

  12. Blade permalink

    Seems the internet has gotten more interesting lately. Ah well, guess that means you just gotta find another way to do things. Still, I hope USA Gov doesn’t get too serious about this, because I’d hate to see the internet ruined like that. Looks like this ep’s another filler, haven’t seen preview yet, but I bet the next one will be too. Thanks for all your hard work WB!

    • Lahis permalink

      US Gov is VERY serious about shutting down ALL downloads in the internet. Why? Because big damn corporations are lobbying them to do so.

      You know you are rich bastard when you can get the FBI to do your bidding.

      • Blade permalink

        That would kill all recreational usage of computers in effect. We would all be spending money everytime we wanted ot do something and then have to have it set up so that only we could access it. People would start hacking then, and we’d only be worse off.

        I know if FBI kills all downloads I probably be bored to death. All I use my computer for in my spare time is watching anime and playing games. Good ones of course.

  13. Thanks for another new ep. And thanks for the MediaFire links. ❤

    Maybe you could use RapidShare as well? Since people from both MediaFire & RapidShare said they aren't worried they'll share MegaUpload's fate. XD I only hope they both won't stop the sharing thingy like FileServe & FileSonic etc. <_<

    Since on MultiUpload only Wupload (& here & there DepositFiles) seems to work, MuUp isn't good anymore. Maybe MirrorCreator or MultiGulper. Well, whatever you guys decide, thanks for still providing the DL links. ❤ Torrents are no good for me. -.-

  14. zman permalink

    Multiupload works for me. I think the problem Multiupload is designed as a mirror file and to use other file shaing servies for it to mirrior. So you can’t just upload a file to Multiupload without mirror to another file sharing servie.

    RapidShare be ware they are more likely to take down your files. I know Horriblesubs use them and there files are often taking down with a few days if not within a coupld of days.

  15. zman permalink

    Anyway thank you for this week’s release.

  16. Hi, I have a question, why are the SD AVIs never offered via NyaaTorrents?

    By the way, thanks for releasing Episode 16, I am downloading the SD AVI now.

  17. Evan Banks permalink

    Thanks for the release, WildBunch.

  18. digibeast permalink

    Thank you sooooooo much!

  19. Tabris permalink

    In addition to Bayfiles, which doesn’t seem to have deleted anything yet, there’s a list of other file lockers that are still options and what kind of features they have.

    Deposit Files seems to be another popular choice right now.

  20. Tomozaurus permalink

    Thanks once again guys. This episode look to be okay for MotW. I quite like Airu, she brings teh lulz, so…

  21. megate permalink

    hey i have eps 1-15 uploaded here and i will up load 16 after i download it these are full mkv and you can use the links in there on the site if you want

  22. Tiamat378 permalink

    Great library, max upload size 2GB, free to join. Thought I’d throw another option out there

  23. Torneo permalink

    Hey, WinRAR? I thought everybody agreed years ago WinRAR was bloatware and you should get 7zip? And that there are better formats than RAR, too?

  24. Thanks to you both, Tiamat378, Blaze! I’m very happy like child again! I thought that it is impossible for me to download all of my favorite shows. Since almost all Direct Download sites are due to shut down in the wake of Megaupload.

    Thanks to you both!! God bless you both!!! I’m dancing happily now. LOL.

  25. megate permalink

    wow does noone see my link i have been helping with i have all the eps uploaded in one place here and they are the mkv files and they in one piece

  26. yeah, when it comes to file sharing, depositfiles still works, and if anything, may i suggest you just upload it as a .rar or .7z (7zip) and just label it as some random name, putting the episode file in it, so it won’t get taken down, that’s just a suggestion.

  27. actually, just did some research, file factory has a pay option, which would be good for fansubbers like you guys, since i know one other really good fansub group using it, so maybe that helps?

  28. Role permalink

    Am I the only one a little annoyed that a solid half of the comments aren’t about the episode or the series, but about where to go to replace the MegaUpload link?

    • meee permalink


    • Blade permalink

      I think you decently covered that for us, no pun intended. No new plot development means nothing to discuss. Though the info that shows up here has gotten really good lately. What is the possiblility of this ACTA killing downloading of Anime? That is worth commenting about. Nothing against you personally Role, just the situation.

      • Role permalink

        Well, I’m a torrent user so I’m not really affected. If they shut down the sites, they’ll just move to IRC or something anyways.

  29. 2gay2play2day permalink

    HorribleSubs started ripping this serie from Crynchyroll, so are u going to beat ’em in speed?

  30. Blade permalink

    Ever watched a 848 by 480 only to discover an hour later a 1280 by 720 RAW just got put out? I did last night (not Xros Wars, but right above it on the torrent list was DXW BH 17 RAW). We wait for quality not speed, which really makes a lot of sense if you think about it.

    Basicly, you don’t literally wait for speed.

    • 2gay2play2day permalink

      HorribleSubs have 3 formats; 480p, 720p and 1080p, so their quality is equal to WildBunch.

      • Blade permalink

        I guess I was a bit vague there, I meant quality of translation, not video file size/resolution.

      • 2gay2play2day permalink

        The quality of translation is also very good, cus the subs come from the Crunchyroll. Then only speed matters?

      • Role permalink

        I see the local troll is back. Blade, don’t bother arguing, they’re just trying to ruffle your feathers.

      • 2gay2play2day permalink

        “They” – there is only one person behind this screen.
        (And pls, don’t use the word “troll” you newfags, cus it’s too mainstream and sounds so f****** annoying to my ears, like seriously.)

      • Role permalink

        I love how much you fail at English. They is also neutral singular, noob. And thanks for the clarification – you’re apparently a hipster troll. Cute.

      • 2gay2play2day permalink

        Engrish isn’t my mother language, so don’t expect too much from me.

    • Blade permalink

      I would now like to now point out a few interesting things. Yes, trolling is a way to fish in a boat, that much is true. But the meanings of words change over time, your own screen name is proof of that. Gay used to mean “happy”, now it means something else entirely. From a computer standpoint, “trolling” now means to post useless annoying comments that just take up space and make people mad.

      So understand this, I don’t care who you are behind your computer screen, but judging by the way you are acting here, you are nothing but a troll. And I think everyone else is tired of your “sexual enjoyment” of video files, so find another way to say you like something.

      Also in the future if you are going to confirm something, post a link to a site or quote were you found the information so there isn’t any confusion. This goes for everyone including me. WildBunch we trust you mostly by default, hope you get a good grade on that paper.

      • 2gay2play2day permalink

        Are you not tired of people saying “Thank you so much” or something like that on every release? It’s so sanctimonius. So, at least im not repeating myself all the time.

        Here is the link for “HorribleSubs” website if you don’t believe it rly exist:

        The site is currently down (dunno why), but when it gets back, you may go visit there.

        (sry for my bad English)

      • Blade permalink

        I know Horrible Subs exist, I just perfer WildBunch for some reason. Also, yeah, too many thank yous annoys me too.

        On a side note your english isn’t half bad. I speak 3 different languages: American (if you’ve ever been there you know what I mean), Japanese (not very well at all), and finally sarcasm.

        Thanks for the Horrible subs link, though what I was really doubting was the shutting down of all those sites, I use them whenever I can’t use torrents.

  31. pa1990 permalink

    I heard the news said that 4shared is going to be shut down on February 1, and mediafire will also be shut down in 90 days. : (
    Will somebody tell me is this true???????

    • Boson permalink

      Do not believe in every rumor you hear, 99% of time they are fake.

    • 2gay2play2day permalink

      You heard it right – it’s all true.

  32. PapXS permalink

    Ok I haven’t posted yet, I watched this episode yesterday (I downloaded it some days ago but God knows how I made it and didn’t watch it until Sunday) and surprise, it had Yuu, Airu and Patamon. It may have been a filler but it was one of the more enjoyable fillers. On that next episode preview with that weird looking shapeshifting guy Tailmon, he looks like he’s gonna be too much for the Hunters, and that there will be some plot involving him. At least that’s what I thought when I watched it. Hopefully we’ll get to see some plot instead of fillers *_*

  33. Godefroy permalink

    Horrible released the ep.

  34. TrippNessa permalink

    My god Airu is easily the most annoying character in this show. Tagiru started out irritating, but he’s easily surpassed Airu in likability by now. Anyway, this was actually a very good episode despite how disappointed I was to not see Taichi or Daisuke in it -_- Kaoru is hands down the coolest female character to show up in Xros Wars or Hunters, so OF COURSE she’s just a one episode guest *sigh* Can we just replace Airu with Kaoru? That would make me happy.

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