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[RELEASE] Digimon Xros Wars II – 15 (69) H264 & XViD

by on January 17, 2012

The fifteenth episodes of Digimon Xros Wars: The Boy Hunters Who Leap Through Time!
The return of ‘monster of the week’ theme…

MKV: | mirror
AVI: | mirror

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  1. Lockmaster24 permalink

    Glad I subscribed to this. Nice to see how fast you can release these.

  2. Black Mage permalink

    thanks for your work . . .
    i’ve been waiting for this . . .

  3. Thanks alot for your early release of Episode 15 :)!

  4. Reiji permalink

    I am happy that this episode, despite back to DotW plot got some positive reception, in midst of its rather… Let’s say “sensitive” but “intriguing” content.

  5. Reiji permalink

    Oh, I forgot.. Thank you very much for bringing us the subbing of this.

  6. Thank you so much! ^-^ It’s a rather interesting monster of the week, at least. And Tagiru’s getting some character development. I like that.

  7. I can already see this episode being banned in the US. =P

  8. meee permalink


    This is the sole reason why I automaticaly liked this episode, and you will too!

  9. Blade permalink

    “Return of monster of the week…” I saw this coming, but at least it looks like it will be interesting

  10. Kuroichi permalink

    love ya wildbunch 😀

  11. brazillian-anon permalink

    What’s wrong with the people writting this series? I want to give them a hug, or slap their face if such overused cliche is not because of a complex.
    friend, friends, “look i’m being secure and perserverant”, friend, friend, friend, friend, friends, nakama, tomadachi, nakama, friends. … One more “friend” and i’d just jump out of a window @_@
    ps: usually I don’t whine, but Tagiru is… this series… just… T_T

  12. Stanley permalink

    Thank you lots Wildbunchers!! 🙂
    Taking the .avi

    • 2gay2play2day permalink

      >Taking the .avi
      >ISHYGDDT !?

      • Not everyone can play .avis, not to mention most DVD Players do not take AVIs

        (believe it or not, but not everyone has a blu-ray player or a ps3)

      • Role permalink

        Furthermore, some people play these things on portable devices, many of which do not use MKVs, but can use AVIs. It may be an antiquated format for a PC, but for older and portable equipment, you have to go with the lesser quality option sometimes.

      • (please disregard my other reply)

        Not everyone can play 720p h264 mkvs, not to mention most DVD Players do not take 720p h264 mkvs*

      • 2gay2play2day permalink

        >some people play these things on portable devices
        >Not everyone can play 720p h264 mkvs
        >most DVD Players do not take 720p h264 mkvs

        Who plays anything on portable if it’s not a laptop, like seriously? U can’t even see the subs from a tiny screen ffs.

        It’s just an excuse that “I can’t play .mkv” – even VLC supports that codec and those who use WMP can just dl CCCP codec pack or something similar. This is future ppl!!

        And using DVD player to watch (dl’d) anime is just so HIFI-shit. Just put headset on, and start wathcing from your 22-inch computer screen – it will work just fine.

      • Role permalink

        Okay, now you’re just trolling. They’ve had Iphones and Zunes that can play these things with enough quality that you can read the subtitles for several years now. Stop being a pest.

      • 2gay2play2day permalink

        I don’t know about fishing from a moving boat (trolling means that, u know).
        Do u rly think that ppl watch the newest episodes with an Iphone or with some other bourgeois shit. No, at first they watch it with that “”DVD””-player or with a computer, cus who’d like to ruin a great episode by watching it from a 3,5-inch screen – a masochist, maybe?

        And am I rly being a pest?

        “It won’t be a problem, unless you make it one.”

        -From a popular visual novel

        Remember that internet is NOT serious business – it will save your life from faggots like me.

  13. Evan Banks permalink

    Thanks for the release, Wild Bunch

  14. 2gay2play2day permalink

    “I came, I downloaded, I saw, and I sexually enjoyed.”

  15. cybeast777 permalink

    Looks like the whole “monster of the week” thing will be continuing for some time. Can’t wait to see the characters from past digimon seasons again.

  16. Darn and here I was hoping they would be using the characters from the previous series. Hope they show up eventually. Either way thanks much for this episode!

  17. Sept permalink

    I was disappointed that they were returning to filler episodes, but I actually liked this one. Thank you for the super fast subs! You guys are great! xx

  18. digibeast permalink

    Haven’t we seen these yellow rectangles before in another digimon season in a simular fasion?

  19. meee permalink

    I believe we saw them in Tamers.

  20. Role permalink

    Another release, another review from everyone’s favorite opinionated gal.

    A digimon… based on Mephistopheles. I am disappointed at the lack of magical girls getting their head bit off now. Joking aside, though, this ep was pretty good even though it’s filler (again). It kept my interest for the most part, and once again, like with Episode 13, Tagiru doesn’t completely come off as some obnoxious brat, and is fairly likable. To whoever is doing these eps, keep it up. Of course, there are other problems here – for starters, we still have yet another Tagiru capture. Yuu very rarely seems to get the spotlight, and still has quite a small team compared to the others. Furthermore, if I’m counting this right, Tagiru is now with more partners than Taiki… which means the only one who’s really behind is Yuu.

    Personally, though, I wish they’d cool it with these hunts as stand alones, and start tying them to a story. It’s about time things got moving. The teaser in 14 may have kept me from shouting my head off this episode, but it’s not enough to keep me from being impatient. A normal show would have been through it’s entire plot by now – but this one barely seems to have scratched the surface.

    To be honest, it’s almost like 13 and 14 were pushed up a few weeks to calm people down about the story thing, since nothing from then was even referenced here. You’d think they’d at least expand on the big teaser at the end of 14, but it looks like for this (and 16, according to the preview) aren’t really gonna bother with it, and will act as more filler. While 16 looks like it’ll play with that newfound Yuu x Airu fangirl part of me, unless it has some plot points behind it it’ll probably still leave a bad taste in my mouth.

    You know, it wouldn’t take much… just for the characters to even acknowledge the previous eps, but… well, it’s acting like those eps never happened – filler at its finest.

    tl;dr – while the episode was one of the better ones, and with Tagiru acting likable again, the problem with the lack of plot persists, which is very disappointing after the teaser from 14.

    • meee permalink

      I don’t think that just Yuu is behind, I think everyone is behind when you lok at Ren’s collection. He has PLESIOMON, PHANTOMON, NANOMON, VADEMON, CHIMAIRAMON(!!!!!!!), etc.

      I mean what the hell? He defeated CHIMAIRAMON(!!!!!) with….. YASYAMON?? Wait what???? This is one of the big reasons why I literaly hate Hunters and Xros Wars. Okay, they dropped levels, but seriously this has really gotten out of hand.

      Only reason I stuck with XW and with this season is because unfortunately those are Digimon series and I wouldn’t be a fan if I didn’t at least see them… -____-


  21. Role permalink

    Chimeramon was only strong because they couldn’t evolve in 02. A chou-shinka would easily take one down, IMO, since it jumps them up to around Perfect/Ultimate level. It’s actually kinda meh everywhere else.

    • meee permalink

      I don’t know about that… Chimairamon is said to have power which is equal to or even surpasses Ultimate level (Mega in dub). In Wikimon Chimairamon is listed as Perfect or Ultimate level.

      Anyway, it’s stupid. We probably aren’t going to even see all those Digimon they hunted. Tagiru almost never uses Digimon he hunted, same goes for Taiki, Ryouma and Airu (Yuu doesn’t have any XP).

      In the end you just wonder, what’s the point of all these dum boring filler episodes?

      • Blade permalink

        Make the series last longer. Wow, I sound so obnoxious saying that. At any rate, if Hunters bores you, find something else to watch in the meantime. My “name” should give you a hint at one of my personal favorites. To be honest, I don’t care what I watch so long as it is humorous and has lots of explosions. o_o

        Although I wish they didn’t have a habit of using REALLY crude humor at times, kinda take the fun out of watching really. And I don’t mean blood there. -_-

        By the way, seen all digimon eps and seasons subbed (so far), isn’t Xros Wars the first to have actual blood with Yuu cutting Taiki’s arm with a sword? Episode with 2 chess castles and all? Memory fail.

      • meee permalink

        Who said anything about blood? But okay…

        No, XW isn’t the first season to have actual blood. In Adventure, Apocalymon stuck his nails into his skin and you can clearly see his green blood. I can’t remember seeing blood in 02, Tamers and Savers, but I’m sure there was some. In Frontier you can see blood from Junpei’s nose when he and Takuya accidentaly saw Izumi changing while they were on that island xD

        I was also happy to see blood in XW, but Taiki’s wound magically disappeared in the next scene so, I was pretty disappointed -.-

      • Role permalink

        Yeeeah, that’s a load of bull. In every instance of Chimeramon, he hasn’t even come close to that in power. Now, Jogress the guy with Mugendramon, and THEN we’re talking power. I mean, heck… you’re talking about the boss of the First Arc here. That’s like saying Devimon can kick Seraphimon’s ass, when we all know how that fight would go down.

        Still, I agree with some of what you said – we probably won’t get anything out of 60% of the mons who get hunted. At least Xros Wars did a good job of keeping them involved at least, but Hunters is… eh… Wasteful. Kinda close to Frontier Wasteful, actually…

        And I will agree with you… while some of the filler eps later turn out to not be filler (I can name two, so far), most of them are just plain wasted episodes. It’s unlike digimon to go this long with little to no plot… It’s really disappointing.

  22. Cress permalink

    Wait! They were fighting in the human world… Doesn’t that mean Taiki could’ve Xrossed Shoutmon X4 if he wanted to? What was the new rule about DigiXros again?

    • Saint Walker permalink

      I’ve never been 100% certain how it works this season, but I’d say that sounds right. The thing is, OmegaShoutmon is supposed to be a lot stronger than X4. Taiki only used him the last time for the star sword, I believe.

  23. User permalink

    not sure if this is the right place for this, but since FBI took down MegaUpload, would it be possible if you guys added links to the MKV of all episodes on another hosting site? It’d be greatly appreciated.

    • wildbunchsubs permalink

      Darn WP not letting me post duplicate comments. Once I’m back at my own computer, I will begin reuploading links to multiupload.

  24. RoXaS permalink

    can you upload mkv other than megaupload? because megaupload down now.

    • wildbunchsubs permalink

      Once I’m back at my own computer, I will begin reuploading links to multiupload.

  25. Cat permalink

    well, now that megaupload is closed for good, thought you might still want to take suggestions about where to upload again? just keep multiupload, if you’re asking. if you want to get paid though, uploadstation helps.

  26. megate permalink

    well till a new place is found i have nbeen uploading the mkv files here and i have plenty of bandwidth to spare

  27. megate permalink link did not post before

  28. meee permalink

    I’m so pissed! I have downloaded lots of great stuff from MegaUpload and now they shut it down and made some crappy laws just so they could sponge off of Internet!

    Greedy Americans!!!!!

    • wildbunchsubs permalink

      FYI, two out of three of the staff subbing Hunters are Americans. But I understand how you feel.

      • meee permalink

        I don’t mean every American, I mean the ones who made those stupid laws.

        I didn’t mean to offend anyone, except those who made the laws 😛

    • Role permalink

      Hey, don’t blame us for the music industry’s actions. They’re the ones who pushed so hard to get them closed.

    • Blade permalink

      OK, megaupload is gone now… Wow… OK, on a rather serious note for me, youtube will be next. Apparently the latest fad about the internet is to regulate it in terms of copyright stuff, and as this is currently being debated on a high level quite a bit. Also, as 90% of the stuff on youtube is “technically” copyright infringement (in some unfair hardly noticable sutle way you just don’t really see at all). As a result, when USA Gov comes knocking about copyright, youtube dies a hard death.

      As a guy that knows some of the back alleys of the internet, I can tell you right now torrents are the way to go. If a site kills it, there are still people that have the files. In order to stay safe, all they have to do is make the torrent again, post it annonimously and seed for a while. If they do it correctly, the file(s) are out there for the world to get, and if they are ever caught (unlikely but you never know) someone else will repeat the process again and again (if all goes well, but this has potential to fail).

      Just to keep things straight, I don’t do illegal stuff on the web, or try to annoy people like that. Also, this is not some “Prophesy of Doom” thing either. I am merely stating a few facts that may or may not be true, as only time will tell. I honestly hope the internet doesn’t end up that way, but we live in a strange uncertain world. Yeah, torrents don’t die when the root is killed, they reroot and grow again. Feel free to insult me for giving my educated opinion, but don’t worry, I did my homework before posting.

  29. TrippNessa permalink

    … *sigh* I was so excited for this episode because I thought Taichi and the others would be in it. Guess it’s more filler for me -_-

    Well, as far as fillers go at least this one was interesting. I have to say though… how the heck did all of those students get devil pitchforks? Do they just keep hundreds of them in a closet somewhere? Tagiru has quickly become a much better character lately as well, and was downright admirable in this episode. But OH GOD, it’s the ‘healing tears’ -_- AND once again, anti-climactic fight at the end. Come on, that was like… 15 seconds max. I love psychotic-possessed Yuu, by the way XD

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