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[RELEASE] Digimon Xros Wars II – 13 (67) + 14 (68) H264 & XViD

by on January 10, 2012

The thirteenth and fourteenth episodes of Digimon Xros Wars: The Boy Hunters Who Leap Through Time!

Ep 13-
MKV: | mirror
AVI: | mirror

Ep 14-
MKV: | mirror
AVI: | mirror

BT Index:

Edit: For those who are curious about the three new boy Hunters in this episode.
Haruki- Kid with the white shirt and bag. Has Witchmon.
Noboru- Kid with the gray hoodie. Has Allomon.
Ken- Kid with the orange mohawk. Has ShimaUnimon.

  1. Shawn permalink

    As always you guys rock, released them both at once is cool thanks.

  2. silentguy permalink

    No seeds on the torrents? Guess I’ll grab it from MU and seed it…

  3. Tomozaurus permalink

    Yay! Thanks guys 🙂

  4. dennis permalink

    at last!!! thank you guys

  5. Thaaaaaaaaaaaank you! =DDDDD Taking the .avis from megaupload~ ♥

  6. Thanks a lot… *is looking at the Betsumon episode title.*

    If it was Gintama it’d be fine.. But it’s not..

  7. Mel permalink

    YES. Thanks so much for your hard work! Will seed as long as possible!

  8. Black Mage permalink

    Man, This is awesome . . .
    can’t wait to see ep 14 . . .
    thank you guys . . ,

  9. Stanley permalink

    Thank you! You guys!! You are doing a great job!!

    Taking the .avi

  10. Thanks! Episode 14 was great, and it gave me hope for the series, so this is all awesome, and really worth the wait.

    Episode 13 could’ve done with more screentime, really, but it was a good episode nonetheless.

  11. Thanks alot for releasing Episodes 13 and 14, hopefully there won’t be as big of a delay with Episode 15.

    • wildbunchsubs permalink

      Because one more day was a big delay. Please stop making comments like that.

      • Sorry, I didn’t realize you were only one day late, that’s what I get for talking without knowing the full picture.

  12. Thank you very much for the efforts in bringing these two episode after a Holiday break. Hope the translator got his/her much deserved rest/break weeks ago.

    14 is such a tease.

  13. Woa, thanks you guys~.
    That’s pretty awesome :D.

  14. Whoa. Did NOT expect that ending scene there. I’m not sure if I’m happy or mad about it.

    Thanks guys! Love your work! So appreciative that you bring us Digimon! 🙂

    • Shawn permalink

      I had a heart attack when I saw those two guys, i was so freaking excited

      • I’m just slightly worried we’re about to begin Digimon: Kingdom Hearts.

        But, I’ll roll with it for now… I trust them. Haven’t been disappointed in a Digimon series yet. Except for 02 kinda, I never liked that one as well as the others.

  15. Thank you so much! And happy new year!

  16. HappyDayz permalink

    Lol . Loved the episodes. Thanks WildBunch. But I felt like the writers trolled us, till the end of the episode. Ah. Oh wells it was all good in the end, I am soo hyped now. Cant wait until the next episodes. Thanks again. Happy New years!

  17. Thanks for the 2 new episodes. I feel cheated by episode 14, typical XD
    Thanks again.

  18. Deimos permalink

    Thanks alot, you guys rock

  19. Luna permalink

    Thanks a lot for the double release! 😀

  20. X7SM permalink

    Very big thaks to wildbunch 🙂
    Finally I can see masaru and yagami with your sub, even they only show for a few second

  21. HowlingLaser permalink


  22. megasupermoon permalink


  23. shewill permalink

    I recognized those silhouette immediately… Wohoo, the story is getting better though I don’t feel the same for Tagiru… Thanks Wildbunch!!!!

  24. 2gay2play2day permalink

    This made my day go high…

  25. I liked in episode 13 that Tagiru was actually the first to notice that the kids weren’t feeling alright. And HE cautioned them (Kiichi specifically) to get some rest. That shows he isn’t JUST a thoughtless hothead. It was a nice touch. ^_^

  26. PapXS permalink

    Wow awesome, keep up the good work. Sadly next epsiode looks like a filler again, we have to wait to see what the old Digimon leaders are up to. Also, onkeikun, who’s that scary red-haired girl in your twitter avatar? I’m following you now and I just had to ask (I’m a total newb to twitter by the way)

    • wildbunchsubs permalink

      Lol, thank you for my laugh of the day. It’s not a girl but a boy from Inazuma Eleven, Hiroto. My favorite character. You get used to twitter after a few hours, it has very simple functions.

      • PapXS permalink

        Wow, it’s my first time confusing sexes in an anime. Is he evil or something? He looks pretty scary @.@ Anyway thanks for subbing Hunters (too lazy to write it all)

      • wildbunchsubs permalink

        Sexes are confused often in I11, it has a lot of androgynous characters. Usually if their boobs aren’t obvious, they’re boys by default. Hiroto used to be on the evil side but he’s one of the kindest boys I’ve known with a sad story. I could go on for hours talking about him. @_@

      • PapXS permalink

        (psychotic talk)Must…watch…Inazuma
        If I understand correctly it has to do with football. Which is the first season?

  27. Cress permalink

    (After watching EP 14’s preview) Holy crap! ZeekGreymon?! Must download EP14 immediately!!

    • Cress permalink

      Oh man! Kiriha is awesome as usual but the ending was what got me really excited.

  28. Thanks so much, indeed! I’m going to download both episodes immediately now! 🙂

  29. HikaruYami permalink

    Hey guys, don’t mean to nitpick, but in episode 13, Locomon’s special attack in the introduction corner is “Wheel Grinder”, not “Oil Grinder”. The same way that whale is Hoeru, wheel is hoiru. I’m not sure the exact katakana of oil, but it’s not hoiru…. I think it’s just oiru?

    Not asking you to go in and correct it and rerelease, but just so you all know 🙂

    • wildbunchsubs permalink

      Ah, thank you. ‘Wheel’ makes a lot more sense according to the description, I was actually wondering about that. Most likely I”ll fix it when we release the batch.

  30. Masaru’s face is going to look so weird. His animation style doesn’t really fit with every other season. I’m looking forward to seeing the difference and I wonder if they’ll mention it within the show. I can’t wait to see Guilmon again. Does anyone know if the crossovers are canon for the cameo characters? I would have thought Taichi would be older since Davis is also in Xros Wars. I wonder if Takuya can hunt digimon. It would be funny if they Xrosed Takuya with someone else.

    • Well bear in mind that this series is supposedly about ‘leaping through time’ (although oddly we haven’t seen any explicit time travel yet). I reckon the excuse will be that the old man went and brought each of them from the peak of their digimon careers in their respective universes, making Taiichi and Daisuke roughly the same age. And yeah I lolled at Takuya, is he just gonna sit there or is he going to spirit evolve and confuse everybody who hasn’t watched the fourth series (and remember that this is aimed at younger kids who almost certainly can’t have done).

      Yeaah it’s a bit odd, but exciting none the less. I’m interested to see how they deal with this story/animation-wise. I reckon/hope that the series is leading up to a multiverse crisis 😀 Thanks again for the subs guys!

      • I will be so mad if they leave Takuya out, he’s my favorite goggle boy!

      • Role permalink

        “Time Shift”. That is likely what it refers to.

      • HikaruYami permalink

        I’m personally interested in what everyone’s reactions to past-gen Digivice-equivalents will be. And with Super-Evolution as prevalent in the current generation, I assume we will only see the partner digimon and their strongest singular forms, eg. Agumon -> WarGreymon, Agumon -> ShineGreymon, Veemon -> Magnamon, Guilmon -> Gallantmon?, Takuya -> EmperorGreymon?

        The last two will seem weird to everyone else, but I imagine we’ll see them anyway? Also, I want Shoutmon to remark on WarGreymon being alive, seeing as his was a Digimemory they saw at the previous final battle ^_^

  31. Kuroichi permalink

    I just curious what that old clock man have to do with taichi and daimon, why they show only just a sec :’)

  32. ajaja permalink

    The time travel factor must have caused those anachronisms with the guest characters’ ages.
    Would be awesome if more characters show up.

    I can’t wait for the following episodes

  33. Rozza C permalink

    OMG!! At the end of episode 14!?

    Were those silhouettes who I thought they were!?!?!

    Thank you Wild Bunch! You’re awesome!

  34. Thank you for the Subs guys!!!

  35. LiLi-san permalink

    OMG! It really is ALL the previous main characters in Digimon!
    @22:13, you can even see the characters standing in the series order from right to left!
    Taichi & Agumon, Daisuke and V-mon, Takato and Guilmon, Takuya, Masari and Agumon!

    This show really needs to stick to the arc now. All the side-tracking(filler episodes) are killing me!

  36. digibeast permalink

    Even if they where colllected through time, Daisuke should now Taichi because he met V-mon with Taichi.

    And I really hope to see the original shinka cutscenes from each character, but I’m almost certain that won’t happen…

  37. meee permalink


  38. Role permalink

    Another release, another review – let’s do this.

    13 – while seeming to still be sort of filler, I liked this one a lot more than previous ones. The storytelling was better in my opinion, and Tagiru actually wasn’t completely obnoxious here. I think the climax could have been done a bit better, but overall I liked this episode far more than most of the episodes before it.

    14 – after seeing this one, I realized the last one acted more as setup for this one. Finally, some story. Good to see Kiriha back as well. I like how it’s hinting at the whole purpose of hunters. I’m gonna propose a theory after the review, but for now it looks like it’s starting to turn around. Unlike the last episode, Tagiru went back to being a pest, something I really wish he’d grow out of. If anything, the sheer danger he was in should have opened up his eyes here. I’d want less “Awesome!” from him, and more “Oh crap!”, but sadly it just wasn’t to be. The end also seemed to hint at an interesting connection. Again, see theorycrafting. Also, after seeing this episode, I’m totally shipping Yuu and Airu together. Deal with it.

    Theorycrafting – Okay, so this episode revealed that there might be a very valid reason behind the hunters – and that is to capture and contain digimon so that they don’t cause disasters. Before this, the problems were largely local, and seemed more of a nuisance than anything, but now it’s been revealed that they could cause large scale natural disasters. So, it could be theorized that the whole reason behind hunters getting stronger and obtaining more and more digimon in their own little personal armies is in fact to prepare them for a huge event. The two cameos at the very end lead me to believe it could be Millenniumon, since it would fit given his supposed abilities over space time. There was another one too, from one of the crossover mangas, but I can’t recall which one it was at the moment (an hour of browsing wikimon and I still can’t find it). Either way, I don’t think it’ll be the climax, since sources say that the Goggles of Old are only gonna be here for a few eps.

    • Saint Walker permalink

      Are you thinking of Parallelmon, the one who brought Daisuke and V-Tamer Taichi together?

      And yeah, as someone else mentioned, the season is definitely getting a D-1 Tournament vibe. The question is what’s behind it all? Bagramon trying to come back and get his revenge? Digimon Kaiser-like character in Japan responsible for the Digiquartz? We’ll have to wait a little more and see, of course.

      • PapXS permalink

        We’re gonna have to wait another week or so. Tomorrow’s ep 15 is a filler. Hopefully ep 16 will reveal more. The only seasons that had humans as antagonists were 02 (Digimon Kaiser/Ken and Oikawa Controlled) and Savers (crazy scientist dude, can’t remember his name). It will be nice having a human as an antagonist once again.
        But I too hope that this season actually gets some good plot. It would be such a waste if Digimon were to end with a crappy season. So far, Hunters has yet to reveal any important plot hints other than the ex-leaders appearing and some other in a few episodes…
        Wonder what the kids watching this in Japan thought of these characters they have never seen. I think that the appearance of the previous characters would mark that this will be the last season and like a memorial?
        Wonder if Takuya can be DigiXrosed though…

      • Role permalink

        Ah, yeah! That’s his name! Thanks. My theory is that it’s either Milenniumon or Parallelmon is involved, given the crossover nature and the time/space theme of the series so far. However, I don’t think they’ll be the final final boss – rather, they’d be a mid-season peak, and then they’d have to deal with the fallout from the mess afterwards.

        As for Takuya… five bucks says they take the easy route and separate him from the spirits of fire for this fight. They’d act as his digimon.

      • PapXS permalink

        One of the reasons I liked Frontier was because humans turned into Digimon. Having Agnimon/Vritramon/Ardhamon as a partner to Takuya would be an insult to the very core of Frontier (it was my fav season) But a DigiXros between Agnimon and Astamon would be…?

      • Role permalink

        Really? Wow. The reason you liked it is one of the reasons many people hated it. It wasn’t my least favorite (02 gets that disgrace), but it does rank on the lower tier of seasons, and is what lead me to believe Xros Wars was gonna be bad (Since according to the pattern created at the time, “Even Seasons Sucked”). Glad Xros Wars was enjoyable, though, even with the slow start and Sue main.

  39. Saint Walker permalink

    (Replying to PapXS)
    Don’t forget that at the end of Frontier, the spirits did separate from the kids, having basically taken on a life of their own, so it’s definitely possible. However, since we didn’t see a digimon next to him on the boat, who knows? Plus, we don’t know at what point in their careers they were plucked.

    For that matter, we don’t even know if they’re all going to fight. It could be we see some cameo appearance from War and/or ShineGreymon, then the two groups “understand each other,” some advice/encouragement is shared, and the visiting goggleheads tell the Clockmon guy that this world’s in good hands with Team Xros Heart and go back home. It certainly would be nice seeing them all in action one last time, though.

    • Role permalink

      I dunno, I’d be really disappointed if all they served to be was filler. That kind of plot line would really tick me off. Nah, they’d need to have some kind of storyline significance, given how much filler we’ve had with Xros Wars already. The show was really trying my patience up until the last couple episodes. I hope it continues this reversal. Not sure who wrote episode 13, but I hope they do more – Tagiru was much more likable in that episode, so it’d be nice if they could manage to rescue him from the scrappy heap…

      • PapXS permalink

        Yeah Tagiru in ep 13 was the closest he got to being a leader like the others. Hopefully he will grow out of being the stupid, annoying kid he is now.
        As for Frontier, I really liked it not only for the “humans turn into Digimon” feature but I also liked the plot, it was more interesting. Even though when Cherubimon was defeated on ep 37, it was so predictable that Lucemon would return. (I prefer the dub voices of Frontier than the Japanese ones, hate me, but Lucemon has a better voice in dub, he sound more badass and spoiled)
        Adventure 02 had a nice plot but with holes in many points. The Daemon arc ended rather suddenly, and there was no continuation on the Dagomon arc. But it was really awesome when it turned out that Vamdemon was behind it all. Also, kids were rather stupid in 02. What kind of a 10-12 yr old kid doesn’t know that if you’re trapped in an undersea oil platform you shouldn’t use up much oxygen or trying to dig @.@
        PS: I used Japanese original names in previous posts, now I use English Dub names, just for more variety. (Except Vamdemon, I like his Japanese name better than the English one).

      • meee permalink

        PapXS Do you know Lucemon in Frontier was voiced by the same actor who voiced Freeza and Coola in Dragon Ball Z? (talking about Japanese, I prefer everything in it’s original version with subtitles :))

  40. digibeast permalink

    Wargreymon is okay, Omnimon would be cooler but he wasn’t in the first season, only in the movie.
    Does this mean XV-mon is the highest rank possible, without Stingmon? or would this be rewrited as being digixros?
    Takato can only evolve with the power of Culumon? Or would Dovermon play a part in this? or would this be rewrited as being digixros?
    Takuya could go to Susanoomon with all 10 legendary human and beast spirits in his digivice (Xros Loader?)

  41. 2gay2play2day permalink

    Are u going to sub ep 15 today or tomorrow?

    • wildbunchsubs permalink

      Questions like this are ignored, for future reference, so quit wasting both my time and yours. But to answer you this once since you seem new: Our subs are usually released before or on Tuesday GMT-5, unless there is a delay, which we’ll notify through our twitter or this blog.

  42. Blade permalink

    I see 3 to 5 more random digimon hunts before some action, but yeah, I can’t see why those five (you know the ones) are even in this season. It’s like Bandai is trying to risk all the reputations of the previous seasons of digimon on something that so far looks lame. Volcdramon Ep. was cool, but other than that, no plot mentioned what so ever. I still have hope though, but not for a few eps.

    • meee permalink

      I’m afraid too… Very very very very afraid…..

  43. Taiyokun permalink

    I’m curious, how long does it usually take you guys to sub one episode? It’s not really a question of when something comes out, I’m just wondering how long it takes someone to make all those subtitles for one episode.

    • wildbunchsubs permalink

      The issue is scheduling for everyone on the team. We live in different time zones, so when someone is done for their part, the person next in line could already be sleeping or out for the day. If we all sat next to each other, we’d be done within the same day, but that doesn’t happen.

  44. Stanley permalink

    Dear Wild Bunch Subbers.

    Thank you for the subtitles you provides us every week of Digimon (my personally favourite anime.)
    You have done a great job and i really appreciate this.
    I would like to ask for a request. Next Tuesday i will be leaving to join the army to complete my service to my country, so i kindly request a release of the subs (of episode 70″16″) on Monday or if its possible on Sunday(but i would be ok with Monday also).

    Thank you.

    • wildbunchsubs permalink

      I can’t make that promise. Best of luck with your duties, though.

      • Stanley permalink

        Okay, thats alright. thank you!

  45. Dark Master permalink

    thanks as always for your hard work 🙂
    ep 14 got me exited as much as possible!
    now i imagine every one of them would have his own song and digivolve animation
    that would be cool

  46. Sept permalink

    Thank you so much for these! After a few weeks without the three rival Hunters, I’m glad to see them back on board. And I flipped out when I saw the ex-leaders. Excuse my bias, but I hope Taichi whoops the shit out of everyone.

    And there’s so much Tagiru hate here. -_- I feel like I’m the only one who likes him… I do agree that the show could use a change of pace though. I want the plot to start!

    • Rui Craveiro permalink

      Not the only one… I also happen to like Tagiru (as much as I like Taiki and Yuu at the moment). Don’t know why, but I do… 😉

  47. Hayden permalink

    Thank you very much for all of your hard work! I had a big group to watch #14 together, something that only you guys made possible.

    Again, thank you.

  48. Evan Banks permalink

    Thank you for the double release, Wild Bunch.

  49. TrippNessa permalink

    13. Wtf? Airu didn’t think Elecmon was cute before, but she thinks something as horrible looking as Parasimon is? Is this girl on drugs or does she just need glasses? Tagiru was really cool in this episode though, I’ve actually been liking his character a lot more lately. However the ending was pretty anti-climatic.

    14. This episode is a good example of why I don’t think Tagiru and Daisuke are all that similar. I’m sorry, but Daisuke would not have just stood there yelling “awesome, awesome, awesome!” while the forest lit on fire around him and a giant lava Digimon of doom came bursting through a mountain. He’d have been like ‘o.O WTFBBQ?’ and found cover, and just overall taken the situation more seriously. Still, I have to defend Tagiru a bit here. His idea on luring Volcdramon out was pretty good, and he thought of it all on his own. He also told Kiriha to keep Volcdramon and didn’t just take it for his own, which was pretty mature of him. Speaking of Kiriha, HE NEEDS TO BE IN THE SHOW PERMANENTLY, UGH T_T I mean seriously, he’s pretty much everyone’s favorite character, so why- …………………… O.O……………………… TAICHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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