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[RELEASE] Digimon Xros Wars II – 11 (65) H264 & XViD

by on December 13, 2011

The eleventh episode of Digimon Xros Wars: The Boy Hunters Who Leap Through Time! Tagiru didn’t have his coffee this morning…


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  1. PurpleWarPicklemon permalink

    Thanks for all of your work – you’re the best!

  2. thank you for the subbed episode. i like xros wars 2 better than the first one.

  3. Thanks for the episode.. Hearing Shinpachi was the only highlight. Oh, Shinpachi…

  4. taichi permalink

    Thanks for having to suffer through this episode, onkei.

  5. SentinelKing777 permalink

    YES! Thanks for the episode! 🙂

  6. Blade permalink

    It’s really funny if you think about it. Fans complain alot, the show/game gets canceled, and then those same fans raise an uproar about it. Keep up the good work. We all appreciate it.

    And yeah, I didn’t like Rockman Online either, but hey, its better than nothing. Sorry if that’s off topic there.

    • brazillian-anon permalink

      We complain so they can make it better*, not cancel it. If no one complains, the next digimon will also be a series where you barely remember anything after you finish watching, unless(imo) you are still very young to not see all episodes are made only of cliché.
      * ok, they are not going to read or even if they did, i doubt they would take the critics.

      “Summer Wars” is a example of something good you can make with similar themes. If i’m not mistaken, its the same author of Digimon 1(movie). See, it should not be only about “Digimon”, friendship and perseverance… Hire a actual author for god’s sake, haha xP

      Sincerely, like xros wars 1, i’m watching to see how bad it can be(or something like that xP). I dropped savers somewhere but managed to finish xros 1(until episode 7-8 was interessing). So I have to thanks TheWildBunch over again for the high quality and free service ^.^

      • Blade permalink

        That was non-serious sarcasim there, our complaints here do nothing.

    • Role permalink

      Rockman Online hasn’t been cancelled.
      Megaman Universe was, nobody cared.
      DASH3 was, people raged.

      Get your games in order. :3

      • Blade permalink

        I never said it was, but due to people complaining Capcom was considering killing it. I was just using it as an example. As this failed, I won’t try again. Enough is enough. I DO do my homework before posting.

      • Role permalink

        Seriously? They were considering cancelling this as a result to the backlash from what they did to Dash3? Wow… if they’d have done that, I can’t imagine how bad the fallout would have been…

  7. Sept permalink

    I’ve been refreshing the front page/stalking Twitter all day for this. A million thanks to this sub team for your efforts! xxxxx

  8. Thanks for fansubbing and releasing Episode 11, I still need to watch Episode 10 lol.

  9. HowlingLaser permalink

    Excellent episode! Thanks so much for subbing it! You guys always do such a fantastic job. 🙂

  10. megate permalink << for anyone who likes mediafire

  11. Thank you so much for your hard work! (I hope you’ve caught up on some sleep at least…)

    Taking the .avi as usual. ♥

  12. karth permalink

    “Weak” Tagiru is really hilarious…

    And wondering when they will get to the main plot already…like what’s driving Digimon into the DigiQuartz and make them crazy, as Shoutmon said in EP2.

  13. Thank you for the sub Wild Bunch guys! The episode was actually funny! even thought i wasn’t expecting that! Tagiru should stop drinking coffee if thats how he becomes!! 😛 I also have to say that hearing FlaWizardmon saying the words Tagiru made me actually believed him! which Tagiru doesn’t do so well! I liked Gumdramon in this episode he kinda reminded me of Agumon the way he trusted Taichi! Damemon’s cho-shinka clip made me respect Yuu! 😛 He looks cool! I believe he would be a better leader than Tagiru! I also read on CrunchyRolls page of DXWH that the episode will be 24 i hope thats a lie! Because it will be the worst Digimon Season then! Also i totally Agree with everyone else us complaining is actually for making the show better! And last i also agree with Karth i would like the original story to start also!

  14. Role permalink

    Another Ep, Another Opinion, let’s do this.

    W… wow… did I… Did I seriously just watch that? It’s like the show is going out of it’s way to explain why I should like Tagiru. I mean, seriously? Because of all that pointless energy with no real reason or direction behind it? That’s his redeeming quality? No, that makes him a brat. I really can’t believe this. Not only that, but I swear they’re setting this up for either “That girl finds out about digimon and joins the team” or “Everyone finds out about digimon and they live happily ever after”. No character growth for Tagiru here, he’s as childish as ever. It did make me have a tiny bit of respect for Gumdramon, but not any more than I really had before hand. He’s still the better half of the duo.

    This really irks me. Looks like they’re not gonna be changing directions, if they were they’d have done so already. We’re likely nearly half way done (guessing it’s a 26 episode season, and we’re approaching 12), and still, the plot is nowhere to be found. What the hell? Maybe this is just a filler arc while we wait for the REAL new season? I mean, it just… it’s got nothing going on here.

  15. karth permalink

    Well, let’s see through previous seasons…

    Adventure – Seriously, do we have fillers in that? Every Ep is like heading somewhere.

    02 – OK the first few EPs are some sort of filler, or bring back the previous season’s protags and team them up with the new characters. 02 only got serious when they found out about Digimon Caesar’s identity and then got serious when Chimeramon got into the picture.

    Tamers – Except EP1, 3, 6, 8, 10, 12, any interval episodes between those are a filler in the beginning. Things finally got serious when the Deva appeared but then again we have some small fillers.

    Frontier – The first 5 are evolution introduction EPs, EP6 introduces the villain, 7-9 are some sort of fillers that mirrors Adventure, 18-19, and 31 are real fillers. Then things get serious from then.

    Savers – EP1-5 are character intro arc, 6-11 are filler arc, starting from EP 12, things get serious.

    Xros Wars – Same as adventure, I hardly find any EP a filler because of how the show is structured. The season is divided to 2-3 EPs of “stopping the Bugra Army from taking the zone” so it’s hard to put in fillers.

    7 Generals – Same reason as Xros Wars Season 1, unless it is intended, there’s no space for fillers.

    Hunters – Except EP55, 59, and 62, the others are fillers. EPs 63 and 64 brings back characters of previous seasons. So that leaves 56, 57, 58, 60, 61, 65, and the next EP 66 fillers. This already exceed Savers for numbers of fillers. If this is mirroring 02, things will only get serious at EP 18 or so.

    • Role permalink

      I wish you were wrong, but from the looks of it, yeah, it is mirroring my most hated season so far. The second Tagiru announced he wanted to be just like Taiki, I went “Oh, god no, not again…”

      At least Xros Up is more interesting than Jogress Evolution to me, even if Shoutmon’s non-core forms are “Meh” at best.

      • meee permalink

        First of all I agree with everything you said karth said. I just want to say that I don’t think Xros up is better than Jogress Evolution. Jogress Evolution has better evolution sequence and new Digimon looks awesome and fights awesome (Omegamon, Paildramon, Sylphimon, even Shakkoumon :D) while in Xros Up Digimon are just slapped together and i don’t know, they look kinda lame imo. Also, I was playing Digimon World 3 alot when I was younger which also had Jogress Evolution.

        I respect your opinion, but I can’t believe you actually said Xros up is more interesting than Jogress Evolution xD Sorry if I’m being a jackass here 😉

      • Role permalink

        I’ve never been a fan of Jogress. Dividing your forces in half to progress one stage of evolution? Seems like a waste to me. I didn’t like DigiXros very much for the same reason. Xros up, however, at least allows for some tactical use. If one Xros up isn’t working, swap out and use another. Plus, they have an actual storyline reason they can’t use multiple mons in the first place, so there’s at least a good reason to use it over traditional evolution.

        Just as with Jogress, though, it’s been hit or miss with Xros Up. Jogress had it’s issues for sure, while Xros Up looks more like equipment options the way it’s done here. As someone mentioned in a previous episode, that actually has a ton of application you can use in a video game, should they put one out.

        Contrast with how Jogress was done in the Digimon Story games – it was clunky, and sometimes almost felt like the game was punishing you. It’s main use was for Jogress Chains, so you could get the skills you want on the mons you want. The ability to just equip another mon for the same effect seems far better to me.

      • meee permalink

        If I may add, the actual storyline reason they can’t use multiple mons in Digi-Quartz and Real World but they did at the end of Xros Wars doesn’t make any damn sence.
        Well, I still prefer Jogress WAY over Xros Up, mostly because Jogress evolved Digimon look awesome and they ARE powerful and useful. Omegamon? Paildramon? Waste? Huh?

      • Role permalink

        I’d prefer having both an evolved X-V-mon and Stingmon over fusing them together. I’d rather have Angewoman and Aquilamon’s next form fighting side by side. HolyAngemon and an evolved Ankylomon as opposed to that thing they became when they fuse.

        Now, if they don’t do a better job of explaining WHY they can’t use multiple mons per hunter, then yeah, I’ll side with you in saying it’s stupid and arbitrary. However, until then, we can always —

        ..Oh god, I can’t believe I was about to make that argument. This is those stupid Black Spires all over again. I’m sorry, they nearly fooled me there. I take it back, both Jogress and Xros Up suck now.

      • meee permalink

        I guess they do xD

  16. @karth Well lets hope! Even thought they are going to take a break at ep 14!

  17. Amusing episode. Though the best has yet to come in Time Hunters especially on the January episodes.. One of them will have an old face returning after nearly a decade now. 🙂

  18. mega big news almost worthy of its on blog post

    • meee permalink

      It’s bit of a shame he’ll appear in such a lame season. Who knows, maybe things go better in later episodes but… I don’t know. I’m just afraid Taichi would appear in a lame episode like almost all episodes of this season so far, and it might ruin his whole character because he will be lame like the rest of the characters >_<

    • Role permalink

      Dear… who’s doing this again? Bandai? I think it’s Bandai. Dear Bandai:


      Story, not cameos! We want story! Aaaaagh!

  19. episode 69 tai appears and we have a true plot

    • Role permalink

      So… is this V-Tamer Taichi, or Adventure Taichi?

      Also, why the need for a crossover? It didn’t make too much sense in Tamers, so why here?

      Also, why does it take this show 15 episodes before we get any plot?!

      • Rui Craveiro permalink

        If it’s the Adventure Taichi (which is pictured on the V-Jump February 2012 issue), I wonder if he’ll have the same voice actress that voiced him or will be changed to someone else

      • Role permalink

        Taichi is from both the V-Tamer Manga and the Adventure Anime. They’re not the same person, though – Adventure Taichi was based off of V-Tamer Taichi, and had Wargreymon. V-Tamer Taichi started the goggleboy trend and actually had a reason for wearing goggles, was far more tactical than the hothead that was Adventure Taichi, and was partnered with an AlforceV-Dramon named Zero.

        I’m curious as to both the partner, as well as “If this is adventure Taichi, how the heck are they gonna explain this? He grew up.”

    • Rui Craveiro permalink

      Actually, Taichi will be featured on epi. 68 (14 of this current season): . Epi. 69 will be another thing… (blushing)

      The break, therefore, will be between epi. 67 and epi. 68 😉

  20. meee permalink

    This was an okay episode, finally. Still, it’s stupid. I don’t understand what’s the point in hunting Digimon if they ain’t gonna use any. In this aspect I’d actually like this season to be more like Pokemon because Ash(Tagiru), Brock(Taiki) and Misty(Yuu) would use all of the Pokemon(Digimon) they caught!!!

  21. Thanks so much Wild bunch for this I live this.

  22. TrippNessa permalink

    LOL Tagiru… he was really funny in this episode. I think instead of coffee that morning he had Tequila XD I cracked up when that girl tried to ask him what he meant and all he did was make a face and spit at her. I don’t normally find that funny at all, but I dunno… I guess it was just SO immature that it was humorous somehow. I thought Gumdramon had some good scenes too, and FlaWizarmon looks really cool.

    As for people complaining about Tagiru, whatever, keep on complaining. He was great in this episode and you don’t have to agree =)

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