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[RELEASE] Digimon Xros Wars II – 10 (64) H264 & XViD

by on December 5, 2011

The tenth episode of Digimon Xros Wars: The Boy Hunters Who Leap Through Time! Nice to see Nene again. I thought the aerial battle in this episode was really cool.


MKV: | mirror
AVI: | mirror
BT Index:


Edited by onkeikun: This will be our direct downloads setup. Should be enough, but if you’d like me to upload an episode to a site that has not been provided, for whatever reason, use the comment box please.

  1. luc permalink


  2. WOW! That was super fast! Thank you!

  3. Happydayz permalink

    Thank you for a early release :).!!!!!!!!!
    Taigiru hogged the end spot light again. >>. I wanted to see more of Nene and Sparrowmon. and hoped that she would join the hunt. Lol. well i can always dream.

  4. Thanks for the release. ❤

  5. HowlingLaser permalink


  6. You are fast and your sub is good.. Teach me master 🙂

    good job! I will support you

  7. karth permalink

    Digimon feeding on human’s emotions? Digimon Savers for me.

    Parent-child disagreement? Sounds like Sora and her mom from Adventures for me.

    I knew Tagiru was meant to be a second Davis/Daisuke but he really embodied Davis/Daisuke in this EP.

    Yeah, in the end it’s Tagiru hogging the spotlight again. I wouldn’t mind if JetMervamon getting rid of Harpymon or even Shoutmon X5 but…Xros Up Arresterdramon with Sparrowmon resembles X5 in a lot of ways.

    That helmet, that left arm laser…the only difference is the alignment of the wing.

    • I agree on the first point, but it can be lleshed out even more. Idiot hero who hogs all the spotlight and wins battles that should have been won by the rest, monster of the week format without an actual plot. It’s all of Savers’ bad points at once. Hopefully The Young Hunters will be able to break free of this as Savers itself did.

      I wouldn’t have minded X5 (though it would need a Great Xros to be created, Taiki/Yuu/Nene?), and I would’ve loved if JetMervamon did it (since it was meant to be a Nene episode before Tagiru decided to just make it ANOTHER of his own), but lacking JetMervamon, Xros Up Tuwarmon + Sparrowmon would’ve been the most obvious choice, I mean jeez, Yuu is Nene’s brother, he got entirely ignored this episode…

  8. Taking the .avi from Multiupload. 😀 Thank you as always for your fast releases~~ (I actually haven’t seen the raw of this episode, so this is gonna be fun. ♥)

  9. Dear god, Nene’s Seiyuu cannot sing. X_____x

    • karth permalink

      What do you mean she cannot sing? She can sing pretty well. It’s just she’s singing during the recording of the episode cause she’s singing Twill’s song. Not playing a recording of her singing like Mimi did in Adventures.

      And this

      Watch it.

      • PurpleWarPicklemon permalink

        Man, she sings lovely . . . enchanting is the word that comes to mind . . . as ti Michael A.D. – it’s not Kuwashima that can’t sing (in your opinion) it’s Nene!

  10. Luna permalink

    Thanks for the release! 😀

  11. MajorMay permalink

    I know its probably not much, but thank you for all the hard work your putting in so Digimon fans can watch high quality episodes.
    Now you probably don’t care what one person says but I speak on behalf of everyone watching these subs, thank you. People like you are whats good in the world!

  12. Heru permalink

    i want asking something that MKV version is HD version

  13. Gerard permalink

    Awesome, multiupload link is awesome, I got my filesonic. Good job on the episode again guys.

  14. Nene permalink

    thank you WBS!
    keep up the great job!

  15. Heru permalink

    can tell me about bit rate video?

    my computer cannot take high bit rate 1500+

    only can take 1300 below or 1400 below

  16. vox_a permalink

    Thanks for the release Wild Bunch.

    Blech, another Tagiru-hijacked episode, letdown after the previous episode actually gave Yuu/Taiki/Character of the Day significant involvement.

    Also, is it just me or did Nene’s outfit while she was filming look like a recolor of Tomoki’s (Frontier)?

  17. Cress permalink

    Am so looking forward to a Kiriha episode where he completely humiliates Tagiru.

  18. megate permalink

    if anyone want medifire links for the eps i got them here as full eps no splitting

  19. Dang…10 eps have passed and still waiting for the plot to kick in. -_-

  20. Can you give a try? i hope it’s good.

  21. Thanks alot for releasing Episode 10 :), I grabbed the AVI already and should be watching it later tonight hopefully :D!

  22. andy permalink

    Nene has… Grown.

  23. Thanks for all the releases so far. It’s rare to find a fansub group that is professional and not major trolls nowadays.

  24. Role permalink

    Okay, I’ve finally gotten the time to watch this one…

    And I really can’t see this one as being any good. I really don’t have all that much to say that I’ve not said the last several episodes. So…. Blah blah blah hate Tagiru, blah blah blah filler, blah blah blah wish this show would get better. You know, typical stuff.

  25. Sept permalink

    Thank you so, SO much for subbing this series! I hadn’t watched Digimon since the third season but decided to watch this on a whim with zero expectations–and I’m so pleasantly surprised! I really like all the characters, especially the Ryouma-Ren-Airu trio. I don’t know why Tagiru gets so much hate either… I think he’s hilarious!

    Anyway, thanks again for giving us international fans the chance to watch, understand, and enjoy this show! I can’t wait to see where this season goes!

  26. TrippNessa permalink

    Thanks for the release! While I haven’t enjoyed every episode so far, I still like this series and appreciate all of your hard work =)

    Anyway, in Xros Wars I never really knew what to think of Nene. Sometimes I liked her, and sometimes I hated her. She was just one of those love/hate characters, and I feel the exact same way about her in this episode too. The idea of her becoming a pop star is really cliche and overused, and I also think it’s a bit out of character for her. At the same time though I think the writers really improved her personality. So as always with Nene, I find myself feeling like it was kind of possibly cool, maybe, I dunno…

    As for Tagiru, I didn’t feel like he stole the spotlight at all. The only time he really had ANY spotlight was during the the last fight, and he Xrossed with Nene’s Digimon, giving them equal spotlight. Prior to that it was all about Nene… so I really don’t get why everyone’s complaining about him in this episode. I guess he kind of had some attention during the movie shoot when he had to play the assassin, but Nene was still more of the focus during that part too. I think you guys are being way too hard on him. Having him IN the scene doesn’t make him a scene hog.

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