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Direct Downloads

by on November 30, 2011

What file service would you guys prefer me to use for direct downloads? I’ve been using Megaupload and Mediafire simply because I’ve used those in the past. Let me know which service is preferable for you guys. If there’s enough of a demand for one over the others, I’ll consider switching.


Edit by onkeikun: I’d like to point out that we can only upload a maximum file of 200mb on a Mediafire free account. Since our mkv files go above that size, we’ll split them into two separate parts with HJSplit (link), which you can use to rejoin. Currently, nez is considering multiupload.

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  1. Dante permalink

    Mediafire is the best!

  2. it’s alright
    Mediafire or Megaupload or can use for multiple upload will be nice

  3. I like Megaupload, always seems the fastest.

    Mediafire is good too.

  4. rubius permalink

    megaupload and mediafire are fine with me, though i do wish the files were smaller but i can live with it.

  5. zman permalink

    I prefer Megaupload, I am a premium member. But Mediafire is okay

  6. Thonney permalink

    mediafire is doing a great job ^^

  7. Donald permalink

    Mediafire is definitely preferable, owing to its minimal fussing around and its great download speeds with no throttling whatsoever as far as I know. That people actually use Megaupload kind of baffles me, really, when superior alternatives like Mediafire exist. That said, it honestly doesn’t matter that much; whatever’s easier for you.

  8. Axalon permalink

    I like Mediafire, myself.

  9. karth permalink

    Mediafire, just because Megaupload and Fileserve is banned in my country.

  10. misopsychia permalink

    i prefer megaupload because i can que my downloads. fileserve sucks dont know why most fansubbers nowadays use them. my feelings towards mediafire is neutral

  11. I prefer MediaFire, since I only download the AVIs and they are always under 200 MB.

  12. Chains permalink

    Mediafire, because it’s bandwith-friendly and doesn’t need capchas πŸ™‚

  13. I’d have to say megaupload is the best πŸ™‚

  14. Role permalink

    Personally, I say mediafire is the best thing out there, but I torrent this stuff anyways so it’s y’all call.

  15. Emilie Rosier permalink

    Hum … I didn’t have trust in download direct … Torrent is the best πŸ˜›

    Anyway I think that mediafire is better than megaupload.

  16. Xtian permalink

    I prefer Megaupload as I always get the best speeds there. Mediafire is very good for its simplicity and (lack of) waiting time.

  17. celestial_sacred permalink

    Mediafire~ Since it doesn’t have download limit for the same IP address. When you’re using shared connection, Megaupload just sucks when it comes to waiting for clearance. πŸ™‚

  18. MalandroMalandragem permalink

    Mediafire for sure!

  19. nazu permalink

    mediafire ftw~!

  20. Megaupload or Mediafire (pref is the first)

  21. alphaomega273 permalink

    MEdiafire or EnterUpload

  22. Mediafile, Fileserv, and Megaupload work fine for me. I’ve never noticed what goes faster.

  23. PurpleWarPicklemon permalink

    just use multiupload and hit them all – but I prefer Megaupload . . .

  24. Tabris permalink

    @Donald: Different people in different countries get different speeds from different file lockers. I like Mediafire a lot, but I get best results from Megaupload, personally.

    Sooo, yeah, I’m happy with the current setup. As someone else said, Multiupload can be great as well.

  25. Aoiblue permalink

    Megaupload and Medifire are fine.
    Multiupload if you cant do the two above.

  26. Mediafire is the best for mine, but I’m cool with whatever.

  27. Spartacus permalink

    If the file is below 500mb, why the shit aren’t you using only Mediafire?

    • @Spartacus: I thought MediaFire’s upload limit was 200 MB, not 500 MB?

      • Spartacus permalink

        The more you know, then. I think they might’ve upgraded it, then.

  28. Mediafire is preferable for me.

  29. Mf, you have my vote ^^
    no complaint for the current setup though (mu and torrent)

  30. Megaupload~ (I have a permanent account there and it really messes up for me. ^^)

    But MF is good also, so as long as one of those two stay, I’m good. ^^

  31. Faiz permalink

    Mediafire of course..

  32. adidi permalink

    mediafire please..thanks for the. awesome translation services πŸ™‚

  33. Mediafire is the Best!!

  34. Andriyanto permalink

    mediafire is the best
    but i think it would be nice if you add filesonic and multiupload too (for AVI release)

  35. antoni permalink

    i’m like Megaupload

  36. Twar permalink

    Mediafire all the way across the sky!!

    Thou i use torrents…

  37. Neotastic permalink

    Mediafire’s always been the best choice to me.

    Also, on off-topic: may I ask what program you use to convert .mkv to .avi? I’d like to view some other series on my PS3, but they’re all .mkv. I certainly prefer the format over .avi, but naturally PS3 doesn’t support it.

    I’ve tried several programs, but they don’t keep the subtitles upon converting to .avi and often a heap of quality is lost in the process. I figured you guys would probably have a good guess at what would be ideal to use.

    Thank you for your time~

  38. Horn permalink

    Definitely Mediafire for me. For some reason, 300 MB file (usual size of your MKVs) from Megaupload will take me 2-3 hours, which is unhumen. The same size from Mediafire will only take 10-15 mins, 20 max, if the traffic is too big. I guess the problem is with my provider, because before I changed my provider last year, I didn’t have the same problems with Megaupload. But whatever the problem is, Mediafire is the choice for me.

  39. gideonburogu permalink

    I actually like using Mediafire.. but since MKV goes above that, filesonic could work..
    Multiupload is the BEST! ^_^

  40. Blade permalink

    Megaupload is slow, and I use it whenever I can’t use torrent, which is perferred. Really I don’t care how long I wait downloading so long as I get high quality MKV. By the way, the MKV’s quality is so high it takes all my computers processing power to play it and it still glitches up. I like that for some reason.

  41. Gerard permalink

    For Free Users

    Mediafire > Megaupload > RapidShare


    Filesonic > Fileserve > Wupload

  42. Gerard permalink

    Yeah so to answer: Mediafire please

  43. Sam permalink

    I would prefer if you stuck with MegaUpload for the DDL as I usually get the best speeds there.

  44. Cat permalink

    wow, every fansubber uses filesonic, or normally, fileserve, it doesn’t matter to me, since I can torrent AND DDL, except it really depends on how stable one’s internet is. so, i’ve never had problems with any place, though if it troubles me to have to download one file in two separate parts, that’s just stupid to have to put us through the trouble of putting it “together”, so whatever works, really, but since i’m used to fileserve, that’s what i would have picked, fileserve. though megaupload is just as good.

  45. Red permalink

    Entering my vote for Megaupload.
    Also taking this opportunity to thank this group very much for subbing these episodes – I really appreciate it! I’ll keep up with and download all of them, and keep them forever.

  46. ChronoDarknessX permalink

    I say choose media fire, cause it’s always easier for me that way to download the episodes

  47. Heru permalink

    i like Multiupload and mediafire

    but i prefer to multiupload cuz if i use mediafire i cannot resume my download if my IP address change

    cuz my IP address Dynamic not static

  48. Multiupload.

  49. ovojez permalink

    you should use mediafire from multiupload as website and 7zip as splitter cause i t can also compress the file
    @heru use its easy to find hack

  50. Fen permalink

    Megaupload is my favorite, but any of them that doesn’t require you to split the file is fine.

  51. blaze permalink

    Megaupload for me~

    Filesonic speed sucks even i had premium~

  52. megate permalink

    i say mediafire
    and will have eps 1-5 in about an hour

  53. PLEEEEEEZE do not only upload to MediaFire if the up has to be split . . . just put it up on Megaupload in one piece – thanx πŸ˜€

  54. Can i suggest uploading on ?
    In the past, i downloaded some files from it and i think it’s good.

  55. megate permalink

    i have a premium account so i cant upload the full eps
    they going up now my internet went out earlier so they did not upload

  56. First priority to megaupload, πŸ˜€ Even though I don’t have a premium account, I’m lucky enough to have my spare time mostly in the happy hours, plus I can still download at full speed when it’s not happy hour
    Mediafire is okay, I can download at full speed and it’s free to download multiple files at once but it’s down very often and I don’t need to download multiple files for your eps πŸ˜€

  57. Megaupload o torrent

  58. anon permalink

    megaupload is good~

  59. I prefer megaupload πŸ™‚

  60. ardi permalink

    for wildbunch, can you give a link for a subtitle (just subtitle) for digimon xros wars II??

  61. Megaupload or Mediafire doesn’t matter because both are resumeable (for free user)

  62. Anonnomous permalink

    As for now, Megaupload did its work in a better way than the others. So, I choose the lesser of two (or more) evils, Megaupload.

  63. LHS permalink

    mediafire, megaupload, uploadking, uploadhere, multiupload, rapidshare are more prefered.
    just use jdownloader to download it. those server support resumable download.

  64. megaupload and mediafire is good enough .. stick with it….

  65. Heru permalink

    @ovojez : i use Internet download manager too what i mean is i cannot resume my download when my connection i turn off and turn on again

    cuz my IP address dynamic not static

    that why i need clear history and temporary internet my computer with ccleaner for can resume download again

  66. Heru permalink

    enterupload is good for me

    speed download for enterupload at my place like local speed no need use premium link generator

    if can please upload at enterupload

    megaupload still need use PLG (premium link generator)

    if i can choice i choose enterupload

  67. Epyon permalink

    For me Megaupload is the best (it’s fast & the links last for a long time). I also like Mediafire a lot. Fileserve is ok. I’m not too crazy about the others.

    HJSplit is great, a lot of uploaders use it. I love it.

  68. Hana permalink

    FileFactory please!

  69. Blanmgr permalink

    I prefer megaupload.or fileserve. I used to use filesonic until I had to call paypal to stop them from double charging me.

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