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[RELEASE] Digimon Xros Wars II – 09 (63) H264 & XViD

by on November 29, 2011

The ninth episode of Digimon Xros Wars: The Boy Hunters Who Leap Through Time! So much Engrish! And they kidnapped President Odama!


MKV: | mirror
AVI: | | mirror
BT Index:


Edited by onkeikun: Added mirror ddls for both MKV and AVI. Please give us feedback that they work.

  1. lukka permalink

    I keep getting an error message on the AVI link

    • lukka permalink

      And the MKV…

      • wildbunchsubs permalink

        I’ve uploaded both to fileserve, let me know if you were able to get them.

      • lukka permalink

        The AVI seems to be working fine. (Not planning to bother with the MKV :P)

        Thanks for the mirror! (And the subbing itself of course.)

  2. MU has been down most of the day. Any chance of another DDL so we can help seed quicker?

    • wildbunchsubs permalink

      MU is being spotty as always. :s I’ve uploaded both to fileserve, let me know if you were able to get them.

      • I’ve got both MU and FS premium accounts so FS is fine with me. Thanks.

  3. I thought only Gintama could do parodies! I hope Digimon does’t get canceled because it showed a politician like Renho got mad at her parody. *rolls eyes*

    Thanks for that release~

  4. Anonymous permalink

    At around 3:11, subtitles say “Seiously…” instead of “Seriously…”

    • wildbunchsubs permalink

      Thank you for your comment! At this point, though, I don’t think we’ll release a v2 for that… Perhaps later on in a batch.

  5. webo permalink

    thanks for the MU link!

  6. Akari.. Akari~!

    Next is episode is Nenenenenennenene. 🙂

  7. RiderCrimson permalink

    The Fileserve links seem to be working. Thanks so much for all your hard work! Much appreciated!

  8. DaveTheAnalyzer permalink

    The mirror works, thanks!

  9. They kidnapped the Beatles too! The nerve of them!! >O

    Took the MU!avi. Thank you so much! ♥

  10. HappyDayz permalink

    Lol They kidnapped Obama(or what appears to be someone that looks like him).
    Thanks for the awesome release, I cant wait till next week’s episode. Although Its werid to see that X4 is more powerful than a Super evolved digimon. Yay for Nene next week ! ❤

  11. Can u put up mediafire link , i cant download from megaupload or fileserve

  12. celestial_sacred permalink

    Yay only a day and it’s done! Thank you!!! Will there be a mediafire link?

    • wildbunchsubs permalink

      I’ve just edited the post with an AVI mediafire

  13. Role permalink

    Okay, couple things: First – are y’all gonna start doing the insert songs too? I loved how y’all did it in this one, I hope you’ll start doing it in the rest of them too.

    Second: Obligatory “My thoughts on this episode!”

    God, if it’s not one thing, it’s another. Tagiru… I really wanna strangle this kid. He finds new and exciting ways to annoy the crap out of me. Still, that being said, this episode was at least an improvement over the last, and it looks like there was at least a hint of story development over there at the end. Let’s hope this gets back on track and fast.

    Loved how they teamed up with one of the more interesting characters. Ryouma, was it? I like him, I hope they continue to expand on his team. It’s also nice to see that Yuu finally has a bit of spotlight. He’s easily the most likable person on Team Tagiru, in my opinion.

    Taiki seems to have taken a level in Mary Sue… he’s not subbing for someone on the baseball team now, he’s training them – with a skill he just learned. What the hell. I can understand why the change in main protagonists given the backlash Taiki got for the Sue nature, but Tagiru was definitely a bad choice here – I didn’t think it even possible, but I’m liking him even less than Daisuke from 02. Maybe it was a knee jerk reaction? People thought Taiki was too capable, so they brought in a sterotypical anime idiot hero or something?

    Other than that silliness that was the guest statues (aren’t some of those stars dead? And wouldn’t there have been a huge incident if Obama went missing?), the only real problems I’m having with this episode are with some of the characters. Akari was nice to see again, granted – but for the others, they tend to be either too perfect, too obnoxious, or just plain not there enough. I want to see more of the rivals, and Tagiru (and Zenjirou… >_>) need to freaking grow up a bit. Taiki… well, you can’t just de-sue him, that’s a bad move in and of itself. If only he’d have started not-perfect…

    • Neotastic permalink

      Have to second this. Majority of the cast is unlikeable, with Yuu being the only exception. Ryouma’s in the safe zone since he hasn’t done anything to annoy me.

      I’d throw Airu and that other kids whose name I cannot remember up there, but they’ve been so useless that they can’t even warrant as decent characters at the moment, as much as I’d want them to.

      I’d still take them over Taiki and Tagiru, though. On the other hand, they’re already bottom of the barrel, so that isn’t vouching for much in the first place.

      Anyway, wake me up when the series stops throwing out fillers left and right. This episode was a slight improvement in that I actually watched the entire thing compared to skipping portions like in the more-fillery episodes, but still.

      • Role permalink

        I’d still prefer Airu to some of the guys so far – Airu is at least funny to me. She may be the most annoying part of Team Ryouma, but she is nowhere even close to how annoying Tagiru is. With her, it’s actually tolerable to a degree. I love the banter between her and her partner, for example – it’s pretty fun watching the two play off each other.

        Still, I’m hoping that Tagiru gets some kind of character growth or something – anything to make him grow up a bit…

    • wildbunchsubs permalink

      We only did the insert in this episode because we know the lyrics. Obviously we’ll start doing the other songs when we know how they are sung too.

      • Role permalink

        Ah, I see. I was wondering why you guys hadn’t been doing them. Well, I hope y’all find out the proper translation soon, I like it when groups do that.

  14. If Nene and Kiriha come back.. I would just be too happy!! How I have missed them!!

    • Role permalink

      Agreed, Kiriha was actually my favorite character last season. I think I should probably like Nene a bit more than I do, but… well, Mervamon pissed me off with those Titty Lasers and other sexual themed attacks (you’re based on a goddess of wisdom, not freaking love. And you have a sword! USE IT!), so while I didn’t hate Nene per se, her ‘partner’ of sorts probably made me shift a bit of ire her way by association…

      If they take out those attacks and give her ones that make more sense for the mon, I’d be all for it, but otherwise I’d prefer to keep Nene out. Kiriha, though, I’m all for.

      • brazillian-anon permalink

        Kihira was my favorite too, I hope they bring him back, place him as the main character with Yuu and ryouma as supporters and kill everyone else in a gas truck accident… ^^

        Oh, the titty lasers… thats what we get when we can’t get normal sexuality… Since sexuality is scarce(its censored), bad authors keep using it in pathetic scenes as fillers(its better than fill with pagumons, in their head). I want normal characters! It does not have to show a sexual intercourse(ie. mouth to mouth kiss[oral sex] or penetration[anal sex]), just being normal is enough.

        *more ranting*
        remmeber naruto at the beggining? the fight of zabusa and that girly boy(hakku?) was involving and memorable because it had actual drama and tragedy. Nowdays battles are only fought with plasma and magical things that do not seems to hurt or leaves cuts, holes and etc.
        No, i don’t enjoy gore(i don’t like Saw movies). What I want is not to have the immersion being break because a shot or slash is unrealistic. Yes I can get it as a simbolic scene(and not realistic), but still…
        Ok, digimon was never like this – but at least it had a plot…. Wait, there was wizardrymon(or something) death… Was it because i was a kid or was it actually more deep than that (something)dramon digimon(of kihira) which died in Xros 1?

  15. Christaras permalink


  16. Thanks for releasing AVI :).

  17. Sam permalink

    The FS link for mkv keeps looping back to enter captcha for me…

    • wildbunchsubs permalink

      That is the reason I don’t like FS. My only suggestion would be to open the link in a new tab and try again… That generally seems to work for me.

  18. zman permalink

    Mega Video works find for me. Best episode so far

  19. karth permalink

    Akari steals the show from Tagiru! Hahaha!!! Seeing through the loophole in the rules and quickly hinted it to Taiki to bring X4 back, with Nene appearing next EP, we might get X5 and X5B (Belzeebumon must be sent from the Digital World).

    And if Kiriha returns (He might be busy managing his company, who knows), X7 is possible now, making the Watchmaker’s prediction right, Taiki is the most dangerous character in this season, but he is hinting that Ryouma is hiding his TRUE strength.

    • Role permalink

      Just one problem – the opening credits hint at a different path. Basically, a Xross involving the main three. It won’t be X7 that’s the big evo this season, but probably something different.

      • karth permalink

        They won’t reveal the biggest evo of the season in an opening that early into the show.

        Adventures – Ultimate and Mega levels never even made it into the opening.

        02 – Normal evolution never even featured in the first version of the opening.

        Tamers – is the first series which hinted that all main Digimons will evolve into Mega

        Frontier – Ardhamon, Beowulfmon, EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon was never featured in the opening.

        Savers – Another series which hinted that all main digimon will evolve into Mega, and never featured the sixth ranger.

        Xros wars season 1 – The highest evolution we ever seen in the opening is Shoutmon X4, and they gave us X5 after about 10 episodes in.

        Xros wars season 2 – The highest evolution level we thought is Shoutmon DX, then they dish out Shoutmon X7 for us.

      • Role permalink

        Of course not, but they almost always hint at the path. In this case, it showed the Digi Xros screen with all three mains. Is this the final? Hell no. They weren’t even Super-evolved. However, I do think it’s a hint in the direction the uber will take. In otherwords, it’s not gonna be X7. If anything, X7 might make a cameo, much like X4 did, but I don’t expect it to be a regular, much less the series uber.

  20. meee permalink

    I guess this episode was ok but when they showed all those famous people there I was like -__________-
    Seems porn divas, Nene and Mervamon are coming back in next episode. More annoying characters and I’m so not looking forward to it. -___-

  21. dennis permalink

    thx for this !!! appreciated

  22. TrippNessa permalink

    This was DEFINITELY a huge improvement from the previous couple of episodes. So nice to see Akari and Zenjirou again! It was kind of funny because in the first half of Xros Wars I really didn’t like Akari or Zenjirou at all, they felt pointless to have around. Then when the second half of Xros Wars came out I found myself really missing them (or maybe I was just sick of Nene). So getting to see them in this episode really made up for the last episode’s total failure.

    I also find myself once again really liking Yuu and Ryouma, and wishing they had more screen time. Tagiru is annoying and Taiki… I have mixed feelings about him. Sometimes I really like him, and other times I want to punch his Gary-Stu face. At least if Nene shows up next episode then maybe Kiriha will follow soon! Kiriha was awesome… he needs to come back =)

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