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[RELEASE] Digimon Xros Wars II – 08 (62) H264 & XViD

by on November 21, 2011

The eighth episode of Digimon Xros Wars: The Boy Hunters Who Leap Through Time! Is it bad that Ganemon reminds me of the Pringles chip guy? xD


BT Index:

– nezucho

Edit by onkeikun:

It says “Toei Manga Fair – Send us your characters!”
OMG Toei, stop plugging yourself in your own show.

  1. Wow, it’s only Sunday! Nice job guys. Did anyone else notice the “return” of 273? Inazuma Eleven~~ <333

    • Rui Craveiro permalink

      When I first heard Hideaki’s voice, I thought right away of Tsunami of “Inazuma Eleven” and I wondered if the seiyuu who did Tsunami’s voice was also doing Hideaki’s voice. After I saw the subs, I got my confirmation 😉

      It guess we have the second “Inazuma Eleven” connection in “Digimon Xros Wars” after Kumiko Watanabe (she voiced Mistrene Callous (also a male character) in the first “Inazuma Eleven” movie) 😉

  2. HappyDayz permalink

    Thank you so much for such a fast release. 🙂
    Can not wait until the next episode. ^^ We get to see Akari again!

  3. Muwahaha, me too. ^^

    Thank you as always for the lightning fast release! ♥

    Nabbing the .avi~

  4. Great Release! You Guys are Icredible!! Keep it Up!!

    Well i would like to send my characters to them! XD

  5. Role permalink

    Putting down Skyrim thanks to a game breaking bug (hurry up with that patch, Bathesda!), here’s my thoughts on this episode…

    I’m really starting to get irritated with the filler nature of this series. I know it’s only the 8th episode, but one of the things I really liked about Xros Wars’ first season was how story driven it was. Even monsters of the week had story plot behind them, whereas here… it’s like I’m watching Pokemon, but with Digimon. Tagiru is Ash, Taiki is Brock, and Yuu is Misty (sorry…). One of the big reasons I liked digimon was that it was a lot more story driven than Pokemon, yet I’m just not feeling it here. Again, there really isn’t a feeling of nakama either.

    The new character seems more interesting to me than Team Tagiru again. While I’ve never been big fans of the goggleboys, previous seasons never really focused purely on them, and instead expanded other characters as well… yet I’m not getting that here. It looks like next week will be working on Taiki, but… he had over 50 episodes for that already. I’d like to know more about Yuu, or the four new characters that this season introduced.

    All and all, I feel like this is a pretty big step down from last season, even though we’re only 8 episodes in. I’ll keep watching it, though – last season wasn’t exactly spectacular at first either, but it did build up momentum pretty well, and developed a good pace. Perhaps if this one can pick up the pace a bit later on, the good part of the later half will balance out the lackluster first half like Xros Wars 1 did…

    • brazillian-anon permalink

      I’ll keep watching it too, for… some reason.
      The last episode was written by two gabumon on drugs(not only the plot was stupid, but it was full of holes); and this one was written by super nanny!

      Hmm… With todays censorship, i doubt it can get any better than this(it can’t get worse as well).

      I miss tamers so much 😦 Maybe i’m wrong but I don’t remember it being filled with this much of nothing.

      Btw, thanks for the avi, the Wild Bunch.
      /warning: not native english speaker here. This rant is not made to offend anyone who likes this serie or episode.

      • brazillian-anon permalink

        *pagumon, not gabumon. I miss you too, gabumon xP
        /note to self: read before posting, no after.

      • Role permalink

        Censorship isn’t the issue, and didn’t stop Mervamon’s Titty Lasers last season (I mean, COME ON! YOU HAVE A SWORD! USE IT! Titty Lasers should NEVER be in Digimon!). The issue here is storytelling, and it’s taken quite a blow. While the characters from Xros 1 weren’t the best, the story itself was pretty well told, and didn’t drag at all. This, though… it’s nothing but dragging its feat.

      • meee permalink

        Mervamon…. What the hell. There is absolutly no point in having that kind of Digimo…no, that’s not Digimon. Hmm, I got it! There is no point in having Pamela Anderson in Digimon: Digital Monsters…unless, there will be some porn. I was expecting porn in Xros Wars. I was surprised they didn’t decide to have a scene where Taiki and crew gang-bang Mervamon in front of DarknessBagramon. Or maybe a juicy sex scene with Beelzebumon and Mervamon.
        Dude please, if I want to watch half naked big tit women, I won’t watch Digimon to see them! They did this to Rosemon in Savers too. She had rather large bazooms which was unnecessary if no porn was planned. But i didn’t mind it so much cause Savers was a great season overall and having watch all of the previous seasons, I can just say that new seasons can suck Beelzebumon’s…..johnson??

      • brazillian-anon permalink

        The problem with censorship I was talking about is not just showing normal(not repressed) sexuality. The problem is, I think, it killed imagination and any possibility of drama. All I see is ordinary stuff in stories which makes me think the authors are trained to write only about ordinary stuff which no one will complain(no censor board from the Tv Station or some elder’s council or whatever).

        Can you see blood? They can’t even show any drop blood anymore.
        I forgot most of the tamers, but it touched real problems; not just these ordinary ones: No friends/friendship; trust in friends; friendship.
        Holy cow! One piece was/is cool with the nakama/friendship thing. Naruto did it well too. But now, with authors whom can’t write about any dillema at all, this friendship-thing is just a safe bet.
        / this rant is directed at the Anime industry more than digimon. Don’t they know what killed USA’s anime industry in the 90s(actually, not gave it a chance to be born)? Censorship.

      • Role permalink

        Blood is actually very common in anime, it’s not one of the main censored things in Japan. It’s mostly the perverted stuff, like pantyflashes and nudity that gets censored. Anime these days is getting more and more sexualized, and when it starts affecting anime like Digimon, which – let’s not kid ourselves here – is targeted more towards a younger audience, it shows a very disturbing trend. It’s why many people were iffy on the Tokyo Manga Ban. While many of us say it’s a horrible breach of freedom of speech, at the same time, given the direction anime is going… many of us are also thinking it may be a necessary evil or even a proper punishment. It’s become a “Not sure if want” issue.

        Now, excessive gore is understandably cut back because of censorship, but the big problem with censorship of violence is not a Japanese problem, but a western problem. It’s still all over shounen action – blood is very common in stuff like Naruto and Bleach and One Piece, and isn’t something that’s typically censored except for outside of japan.

    • DigiFan permalink

      yea this is the first time i thought to myself while watching digimon “what is this , pokemon?” . So far zero story . I dont care if its 8 episodes so far, the other seasons had story at this point. This digi xross with Dobermon was terrible too.

      Thanks for uploading though

      • Role permalink

        Aye, it was totally halfassed. It’s a shame, too, because I really liked how they were doing the Xroses earlier, but this one… it felt like one of the non-core Shoutmon Xroses. It’s like they didn’t even try. It’s a shame, really. Quality really seems to have taken a nosedive this season.

      • Rui Craveiro permalink

        It seems I’m one of the few that liked this episode (at least, it was better animated than the previous one) and this season overall so far (the 1st season of Xros Wars was good, but the 2nd season messed up my head a bit and wasn’t enjoying it as before) 😉

        I think 8 episodes is little for story development, in my opinion, in series that have a slow progression in its story (other seasons had a story from the start. Digimon Tamers, on the other hand, had also a slow progression of story – things would be revealed from time to time – until the time they would go to the Digimon world. And then there was the intense final part of the series. At least, that’s how I felt when I watched the series for the first time – and still is my #1 Digimon series of all time)

      • Role permalink

        Tamers had a method of storytelling where it kept you interested though. There was enough of an air of suspense and mystery that you kept coming back, as the story was slowly snuck in. When you finally found it, it hit you like a ton of bricks, and you looked back and realized: It was there all along, we just didn’t see it.

        In this one, though… it doesn’t even do that. It nearly follows the same formulas as pokemon, and that’s actually something that irritates most digimon fans. Now, digimon is a series that isn’t afraid of playing with the formula (every season differs quite a bit from the others), but they typically were very distinct from pokemon. Stages of evolution being temporary boosts in power, the series being driven more by story than adventure, these are things that united all the seasons, despite their differences. Even 02, which I hated with the passion of a thousand burning suns (except Takeru, he took one hell of a level in badass from Adventure to 02. 02 Takeru is as sexy as V-Tamer Taichi) was a largely story driven show.

        Digimon always had story being developed, and it was always apparent even at episode 8. Except for this season… this season seems to be more adventure than story. Like I said, it seems more “The adventures of Tagiru and his merry band of buddies” than the story of “The heroic goggleboy and his team stand up to save the world”. Tagiru has little to no sense of heroism, and instead wants to be a “Master Digimon Hunter”. It’s almost insulting to those of us who defended digimon from all those people who called it a pokemon knockoff.

        That’s why if this season is gonna succeed, it very quickly is going to have to turn itself around and develop a strong story direction.

      • Neotastic permalink

        To be honest, I think Xros Wars 2 doesn’t even know what it wants to be. As far as I’m concerned, it’s a Pokemon clone that cannot make an identity of its own.

    • Saint Walker permalink

      I agree it is a little filler-y. On the other hand, Savers started out pretty much the same as I recall, and that turned out being a pretty good series (I thought so, anyway). I’m holding out hope that things are going to start turning around soon.

      The unbalanced focus on Tagiru is what bothers me the most, I think, so far. (Well, other than maybe the fact that Taiki and Yuu aren’t a little more concerned about this whole Digimon hunting deal.) Yuu was sulking for a year because Damemon never came back, and I don’t think we’ve seen him come out of the X Loader since the day he reappeared. I know he’s not big on hunting, but come on, let the rest of the team help save the day every now and then, why don’t you?

      • meee permalink

        Savers is actually my favorite season. So many plot twists and along with Tamers, surely most mature season. It actually did start “lightly” like this season, but I don’t recall any Savers episode being so boring and stupid like here. Those episodes were funny to watch, had humor and action so much better than here.
        I think this is the deal with this season… I know that Digimon are for younger audiences but I think this season is aimed at children who are 8 year old at most. Maybe that’s why this season doesn’t appeal to many Digimon fans.

      • Role permalink

        No, the bigger problem is that this season is following everything Pokemon seems to do. We’ve got the group of three – the young guy, the older mentor, and the nagging one – the main point of the young guy is to become the best there is, monster of the week style episodes with little or no story tying them together…

        After over a decade of defending Digimon from those who called it a Pokemon clone, it’s become a Pokemon clone. It’s like a slap in the face to the long time fans. I really, really hope it reverses directions hard and fast, so that these first 8-10 episodes are able to just be called an unfortunate fluke, but if this keeps up…

      • meee permalink

        @Role, if you spend 1 minute trying to explain to TROLLS that Digimon is nothing like Pokemon and vice versa, you have completly wasted your precious time which you can never bring back. Only similarity here is interaction between humans and strange creatures but that’s the case with many animes so it doesn’t really matter that much. Both animes are set in different worlds, have different plots, different elements driving the plot, different moods, etc. Notice the word different in previous sentence. After you tell those people what I wrote here, if they continue to talk shit it means they’re either trolls or not mentally advanced to accept an argument.
        Now, this is how I see it. If BHWLTT being similar to Pokemon was the only problem with this
        season, I wouldn’t like that very much, but I also wouldn’t hate this season as much. I think that purpose of movies, tv series, even songs should be to entertain the viewer through action, humor, interesting story or sth, and also in a way to make him stop and think a little about everything and make him aware of things. I don’t really see that in this anime so far plus all the commercials in it, so I assumed this is targeted to very young children.
        I’m just pissed off cause this new Hollywood films, tv shows and trash shit my teenage friends like to listen too don’t have any real value in them. Instead, many of them have and promote bad values. And this season of Digimon is just boring and it’s all about commercials…

    • I definitely was furious with them showing Mervamon’s parts in that last season. Otherwise everything was great!

      With this season, Shoutmon explained to Taiki that even though he was king, he was having trouble keeping the digimon in line and they are going to Digiquartz as a result to try and control humans. This is the only reason they are capturing digimon. I was wondering how Shoutmon would control all those digimon as a king.

      • meee permalink

        This season’s setting is actually very screwed up. If you watch this season while thinking about it, it will all become illogical and kinda pathetic. I mean, there are many Digimon running through DigiQuartz and at the same time, Hunter can only have one Digimon out at a time? It just doesn’t make sense. They could have made up something better than this but obviously they were in some kind of a hurry.
        Well, at least they put commercial in this one too. I don’t think I could watch Digimon without commercials after watching Xross Wars anymore…

  6. Thanks alot for uploading Episode 08 :), grabbing the AVI now :D!

  7. Thanks for the new episode. Got to love the self props Toei did there.

  8. Epyon permalink

    Thank you for the fast release. ❤ *also grabbing the avi*

  9. cybeast777 permalink

    When I heard Hideaki’s voice I was suddenly thinking of Kawachi from Yakitate Japan because of the accent lol

    • Rui Craveiro permalink

      (facepalming) I forgot he was the same actor who voice Kawachi from “Yakitate Japan”…

  10. karth permalink

    hmm…This EP gives me a vibe of Kamen Rider OOO.


    “I want to earn lots of money!!”

    Medal/Coin inserting to power up….

    • Role permalink

      Well, Dobermon’s “signature” ultimate form is Justimon, which is based on super sentai heroes, so you very well may be onto something there.

  11. meee permalink

    Judging by the comments here, it seems this episode is yet another waste of time, huh? I guess, I’ll skip it then… Seriously, what is happening to Digimon? There is another commercial? It wasn’t enough in Xros Wars?
    Well, thank you guys for subbing this, but I don’t think I’ll even watch this series until the end. Also, kudos to your patience for this series. I can’t believe you are still subbing it.

  12. Thanks for the sub once again guys.

    I’m getting pretty tired of this episodic going-nowhere format, so I hope they wrap it up and get into good stuff soon.

    But on a better note: Next episode = Akari!

  13. I just want to say thank you so much for dedicating your free time to sub Digimon! 🙂
    I have yet to finish Xros Wars and the Seven Generals season, so I haven’t started Xros Wars II yet.
    Nevertheless I really appreciate you guys doing this.

  14. Blade permalink

    They are still setting up the plot, but seriously, I perfer a good fight scene over sex trash. The had beer in Avdenture, but other than that, digimon has been rather clean. Thanks for the mkv.

    • Role permalink

      The only problem I see with this is that every other season, even 02 and Frontier, was far more plot heavy than this. This isn’t setting up plot, it’s… Well, monster of the week, told pokemon style. That’s the problem people seem to be having with it.

      • Role permalink

        Clarification: Far more plot heavy than this even at Episode 8. Most anime would be 2/3s over by now, for that matter.

  15. andy permalink

    What I dislike about this season is that there is no storyline at the moment… It has a very Digimon Tamers-esque feel (palette, superimposed worlds, dark tones, etc.) but Tamers escalated into a storyline by episode 3-4. XW1 escalated into a storyline around this time too.

    What makes it worse is that they have two familiar characters (the deuteragonist and tritagonist, too – Taiki and Yuu) whose storylines and backgrounds are already well-established, and that Tagiru is almost Taiki Mk. 2.

    So, essentially, in 8 episodes, we know that Tagiru is like Taiki…

    • Rui Craveiro permalink

      One thing I have to disagree: Tagiru is so unlike Taiki… I just think he’s more like Daisuke from Digimon Adventure 02 (in a way) 😉

  16. When do new episodes usually get released (not asking when they air/stream)?

    • Saint Walker permalink

      You mean when do they release the subs here? Just look at the dates on the posts. It’s usually the Monday, sometimes Tuesday, after the episode airs in Japan.

      • Thanks Saint Walker, that’s the answer I was looking for.

      • wildbunchsubs permalink

        Our twitter is directly connected to this website, so it posts automatically when we make a post here. We release on Monday from a range of early morning to late evening in our timezone; it may be different for you. Do your own math.

  17. Emilie Rosier permalink

    I Am totally disagreed with the fact that Tagiru looks like Daisuke. For me, this tho characters haven’t no commun point. In 02, Daisuke was stupid boy (admit it all XD) but he knew to do things and knew to repair his errors.
    Except the first episode of 02, Daisuke had some abalities for fighting and taking care of his teamates. Moreover, I always thought that Daisuke was a better leader than Taichi.
    Tagiru, during nine episodes, I didn’t see a only reason to praise him. I want rather to slap him everytime he is on the screen. He win his fights because Taiki, Yuu, Gumdramon or Ryoma helped him. Without them, he won’t never able to do something.

    So .. For me, Tagiru is really the worst character of Digimon !

    • TrippNessa permalink

      Thank you! I’ve seen so many comments like “Tagiru is just a Daisuke clone and they both suck!” and I just don’t agree at all. Sure, Daisuke was loud, headstrong, tactless, and immature at times. However he was also strong, clever, loyal, caring and hilarious at other times. He wasn’t perfect, and I loved him BECAUSE of that. He seemed a lot more realistic than any of the other characters, especially ever-flawless Takeru. As for Tagiru, he’s got all of Daisuke’s bad points but none of the good ones, so how is that the same character? Even so I still like Tagiru more than textbook-Case-Gary-Stu Taiki at this point -_-

  18. TrippNessa permalink

    Wow, this episode just broke records of terrible I didn’t even know existed. I honestly wanted to just shut it off the entire time I was watching it and almost did a few times, but somehow I got through it. 1-6 were pretty good, but man… what a decline.

    I totally agree that this series has turned into a Pokemon-adventure, and it’s really upsetting. Digimon has always been better than Pokemon because it was so storyline driven and much more serious. I loved that a Digimon wasn’t just a possession, it was a partner. You only had one, and it was special only to you. Pokemon sucks in comparison to that. I’ve had countless debates with people about why Digimon IS NOT a Pokemon rip off, but after episodes like this, it’s going to be a lot harder now -_-

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