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[RELEASE] Digimon Xros Wars II – 07 (61) H264 & XViD

by on November 15, 2011

The seventh episode of Digimon Xros Wars: The Boy Hunters Who Leap Through Time! Tagiru should have read that warning sign: Don’t feed the Pagumon.


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  1. Uh-oh, those ever mischievous Pagumons make their Xros Wars debut.

    Anyways, I’d like to say thank you very, very much for the time, effort as well as the continous interest in fan subbing this yet, another memorable Digimon anime series to the online Digimon fan community. Great job, and more power to Wild Bunch~!

  2. Thanks alot for releasing the AVI so early :D!

  3. cybeast777 permalink

    whoa Pagumon stampede lol

  4. DSFXW permalink

    Thanks for the fast release (and fast AVI too)!

    Anyway just a suggestion here, i know that some of you (or maybe all?) that working to sub this series is also the one that sub Savers, and i loved how you give each human character a different color text if anyone confused who are talking. So could you do that for this series as well?

    • wildbunchsubs permalink

      No. I find that unnecessary.

  5. Yay, awesome! This was a fun episode, and Ryoma’s quite… flamboyant, isn’t he? >o> Taking the .avi, thank you so much for your hard work! ♥

  6. Rui Craveiro permalink

    It was a funny episode, with Pagumon having the best of the laughs 😀 You really can see the Tagiru x Gumdramon x Pagumon triangle causing conflicts and trouble 😉

    Really can’t wait for the next episode, though (I wonder who will voice this new character with a Digimon partner. My guess is a male seiyuu (but then again I thought of that for Musashi in Episode 6 and turned out to be otherwise), but I hope for a female seiyuu. Even his looks don’t give me a clue)… 😉

  7. Blade permalink

    The MKV is amazing, thanks!

  8. Thanks guys.

  9. Thanks for your release…Hope next time will be more early..hehehe

  10. Christaras permalink


  11. shewill permalink

    I somewhat feel that this is a “Gremlins(1980s horror film)” ripoff… ahahhahaa

  12. wildbunchsubs permalink

    Hey, Gremlins was awesome. 😀


  13. Thanks for the episode. I got Gremlins and Tribbles vibes XD

  14. HowlingLaser permalink

    Finally got around to watching the episode. Simply splendid. EXTREMELY funny episode with Pagumon. Thanks so much you guys. Really enjoyed it. 🙂

  15. Role permalink

    Finally pulled myself away from Skyrim enough to watch this ep, so here’s my opinions on it:

    Much better than last week. While still feeling filler-ish, it was pretty cute. I also like how it started to hint at the rival gang being more Anti-heroes as opposed to outright villains. I really hope they get expanded on more, since they’re far more interesting to me than the main three. Can’t wait for it to start moving past the monster of the week thing – one thing I loved about Xros Wars is that it managed to blend it in with the story really well, so that the MOTW really didn’t become much of a problem, but here… Well, I hope they start expanding a bit more on the story other than “I want to be a Digimon Hunting Master”. We’ve got pokemon for that kind of thing, after all.

    Again, I see myself disliking Tagiru quite a bit. Gumdramon is pretty fun so far, but Tagiru continues to give off Daisuke vibes, and I really hated that character. I hope some kind of character development happens and fast, more than just some “fight with my friends” kinda thing. Hell, at the end of the episode it just went back to Status Quo is God, rather than leading to some genuine character growth about trusting your friends and working as a team or something.

    Also, still irked that Yuu really isn’t getting expanded on like he should. Taiki has his team already, so I’m fine with him not hunting anything, but Tagiru already has a group up and running. While his team could use some more expansion (I liked how MetalTyrannomon.was brought out for more than just DigiXrusing this ep), Yuu’s team remains as being a single-member entity. It’d be nice to see some expansion for him, rather than Tagiru for a while.

    And again, really missing the sense of Nakama the first Xros Wars season had. It still comes across as “Tagiru’s funtime adventures, with Taiki and Yuu tagging along”, rather than it being a team of hunter. I really hope they address this within the next few episodes.

    …You know, I hope that they have a few episodes that are done from the perspective of the other team. As I said, the anti-hero team seems far more interesting to me than the main team. I’d love a few spotlight episodes to expand on them.

    • Blade permalink

      To be honest, I have wanted to post this for a while now, but, at any rate, yeah. I hope that for some random reason DeadlyAxemon gets brought back for Yuu. I mean, DeadlyTsuwamon is pretty deadly cool, and I found DeadlyAxemon rather fun to use on the Xros Loader toy. Tsuwamon isn’t in it though… Digimelodies = epic fail on XL toy.

  16. pokemega32 permalink

    I’m pretty late on this, but I just wanted to put out a minor error in the subs. Jagamon’s attack is “Fried Charge”, not “Pride Charge” as was subbed.

    Anyways, thanks so much for these!

  17. TrippNessa permalink

    I think this is the first episode I’ve outright disliked so far. The feeling of “this is just filler, I might as well not watch it” was VERY strong; strong enough that it lessened the experience. The episodes before this one have been filler too, but at least it was enjoyable filler. The ending of this episode was really dumb… mixing them into batter because the Pagumon were food all along? o.O? *shakes head*

    At the very least though this episode did have some potential. The whole Gumdramon vs Pagumon stuff was funny, and I hope to see more of it. I also really liked Ryouma in this episode, he seriously needs more attention. Airu is annoying and that other guy… I forget his name, which goes to show how little attention HE’S been getting. The anti-hero group really deserves better than they’re getting so far.

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