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[RELEASE] Digimon Xros Wars II – 06 (60) H264 & XViD

by on November 7, 2011

The sixth episode of Digimon Xros Wars: The Boy Hunters Who Leap Through Time!


BT Index:

Note by onkeikun: As someone who once fought kendo, let me tell you a few things about it to make this episode clearer. Kendo is fought with wooden swords and protective armor. You may strike at the top of your opponent’s head (men), their wrists (kote), or the sides of their torso (dou) to win points.
The schools in this episode are playing a team competition of five rounds, split by five separate positions. The first position (I translate it as “first round”) is “senpou” (先鋒), and that person is expected to set the tempo for the rest of their team, being the first one to fight. The second position is “jihou” (次鋒). Both “senpou” and “jihou” can be juniors of their team, while the third position “chuuken” (中堅) and onwards are people with greater experience. The fourth position “fukushou” (副将) is literally ‘second-in-command’, and “fukushou” is expected to fight hard, even if the “senpou,” “jihou,” and “chuuken” have already won or lost the game by 3 wins and 2 losses. The last position “taishou” (大将) is the ‘leader’ of their team, someone with great skill and usually the captain. The fighting style of the “taishou” is how the team will carry on to their next game, and it is quite often how the kendo match is remembered best.
Winning a team competition at 3-2 (or even 4-1, who knows) is how Musashi lost against Taiki but was able to move on to the Nationals.
For further interest in kendo, you can read more about it on wikipedia.

  1. See that info right there. That is something you would defs not get from CrunchyRoll.

    Thanks guys!

    • Role permalink

      THIS! I had no clue about stuff like that! That was quite enlightening. Thanks for the info, guys! Keep up the good work!

  2. about legality of the wildbunch vs crunchyroll i dont think it is any less legal strictly speaking then before or after

    i suspect if they where gonna target to shut down wildbunch or any digimon fansubs they would have by now (digimon xros was fusion battle has been under us copyright for sometime now)

  3. you should give a try next time you upload torrent

  4. Role permalink

    Well, here’s my views on the episode – it didn’t really have me as entertained as the previous ep, where I really enjoyed the dynamic between the antagonist and her partner. It seemed kinda… eh, really. Though, what really irks me, I suppose, is that I’m getting kinda sick of Tagiru. I mean… really? Always him? I’m just sitting here wondering when they’re actually gonna start working as a team, rather than having him hog the spotlight. Hell, Zenjirou and Akari seemed to work well with the whole team dynamic, despite the fact they didnt have Xros Loaders… yet here we are, with three people whom have Xros Loaders, and yet nothing like the last season’s team…

    Yeah, I know, they’ve got to set Tagiru up so he can actually be on par with the other two, who are more seasoned, but still… There’s gotta be a better way of doing this. Heck, outside of Damemon, I don’t think Yuu has any partners…

    The others really need to be sharing the spotlight, right now they just feel like extended cameos at worst, and guest stars at best… Not teammates at all. That’s easily this season’s biggest flaw – there’s just no sense of fellowship/nakama/etc that the last season had in both it’s parts…

    • awesome permalink

      I heavily agree with you. But it’s only episode 6 anyway, so let’s hope for the best. 😀

    • Blade permalink

      The first 5 to 10 episodes of a 50 episode series usually focus on giving a slight easy-going feel before hitting you with a crisis, so until that comes, put up with Tagiru hogging the spotlight. He is after all, still the new main character.

  5. Christaras permalink

    Thanks! ^_^

  6. Thank you! And that information was really good, because yeah, I don’t know a lot about kendo at all.

    Must say I agree with Role though; I want some focus on either Taiki or the team soon. =/

    Waiting for the .avi as always. ^o^

  7. I dunno about so criticizing that. The fact is that, yes, Tagiru’s hogging the spotlight, but it’s Taiki who’s done mostly everything. Tagiru has hunted MetalTyranomon and now stopped Ren, but that’s it: Taiki beat Sagomon, GigaBreakdramon and Blossomon, and Yuu beat Cho-Hakkaimon and Airu. They really need to build up Tagiru to be actually worth his spot.

    That said, I sure would like more Yuu-centered episodes. Taiki…eh. He’s a static character. He already had no growth in his own series (much like Daisuke or Masaru, only this one being a genius rather than a retard), and here he’s even more of a Mary Sue than there. Yuu has potential though, and I’d love to see what direction he takes now that he isn’t being used by DarkKnightmon and has Damemon back, while still not thinking highly and still being jealous of Tagiru.

    Also, I find some of your translations here pretty weird. Not complaining, I just find your translation for Ittouryoudan weird (Wikimon gives it as “Bisecting Stroke”, for instance, and Babelfish gives me “One sword bisection”), and especially how you translated Fire Kote as FLAME Head Stroke, when the word was already English to begin with.

    • Role permalink

      I agree, he needs to be built up. But there’s better ways of doing that! Right now, the series seems to be focusing on him, with the occasional other character spotlight. However, because of that it’s lacking the overall sense nakama the previous series had. I’d like it if they were working together much more than they are now. Instead, it feels like “Tagiru runs headstrong into the fight, while Taiki and Yuu tag along”.

      Now, I don’t expect this to last too much longer, especially since Yuu’s team needs to be built up as well, but I’d prefer it if they started working together more, especially now that all three have their main partners.

      I hear you a lot with what you’re wanting with Yuu, though. Taiki had over 50 eps of characterization, I don’t mind if he plays support for a while. I mean, hell, even if he didn’t have that much growth, we’ve still had that much focus on the guy. It’s fine for him to not be in the spotlight for a while But I want to know more about Yuu and Damemon. Right now, Tagiru comes across too Daisuke-ish, where his goal is to be “Just like the last season’s Goggleboy”. This is already one heck of a strike against his character, since that’s one of the big criticisms I had against 02. I’d like it if his goal started to change, to grow and evolve. He needs a hell of a lot of character growth, something more than just “I wanna be like Taiki”.

  8. EEEHH?! Onkei knows kendo?! So cool~ Us martial artists are sure amazing. Aren’t we? =D One thing I wasn’t sure about. and I’m sure Kendo ways are different from Aikido. In Aikido you must be a black belt in order to wear a black belt. I thought that’d be the same for Kendo? Or perhaps the colors are what distinguish levels? Taiki’s was black(of course… >>;;) and Tagiru’s and Yuu’s were blue. I wasn’t sure if Blue meant they were under black belt or not.

    • wildbunchsubs permalink

      During a break at work to answer this question. xD There’s nothing to distinguish levels for kendo at all. The colors for uniform can only be dark navy (almost black but not) and white, and everyone despite what rank they are, wears those colors. You can only tell how skilled someone is in kendo by looking at how they fight and act on the floor, or even dress themselves.
      On a side note, I was one of the rare people who wore all white. xD Everyone usually wears all navy or a white top with dark hakama.

  9. HowlingLaser permalink

    Thank you so much guys for this new episode! I really look forward to watching it. Especially after Onkeikun treated us to such a wonderful kendo lesson! 🙂

    Shaking my fists at the education gods for ever creating homework. X(

    Watching this episode will probably have to wait a day or two. 😦

  10. Weppikalle permalink

    The download link for avi doesn´t work for me 😦

    • @Weppikalle: I would suggest waiting a few hours and try again, or use a download manager if you’re DDLing via your web browser.

  11. Thanks alot for finally uploading the AVI :), I’m downloading it now :D!

    By the way nezucho, any chance at all you could start including the CRC Checksums for your AVIs in their filenames?

  12. Luna permalink

    Thanks for the release! The explanation about kendo is really entertaining. (I don’t know anything about kendo, hahaha ^^;;)

  13. shewill permalink

    Thanks for the explanation… And for those who is getting sick of Tagiru, I’m with you guys… He’s personality is somewhat annoying… He enjoys hunting digimon like a game which I think doesn’t differ from the 3 other digimon hunters, the only difference is he help others while hunting… And finally with Tagiru the only one capturing the digimons(Except for Pinnochiomon), this series lost the most of the Teamwork essence(not entirely all since Taiki and Yuu also help somewhat) from the previous season…

  14. meee permalink

    I don’t know about you guys, but I’m actually not enjoying this season very much. I mean the last episode was so boring, it was one of the worst episodes in entire Digimon series. They fight in the middle of a park and no one sees them? Opposumon evolves in a human with a pig costume which is suppossed to be a “Digimon”? What kind of Digimon is that? That’s a result of uncreativity and lazyness to make a decent looking Digimon just like in Xros Wars where every Death General looked the same and monotonous. Furthermore, I saw Dracomon will evolve in Yasyamon. Wait what? In YASYAMON? Why did Taiki have so much trouble to evolve Shoutmon and here new kids evolve Digimon like it’s a child play it totaly insults the previous season. And why are they able to have just one Digimon out of the Xros Loader? And why is that old man constructing Digivices if they are suppossed to be holy devices? Why are they deviating so much from the original concept of Digimon? Why are they ruining Digimon?
    02 was a good season but last 10 episodes were so boring and stupid it ruined the whole thing. This season however is ruined already from the start. I can’t connect it with previous Xros Wars. I don’t understand what’s going on here. And I think this made Digimon as a whole look very bad and boring. It’s a shame because all of the previous seasons were GOLD, except 02 which is silver.

    • DavCube permalink

      -Who knows how long this new trio have had their Xros Loaders? It probably wasn’t “childs play” the first time they did it. It’s the same as how Kiriha got all his Digimon off-screen, it doesn’t matter. It’s not an insult, they’re the only noticable villains right now. If they couldn’t evolve, they’d just be beaten around even worse than they are now and they’d feel like Team Rocket instead of a credible threat.

      -Each series has been its own continuity. Xros Loaders are still Holy Devices. They started being made by the warriors that became DigiMemories, and then that technique was just used for evil by Baguramon & DarkKnightmon. As far as this old man, we don’t even know if he’s truly human yet. Speaking of human-looking Digimon, they’re not exactly new either. Angemon? Lucemon?

      -They only have one Digimon out at a time because it’s a limitation of DigiQuartz. This isn’t the Digital World. They’ve been shoving that down our throats. How can you not understand that even with the subtitles?

      – “Can’t connect it with Xros Wars?” What are you waiting for? Do you expect the season’s worth of exposition to be explained within the first half dozen episodes of a 50+ episode season? No, i’m sorry, that doesn’t happen in anything, least of all in any of the prior Digimon seasons.

      • meee permalink

        Well yeah I may have exaggarated a bit, but that’s just because I was expecting more from these new seasons. Digimon are suppossed to have levels like Child, Adult etc which defines their “default” amount of power. Okay, in these seasons they dont, I can accept it. But seriously, the way Lucemon Satan Mode, AncientVolcamon, Neptunmon and others were defeated is so damn stupid. I’m seriously trying to focus on good things about Xros Wars like: epic Shoutmon Xros scenes, great soundtrack, or great final battle but there are just so many stupid things it doesn’t feel like Digimon.

        Yes, I know every series is it’s own continuity. Still Xros Wars deviates too much from the concept of Digimon.

        Boy Hunters Travelling Through Time is nothing like Digimon so far. This season should be called Pokemon Xros Wars. There are Pokemon running around PokeQuartz and you gotta catch them all and win the game. Also you can’t use more than one Pokemon in a battle.

        Why did Beelzebumon, Deckerdramon and crew come back from death and Damemon didn’t? A really stupid explanation was given and it makes no sense at all.

        I really hope this season would prove me wrong and that I would be able to change my opinion about all this. I don’t think it might happen though :(((

      • meee permalink

        I may have exaggarated a bit, but that’s because i was expecting more from these seasons. Digimon should have levels like Child, Adult etc which define their “default” amount of power. Ok, they dropped that, no big deal. But when i saw how Lucemon Satan Mode, AncientVolcamon,Neptunmon, Arkadimon and others were killed, it was so stupid it seemed like a bad joke.I’m trying to look at positive thing like: epic Shoutmon Xros scenes, great soundtrack, great final episode but there are just too many stupid things i can’t just ignore.

        I know every season of Digimon is not really in continuity with previous except for Adventure and XW. Still XW deviates too much from concept of Digimon.

        Boy Hunters Travelling Through Time is not Digimon so far. It should be called Pokemon Xros Wars. Pokemon are running around in PokeQuartz and you gotta catch them all. You store your Pokemon in a Poke Loader. Also, you can’t use more than one Pokemon in a battle.

        I really hope this season will prove me wrong and that i’ll change my opinion about it. But the way it’s going, I don’t think it’ll happen :((((

      • meee permalink

        okay im really sorry about this awkward double post. my internets lags and i dont know what the hell happened,. this is kinda embarrasing O_O

    • Thunder permalink

      A couple of things.
      1. The fighting outside and no one noticing. Tamers did it multiple times so this isn’t new (Guilmon v Renamon and Gargomon v Renamon, along with some Motw Digimon)

      2. How is an episode that brings back a previous character and getting in some character development “the worst episode of all time”?

      3. Cho-Hakkaimon’s based off of its original counterpart in “Journey to the West” so at least Toei bothered to keep its design as a reference/homage.

      4. What Death Generals looked alike? All of them were vastly different. As for monotonous, I’ll somewhat agree except for Olegmon which was a pretty nice one.

      5. Forgive me, and it’s Dracmon, not Dracomon. And Dracmon’s data (save for his mask) reformed into Yashamon’s body. The teddy bear I don’t know about.

      6. Taiki wasn’t even trying to achieve Digivolution since they didn’t know it existed outside of aging naturally(which it still is in this series). And if Taiki was the only one using Digivolution in this series, it’d get a bit stupid since that’s all he’d have to do to win a fight. And as for one digimon being out of the Xros Loader at a time, that was explained in the second episode. ._.

      7.The Watchman just handing out Xros Loaders is something we’re bound to find out since even DarkKnightmon handed them out like candy and we knew why he did it. And deviation from the same hum-drum is what makes Xros Wars good. And the original concept of Digimon were just a boy’s version of Tamogatchi if I remember right.

      If you don’t understand what’s going on, try re-watching some episodes.Sorry for the whole list thing. And if Xros Wars was ruining Digimon, we would have never gotten this series and it would’ve ended at 54. Everything else you think is your opinion and I probably can’t do anything to change that.

      • meee permalink

        1. Okay you are right, still Tamers is on a completly different level as opposed to XW.

        2. Because it doesn’t make sense why that character returned a WHOLE YEAR LATER while everyone who died was brought back in the final battle against Bugramon. The explanation given in that episode for that matter is also a joke.

        3. Still it is a very annoying…thing. And to have Opposumon evolve into it?????

        4. They look the same. They all look like mutated humans except Apollomon and Splashmon in his real form. Oh, and Tactimon also. No creativity, just slap some armor on a humanoid thing and call it a Digimon, same with previously mentioned Cho-Hakkaimon – human in a pig costume. These are “new Digimon”.

        5. Wrote Dracomon by mistake. “reformed into Yasyamon’s body”? Why didn’t it reform into Vamdemon’s body? I think Vamdemon is more plausible evolution than Yasyamon.

        6. I didn’t say Taiki knew about evolution, please, don’t mock me. Of course Taiki didn’t know about it. I meant it makes no sense for Tagiru to achieve CHO SHINKA (SUPER evolution) so easily while Taiki couldn’t. If Tagiru was saying Shinka! instead of CHO shinka! it would make some sense but like this it doesn’t.
        Rules explained in a rule book? Unless that old man created DigiQuartz, those rules make absolutly no sense whatsoever. Still, we don’t know that yet.

        7. I’m not stupid. I’m not saying children should breed Digimon in their Digivices in an anime adaptation of Digimon. I’m saying Digimon have levels that define their power. i’m not saying that Perfect Digimon should neccesarily be stronger than Adult but come on, Lucemon and other Digimon that are suppossed to be strong are beat in a such lame way… It’s just lame.

        I understand what’s going on and having watched 5 previous seasons and recently XW, and this, I can’t say they can even come close to previous seasons. Also, XW seemed it was made for advertising merchandise. Pictures of XW merchandise in every XW episode speak for themselves. That’s my opinion.

    • Rui Craveiro permalink

      In my opinion, the 2nd season had some good moments and a few good episodes, but I became so confused with it overall and my interest got a bit low – the 1st one was better than the 2nd one 😉

      This recent season, though, got my interest back for Xros Wars in a way I’ve never thought of before. And I wasn’t disapointed: it’s quite original (at least, we get more of the human world and the Digi Quartz), with a cast of interesting new main characters joining the already known characters of past two seasons: Taiki with Shoutmon and Yuu with Damemon

      Tagiru might be the Daisuke (Digimon Adventure 02) of this season, but only 6 episodes have been shown of this new season, so anything can still happen. Ryouma and Ren are very intriguing as characters, but that’s their charm anyhow. Airu, eventhough she doesn’t beat Akari in terms of awesomeness, is quite funny to watch 😉 And from the Digimon characters appearing for the first time in the new season, Gumdramon (kudos to the remarkable voice work by Kumiko Watanabe) is the greatest creature since Shoutmon (as ever with also a great voice work on him from Chika Sakamoto) 😉

      About this recent episode: it was a good one, with “kendo” having a bigger focus than it had on the very 1st episode of Digimon Xros Wars 😉

  15. Thunder permalink

    2. it’s still an explanation. And it could have been worse. They could have told us nothing. I figure an explanation is better than nothing at all. And how does one thing make the entire episode bad?

    3 & 5: I’ll give you that one since it looked like they made some choices out of a hat, but I figure Toei just wanted to give some old digimon an anime appearance or something since Psychemon and the others are pretty old.

    4: So basically humanoid = all look the same? That’s the only similarity all the Death Generals shared. And humanoid digimon aren’t all that new. Complaining about Tactimon just being armor on a humanoid figure with a sword can be applied to most humanoid digimon that have armor.

    6: Not mocking you. And okay, I agree with you, but the whole Super Evolving thing just might be relating to Digi-Quartz, we don’t know yet. And from what I remember, both Taiki and Tagiru were up against something they couldn’t beat (Tactimon & MetalTyrannomon) so they both got it through the same situation, or Omegamon bestowed them that power, can’t remember. And from what DavCube said, it’s a limitation of Digi-Quartz and I frankly like it since Taiki and Shoutmon would be even more OP then they are since they got their original army back in the second episode.

    7. I didn’t even call you stupid sooo yeah. And Xros Wars threw levels out of the window so that argument’s kinda gone. I understand about Lucemon and everyone else, that was surprising. And from what we’ve seen, XW doesn’t follow normal digimon lore (like the Demon Lords, etc), just their own thing, so while disappointing to see, Lucemon and the others probably weren’t as strong as their other counterparts.

    And you said concept, not norm so I got confused. I don’t even think XW was made for merchandise because we would still be hearing about more XW items and the like. Last thing I heard even relating to XW merch would be a Damemon/Tsuwamon figure and a 2012 calendar. Toei hasn’t even been promoting this series as much as anyone expected.

    • meee permalink

      Yes, I agree with you in some things you wrote and maybe I was just too harsh. But again, these new seasons disappointed me in a way. If XW was first Digimon series I ever watched, I would like it very very much, but it wasn’t.

      Seeing Lucemon got destroyed by a mere Shoutmon X4B (I think), after watching last few episodes of Frontier and all the trouble they went through and everything else, it was just a big let down for me. And this wasn’t the only let down but I don’t want to write more of it because I can see people here like XW much more than I do so I don’t want to be a douchebag.

      I watched 6th episode of Boy Hunters today and this one did not disappoint me like previous few did. It wasn’t boring like previous for me. I really hope this will turn out to be a good season and maybe improve my impression of XW for the better.

  16. Thank you very much ^_^

  17. John permalink

    Please, can some japanese provide us with some of the insert song – Tagiru Chikara’s lyrics?
    I’m sure pretty sure, some native ones are capable of doing it with ease. Thank you.

    • wildbunchsubs permalink

      You think I haven’t tried? It’s not possible. The sound effects mixed over the lyrics makes it hard to hear. Wait until official lyrics are out.

  18. DigiFan permalink

    weird season . kids disappearing in front of everyone and everythings fine. The next episode better not be the same since it looks kinda crazy

  19. TrippNessa permalink

    Wow, there are a LOT of Daisuke haters in this community o.O It’s one thing to just not like the headstrong type of character, but I really don’t understand how you guys think that Daisuke had no development. Was I seriously the only one who noticed just how much he matured throughout 02? He was really childish at first sure, but every character has a starting point, and in the end he was the only one who gave Ken a chance.

    As for Daisuke being like Tagiru, sure they’re similar in some ways, but they’re very different in many others. More than that though, how is Daisuke ANYTHING like Taichi? I see that so much; “he was just a Taichi clone” Sure, Daisuke wanted to be like Taichi, but plenty of people have idols that they look up to. Their actual personalities are so different it’s kind of hilarious that people think they were alike. Even Taiki isn’t much like Taichi, because Taichi was FAR less of a Gary-Stu. Being the experienced leader doesn’t just automatically make them “the same”.

    Anyway, as someone who’s fought in Kendo before, this episode was enjoyable. I’ve always loved Kotemon and I was happy that he didn’t end up evil like most other DigiQuartz Digimon. I also liked that Tagiru lost the Kendo match at the end, because it was more realistic that way.

    My only real problem with this episode is Taiki; he’s quickly becoming a huge Gary-Stu and it’s really disappointing… Taiki was cool in Xros Wars, but I actually don’t like him much now. I totally agree that Hunters is nothing like Xros Wars, they really don’t connect. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, I’m fine with a change of pace. I just wish it wasn’t at Taiki’s expense. Then again I hated Yuu/Damemon in Xros Wars but they’re actually really cool in Hunters; easily the best characters. So I guess it was kind of a trade off (and Yuu really needs more screen time).

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