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[UPDATE] Digimon Xros Wars on Crunchyroll

by on November 3, 2011

Digimon Xros Wars (the current season) will be streamed on Crunchyroll in the near future in select countries. (You can check ANN or Crunchyroll’s website for more info.) As far as Wildbunch goes, how that will affect the project is still unknown. Onkei is having computer trouble, so we’re waiting for her input. Thanks.

Edit by onkeikun: I think I’ll wait to see how quickly CR releases and how much I approve their translation. Honestly, Digimon is not hard to translate at all, so I don’t think a ‘lack of knowledge’ on the first two seasons of Xros Wars will affect their current translation now. There are also groups out there who release HD by adding CR subs into HD raws, so I doubt anyone outside of the permitted countries have to worry.

Edit by onkeikun on 11/6: Thank you to everyone for your comments. With consideration to what’s been said as well as your support, we’ve decided that we will be continuing to sub Xros Wars Hunters. Please bear in mind though that if we end up getting into a legal situation about it that can’t be compromised, we will drop it. Until then, come back tomorrow for our next sub!

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  1. harakanan permalink

    Wait, hunters or the original Xtos Wars?

  2. Oh, ok. Thanks for letting us know.. e.e

  3. they should hire you guys to sub it!

  4. Zer-O permalink

    I Seriously hope you guys don’t drop xros wars because of crunchyroll, as far as fan subbing goes it should be left to actual fan subbing groups, Not the cancer that lazy groups yank episodes from just to tweek the font throwing it out as their own work

    • Rui Craveiro permalink

      I agree… πŸ˜‰ But I’ll respect the decision they’ll make regarding this issue, though πŸ˜‰

    • No sense translating something that’s already been translated (especially since CR translations are often superior to fansub translations – of course weeaboos will deny this even though some Crunchyroll translators are ex-fansubbers, lol hypocrisy), and since the main issues with CR are the region locking and stream video quality, I see nothing wrong with said groups. Sure, I don’t agree with “throwing it out as their own work”, but I haven’t seen any group actually claim the translation as their own.

      …and even if they do it’s not like it matters, since crediting CR while esentially pirating their product isn’t exactly gonna help anything.

  5. Harpuia permalink

    gehh,, don’t drop it just because CR, Please ><

  6. chytotzkie permalink

    Ive seen this!!!!
    on naruto and bleach…
    honestly im not a fan of crunchyroll

  7. K-tet permalink

    Streaming sites never work in Europe for the most part due to the crappy laws in place that block pretty much everything.

    With that in mind, please do NOT drop the show.

    • Ronja permalink

      I read it, too, that it wont work in Europe and I dont like CR because of that.

      So: DONT drop!

  8. Cloud permalink

    I live in a country where CR is unavailable. Please, do not drop this!

  9. Freeman permalink

    CR supported countries :
    United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

    If you do that, well, most of Europeans, South Americans will not be able to follow a correct release of Digimon Xros Wars.

    Think to that in gΓ©nΓ©ral.

    • Though note that Australia (and I assume New Zealand by extension) can NOT stream the current Digimon videos they have due to copyright issues, so this may be the case for Xros Wars: Digimon Hunters as well (we’ll just have to wait and see, though I’m not feeling good about it).

  10. Gaylord McFagpants permalink

    I think it would be a huge blow on the fanbase if The Wild Bunch dropped this because of the CrunchyRoll streaming; the fact that you have to pay for quicker access to CR when other fansubs have constantly been free is quite irritating. I’ve checked some episodes of the other two groups who have been working on this new series, and their subs are terrible in comparison to the Wild Bunch releases.

  11. HowlingLaser permalink

    NOOO! Please don’t drop Xros Wars! A streaming website is totally bogus! Owning the actual HD mkv file with your guys’ subs is the only way to go! Streaming video sucks on a poor network like my home one AND you have to pay for an account with CR! If I had to pay at all, I would rather pay you guys to keep doing it! Your work is amazing! I’ve gotten many extremely enjoyable hours in watching your beautiful work on my HD TV. Your fan subbing is the only way to go.

    However, I do understand. Whatever you decide to do will just be the way it goes. It’ll be a sad day that I won’t own the rest of the episodes for Digimon Season 7.

    Thanks Wild Bunch for everything you do. You guys rock! πŸ™‚

  12. pls dont drop show. ur doing the finest work for it. bsyds, i dnt thnk horriblesubs wud reconsider ripping it frm crunchyroll. dey dnt also evn do karaoke. im njoyn d opening theme song so far. cant w8 2 dlod it in full

    “yeah stand up boys! hora mae wo muite kimi wo tsutsumu EHRU ga
    michibiku…” ;p

  13. Yeah, it won’t air in Sweden, so if you drop it due to Crunchyroll, I will be a sad, sad Gottis. But of course, it’s up to you, but on behalf on those that can’t use Crunchy like that, I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  14. neverbe permalink

    I’m from Italy and I don’t think that crunchyroll’s xros will be available here.

  15. Disgusted with idiots permalink

    Any subbing group who drops it a show because Crunchyroll is releasing it is obviously a shit group taking kickbacks from a service that demands money for a timely release. The fact you are thinking about dropping tells me you are trying to sign up for the kickback. You are no better than people who sell their or others fansubs. I will not be visiting your website ever again.

    • wildbunchsubs permalink

      We’ve never made a cent from subbing, nor do we ever intend to. I don’t know where you’re getting this idea of CR giving us a kickback. If nothing else, subbing costs us time, energy, and money. So think before you make accusations based on pure unsubstantiated speculation. and FYI, comments like that aren’t going to help your case.


    • wildbunchsubs permalink

      And the more immature comment coming from me:
      LOL bye. I never wanted to fansub for creeps like you anyway.

    • Gaylord McFagpants permalink

      There were so many implications made in that first post that I think you made them all up. To TWB: don’t let bullshit posts from such inconsiderate, undeserving and rude people (like Disgusted with Idiots or Rubedo in the XWII 05 comments) put you guys off in what is a crucial time for you.

      • Rubedo permalink

        Go fuck yourself. There’s no reason TWB is subbing this horribly shitty show when they SHOULD be subbing Tamers which has never been given a proper sub. There’s like 3 fansub groups doing XW2 PLUS Crunchyroll, why even bother?

      • wildbunchsubs permalink

        This is the second comment from you of this same line, and I’m letting this one through so I can talk to YOU, Rubedo.
        Believe it or not, I’m working on Tamers progress but it’s taking time as it deals with a group of people who aren’t involved in XWH. It’s our choice whether or not we want to “bother” continuing XWH, just as much as it’s our choice whether or not we want to “bother” with Tamers. We’re going to take this as far as we can go, and you should be respectful to your fellow Digimon fans, whether they like the shows you like or not. If you’ve done your research, as I somehow think you have, you’ll know that we aren’t the only group subbing Tamers either. If you can’t handle waiting for us, go to them. I’m not afraid of losing a couple of followers since I know that, despite the long wait, I’m giving the best quality of all. Call it arrogance or not, I’m confident in my ability.
        If I see further comments from you like this, they are going to be sent directly to the trash bin.

    • omniG permalink

      Getting episodes a week after air is ‘timely.’ Getting a 720p stream 30 minutes after it airs in Japan for less than 7 dollars a month isn’t unreasonable.

      If you think it is then you are part of the problem. Shows like Digimon survive because fans put money into the franchise, not because of how many people watch them or talk about them.

      Watching the free stream with commercials or subscribing to the premium Crunchyroll then watching it supports the series so we can have more Digimon.

      Grow the fuck up.

      As for me- I enjoy TWB subs and hope they continue. If they don’t, it’ll be sad, but I’ll still get to watch the show. And I can watch it on the Crunchyroll application on the Roku if I want.

  16. …to all the commenters here, I can understand you wanting access to HD raws, but you guys do realize that you are asking TWB to spend all of their time redoing work for free that is already gonna be done to the same quality by CR?

    I hope everybody asking them to keep going has ALREADY been giving substantial donations to TWB, because otherwise you guys are some greedy motherf’ers.

  17. karth permalink

    Please don’t drop this!! A lot of countries blocked streaming from Crunchyroll and that includes mine too…

    And to the people who posted “quite rude” comments, take note that TWB is doing the subs for FREE. So have a little understanding, patience and let’s not jump the wagon. Oh be a LOT grateful too.

  18. I just say do whatever you think is best.

    You guys have collectively given a lot to the fandom, and regardless of my opinion on Hunters’ quality I think you’ve done a bang-up job on it so far.

    However, if there’s going to be official subs? Then I can totally understand you guys bowing out, if you do.

    We should have BEEN lucky enough to have something like this readily available during Savers, or the four series before it. Unless we ended up with something like the godawful subs of Tamers on Hulu – which I doubt, I expect we’ll see something more on par with One Piece – this is actually a very, very good thing.

    If you’re a viewer in a region that’s locked out… well, as PositronCannon pointed out, people will still pirate it anyway.

    Regardless, thank you very much for the work that’s been put out so far.

  19. asyas permalink

    don’t drop it please… my avi supply come from u… =.=

  20. Role permalink

    Honestly, I hope you guys keep this up. I like the job you guys do, and I’ve never been a big fan of crunchyroll. I do believe that of the groups out there, y’all are doing the best job, so I hope you’ll keep it up.

    Now, I’m not gonna be particularly vocal as to why I don’t like Crunchyroll, I don’t want to start some kind of war here like others have, but in the end I’ve found that the quality of fansubs is usually better than what I’ve seen from Crunchyroll. I await your final decision, and hope you’ll continue doing a good job.

  21. Dark Master permalink

    please don’t drop it
    CrunchyRoll doesn’t work were am living 😦

  22. zman permalink

    I understand and you should do what you think is right. I live in the U.S. I will manage. But just let me tell you about Crunchyroll and this sub group you mention. I often have problems with Crunchyroll’s video player, and this sub group doesn’t release AVIs, and I got in trouble one time with my IP for downloading one of their subs. So they are not safe.

    If you drop the series, I will watch on CR no problem and I will buy the DVDs on Ioffer if I choose to.So either way I am fine, but just keep in mind what I just said, no more AVIs. Also they will edit the sponser bumpers, either edit the sponser logos and messages or cut it all together, and probably edit out any local contests or events like the Digimon art contest they had last seasons, all that might be lost to us.

    A message to everyone, now that is streaming on CR, be careful. There is a chance all downloads and torrents of the series will be monitor more closely. So be careful out there.

    • Seriously? You must be one of those tin foil hat guys. If someone monitored HorribleSubs in a digimon release, and that’s a big if, they’d do the same to TWB. Copyright holders don’t monitor groups selectively, they do so based on what they sub.

      Last time I checked, HorribleSubs does 480p .mkv! And I’m pretty sure their stuff gets encoded into avi one way or the other.

  23. Blade permalink

    Honestly, I like WBS better than crunchyroll, A LOT better, 10,000 times better than Crunchyroll. If you guys drop this, I probably will stop watching it due to the fact I can’t download it anymore. Not to mention I don’t like the idea of paying crunchyroll. Regardless, I apreciate the work you have done so far on Digimon Xros Wars, and respect WB/RR as the best fansub group out there. But seriously guys, I dislike chrunchroll too, just leave it at that. How many countries watch WB subbs? I count at least 5 so far. WB = Popular!

  24. DigiFan permalink

    no surprise, half of us already wondering if they were even gonna commit to this project and FINISH it…unlike their last project. I guess Crunchyroll it is

  25. garfield15 permalink

    If possible, I would prefer that you did not drop the project. I have been very accustomed to your subs. While accessing and watching anime on CR is no problem for me, I appreciate the extra that you put in like the translations of credits, karaoke, extra tidbits the episode gives and etc. If you stop, I understand but please realize that a lot of us do appreciate the work you do more than any official sub could.

    Also, as someone said earlier, those groups that mux CR’s subs don’t put them in avi format. And they have been getting slower lately.

    • Role permalink

      I hear you there. One of the reasons I love the job fansubs do more than official subs is before they tend to go the extra mile, while official subs stop at ‘good enough’. Is it sad that the supposed amateurs do a more professional job than professionals? I think it is.

  26. Dillinger permalink

    This is one thing I don’t understand about fan subbers/translators, they don’t like doing something that someone else is already doing, whether they really want to or not. In many other walks of life, that rarely stops people, we do what others do all the time. If you really want to continue work on this show (and I do hope you will, I’ve always been a fan of the people involved in the various Ryro/WildBunch subs), then do it, no one will blame you for doing what you want.

  27. Rawrl permalink

    Aww, come on. Don’t pull a DATS and drop something just because it’s on CrunchyRoll. CR subs are ass, and the video quality is nothing to write home about, either.

    I always look forward to your releases, which brighten up an otherwise dreary Monday, and it’d suck having to wait for some other group to get off their asses and pick up the slack.

  28. Gwydion permalink

    Personally I greatly appreciate you telling us it will be on CR. Thanks so much for all of your hard work on the series up until now! It was wonderful having the latest Digimon episodes in such nice quality. That being said, I’m off to wait patiently for CR’s releases.

  29. Wow, that’s one hell of a negative answer to this here. I’ll have to agree though, you guys have been making an incredible job with the series, so please don’t leave it. Crunchyroll is a horrible service given to very few select countries, so for us who simply don’t live in them, this would be a horrible blow.

    I can’t talk about quality because I haven’t ever seen a CR sub nor plan to, but your quality has been incredible, as has your speed. In short, I don’t think there’s a single complaint one could do about your job on Xros Wars: The Young etc etc. Considering the comments, leaving it to the “professionals” would be a blow to the quality rather than a boost, and that’d be no good, no good, don’t you think?

    That’s why I’d have to ask you to rethink any idea about dropping the series. Of course, your opinion is the only one that matters when it comes to it, since you’re the ones putting time and effort into this to begin with, but know that there’s many people who are rooting for you, and this’d be a rather sad thing for all of us.

    • Neotastic permalink

      Like PositronCannon said above: CR subs hold high quality, generally above that of most fansubs, and even have some ex-fansubbers working on them.

      His comment also elaborates that people will simply use CR’s subs and apply them to raws anyway, like a lot of subbing groups are doing (Guilty Crown and Last Exile subs come to mind, possibly Persona 4 and UN-GO as well), so those in countries that don’t have access to CR will be able to see it one way or another.

      Though I’ll definitely say Onkei and Co. have definitely been putting a lot of effort into their work, so it’ll likely be a quality sub either way, and I personally wouldn’t fault them for dropping.

      • Dillinger permalink

        What do people have against Crunchyroll anyway? I’ve never used it so I’ve no idea at all. I’d like the Wild Bunch to continue because I enjoy their subs (or rather, subs put out by some of the people who are in The Wild Bunch). Also I do like the higher quality videos that this group uses, I hear that they typically don’t come in quality of this level at Crunchyroll.

      • Role permalink

        @Dillenger: A few things, actually. Instead of taking the route Hulu did, and having ads and the like, they decided to instead charge you for it. To many of us, that stinks of NarutoFan and Tazmo, who charged money for their fansubs. I can understand the need to support the streaming site, but… there are ways to do that without crossing into that taboo that fansub fans hate. Another reason is that they removed all of the fansubs they had hosted there. While some of us (myself included) understood why, it left a bad taste in the mouth of many people.

        While the video quality is lower in CR than with downloads, that’s to be expected from streaming sites. I don’t think that’s one of the reasons people dislike it.

      • yeah right… So far I’ve liked only Steins;Gate and Bleach… oterwise their projects sux… And sometimes they use HORRIBLE terms and make like 102370912840912 mistakes (especially in Fairy Tail… there was an episode with ’bout 20 misspellings)

  30. Renton permalink

    I can’t believe that you’re even entertaining the thought of dropping the series for such a reason, do your fans mean that little to you?

    • wildbunchsubs permalink

      It’s not about what our “fans” mean to us. If I think that the show can be managed by a translator of high quality, I will give it up as there is no point racing to do something that ends up being the same. What’s more, they’re doing it legally.

  31. TWB sub = quality (1080 mkvs) as well as good translations.

    CR sub = no where near 1080!

    I would be sad to see you guys stop subbing. We all know you do way better than CR ever will anyhow.

    • Where do you get these 1080p mkv’s? CR might not release HD but other groups who just rip CR’s subtitles will.

  32. DigiFan permalink

    it takes them like a day to make the subs anyways. if they want money for their high quality downloads , ill pay 15 or 20 bucks for everyone here. lets give em like a few hundred bucks

    • Role permalink

      Uh, no. Let’s not. It’s not right to give out money to a group, not even Crunchyroll, that doesn’t in some way support the source. I’ll buy the DVDs/BDs if they ever come out here (digimon is bad about having no purchasable media outside games here, though), but I’m not going to pay someone for someone else’s hard work.

      Again, as mentioned above, that’s why a lot of people have problems with Crunchyroll.

    • Zer-O permalink

      “high quality downloads” you are kidding right, crunchy rolls downloads always look like a mess and as for the quality of their subs it’s spotty at best. as far as downloading and watching xros wars hunters I’m sticking with TWB

  33. OH GOD!!! NO … DAMN CR!!! >.>

    I hope u r not gonna end up dropping the project… I luv ur releases so far and I want to keep up with ur subs till d end,

  34. Dharma permalink

    *bows* You have my deepest gratitude for continuing to sub the series yourself, despite CR picking it up. I feel that CR, ironically, does not put as much care or clarity in their subs as fansubbers do. You guys go the extra mile to make it more clear and understandable. Thank you, again, for your decision.

  35. Gaylord McFagpants permalink

    Deciding to continue subbing the series even though CR have picked it up is excellent news for everyone in the Digimon fanbase. I hope that TWB’s great work on this series continues through to its conclusion.

  36. HowlingLaser permalink

    Hallelujah!! Thank you so much Wild Bunch! I sincerely hope a legal issue doesn’t come up. You guys (as I’ve said before) are the best ever! πŸ™‚ Thank you so much for dealing with our nagging.

  37. ChronoDarknessX permalink

    Hearing about this a day ago with crunchy roll doing xross wars hunters, has really pissed me off. Wildbunchsubs, you are the best subbers I have ever watched an anime from. Honestly, one of the reasons I wake up on mondays is to watch the episodes of xros wars hunters you release. Please do not let the people who made rude comments on here dissuade you from continuing, cause they don’t understand the worst things that can happen. If you have to drop this cause of crunchy roll, I will understand, and I will be expecting other good projects from you. Long live wild bunch subs.

  38. So happy you are continuing. Thanks a lot for the consistent high quality work guys!

  39. Glad to hear u gonna keep up with Digimon Xros Wars ^_^

  40. Geriand permalink

    Just wanted to offer my thanks for your decision to continue on with the series. I love your subs and couldn’t bare the thought of having to settle for anything less than the best. I understand you have lives and other commitments and think it’s amazing you’re able to find the time, and have the skill needed, to produce such high quality subs even with the horrendous pressure some of the fanbase are putting on you. Take your time and make yourselves proud, this is your baby and I’m just pleased you’re letting us come along for the ride.

  41. karth permalink

    CR doing Bleach or Naruto doesn’t stop other fansubber from subbing them too.

    GO! TWB!!!

  42. Role permalink

    Huzzah! I look forward to y’alls release, TWB! Keep up the good work! β™₯

  43. Blade permalink

    Thank you, I now have a reason to look forward to Mondays again. WBS = AWSOME!!!!! Thanks for all your hard work. We all apreciate it, even if we sometimes have a hard time expressing it decently.

  44. What would happen if TWB got a C&D from CR to stop fansubbing Xros Wars, but TWB continued to fansub Xros Wars anyways?

    • wildbunchsubs permalink

      I won’t. Simple as that.

      • I was asking a hypothetical question, I know you wouldn’t.

      • Well considering WildBunch is hosted on free hosting, the first thing that’d happen would be WordPress would disable the site.

  45. HagarenViper permalink

    I do hope everyone gives Crunchyroll a chance still. I think it’s pretty important to support this stream as it will likely be the first…competent sub that Digimon has had [legally, of course]. I do understand that there are some people who are not able to watch Crunchy for one reason or another, and I understand that. Don’t get me wrong – I dig TWB’s translations a lot.

    • Role permalink

      CR did 02 in the past as well, right before they started charging people for use. Even though I hate 02, I still watched it a bit, since the dub was my only previous experience with the series.

      Of course, not long afterwards, they started charging, and I have serious doubts that the creators of the shows see much or any of that money, so… I stopped supporting CR.

      • HagarenViper permalink

        Crunchy only charges to see the newest episode of a series [If you wait a week, you can see if for free anyway] and to view the ep without ads…so its not like you’re forced to pay anything. They have both 02 and Tamers now, but they use the crappy Toei subs for those – I’m fairly sure Xros is going to have their regular teams translating.

      • Role permalink

        I can understand paying to remove ads, since that’s a bandwidth issue. I disapprove, however, of disallowing people to view for a week if they’ve not paid. Though you may be fine with it, to me that’s just kinda shady. I much rather would prefer the Hulu-style approach. I’m fine with ads. I’m fine with ad interruption too, so long as it’s in a good place. But… charging a premium just to view it within a week? And having subs of lesser quality than many fansubs at that?

        I dunno. It just doesn’t feel right to me… it’s like it’s leaving one grey area, and entering another that I’m less comfortable with.

  46. omniG permalink

    Watching the made up complaints of people is just hilarious.

    People like that are why the anime industry has nearly fallen apart over the last decade.

    Get over your entitlement.

  47. pokemega32 permalink

    To everyone saying that Crunchyroll’s subs are as high quality as Wild Bunch’s are, I’ve just heard that they’ve subbed “Fire Vortex” as “Fire Baltics”.

    I have little faith in them.

  48. zman permalink

    Crunchyroll has the first episode up now on their website. They use the words “digivole”, and they edit out the digimon corner and the next episode preview

  49. I can’t believe the people here complaining about a group that is doing something for free, FOR US FANS! Don’t you people realize how hard it is to find much less download a certain show? Apparently not. I’m pretty sure that these guys have real life jobs like I do and are spending their free time doing these subs for us. I’d say that’s a HIGHLY PRODIGIOUS attempt.

    I have spent the last 3-4 months or longer, trying to find the best quality subbed videos as .mp4 or to convert to .mp4 for all 18 seasons of Power Rangers and all 7 seasons of DIGIMON. That is REALLY TOUGH TO DO! Especially when a site like Power Ranger Planet, for example, keeps having its videos taken down. They put it all back up within a couple weeks. Not to mention, these downloads take up GB’s on your computer. Eventually, you will have to get an external hard-drive, just to save these video files. I got a 1 TB hard-drive last month and so far it’s worth it until I have to go get another one. So far I’ve taken up almost 100 GB’s off that TB and I’ve still got over 10 seasons of Power Rangers left to get and the first five seasons of Digimon Subbed.

    Why am I doing all this? Well, it’s to later provide you fans with these episodes in the future on a site like YouTube (Which I’ll be doing under different names, like Digimon will be backwards as nomgid. (Without one of the i’s) ) once the mega search by Toei for all these videos is over.

    If Onkei kun and the rest of the Wild Bunch really doesn’t want to go through that, I give them high props for that! What they’re doing is hard enough. I really enjoy the subbed videos and I can tell who has the best subs or not even if I don’t know much Japanese yet. If I can’t get the subs, I’ll stick with the RAWS and someday even sub them myself once I learn Japanese.

    I do have one question for you though, Onkei kun. What happened to the Translations for the Manga’s and Audio Dramas? One day they were there and the next day they were taken off. It was weird.

    If people would like to follow the progress of my Digimon/Power Rangers/ AVATAR: The Last Airbender/ Monster Rancher Downloads, please shoot me an e-mail at

    • wildbunchsubs permalink

      The “mega search” by Toei will never be over. It’s not wise to upload videos to Youtube unless you want to inevitably have your account banned.
      My site has moved to a different server:

      • Thanks. I actually finally found it after searching a little more. Go figure! LOL! Kind of scared me a few months ago because it disappeared. Always seems to happen

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