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[RELEASE] Digimon Xros Wars II – 05 (59) H264 & XViD

by on October 31, 2011

The fifth episode of Digimon Xros Wars: The Boy Hunters Who Leap Through Time! Look who’s back! 😀


BT Index:

Note by onkeikun: Tagiru calls Cutemon “Kyuusuke” (literally ‘cute boy’) but wanting to keep the derivative while not having to use Cusuke, I’ve translated it to Cutie.

  1. ChronoDarknessX permalink

    I love how we see cutemon and damemon return

  2. Thanks for the new episode.

  3. Yay he’s back! (And Cutemon omg I love the little guy XD)

    Waiting for the .avi ♥

    Thank you, as always~ ♪

  4. Sabrblade permalink

    Isn’t Candlemon’s Japanese name “Candmon”?

  5. I swear this was even quicker than the others. You guys are awesome at this.

    Also Airu ❤

  6. Toddler Naruto permalink

    Thanks for the new episode, waiting for the AVI.

  7. Dillinger permalink

    Doesn’t this take place a year after Xros Wars? Nene really filled out in such a short time.. Actually they all look 2-3 years older.

  8. Glad Damemon is bad. I was starting to really feel for Yuu a while there.

  9. jauhari permalink

    fast avi thanks,

  10. Dachaiman permalink

    Was Damemon always that big before?

  11. Toddler Naruto permalink

    Thanks alot for the quick upload of the AVI :), downloading it now :D!

  12. Luna permalink

    Thanks for the release! 😀

  13. Very impressed by the quick releases. Many, many thanks!!

  14. I wonder why everyone keep looking forward to the AVIs. In my opinion the MKV is much better, I have a free Megaupload account (which is enough if you have lucky hours as your spare time) and the MKV is in a higher resolution. :/

    • For me it’s simple: I can play the AVI through my X-Box and hense on my TV screen and not my laptop.

      • TrippNessa permalink

        … I can’t believe I never thought of that -_- *hooks up X-Box*

  15. Christaras permalink

    Thanks guyz!!!

  16. Toddler Naruto permalink

    @Hong Phuc Nguyen: I watch the AVIs since my computer can not play the MKVs.

    (I am using MPC-HC + CCCP + CoreAVC)

  17. @Hong Phuc Nguyen I watch the AVIs because I want to watch at the blu-ray, but my blu-ray don’t read MKVs with subtitles… So, to watch MKVs at them, I have to use some programs to extract the subtitle and I don’t really like doing that, since it takes too much time with this computer…

  18. DAMMEEEMOOON IIIS BACKCKK.. Thanks for the subs guys!!

  19. Seymour Butz permalink

    Ohhh my God, this episode was amazing. Thank you so much for subbing it.

  20. Yunnu permalink

    Damemon! >w< Yay~ Thanks for the episode!

  21. AH really crying when damemon returned :’D and seeing how nene turned out was nice!
    I hope kiriha makes some sort of appearance too~ i want to see how he turned out!

    thanks for subbing! ❤

  22. Rubedo permalink

    Crunchyroll is subbing this now. You can stop subbing this shit and start working on Tamers now.

    • Sabrblade permalink

      Quit pestering them over Tamers and let them do what they want.

    • beas permalink

      if u are really desperate for tamers why not get [postrion subs] its complete from ep 1 to 51

    • TrippNessa permalink

      If you keep pestering them to work on Tamers then they never will, because you’ll annoy them so much they won’t care. Beas is correct by the way, PositronSubs subtitled all of Tamers already so go bother someone else.

      Anyway, great episode. I really don’t like Airu but Cutemon and Damemon made this episode fun for me. I hope Airu stops acting like a Kindergartner soon -_-

  23. Evan Banks permalink

    Thanks for the release, Wild Bunch.

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