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[RELEASE] Digimon Xros Wars II – 04 (58) H264 & XViD

by on October 24, 2011

The fourth episode of Digimon Xros Wars: The Boy Hunters Who Leap Through Time! This episode is dedicated to Tagiru’s nose.


BT Index:

Thank you for those who have left kind comments and words of encouragement. We appreciate them! I wanted to take this time to address a small minority of people who might think members of this group are not true Digimon fans. I won’t speak for myself or the rest of the group, but Onkei has contributed so much to Digimon fandom. She has provided translations for almost every season/series/movie, song, novel, manga etc. over the years. She has done more for Digimon fans than anyone I know. She takes time each weekend to translate these episodes when she could be doing other important things. On top of that, she pays for a lot of things like DVDs out of her own pocket. The rest of us put a lot of effort into these releases too. So, before anyone starts saying stuff like “Oh, they’re not really fans” think again. Sorry to those that have been supportive of us. This wasn’t directed at you, but I wanted to clear things up.

EDIT: Oh, and another thing. You guys are free to express your opinions, but be respectful of others. Digimon fandom has a reputation for being polarized. Keep in mind that people will have their own opinions. Not everybody will like the same season/show/pairing you do. Just because you like one thing doesn’t make your opinion superior to someone else’s. Keep that in mind when you say things, not just here but anywhere.

Edit by onkeikun: I was not expecting that, thanks nez. For the nerds who want to know everything in the episode, here’s a list of the names that appear in the grade ranking.

  1. william permalink

    mediafire link please. thanks a million u guys are awesome 🙂

  2. Mattah12 permalink

    Thanks for doing these subs!

  3. Toddler Naruto permalink

    Hi, why are the AVIs always pending lately?

    I mean no offense, I just liked the fact that Episode 1 AVI was available at the same time as the MKV, what changed for Episodes 2-4?

    • wildbunchsubs permalink

      because i don’t have the bandwidth to upload it right now. it’ll be posted later in the day.


  4. Luna permalink

    Thanks for the quick release! I like the AVI version, and I’ll patiently wait for it. :3

  5. Woa. It’s just so quick.
    Thanks you guys alot and keep up the good work ~!!! :D.

  6. thanks for the release while onekakan is a big digimon fan he likes inzuma eleven go better atleast he said so on twitter

    • Gaylord McFagpants permalink

      Does it honestly matter to you if onkei prefers the new I11 series over the new Digimon series?

      Great work as always Wild Bunch; don’t let comments like the above put you off.

    • Donald permalink

      Okay, this is just nothing more grasping for even the most stupid straws in order to defame these fine gentlemen who render upon us a great service at a most impressive pace, all the while asking for nothing in return. Liking Show A better than Show B does not make you any less of a fan of Show B, especially when you’ve spent so many years translating and subbing an incredibly array of Show B’s material. I’m just not seeing what you’re trying to achieve here aside from giving yourself the appearance of utmost buffoonery and of blackest heart.

    • Neotastic permalink

      Honestly, she’s entitled to like more than just Digimon. And it’s her opinion anyway, why get your panties in a bunch over it?

      Also, be glad she’s willing to contribute so much to the fandom over the years. I’m amazed she’s been able to put up with ungrateful people who take potshots at the stuff she enjoys.

      Lastly: I’m not sure if I’ll wound up watching this series to the end or not, but thank you kindly to the folks at Wild Bunch for your hard work.

  7. aeroz permalink

    even i found that OD release this episode faster than WB…i still wait WB sub… =) thanks 4 the release.. i will support u all till end…^^

  8. Epyon permalink

    Thank you for the hard work, Wild Bunch, that was fast again. :O I’ll come later for the avi if you don’t have enough bandwidth now. :3

    Onkei is the goddess of the Digimon fandom and we are all very grateful to her (this fandom would have been much poorer without her contributions). ♥ *glomps Onkei*

    Those complaining jerks should just STFU & GTFO. What does it matter to them if you guys are true Digimon fans (what’s a ”true” fan anyway?) or not and if you like some other series better than Digimon or not?
    I think of myself as a big Digimon fan (= I watch/read/play everything of Digimon that I can get my hands on – I buy merchandise as well), but I like some other series more than Digimon (like Gundam or magical girl stuff).
    The point is, you’re translating Digimon for them, so they should be grateful for that and it’s none of their business what else you like or which are your priorities in releasing. They are just spoiled brats (even if they are adults) who don’t use their brains & common sense. Please just ignore those sorry asses.

    The rest of us really appreciate you guys. ♥
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart. ^-^

  9. Dej permalink

    Wait, there are some people who think “Onkeikun is not true Digimon fan”? They must be new.

    Thank you so much for quick release!
    I had bad days lately so this really cheers me up (*゜▽゜ノノ゛♥゚・:♡,。゚・:,。

  10. I can’t express how thankful i am to you guys for subbing this, for putting off time just to sub. WILL FOREVER APPRECIATE YOU GUYS.

    Thank you loads and loads and loads!

  11. Mathew Burr permalink

    Thank you very much, grateful that this is being subbed.

  12. Christaras permalink

    Thanks! I like this season!! Keep it up!!! ^_~

  13. Harpuia permalink

    wooo, only in a day again, WB team, you all are awesome indeed XDD

  14. Thanks for the new episode.

  15. neosonic permalink

    You are the best sub for xros wars ever 🙂 I really wished you that you did the season one as well. Since last time I must wait for more than two weeks sometimes for a episode.
    Thanks for making those wait history 🙂

    • wildbunchsubs permalink

      We’re the same people who subbed season one, except under a different name. .__.
      – onkeikun

  16. Kyuuh permalink

    Thank you for the new episode! And I also would like to thank onkei because… almost all of the thigs I search for Digimon which needs a translation, I always found a translation she made! Thank you so much~

  17. Tommy permalink

    YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING! So consistent! So on top of it! Thank you SOOOO much! 🙂

  18. Sonik permalink

    Wow so fast releases, you guys rocks.

    Domo arigato gozaimasu 😉

  19. Slowgold permalink

    Thanks guys! Appreciate the hardwork!

  20. Thanks again guys. ❤ Nice and fast. i like that. ^^ I do hope it's not much trouble though .

  21. inkka permalink

    You guys are really fast.Thank you for the new release.>3<
    Keep it up.Gambatte ne !!~

  22. Thank you so very, very much for your hard work. I really appreciate it. ♥ Fast and great subs, as always. I’ll be taking the .avi~ ♥

  23. DigiFan permalink

    Thank you once again. I gotta say though, the formula with the digimon attacking school students every episode is getting old. I want the story to progress !!

    • Tsu permalink

      No offense…But it’s 4 episodes in…4 episodes in to a series that will likely be around 50 episodes. Do you really expect story development at this point in the series?

      • DigiFan permalink

        I dont mind early formula but I dont like the digimon attacking only the school. I was hoping at least the city or something like Tamers.

  24. Thanks guys for the release!! Also I need me some DAMEMON!!!

  25. Moss permalink

    Thank you for your hard work!

  26. DSFXW permalink

    So Yuu’s #9? Was expecting that they randomly put some name from Tamers or Frontier.
    Thanks for the very fast release!

  27. Tsu permalink

    Honestly, I don’t really give a shit whether you guys are Digimon fans or not. You’re subbing the series, that’s enough for me.

    • Of course! Not every digimon fans can care enough about it to sub them, yet they are subbing them REALLY FAST so they MUST be HARDCORE digimon fans. 😉

  28. Toddler Naruto permalink

    Thanks alot for fansubbing Episode 4 and releasing an AVI :), downloading it now :D!!!

  29. GREAT WORKS GUYS!~ keep it up!!~ ^_^

  30. BrightChaos permalink

    Taiki is starting to remind me of Taichi and Tagiru of Daisuke.

    • TrippNessa permalink

      I totally agree, and Yuu reminds me of Ken. Hopefully there will be some character development soon that will help these characters become a little more unique to themselves. I mean I love Taichi and Daisuke (especially Daisuke, he’s still my favorite Digimon character), but I don’t want them to be replaced either.

      Anyway I loved this episode. It was actually kind of creepy and I’m a big fan of that lol.

  31. Gwydion permalink

    Thanks so much for this episode, as well as the 3 before it! Your hard work is much appreciated! ^_^

  32. uhmm…. sorry but what happened yesterday? The fifth episode isn’t coming out today. 😦

  33. shewill permalink

    Thanks for your hard work and don’t let those ungrateful comments get to you… Is it just me or the new main character is really annoying. He’s not that main character type(much like shin from Gundam Seed Destiny, if you know what i mean)…

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