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[UPDATE] New project

by on October 4, 2011

As many of you may have already heard from Ryuu-Rogue, we will be picking up “Digimon Xros Wars: The Boy Hunters Who Leap Through Time”. This group is not dead. Please stop emailing me asking me to translate for your Xros Wars groups — you know who you are. The Wild Bunch will be releasing Xros Wars Hunters as timely as we possibly can.

Our other project, Tamers, is stalled as (1) official subs are out on Hulu and (2) most of our members are active in other projects in other groups. However, this does not mean we have dropped it. Tamers is still our concern, but as of now, it is a low priority. I thank those of you who are waiting and have patience with us time and time again. For those who can’t, you can look at Hulu or PositronCannon for your fix. We are not forcing anyone to wait for us.

Don’t forget to follow our twitter account if you please!

(I also know that our “Digimon subs” page needs reconstruction, which it will receive soon.)

– onkeikun

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  1. Dharma permalink

    Great. I’m looking forward to your work. Thanks for picking this up.

  2. It’s great to hear that you are going to pick it up. Good luck and thanks!

  3. I can’t wait for you guys to get going on Xros Wars 3 🙂 Very good news indeed.

  4. De geso permalink

    Thank you.

    A lot of people seemed to dislike Xros Wars, but I really enjoyed it. It was the first time I’d sat down to watch Digimon in a long time, and I loved every minute. When I saw that Ryuu Rogue had decided not to follow along with the series, I felt very sad. You guys are my only hope now!

  5. choppedcity permalink

    YEAH, I love the first episode of DXWBH instead DXW!!! Glad you’ll do DXWBH

  6. Anon permalink

    Figures 😦 Waited over a year with reassurances that it was being worked on. Then a year later , “Oh yeah, Tamers is stalled”. I really don’t mind waiting for something but stringing ppl along saying it’s being worked on for so long then BAM. ppft w/e , I’m done with this group.

    • wildbunchsubs permalink

      I haven’t been stringing along anyone. I clearly stated in previous comments that it is being worked on and we were waiting on our editor. This update about Tamers being stalled is not new news, just a repeat confirmation for people who are currently wondering what the status is. Sorry it didn’t work for you.
      – onkeikun

  7. Toddler Naruto permalink

    Thanks for the new update, I really hope you decide to fansub all of Xros Wars Season 3, since OnlineDigimon sucks butt.

  8. Dark Master permalink

    yay now i am happy
    watched the first ep and it seems like a huge leap from Xros Wars
    thanxs for subbing it for usand don’t let us wait for a long time like some of those subbers ><

    jk take your time guys ^_^

  9. @darkmaster they havent released there subbed version yet the only subbed version of episode one is made by an amateur but that amateur did a good job i think

    of course wildbunchsubs can and will probably be 99 plus percent accurate (no such thing as 100 percent some things dont have English words equivalent and vice versa from what ive heard)

  10. FFWF permalink

    Promising news; thanks for working on this.

  11. This is great! And I agree with De geso; I absolutely worshipped Xros Wars – it might even be my favorite season ever – so I’m really relieved the sequel will be subbed as well. ♥ Good luck, Wild Bunch!

  12. TT , TT
    I appreciate you all… ♥♥♥
    THX for your working ♪♫
    Can’t wait to watch the first episode or at least just new opening : )

  13. Lahis permalink

    “Our other project, Tamers, is stalled as (1) official subs are out on Hulu”

    Because USA is the whole world.

    Well glad to see that you’re doing Xros Wars II/S3/godknowswhat

  14. Melissa permalink

    I hate Hulu. XD They won’t allow my country to watch anything on it, and they slow down or stop fansubs too.

    Anyway, thanks for the hard work. Looking forward to Tamers for when you guys are free enough to release episodes of it as well. 🙂

  15. Lochan permalink

    Sounds good! Digimon series is my favorite! Thank you so much!~~~

  16. Hulu’s subs are a metric ton of ass. However, Positron is working on Tamers so I am okay with you guys dropping it.

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