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[translation notes] episode 12

by on March 15, 2010

Ruki And Renamon! The Crisis Of Their Bond!

-Kenryo Lee-
The kanji for Jianliang’s name (健良) is read differently in Japan than it would in China. That’s why Yamaki makes this error. The same also happens in the next episode for Jianliang’s father’s name, Jiang-yu.

-Guilmon’s use of the pronoun “I”-
Guilmon has been showing increasing self-concept ever since he loaded IceDevimon in episode 10. However, this is the first ever episode where he refers to himself as “boku” instead of in the third person. Because of this, I will now be using “I” for him in the translation rather than “Guilmon” to reflect his maturation… no matter how much Guilmon may insist on reverting back to his cutesy way of referring to himself!

If there are any questions regarding this episode, please comment here only.

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