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[translation notes] episode 10

by on January 19, 2010

Renamon Is My Friend! Ruki’s Hesitation

The shrine that Impmon, Renamon, Ruki, and Culumon are in starting at 05:05 is the Hanazono Shrine. (花園神社)

The sign behind Ruki at 05:34 most likely means “devotion,” although I have never seen the word in the dictionary or outside of shrine portals. (納奉)

Unlike “Ruki-chan” in episode 7, the -chan suffix also has a diminutive meaning where it’s implied that you look down on the person as a baby or someone with less worldly experience than you.

-Using the female pronoun for Renamon-
You’ll notice that this is the first episode where Ruki uses ‘she/her’ for Renamon instead of ‘it’ or Renamon’s name. The Japanese language doesn’t use specific pronouns, but because that simply won’t work naturally for English*, I had a little fun reflecting Ruki’s feelings and regard for Renamon (and other Digimon) through her language.

*Try saying your friends’ names all of the time instead of referring to them as ‘he/she/him/her’ and see how many people stare at you.

If there are any questions regarding this episode, please comment here only.

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