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[translation notes] episode 03

by on January 5, 2010

Renamon VS Guilmon! Fighting Is A Digimon’s Purpose!

“Takato… Guilmon wants to play did you bring more food…”
When Guilmon talks to Takato at 09:42,  he speaks in a run-on sentence because of his fatigue, so this is not a mistake.

If there are any questions regarding this episode, please comment here only.

  1. ConanSan permalink

    What was the deal with the writing that appeared above Juri’s head at around the 8 minute mark (Just after the line “I didn’t tell anyone that your disappeared during Gym today”?)

    I never got that.

    • onkeikun permalink

      Weird, it’s my first time noticing that. Maybe it’s some sort of animation error.

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