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[translation notes] episode 01

by on January 5, 2010

Guilmon is Born! The Digimon That I Created

Yo! Onkei here. I’ll be using this blog to post translation notes/trivia/general comments for each episode. The Wild Bunch figures that this will be a quicker way to keep the entire fandom updated, as well as a more flexible means to answer additional questions.

Not every episode will require the three categories mentioned above, but I will be putting up a post regardless for each episode to provide people with a Q&A space. Feel free to ask questions about whichever episode you desire on (a) the translation (why I translated it this way/what the original literal meaning is/etc), (b) text in the video that I may have missed, (c) and so on. You can follow the translation notes category for easy access to the notes.

We begin right away with episode 01!

-Opening Theme-
We’re sorry to give you such a spoilerific opening video, but the 2nd version was the only one provided in the DVD boxset. Still, isn’t it pretty?

-Takato’s class-
At 04:39, the class is learning about a famous poem written by Sakutaro Hagiwara. On the board is written the author’s name, the title “Tabijou” and the incomplete poem which, when fully written out, would say, “I longed to go to France, but France is too far. At the very least, I shall wear my best suit and go on a journey of my choosing.” (フランスへ行きたしと思へども/フランスはあまりに遠し/せめては新しき背広を着て/気ままなる旅にいでてみん)

Fox Leaf Arrowhead

If there are any questions regarding this episode, please comment here only.

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  1. Saurion permalink

    Loved the poem 🙂 Very wise words.

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